LC Personal Training

LC Personal Training


Another great session, gutted that's it over because of the weather. Thanks for everything you have done for the both of us. See you next year 😀💪
Great workout today, I can feel it in my legs thanks again 💪👍
That was a tough workout but so worth it. Thanks again. See you next Wednesday 💪
Great session tonight was worried I wouldn't be able to do anything due to a sore neck but Liam looked after me well. Thanks again for everything.
Another great session thanks LC. Roll on next week. 💪
Another great session. Cant wait to see the results. 💪. Feeling a few muscles in body ache but nothing I cant handle. Xander is fine. I'm ready for my new style run. Thanks again. 😁💪
Another great session, struggled a bit but got there in the end. Thanks again. Roll on next week💪
Great first session thanks again. Looking forward to next weeks. Hopefully I can take a leaf out of Xanders book (or batteries) for next week. 😂

Level 3 Personal Trainer from Edinburgh who has studied for over 5 years.

- One to One PT sessions
- Group PT sessions
- Nutritional Advice

Operating as usual


Morning guys!

Diary back open from August onwards, plenty of flexibility going forward. Drop a message if you’d like a chat on what services I offer.

1-1 Personal Training as well as small group sessions!

Also, from August I’ll only be accepting block bookings as recently there has been too many cancellations on the day of the sessions and it’s too late for me to have the slot filled. I hope you understand why I’m having to do this!

Drop a DM if you’re interested to get your journey started from August 👊🏻

Thanks guys,



Wednesday - 4.00pm-5.00pm AND 7.00pm-8.00pm have became available again in the diary as a weekly slot!

Drop a message if you want to know more info! 💪🏻


Hour and a half to go guys!! No too late to join the party 💪🏻


Who fancies a competition??

5 FREE 1 hour Personal Training gym sessions with yours truly! 😅👊🏻

Now that’s a giveaway if I’ve ever seen one🥲

All I need you to do is;
*like and share this post
*tag a friend in the comment section
*follow this page

The winner will be announced on Friday evening just before Scotland hammer England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤔

Good luck troops💪🏻



🟣Monday- 5.45pm
🟣Wednesday - 6pm
🟣Friday - 5pm

Get in touch if you’d like a weekly slot booked in. The sessions have really went up another level with being down at The Bodybuilding & Fitness gym!

Don’t hesitate to getting in touch to have a chat about your goals! 🙌🏻

Rocky IV Training Montage | 720p HD 08/05/2021

Rocky IV Training Montage | 720p HD

How do I stay on track with nutrition and training?

Very common question I’ve been asked especially the past few weeks so thought I’d do a quick post on it.

I say to everybody the hardest part is walking out your front door. Have you ever heard anybody say I totally regret exercising today? Or I wish I didn’t bother training today? No.

As most of us know our body releases chemicals called endorphins when we exercise which triggers positive feelings in our body. Yep that’s the little spring in our step we have after a hard training session😆

Always tell yourself I’m going to feel great after I train. Then go and work your ass off!

Few points below on how to stay motivated and on track;

* PLAN that works for YOU! Speak to somebody in the fitness game that you trust and won’t just feed you rubbish for a quick buck. Don’t follow and copy everything you see on social media! There is a lot of amazing free information on food and training on social media but unfortunately there is a lot of total rubbish that comes with the good.

* VISUALISE your end goal. That could be anything, to feel good about yourself, fitting into a certain dress size, being able to run 5k without stopping, filling out your tshirt. You must have total focus on your end goal and let no distractions get in the way

* STRUCTURE your days. Have a set day throughout your week where you go and do your food shop for the upcoming week, buy the essentials what you need so you aren’t as tempted to buy rubbish when you’re out working on your lunch break. Prepare your meals the night before for the next day, it doesn’t take long at all.

* ENJOY the process. Training shouldn’t ever be boring. Set little goals when you go to train, today I’m going to aim for extra reps on the squat, I’m going to do an extra 30 seconds of burpees than I’d normally do, I’m going to lift an extra 2kg on the chest press. The small things ALWAYS make the biggest difference.

Motivational videos are a HUGE tool to have aswell, motivation doesn’t always last whereas your end goal ALWAYS lasts. When I’m struggling I always tend to put a few videos on which makes me get up and go! This one tagged is one of my personal favourites.

Any other questions or want to have a general chat anything fitness/nutrition related. My messages are always open!


Rocky IV Training Montage | 720p HD Rocky IV Training Montage in HD - If you like the video leave a comment :)I have uploaded the training montages from:Rocky I:


Big shoutout to client Aaron who has been smashing every session so far. 5 sessions in, getting stronger, understanding the way the body moves and getting into the routine of keeping form tight and total control on the working muscle throughout every rep.

14 days properly working together.. up 3kg in weight. Moving in the right direction, following the food plan as best as possible around his lifestyle.

Brilliant lad, we go again tomorrow💪🏻👏🏻

Limited spaces left for personal training folks, 1-1 and small group sessions available. 👍🏻


Very excited to announce I will be Personal Training out of The Bodybuilding & Fitness gym 😁

This gym in Leith is hands down the best gym I’ve ever trained and been involved in, the community feel it has with great staff and members makes it so unique to others. You will know exactly what I mean when you step in here.

Vast variety of equipment, suited to all personal needs

This was an amazing opportunity for me, as I feel this is the right time to take that further step in my personal training career.

I have 5+ years in the industry, training a wide variety of clients, I’ve had a lot of success with clients achieving their health and fitness goals and I can guarantee I will get the best out of you!

My expertise are;
-Weight Loss
-Muscle building
-Body fat reduction
- Body sculpting
- Improved sport performance

If you’d like to have a chat about the services I offer or want to know more about my experiences please drop me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!🙌🏻

Likes and shares hugely appreciated.
Thanks guys
Liam, LC Personal Training


Morning guys,

Few sessions booked in for the big summer return for the end of this week🤪;

Remaining slots are below;

Thursday - 3.30-4.30
Friday - 3.30-4.30
Saturday- 13.00-14.00

Let me know if you fancy a session or want to book in for future 💪🏻
Cheers folks



Afternoon folks!

Aiming to start sessions again from the 22nd, a few folk have been in touch after the first ministers announcement! Finally some positive news🥳

Can’t wait to get going again! Huge thanks to current clients who have been putting up with the zoom/FaceTime sessions which haven’t been ideal but have been ticking over and doing our best, the real training starts again from the 22nd😏

Please drop me a message if you want more info on the sessions I put on or if you want to book a slot💪🏻

Please like and share away folks,

Much appreciated
Liam Conaghan


Evening folks,

Hope everybody is well and coping!

I’m going to offer a 30 minute FREE one to one OR family group session of high intensity circuits twice a week if you are finding it tough to find the motivation to exercise and get moving over this lockdown period.

This will be over zoom/FaceTime/Skype as I know we are all in a tough place just now. I’d like to help out to try make the best out this situation as possible!


Please feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a message if you’d like to arrange a day/time!

Take care,

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