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Neonatal Families 07/09/2023

Coming up, Lothian Neonatal Families Support Group, supported by NHS Lothian charity & Dads Rock ❤️

Neonatal Families Peer support network for Neonatal Families to connect & share

Photos from Pregnancy and Parents Centre's post 31/08/2023

Pop Up Nearly New Sale this Saturday with bargains galore and, of course, cake 😁


Able to help the Pregnancy and Prents CEntre for an hour on Saturday 2 Sept - tea & cake provided of course 😄?


Do you or anyone you know have a baby under 18 months? Places are now available in my Yoga with Babies classes - Tuesday classes for non mobile babies (see below) and also, on the first Wednesday of the month, a Yoga with Mobile Babies class (yes, it IS possible 😂). Message me for more info or get in touch with the Pregnancy and Parents Centre ~ [email protected] ☺❤️

Photos from Pregnancy and Parents Centre's post 30/07/2023

Know anyone, or might you be interested in a part time job in a nurturing place with lovely (dare I say 😄) people? ☺️


Postnatal Yoga with Babies from birth to 5 months has spaces available 😊

Even very little babies enjoy movements like the hip sequence shown in the photo ❤️

If you or someone you know has a baby under 5 months, come find support, help with postnatal health & wellbeing, together with a joyful time with your baby.

Classes start up again this coming Tuesday, 18th July.
To book in, contact [email protected]


Wanna help us raise money, reuse pre-loved baby tings?
First choice of items for sale, free cake to sale day helpers?
Meet all the lovely, friendly, happy folks at the PPC?
If yes is the answer then volunteer for our May Nearly New Sale.
You can bring your baby along, have a cuppa and help us get ready for our biggest fundraising event.
DM us or email Val on [email protected]

Photos from Baby Sleep Info Source - Basis's post 13/03/2023

Helpful input from the wonderful researchers at BASIS :) X

Doula Services and Women Empowerment, Edinburgh 21/01/2023

Sharing this mother nurturing ..... and Roberta has one of her mothly mother circles coming up this week :) ❤️

Doula Services and Women Empowerment, Edinburgh Roberta Giovedi is a therapist in Edinburgh supporting mother's and expecting mums with Doula, Holistic Massages and Empowerment Circles. Also serving in Midlothian, East Lothian and Fife.

Photos from Baby Sleep Info Source - Basis's post 16/12/2022

I'm attending this tomorrow & sharing here as it's for,parents too :)

Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre, who run Basis (Baby Sleep Info Source) are hosting a FREE event as part of this year’s ESRC Festival of Social Science.

Join them on Thursday for a lunchtime discussion with Professor Helen Ball who will be talking about recent changes to sleep safety guidance, new approaches to reduce SIDS and SUDI, and emerging challenges faced by parents and people who champion infant sleep safety.

Thursday 10th November 12.30, online.

Tickets available here:
Find out more about the event and the festival:

Our Nearly New Sale is here 05/11/2022

At last, we're able to have one of our Nearly New SAles again - first since COVID & first in our new Pleasnace home 🥰

Do come along for very low price baby, toddler & maternatiy things or even just for tea, cake & chat 😄maternity

Our Nearly New Sale is here Our beloved "Nearly New Sale" (NNS) is back at the PPC on the 19th of November 10am-3pm. Our NNS is a second-hand sale including good quality pregnancy, baby and toddler clothes and items at low prices. It's also a great chance to see what we do here at the PPC and to come enjoy hot drinks, savoury....


☀ Happy Monday, everyone! ☀

Today marks the start of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, and we couldn't be more passionate about this subject.

Around 20% of women go through perinatal mental illness and, according to a survey by the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership, many feel unable to seek treatment due to perceived stigma.

Pregnant women and mothers need support, and this year's theme - ❤ The Power of Connection ❤ - reminds us how important it is to find and nurture strong links in our community to support each other, and to share spaces where we can feel safe to talk about the challenges of motherhood and how it may affect our mental health.

If you are a mother, you might like to know that we offer 3 free drop-in groups where you can find open-minded and caring peer support:
💕 Motherspace, on Mondays, 2.30-4.30pm
💕 Breastfeeding Support Group on Wednesdays, 10am-12pm
💕 Motherwalk, on Thursdays, 11am-12.30pm on the Meadows

Our Yoga for Pregnancy groups are also a great place to form new friendships in pregnancy, and each session includes time to discuss any challenges you may find during this time, in a safe and supportive environment.

We're always here for you, mothers. You're not alone and support is available ❤


Open til 29th April, this anonymous survey is to help NHS Lothian develop services supporting parents who have difficulties in their relationship with their baby.

NHS Lothian are developing the services that support parents who have difficulties in their relationship with their baby.

They would like to hear from you if you have experienced such difficulties and have received help or tried to get help from NHS or other services.

The survey is anonymous and will be open until 29th April.

Thank you for your help ❤


Do you know anyone - perhaps yourself - who might like a part time job til the end of the year with the Pregnancy and Parents Centre? See below ☺️

📢Vacancy at the PPC!
As one of our office team prepares for maternity leave, we are looking for a lovely person to fill her shoes until January 2023... If you have marketing & communication skills and would like to work with our great wee team, check out the details of the role and how to apply on the link below.
Key dates//
Applications close: Thursday 21st April (noon)
Interviews: Wednesday 27th April


Gail Stark is now running her Starting Solids workshops at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre :) Here's what she says~I’m delighted to be launching my Starting Solids workshops face to face with the first date scheduled for Thursday 5th May. This fun and practical workshop will help you get started in this exciting journey with your baby. It covers 👶how to recognise that your baby is ready for solid food 👶baby led weaning and spoon feeding 👶how to get started 👶what to do about milk feeds 👶and much more. Book online now


But nurturing our babies can be so hard at times and, as they say below, you DON'T have to be at rock bottom to reach out - so, I'm sharing this support pathway.
And ALWAYS know you can come to our Yoga with Babies classes no matter how things are for you , no matter how you and/or your baby are - you'll have a warm welcome and supportive sharing with other parents if you want it.
With love to you all 💕

A reminder this evening that we are here for you. You do NOT have to be “rock bottom” to call. This is an assumption we hear so often, & it’s not true. If you are struggling or finding it hard to cope, please do utilise our services. That is what we are here for & our wonderful, trained volunteers are waiting to take your call.

We exist for you...for all parents...mums AND dads & all carers too. If you are worried about anyone in that position you can also contact us. You are NOT alone.

The phone line is open between 11am - 10pm. Please don’t hesitate to call

☎️ 0808 1961 776 ☎️

We know sometimes a helpline can feel daunting to call too...if that’s the case you can contact us via email & we will I get back to you within 72 hours, often sooner. Just email
[email protected] & write all your thoughts & feelings.

Lots of love ❤️❤️


A somewhat late in the month happy new year to all with this picture that speaks volumes to me - with thanks to Daisy Dinwoodie on whose page I found it.
So, parents: 2022 will bring nurtured babies, because that's what you're doing 💕


Recruiting for new team members at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre :). Please share with anyone who may be interested or in your groups- thanks so much X

Deadline approaching... applications to be returned by noon on Thursday 2nd December!
Check out our pinned post about the vacancy in our friendly office team - 14 hours per week, from start of 2022 until end of June 2022. Get in touch if you would like to apply!

Can you spare a minute to help Andrea StClair? 22/11/2021

Hoping to get this in support of midwives to 10,000 so it will be debated in parliament: petition's quick to sign... :) X

Can you spare a minute to help Andrea StClair? Support urgent government investment into maternity services to solve the staffing crisis


In these November/December days, it can be great to have a lovely activity to go to with your baby that's fun and nourishing for both you and baby :) A few places are now available - just get in touch with the PPC to book via [email protected]
or Dm me/comment here for more info🙏💕

We have spaces in our Yoga with Babies (for over five months) which runs on Tuesdays at 11am. We are lovely and welcoming, and our sessions include tea and biscuits. Andrea, our fab facilitator, has worked with parents and babies for many years. You tell she loves her work from the pic below 😍
£55 for a six week block, but we have concessions too, so please do ask if this would help you attend.
DM us, or email at: [email protected]


Delighted we will again have 2 yoga with babies classes happening weekly at the PPC from this coming week. There may even be a place or two left.... ☺🙏💕

We have spaces in our Yoga with Babies (for over five months) which runs on Tuesdays at 11am. We are lovely and welcoming, and our sessions include tea and biscuits. Andrea, our fab facilitator, has worked with parents and babies for many years. You tell she loves her work from the pic below 😍
£55 for a six week block, but we have concessions too, so please do ask if this would help you attend.
DM us, or email at: [email protected]


Wondering about doing a Baby First Aid Workshop? Here's an opportunity to sample this & meet the lovely lady who runs them ☺💕


Spaces in our upcoming classes ...
And although getting together over Zoom seems such a poor substitute for being together in one room, mothers who started on Zoom way back in May/June of last year with tiny babies have found enough enjoyment & support that they are still coming, through a wonderful period when we could meet at our new PPC, & even now that we're back in Zoomland - looking forward to seeing you next week :)💕

Our Yoga for Babies classes are resuming online as from next week. We are running a group for over four months and under four months - get in touch with us if you are interested in some sessions to keep you going this month.

Christmas Yoga 26/12/2020

At this time, which for many means special times with family & friends, as well as warmth, nourishment & perhaps some sparkle, I hope you & your wee ones have been able to be with dear others; & sending love to you all especially those more on your own.

I’d like to share with you a delightful video made by my longstanding yoga student, Jenny Newland who was a counsellor at the PPC for some years & before that was PPC coordinator. You’ll recognise Tree Pose & the video also features a seasonal favourite in my general classes, Skating Minister Pose, inspired by the painting in the National Gallery of Scotland.
I hope it may bring a smile & some sparkle to you as it did to me.😊❤️💕

Christmas Yoga My Christmas animated greeting is inspired by Andrea St Clair's Yoga classes in Edinburgh. We ( her pupils) have been fortunate enough to be able to attend…


A lovey poem so apt for our times :)

Lockdown Baby
I had a babe in lockdown
It’s been a funny year.
It feels like someone wrote it,
After they’d had too much beer
As Boris locked the country down,
My cervix was dilating.
It opened as the country closed,
It didn’t feel like waiting
I pushed her into a new world
It really was bizarre
We didn’t have a visitor
Till we left in the car
My parents couldn’t come up
So they could lend a hand
Food shopping was rationed.
And visiting was banned
The news each day was really bleak
But still the baby grew
She learnt to smile and laugh and crawl
Despite what we’d been through
Her baby classes were on Zoom
She seemed to have a ball.
She giggled at the camera
And she loved a video call
She didn’t bat an eyelid
At all the PPE
Or that she had to spend her time,
Alone inside with me
I think that we could learn a thing
From brand new human beings
They seem to find the love and fun
In all that they are seeing
I thought this year would be so tough
And hard times, there’ve been plenty
But kick ass lockdown babies
You’ve made our 2020
Zoe King


Our online Breastfeeding Drop-In Groups run every Wednesday and Thursday from 1030-1130.

Maybe there's something that you've always wanted to ask, or you have a worry that won't go, or you just want to chat to other breastfeeding mums?

Send us a message or email us at [email protected]

Bengal Spice Tea in 20bags from Celestial Seasonings 18/08/2020

Missing the PPC's Tigaer Tea? Real Foods have it on half price (Manager's Special) offer tomorrow :)
And as our classes start resuming at the PPC's new home from this week, we'll look forward to serving it to you ❤️

Bengal Spice Tea in 20bags from Celestial Seasonings Comforting herbs meet piquant spices to create one of Celestial Seasonings' ...

Timeline photos 06/08/2020
Timeline photos 19/07/2020

IMPORTANT: ~ Leave babies & small childrens' faces clear.

Please share this - thankyou ❤️

We received a report today directly from a meeting of health visiting leaders that staff are witnesing more babies wearing face coverings.

We understand that families may be anxious about being out in public places or travelling on public transport. Advice about facecoverings for older children and adults does NOT apply to those under 5 years of age.

It is DANGEROUS for babies and toddlers to have their faces covered. There is a suffocation risk when their small airways are covered.

PLEASE DON'T use face coverings on your baby or toddler.


Now taking bookings for our summer classes for you to nourish yourselves & baby with yoga & connect - albeit over Zoom! - with other mothers 😊❤️

With summer approaching, we are delighted to share our new Yoga with Babies (online) classes on various Tuesdays throughout July and August. £30 for the block - and we have concessions if that is helpful to you - get in touch with us for more information!


Coming up next week - do pass the word around as these workshops are an invaluable preparation with your birth partner 😊❤️

Our next Active Birth Workshop online will run on Sunday 28th June 2020 from 9.30am to 1pm, and on Sunday 12th July from 9.30am to 1pm!

You can find more about it here:

Drop us a message to book your space 🧡


Online breastfeeding support from La Leche League :)

*Updated 24.09.2021*
We at LLL Edinburgh are working hard to support you with your breastfeeding journey (from pregnancy to weaning and beyond!).

What we offer:
In person meetings
Online meetings
Toddler Meetings

Antenatal sessions
One-to-one support with a breastfeeding counsellor
Our meetings are open to all with experience of breastfeeding (including chest feeding, expressing and combi-feeding) or thinking about breastfeeding. Wondering what to expect at an LLL meeting?

➡️For more info, visit our local website!

📞For 1:1 support:
》Facebook messenger
》email [email protected]
》phone Eden 0131 336 2641
》or phone Sarah 07842078527 (WhatsApp or text first if possible)

❓There are lots of fantastic articles on many breastfeeding queries at the LLLGB website

🤰🏿 Pregnant? expecting a baby? Check out our free antenatal course:

LLL Leaders are all volunteers and offer support to you while juggling their own family life, which is increasingly tricky! We will keep the website and Facebook up to date if there are any changes in what we can offer families in Edinburgh.

Wishing everyone good health and LLLove,
Eden, Karla, Miriam, Sarah, Thea and Victoria (LLL Edinburgh Leaders)

Bengal Spice Tea in 20bags from Celestial Seasonings 03/06/2020

The Pregnancy and Parents Centre's famous "Tiger Tea" is on half price Manager's Special Offers tomorrow/Thursday 4th at Real Foods (Brougham Place & Broughton Street) :)☺️😁

Bengal Spice Tea in 20bags from Celestial Seasonings Comforting herbs meet piquant spices to create one of Celestial Seasonings' ...

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Edinburgh?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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