Tommy J. Curry

Tommy J. Curry


Happy ! What questions should philosophy be asking? Julian Baggini, Maria Balaska, Agnes Callard, Tommy J. Curry, Raymond Guess, Sara Heinämaa, Kate Manne, Robert Sanchez, Sundar Sarukkai, and Robin R. Wang give their takes.
« Les auteurs noirs sont introduits dans les discussions philosophiques pour amender la pensée des philosophes blancs, jamais pour réfuter la pensée blanche. C’est sur la base de cette orientation qu’un chercheur non blanc gagne le droit d’être qualifié de philosophe. »

Tommy J. Curry dans son nouveau livre « Another white Man’s burden. » ("Un autre fardeau de l'homme blanc" un livre dans lequel l'auteur adresse la pensée raciste du XXème siècle dont on sous-estime largement la portée).
Happy World Philosophy Day !!
Celebrating our own.
Tommy J Curry Tommy J. Curry

Bj Peak-Graham TruthWorks Radio Network "Black Women in the Prism . . . Unleashing the Power, Fury in the Light"
Thank you for all of your good trouble Work, Dr. Curry 😘 from French Quarter Kelley stranded in Scotland on my way to Denmark before the horrible Brexit debacle end of the year..🌹
Tommy J. Curry : « The project of global white supremacy often required the support of white women and used the language of women’s rights to justify the oppression of blacks and imperial conquest throughout Asia.

The British feminism of the late 19th century was not immune to the myth of a superior British culture and empire. The historian Antoinette Burton explains that British feminists such as Millicent Fawcett, Josephine Butler and Mary Carpenter built an image of womanhood deserving of suffrage by embracing the idea of Indian women as enslaved, primitive and in need of civilisation. »
Why is it okay for you to suggest killing White people Mr. Curry? And why do you teach this hate to you impressionable minds? For someone so quick to cry racism.... seems you’re just another bad apple on the tree of hate.
You are one hateful bastard. How much cotton did you ever hoe? Where else but in the US could you be a "Dr"? You should count your blessings instead of cursing this country and pushing for a race war.
I made the meme below to illustrate the attempt at co-opting of our struggle. I wanted to express how a man who I believe is the quintessential icon of that struggle, is the antithesis of those who are attempting to co-opt It.
Systems Built on Black Death Tommy J. Curry talks about George Floyd and the structures and systems built on a foundational dehumanising racism.
"Imaginons qu’un programme protecteur à la Bernie Sanders soit mis en place en faveur des plus pauvres. Indéniablement, la situation des prolétaires, notamment noirs et hispaniques, s’améliorererait. Mais leur rapport à la police ? Et à la société en général ? Souvenez-vous d’ , abattu dans l’État de Géorgie en février dernier pour avoir fait son footing… Le problème n’est pas seulement celui de la justice sociale. Il est aussi libidinal, au croisement de la psychanalyse et de la philosophie existentielle. Frantz Fanon l’a montré : la société est malade mentalement, affectivement et intellectuellement. La vidéo sur laquelle est asphyxié par un policier blanc en témoigne. Cette mort enregistrée rend possible la mobilisation politique. En même temps, elle témoigne du rapport irrationnel, imaginaire, affectif que les Américains entretiennent aux Noirs. La société nourrit un désir morbide pour ces images et ces récits. Comme l’illustre le philosophe américain Tommy J. Curry, l’homme noir monstrueux, brutal, sexuel, est le réceptacle de fantasmes qui poussent la société américaine à « consommer » sa mort. La représentation spectaculaire de la torture des personnes noires aux États-Unis renvoie à une tradition ambivalente, puisque même un abolitionniste célèbre comme Frederick Douglass [v. 1817-1895] décrit des pages de sévices, qui procurent un grand frisson au lecteur, comme une littérature d’épouvante."
“Historically, white women have acted as the triggers of white male patriarchal violence. They establish the racial proxemics within societies. For centuries, the alleged hyper-vulnerability white women have had to racialized men and their discomfort around raced bodies has served as the justification for segregation and apartheid in colonized spaces the world over.” - Tommy J. Curry, author of The Man-Not

Curry’s work spans across the various fields of philosophy, jurisprudence, and Africana Studies. #

Tommy Curry - Pruriently feared: theorising the imposition of another’s will… 28/08/2023

Thinking through the criminalization and demonization of intellectual disability and the Black Male should caution us against some of the rampant stereotypes about Black males masquerading as theory.

Tommy Curry - Pruriently feared: theorising the imposition of another’s will… Tommy Curry - Pruriently feared: theorising the imposition of another’s will upon the disabled Black male body as a form of sexual vulnerabilityBlavatnik Sch...


Arthurs Fils takes the first set from Rudd...Lets Go... ,

Photos from Tommy J. Curry's post 15/06/2023

Cardiff is a beautiful city. On my way to Swansea to discuss the future of world history and the major threats facing humanity in the 21st century.

Photos from Tommy J. Curry's post 22/05/2023

Had a wonderful time at the Function of Criticism conference at Cambridge. Really insightful papers and conversations.

At many HBCUs, just 1 in 3 students are men. Here’s why that matters. 26/04/2023

Washington Post: At many HBCUs, just 1 in 3 are men. Here’s why that matters

At many HBCUs, just 1 in 3 students are men. Here’s why that matters. The trend comes even as overall enrollment numbers rise at some HBCUs. Howard, for example, has gained more than 3,000 students since 2016. But of those additional students just one of every six has been a man.

Black Boys Face Double Jeopardy at School 10/01/2023

More evidence of the misandric aggression thesis in the classroom.

Black Boys Face Double Jeopardy at School Teachers tend to blame Black boys more than White boys for identical misbehaviors, finds Yale SOM’s Jayanti Owens. Black and Latino boys also receive harsher punishment because the schools they attend tend to have more punitive cultures.


Very excited to discuss anti-Black misandry and Black male mental health

TO BE BLACK, MALE, & UNPROTECTED A special Mental Wellness Speed Dating experience centering Black men and boys. Featuring the esteemed Dr. Tommy J. Curry, come all to bear witness to what i...


I wish I saw this growing up. It's cool we do it for the kids now

Caden Smith Who Was Arrested For Murdering Three Black Men is Back in Jail After Being Released on Bond 30/11/2022

Caden Smith Was Arrested for Murdering Three Black Men in Cold Blood, But a Judge Decided It Was Fine to Release Him on Bond to Spend The Holidays With His Family, Only For Smith to Be Found in a Drug House With Stolen Guns Celebrating His Birthday (Video)

Caden Smith Who Was Arrested For Murdering Three Black Men is Back in Jail After Being Released on Bond I am very sure if a black man were arrested for killing three white people, there would be no judge on earth that would let him out on bond. This is America, though, where if you are white and accu…

A plea for Black radical intellectual autonomy 28/11/2022

From the Black Male Studies scholar Norman Ajari...

A plea for Black radical intellectual autonomy — ∞ “A Plea for Black Radical Intellectual Autonomy” (pdf) – Norman Ajari (2022) Abstract: From the end of the 2010 decade, academic discourse on race faced a major politica…


Over the last several years, Black Male Studies has brought attention to the role that sexual violence plays in the subjugation of racialized male populations, the r**e of Jewish men and boys, and how the dehumanization of racial and ethnic groups is a predominately male phenomenon. These ideas are spreading.

Dilemmas of the Black male identity | Tommy Curry 26/11/2022

Tommy J. Curry spoke at The Institute of Art and Ideas on Dilemmas of the Black male identity

Dilemmas of the Black male identity | Tommy Curry Tommy Curry discusses how black male identity has come to epitomise a process of racial characterisation legitimising violence and reinforcing dehumanisation...


Very happy that The Man-Not is still being read and analyzed 5 years later.

Photos from Tommy J. Curry's post 09/11/2022

Pundits and the DNC establishment claim Black men's misogyny prevented Stacey from becoming governor. In reality, exit poll data from NBC shows:

84% of Black men voted for Stacey Abrams

85% of Black men voted for Reverend Raphael Warnock

Friends don't let friends blame Black men for poorly run political campaigns


Really excited about this discussion and talk. I think it is fantastic that Grossmont College is tackling the perception and stereotypes concerning Black men and boys in such an academically rigorous way.


Feminism has long misunderstood what patriarchy is & how it operates in various western societies. This essay argues: (1) that patriarchy is not a system of all men vs all women, but rather a system where older ingroup men oppress outgroup men and women in a kinship system that aims to eliminate outgroup men for the thriving of the racial kinship group, and (2) that the modern concept of gender which supposes that women are a minority group was based on white women observing the oppression Black people, specifically the ways that white men engaged Black men.

Ishmael Reed among winners of Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards 05/04/2022

Congratulations to Ishmael Reed--a premier thinker and scholar of race, racism, and the Black Male Experience.

Ishmael Reed among winners of Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards Author, playwright and longtime champion of multiculturalism Ishmael Reed is receiving a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to literature

BLM secretly used $6m in donations to buy 6,500-square foot mansion 05/04/2022

Black Lives Matter secretly used $6 million in donations to buy a luxurious 6,500-square foot mansion with seven bedrooms and parking for 20 cars in Southern California in 2020 where leaders have filmed YouTube videos

BLM secretly used $6m in donations to buy 6,500-square foot mansion Black Lives Matter brass secretly used $6 million in donation money to buy a 6,500-square foot mansion in Southern California, it has been revealed.

Tommy J. Curry and Kiese Laymon speak at 12th annual Lemon Project Symposium | Flat Hat News 31/03/2022

I really enjoyed this event. It was a refreshing and welcomed event around Black Male Studies and The Man-Not.

Tommy J. Curry and Kiese Laymon speak at 12th annual Lemon Project Symposium | Flat Hat News Latest News Tommy J. Curry and Kiese Laymon speak at 12th annual Lemon Project Symposium By Hannah Ray - March 30, 2022 COURTESY IMAGE // WM LEMON PROJECT Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26 presenters and listeners alike gathered at the School of Education and over Zoom to attend the 12th Annua...

Chris Rock reveals learning disorder diagnosis, says he has 7 hours of therapy a week 28/03/2022

Rock went through nine hours of cognitive tests and was eventually diagnosed with nonverbal learning disorder, which makes it difficult for him to understand nonverbal signals. "All I understand are the words," he said.

He explained that he can take things "too literally" and has an "all-or-nothing thinking," as The Hollywood Reporter described it. "By the way, all of those things are really great for writing jokes — they’re just not great for one-on-one relationships," he added. "I’d always just chalked it up to being famous. Any time someone would respond to me in a negative way, I’d think, 'Whatever, they’re responding to something that has to do with who they think I am.' Now, I’m realizing it was me. A lot of it was me."

Chris Rock reveals learning disorder diagnosis, says he has 7 hours of therapy a week The comedian has been tackling his diagnosis and unpacking childhood struggles in weekly therapy.

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Tommy J. Curry, PhD

Tommy J. Curry is a Professor of Philosophy and holds the Personal Chair of Africana Philosophy and Black Male Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests are 19th-century ethnology, Critical Race Theory & Black Male Studies. He is the author of The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood (Temple University Press 2017), which won the 2018 American Book Award, and Another white Man’s Burden: Josiah Royce’s Quest for a Philosophy of Racial Empire (SUNY Press 2018), which recently won the Josiah Royce Prize for American Idealist Thought. He has also re-published the forgotten philosophical works of William Ferris as The Philosophical Treatise of William H. Ferris: Selected Readings from The African Abroad or, His Evolution in Western Civilization (Rowman & Littlefield 2016). In 2019 he became the editor of the first book series dedicated to the study of Black males entitled Black Male Studies: A Series Exploring the Paradoxes of Racially Subjugated Males on Temple University Press. Dr. Curry’s research has been recognized by Diverse as placing him among the Top 15 Emerging Scholars in the United States in 2018, and his public intellectual work earned him the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy’s Alain Locke Award in 2017. He is a past recipient of the USC Shoah Foundation and A.I. and Manet Schepps Foundation Teaching Fellowship (2017), the Ray A. Rothrock Fellowship at Texas A&M University (13-16), and the past president of Philosophy Born of Struggle, one of the oldest Black philosophy organizations in the United States. #citeblackmen




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