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Timeline photos 07/08/2016

The sun was shining for yesterday's bootcamp 🌞💪🏻

Timeline photos 02/08/2016

This was today's breakfast it only took 5 minutes to make and tasted delicious,
2 eggs
2 egg whites
Baby spinach
Garlic&Herb seasoning
And a coffee 😬

Around 300cal 15fat 23protein 9carbs, this is a good balanced breakfast to get your day started.

Timeline photos 27/07/2016

Remember we are now on Instagram, add us so you don't miss out on chances to win some goodies and ofcourse some great pictures


Reminder bootcamp is now on Saturdays (tomorrow) 10am meeting at middle meadow walk

Timeline photos 17/07/2016

Today seen the last Sunday bootcamp and it was action packed, from now on bootcamps will be on Saturday mornings 10am at the meadows

Timeline photos 16/07/2016

Says it all ....

Timeline photos 15/07/2016

“People avoid situations where they think they may fail,”
This quote is so true when it comes to exercising, eating healthy or getting fit.
People fear if they start exercising or eating better they may fail.... But what is failure when it comes to eating better and exercising? Is it missing one gym session or class? Is it eating something "unhealthy" as a snack or a meal? Is it missing a full week exercising? Is it eating badly for a full week? Or is it failing to meet someone else's standards or become "as good" as someone else? None of this is failure when changing your eating habits you aren't going to be perfect, not even the top athletes are perfect everyone has room for things they might class as treats. If you do have a bad day or week of eating that's not failure it's a lesson think why you came off track and how you can avoid that next time. When it comes
To getting healthier it's hard not to compare yourself to other people because you see models/bodybuilder in amazing shape and you want to be like them, it is good to have goals in fact it's a must when it comes to becoming a better you but these people you see in magazines are not everyday people and there are so many factors to why they are looking like this filters,training as much as they like, having meals prepped for them,drug
use the list goes on.... You should be competing with yourself not any those people, look at where you started at look at your journey challenge yourself because you want to be a better you not someone else.

Timeline photos 08/07/2016

There are some serious health benefits of Fibre, Especially with people looking to lose weight here are some of them:

• Blood sugar control: Soluble fibre may help to slow your body’s breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar, helping with blood sugar control.

• Heart health: An inverse association has been found between fibre intake and heart attack, and research shows that those eating a high-fibre diet have a 40 percent lower risk of heart disease.
• Stroke: Researchers have found that for every seven-grams more fibre you consume on a daily basis, your stroke risk is decreased by 7 percent.

• Weight loss and management: Fibre supplements have been shown to enhance weight loss among obese people, likely because fibre increases feelings of fullness.

• Skin health: Fibre, particularly psyllium husk, may help move yeast and fungus out of your body, preventing them from being excreted through your skin where they could trigger acne or rashes.

• Diverticulitis: Dietary fibre (especially insoluble) may reduce your risk of diverticulitis – an inflammation of polyps in your intestine – by 40 percent.

• Hemorrhoids: A high-fibre diet may lower your risk of hemorrhoids.

• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Fibre may provide some relief from IBS.
• Gallstones and kidney stones: A high-fiber diet may reduce the risk of gallstones and kidney stones, likely because of its ability to help regulate blood sugar.

Fibre is commonly classified as soluble (it dissolves in water) or insoluble (it doesn't dissolve):

• Soluble fibre. This type of fibre dissolves in water to form a gel-like material. It can help lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Soluble fiber is found in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley and psyllium.

• Insoluble fibre. This type of fibre promotes the movement of material through your digestive system and increases stool bulk, so it can be of benefit to those who struggle with constipation or irregular stools. Here are some good sources of fibre:

Peas, Green beans, Root vegetables and tubers, including onions and sweet potatoes
Chia seeds, Berries, Almonds,Cauliflower, Psyllium seed husk, flax, and
Vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Timeline photos 07/07/2016

Tshirts arrived and we only have a handful of sizes left !

Timeline photos 03/07/2016

Another great session this morning, lots of new exercises pushed everyone and as usual responded amazingly 👏👏

Gym Clothing, Bodybuilding, Fitness Wear, Stringer Vests - Physiq Apparel 01/07/2016

Gym Clothing, Bodybuilding, Fitness Wear, Stringer Vests - Physiq Apparel

Even more exciting news!!
We are delighted to let you know after a lot of hard work we have teamed up with physiq apparel who do amazing clothing, visit their website through our link and get 10% discount on everything using code PRIMEPT10 the link is

Make sure you use the link or the code will not work

Gym Clothing, Bodybuilding, Fitness Wear, Stringer Vests - Physiq Apparel Physiq Apparel is the No.1 Gym Clothing, Bodybuilding Clothing and Fitness Wear Webstore. We have a range of stringer vests, gym short, gym tshirts and womens gym wear.

Timeline photos 28/06/2016

Some exciting news!!
We have teamed Up with alterego fitness and you can now get 10% off any of their clothing with our discount code PRIMEPT10 go check them out


Trx hamstring curls


Testing out the live feature, deficit sumo deadlifts

Timeline photos 26/06/2016

Another great effort at bootcamp today, putting the new equipment to the test everyone smashed it again well done 👏👏

Timeline photos 25/06/2016

Our new toy

Timeline photos 23/06/2016

***Early Bird Promo***

We are Launching a new product for the summer and if you sign up before 4th of July you will save £30!!

So the Product????

We are now offering a ‘Prime Weightloss Project’.

The ‘PWP’ package is a monthly package and includes:

• Initial consultation, Goal setting and full tracking of your

• 2 outdoor Personal Training sessions per week (with our fully qualified personal trainers)

• Full Nutrition advice and guidance through the full time of your project

• Full contact with your Personal Trainer through phone/email/messenger

• Personalised Home or outdoor program to follow for extra sessions & Healthy Recipes

• Referral rewards and Discount on future sessions

The Project is only for people who are able to commit to achieving their goal and putting in hard work to get great results.
This Project is £150 per month (no minimum term) but if you sign up before 4th of July you can get it for only £120!!

Prime aims to coach people so they can help themselves.
Without long term changes most people end up back at the start but here at Prime we aim to coach you so you can make the changes that are needed to reach your goals and maintain them.

10 Vitamin-Packed Foods You're Not Eating 21/06/2016

10 Vitamin-Packed Foods You're Not Eating

Vitamins are an important part health and not many people know why, here is a little information on the different types of vitamins and their functions in the body.

There are two types of vitamins; Water-soluble and Fat-soluble.

Water-soluble vitamins are;
•Vitamin B (ALL the B's)
•Vitamin C

These have a lot of tasks within the body but one of the most important ones is to help free the energy found in the foods we eat. Some of the others are;

•Release Energy
•Produce Energy
•Build proteins and Cells
•Make collagen (Collagen helps our body knit together wounds and supports blood vessel walls)

These can be found in a lot of different foods such as;

•Dairy Products •Whole grains
•Meats •Fish
•Green leafy veg •poultry
•Citrus and fresh fruit •Seeds/Nuts

Fat-soluble vitamins are;

•Vitamin A
•Vitamin D
•Vitamin E
•Vitamin K

All together these 4 Vitamins help keep our eyes, lungs, skin and nervous system in good working order! Some other roles they have are;

•Build bones
•Protect vision
•Help our body absorb and store other vitamins
•Protect our body

These can be found in a lot of different foods such as;

•Fish oils •Liver
•Fatty fish •Eggs
•Dairy Products •Vegetables
•Whole grains •Fruit

Here are a couple links which will help you find foods which are good sources to get our daily vitamins;

10 Vitamin-Packed Foods You're Not Eating Discover these nutrient gold mines hiding in your local supermarket

Timeline photos 19/06/2016

Another great bootcamp today we raised the bar and everyone impressed again doing everything that was asked, great to see people making steps towards their goals and seeing their hard work pay off.

Timeline photos 17/06/2016

Let's do a test ...... How many calories/fat/sugar in this snack?? Feel free to share and see if any your friends can guess right, Answers below....


This week I spoke to someone who told me "I have eaten pretty badly the last 2 weeks because I've been busy at work".
Now slip ups can happen we are only human but 2 weeks of bad eating is not a slip up its a choice and those 2 weeks of bad eating can ruin months worth of hard work. Eating badly because you are busy is an excuse and if you are making excuses it's probably because you don't want it enough to put enough effort in when things get a bit more difficult, it can take less than a hour to prepare a whole weeks worth of lunches if you know your busy at work during the day, that hour preparing could save you falling completely off track and ruining all your hard work.
Remember there is always options and preparation and consistency are the two biggest things that will help you reach your goals.
Contact us if you need any help/advice on this subject or anymore info on nutrition.

Prime Team.

Does Sugar Make You Fat? 15/06/2016

Does Sugar Make You Fat?

Interesting article, worth a read👍

Does Sugar Make You Fat? Sugar is not the friend of a lean and healthy body. Lets look at why this potentially toxic (yes toxic) carbohydrate eaten in crazy amounts (and increasing) is at the forefront of the obesity epidemic and is probably one of the biggest barriers to reducing body fat. Sugar doesn't only make you fat,…

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

Massive well done to everyone who braved the rain today and made bootcamp.
It was wet, it was windy and for a lot of people that is an excuse to stay at home and not exercise but not for this bunch.

Timeline photos 10/06/2016

A lot of people I speak to claim they "eat well" or "don't eat that much" when really they don't know how much they really eat or how bad some of the things they eat really are.
So here's a good idea of how many calories are in some everyday foods.

Timeline photos 05/06/2016

Another great bootcamp today thanks for everyone who made it along


You can now follow us on Instagram: primept16

Timeline photos 03/06/2016

*******Bootcamp Reminder*******

Bootcamp this sunday10am start meeting at the green huts in the meadows.

£3 per person.

Remember "The only people who do not have time to exercise are those who do not make time" everyone can find time to do some exercise and lead a healthier life mentally and physically.

Timeline photos 26/05/2016

Just done a full PT session using only these 2 things, it's not always about lifting heavy and cranking up the intensity. Mobility and conditioning are often overlooked by a lot of people but they are just as, if not more important than other parts of training if you don't have good mobility or conditioning your strength,power and explosiveness among other things won't be as good as they could be.
Drop us a message if you have any questions on the subject.

Timeline photos 24/05/2016

Only 1 week to get this offer before it ends.

Message us to discuss what is involved or with any questions you have.

Timeline photos 22/05/2016

Timeline photos

Photos from Prime Personal Training & Online Coaching's post 22/05/2016

Massive thank you and well done to everyone who made bootcamp today, everyone put in a great effort right to the end.

Timeline photos 19/05/2016

Bootcamp this Sunday meeting at the green huts in the meadows for a 10am start first week is free!!

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