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Coaching To Achieve offers professional coaching for Life Direction and Balance as well as Executive Leadership via Skype, telephone and e-mail - within the UK and internationally Coaching To Achieve supports, inspires and encourages private and professional individuals to identify and achieve goals which leads to higher levels of satisfaction and success. Helen Anco will be your Coach - Helen has

Operating as usual


Wherever you are we are all approaching that time of the year that is filled with festivities, lights, indulgences and hopefully excitements. The diary is full - legs and minds are racing - and inevitably there is never enough time. As in the art world it is good to be aware of the 'negative space' (it sounds less than positive but it is the opposite). On a canvas this is the space where there is 'no content' - the spaces where there is only background colour (in lay person speak!). In your diary it is the time when there is 'no appointment or commitment'. A proposed action to help balance life and provide you with more 'me time' - ink in time for you in some of these spaces and decide how you are going to use them e.g. 'to read the article I want to enjoy', 'to indulge in the fragrant oil bath (rather than rush through the shower', 'to ........... (the teat you wish to give to yourself but simply do not have the time!)'. And remember, once these times are inked into the diary they are as sacrosanct as any commitment to others - they cannot be cancelled other than for an true emergency. Enjoy.


Hi Everyone - Last night I watched a programme on "Swarms" - I confess it sounded somewhat uninteresting but I quickly became hooked! Why? many of the swarms - bees, ants, fish, birds, animals - do not have leaders yet they achieve their goals successfully. The insect fish, etc identify the ways in which the swarm works most effectively, they create their own rules of behaviour and they all adhere to them. Perhaps there are instances when people might also emulate this. I quickly add that there are times when the behaviour of the swarm can be dangerous and self-destructing (e.g. in the case of panics) and there are times when lacking a leader is not appropriate (so leaders do not despair!). As human beings we have a tendency to think one way, one model, one style is right for everything we do - perhaps because it has worked in one situation extremely well and so we cling to it. This need not be the case, different scenarios, different people require different styles of approach. Perhaps there is a situation where the 'swarm approach' may be the best one - just a thought! Helen


CV WRITING - the days of simply compiling a smart summary of professional and academic skills and experience have gone. Today the CV has to say to the reader (who may be a software scanner and not a person!) that YOU are the person who FITS with the specific requirements of the position, FITS the culture of the organisation and has the potential to 'stay' and to 'grow'. The CV is critical - it opens the first door! To gain entry the CV needs the right 'Key Words', Effective Marketing Statements and must be more Eye Catching than the many others that will be received, without losing its professionalism or looking gimmicky (coloured binders, images, graphics are not well received!). If you or someone you know is seeking support or guidance with a CV or completing an on-line application form, drop me an e-mail on [email protected] - guidance can be provided via e-mail or Skype. Helen


How is your 'clutter clearance' progressing? It is so easy to feel excited about a project, start the work and then find distractions, other interests have interrupted progress - or halted it completely. This is when you remind yourself of
- the vision of the wonderfully clean and personalised room, cupboard, garage, house, office
- the disadvantage of NOT completing the project - in this case the frustration of not finding things, working in a 'guddle', feeling messy rather than clean and clear.
Once you have sorted and removed the unwanted excess enjoy creating your vision in your newly cleared area.
Add a comment on how you FEEL when you have successfully cleared and created your 'new space' - this will motivate others. Helen


This morning I read the 'quote of the day' in a book I open each morning. The words were from a greetings card - try this
"when you find life is a roller-coaster you may as well sit in the front seat and enjoy the ride"
It is handling the roller-coaster ride effectively that will help you enjoy the ride and feel a great sense of achievement when your journey is less bumpy.


"Life is full of opportunities and challenges and most of us will meet both - sometimes we forget that every challenge can also be an opportunity. " Continue to de-clutter and I will check in to see how you are progressing - and as you move from cupboard to cupboard and room to room think of the challenges you have met and succeeded in stepping beyond - hopefully you can see a positive that resulted from the whole experience (be objective and honest) and consider the opportunity that sits within any hurdle that you are faced with today. Now you have something positive to work with to motivate you to leap over and step, or even sprint, beyond it. Helen


yes, you should have some by now and you are probably wondering why you started - before we take the next sep - that is totally natural and nearly everyone feels the same way - to use a cliche, "it gets worse before it gets better!". Be kind to yourself - you are on your way. Let's deal with the stacks:
BINNING STACK - depending on where you are put these things in the appropriate bin and do not sift through them as you do it - in they go - feel your shoulders drop a little as you do so - you have just lost some tension.
RECYCLE STACK - ensure the things are tidy and clean and pop them in your vehicle or call to have them collected and arrange to 'gift' them within the next three working days. And no 'peeping' at them - the decision has been taken!
ITEMS TO SELL - plan in your diary a half day to take things to a retailer, or to photograph and place the items on e-bay or an appropriate website, or to place an ad in a paper or on a notice board, or to write an e-flash to your contacts.
EMOTIONAL ITEMS - photograph each item and check you have a clear and attractive image. Now place the item in the appropriate place: to sell, to gift, to bin (!) ... and know you have a photograph to treasure for your memory album.
ITEMS TO KEEP - place these in a neat pile (note, not a stack) or tidily on a rail in sizes or colours or by the type of item.
During the coming week dispose of the things other than those you will keep and those you are selling - the 'to sell items' will be placed neatly in an area where they will not annoy you or get in the way.
ENOUGH, you are doing extremely well - now it is time for another little reward and during the coming week dispose of all the other stuff.
You are nearly there with this first area/cupboard.


You have a visual image of the wonderfully clean, redesigned space that you are going to create and you know the benefits of working to achieve it in reality. Whether you are talking about a cupboard, garage, attic, room, office or building the process is the same.
START SMALL - let's gain an easy and early success. Choose a small cupboard, small area of your garage, small room.
CLEAR SPACE - you need room in which to put stuff!
- to bin
- to recycle
- to sell
- to gift
- to keep
RETIRE EMOTIONS - send them to bed, you can wake them up later!
PLAY MUSIC - choose music you enjoy and inspires
BEGIN - hold onto the image and the benefits of your newly created space which will appear very soon. Go through everything and place in the appropriate space.
KEEP ONLY items which you will use within the next *6 months (9 or 12 at a push!) or where you are legally required to retain.
EMOTIONAL ITEMS - if they are not going to be used in the 6 month period* take a photograph and place in one of the areas other than 'to keep'.
EXPENSIVE ITEMS - the space they are taking up if not used in the 6 month period* is even more expensive in space and stress - sell them!
WORSE BEFORE BETTER - yes, your area will look a mess while you sort and dispose - hold onto the image of the redesigned space and keep going.
ALL ITEMS IN THEIR CATEGORIES - pat yourself on the back and give yourself a little reward - a sumptuous bath, a glass of vino (if you are not going to drive!), a chat with a good friend.
NEXT TIME we will clear the stacks - we will not leave them sitting too long!


Staying with 'de-cluttering' - we are all overloaded with material 'stuff' - we hold on to it for all sorts of reasons - good reasons: we love it, we recall the price!, we might use it again, it reminds us of a good time, we don't want to be wasteful, we forget about it and it sits in the back of the cupboard/drawer .... Gradually all the 'stuff' starts to feel heavy - we have no space, we feel overloaded, everything is squeezed, we can not find what we are looking for .... If any of these comments are familiar then it is time to take action - time to do so with enthusiasm. Step one - 'SEE your home, office, garage, attic without the clutter - picture it as you would love to see it - draw it, describe it, enjoy decorating it in your minds eye - tell yourself the benefits of your 'new' space, your 'new' room - see yourself using it. Next we will start to clear and create your new space.


Hi Everyone, Along with the support I am providing on career guidance, life and leadership I am in the process of compiling a book which will help people to 'de-clutter' - very trendy I know yet important when moving forward in any area of life. We all hold on to far too much material 'stuff' and it weighs on us either in 'lack of space', untidiness (!), conscience or emotional links. I would love you to share your frustrations relevant to holding onto material possessions and/or any experiences, hints you would like to pass on. Looking forward to hearing from you. Helen


Surely today's Costa's (coffee shop chain) is an excellent example of the importance of creating an effective CV - 8 vacancies and 1700 applications. Consider how those who are short-listed achieved this success. A demonstration of how vital a well compiled, custom-focused Resume is. Helen


You have had lots of time to focus your list on STRENGTHS which you ENJOY. Now it is time for you to consider how you might apply these strengths to your professional life - the way in which you can earn income, be it through a regular salary package or working independently earning fees. Building your CV, Resume, Marketing Profile (whichever is the most appropriate for you) is your vital.
What is the key goal of this document - I suggest it is
- to 'get you' in the door!!! (after that it is YOU, not the document which must make the impact)
- place you ahead of the 'competition' (what do you offer or what is it about you that will ensure the recruiter wants to meet and consider YOU?)
Now here is the 'rub' - today many CVs/Resumes are 'read' by software in the first instance and it is critical that the content 'catches the eye' of the requirements contained in the software.
Something for you to think about.


Well done, you have identified one, two, three of your strengths (of course you have more). Now ask yourself if you truly enjoy applying these (I may be skilled and effective at cooking some dishes BUT I hate cooking - so if I am required to cook these dishes often the quality will suffer). If there is a strength you do not enjoy remove it from your list and identify another. The next stage is to find ways in which to utilise the strengths you enjoy. Working (and playing) with strengths you are aware of and like to apply ENERGISES - and isn't that feeling good - ENERGISED while achieving through applying your key strengths.


Let's start with you looking at your achievements and your successes during the past year, or perhaps the past 2-3 years. Play some music you love yet will not interfere with your thinking - consider the 5 achievements which bring a smile to your face don't be modest, only you can 'hear' your thoughts. List them on your handphone, computer or a sheet of paper. Now pat yourself on the back - promise yourself a little reward - something simple perhaps, an extra half hour of sleep, time with a friend, .... Now look to see what it was 'about you' and your approach, personality, abilities which led to these successes - is there a common theme or themes? Now you are identifying one or more of your strengths - note these down too. We will look at what you can do with these later. I would love you to share your discoveries. Helen


Welcome to Coaching To Achieve.
I am delighted you are reading this whether in Scotland, as I am currently, or somewhere warmer in the world (or perhaps even colder).
I hope to inspire you to look at various aspects of your personal and professional life - enjoy recognising strengths and successes and look for ways in which to develop and even change areas which you would like to improve.
Looking forward to 'talking' to you and hearing from you.

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