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I love this picture it really spoke to me. 🥰🥰🥰


When darkness falls across the land.
Be thankful for the time to stand,
With thoughts and feelings that may arise,
From the depths of your psyche and minds eye.
These feelings are part of you,
Dark, mysterious and shameful too.
We try to hide them from the light,
Our pride & ego ready to fight.
The battle deep within our souls,
To let those feelings out like wolves.
Ego poised ready to strike.
Should any of those wolves come to light!
However should you let those wolves run free?
You'll learn about a new side of "me".
Part of you you thought should be hidden.
Is actually part of you that needs to be Forgiven!
Forgiven for feeling less than full,
For not accepting all of you.

The darkness is never here to stay. So use the time we have within it to see yourself fully as you are. Shadows and all. We are all unique. We all have flaws. We have all made mistakes.

But making mistakes is how we learn. It's what you do with those mistakes that count. Stop dwelling on things you have done. Take responsibility for yourself. Accept yourself and forgive yourself. No one is perfect - even those who pretend they are, are not. Be kind to yourself.

You always have a choice. We might not always make the right ones but that's OK. Take it on the chin. Learn from it. And move on as your more evolved, more experienced, more knowledgeable state and keep moving forward. Life is a journey. Have fun with it.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone.


Love Holly 💜 🌙🧜‍♀️

Photos from The Moon Mermaid's post 18/12/2022

Please take time to read my threads. I haven't felt myself lately, I have been experiencing some really weird energy & shifts within myself and I wondered if anyone else had felt similarly?

Sending love & light,

Holly 🌙🧜‍♀️💜✨️


Beautiful 💜

Deep Rage is this: Nobody ever saw me, so I wore a false face, making my life a lie

“Children not loved for who they are do not learn how to love themselves. Their growth is an exercise in pleasing others, not in expanding through experience. As adults, they must learn to nurture their own lost child. There's personal anger, but underneath there's often universal rage; And when we are possessed, God help the man who's on the end of that. Deep rage is not about the man; Deep rage is this: Nobody ever saw me. Nobody ever heard me. As long as I can remember, I've had to perform. When I tried to be myself, I was told, That's not what you think, that's not what you ought to do. So, just like my mother and her mother, I put on a false face. My life became a lie. That's deep rage. We have lived our lives behind a mask. Sooner or later —if we are lucky— the mask will be smashed. What a relief to be human instead of the god or goddess my parents imagined me to be or I imagined them.”
Marion Woodman, Coming Home to Myself: Reflections for Nurturing a Woman's Body & Soul




My beautiful friend Star Roots 🌟 wrote this lovely post about our time together on the beach last night.

I can't really sum it up better than this. Our time together both on our live and on the beach was so very special last night. I am grateful for all my experiences and feel each one brings what it needs into my life.

But my encounters with the moon and the sea are different, I feel so at home with the moon, I feel safe, protected, guided and empowered. I can feel the divine, celestial energy cursing through me any time I am outside and in her presence. I could honestly spend hours just admiring her beauty and basking in awe of her power. The sea also feels like home. It calls to me, calms me, and when I spend time in or near the water I feel a deep connection to the earth. I feel grounded, invigorated and intense gratitude and peace. I am grateful to be able to slow down enough in my life to appreciate these things and fully connect to myself.

I am also grateful for every single one of you who share my journey; the people who I consider my soul family 💜, the people who I have meet on a whim and connected with straight away🙏, and the people that come and go 😊. We are all on our own paths doing our own thing but I am grateful for the people I meet, who through our conversations, meetings and experiences drop seeds of inspiration into my journey as I do theirs.

Thank you for being here with me and I hope all your wishes come true for 2023.

Love you all,

Holly 💜🌙🧜‍♀️

This evening I bathed under the full moonlight on the beach and within the cold sea. I felt a sense of restoration, relief, gratitude, love and bloody dam cold frozen nether regions 🥶 as I wear my swimsuit and wetsuit socks to dip.

I felt alive, my skin tingled and you have this wonderful experience of almost healing, letting go, surrendering and embracing all at the same time and this I am utterly grateful for.

I am grateful for being able to share this with one of my dearest and closest friends we shared the warmth of the fire, honesty within our hearts, let go and surrendered what no longer serves us and spoke about the last year and all that we have conquered together and individually. How we have both grown over this last year. How far we have come as individuals and moving into embracing who we truly are and who we truly want to be in life. The challenges we have faced and overcome this last year have felt momentous for us both and I acknowledge how grateful I am to share this with such an awesome soul. Someone so kind, loving, caring, passionate, very fu***ng funny and honest!

Can you take the time to acknowledge how far you have come within this last year. The growth you have done. We do not stand still in time, we move, we grow, we learn and we love ❤️


Day 8: Mars is currently in retrograde until Jan 12th so I would say this is a good stone to have on your side at the moment as Aries is ruled by Mars and there are a lot of crazy masculine emotions flying around at the moment.


Red Vein Jasper is an extremely protective stone that calms your emotions, and aids in strengthening & detoxifying the circulatory system, blood and liver.
Red Vein Jasper can both calm and balance our emotions and bring us peace of mind. It helps to instil in us strength, stability, courage, leadership and power. In short, it helps us to not just cope with life but to meet it head on. However, it also reminds us that we are not just here for ourselves and that we must do all we can to help others and bring joy into their lives too.
Chakra - Root
Zodiac- Aries

Thanks you to Susan The Crystal Cave - Scotland for providing the calender with such beautiful stones & for enlightening me on the days I have no idea what's what 🤣. Anything Crystal related she is your gal. Get yourself along to her shop. She REALLY knows her stuff. 😊


Full Moon in Gemini, Channelled message;

Themes: Transformation, Creativity & Life Purpose

This Full moon is for creating stable ground and steady footing. So use your resources wisely and remember sharing is caring.

You might be feeling active energy and be wanting to "make moves" & be "raring to go." But unless you let go of emotions that are not yours, you will feel stuck. You must release yourself from taking on other people's problems.

You're coming out of a dark place. You may have experienced a dark night of the soul or have been having some plaguing negative thoughts. Which resulted in you resting and hiding from the world. But you're starting to feel revitalised, renewed, and focused. Your spirit has that spring in its step and you are ready to continue the journey.

You have choices to make. I hear "follow the stars." You are looking for your purpose, and you're being urged to follow your dreams. You're coming out of a period where you felt torn by choice into a place where you are excited by it, welcome it. You are actually going to enjoy choosing.

Celebrations are on hold at the moment as you are retreating inwards to make your next moves. You have been dealing with a difficult person, someone controlling, manipulative, and deceitful. I am being told you are "embarking on a new journey but are scared to take the leap of faith needed to move forward because some self reflection is needed. Your going to have to shine a light on yourself in ways you don't want to, things your not ready to expose yet. Some deep dark secrets/truths are coming to the surface and the only way forward is to face them."

Face your fears. They are always worse in your head than in reality. Time to take the mask off. Shadow work is needed here. Deep heart wounds are recovering. The past is gone. It's time to create a new beginning. Stop wallowing in self pity. Get out there & make a difference.

Embark on new journeys. You've spent enough time alone. Get out there & get it done. Go after those dreams, create those journeys and enjoy the view.

Love Holly 🌙 🧜‍♀️


Day 7: A fitting stone for this full moon 🌝. This us definitely a stone I need in my life right now. I am also Ta**us 🌞 Leo 🌙 so the elements are spot on. Introducing:

Polychrome Jasper:

Polychrome Jasper combines the elements of Fire and Earth, creating a unique energy that embodies action, passion, and enthusiasm. It clears blockages in all the chakras, enabling rebirth and transformation. It is a
stone of grounding and protection, helping one feel secure, safe, and
purposeful. Working consistently with Polychrome Jasper aids one in discovering new approaches to their heart's truest desires.
Elements: Earth, Fire
Chakras: All

The Crystal Cave - Scotland


We have a lovely little group that meets on a Monday at the Polton Inn in Bonnyrigg. We share our journeys and learn from each other. Everyone welcome. Xx


Hey everyone , This Monday, Mindful Monday at Polton Inn we are having a discussion about crystals and the power they have , how we can fit them into everyday life , afterwards there will be a guided meditation to charge crystals and harness the energy in them , look forward to seeing the regulars and hopefully some new faces !
7pm at the Polton Inn


Day 6: was a beautiful Rose Quartz sphere 🥰

Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that carries a soft, feminine energy. It opens and cleanses the heart chakra, allowing vibrations of love to flow freely without fear. It promotes healthy and harmonious relationships of all kinds, and can be effective for attracting new love. It raises one's self esteem & promotes self-love. Working with Rose Quartz is helpful to aid the acceptance of necessary change.

Element: Water💧
Chakra: Heart ❤️

The Crystal Cave - Scotland


Day 5 of The Crystal Cave - Scotland crystal advent calender.

I genuinely have no idea what this stone is. So hopefully Susan can enlighten me. But what I can say is this video does not do it justice at all. (Excuse the chipped nails 🤭)

Absolutely stunning 😍


So I missed Day 4 so here she is:

Rainforest Rhyolite (such a stunning stone) :

Rainforest Rhyolite is an ancient stone that promotes self-transformation. It encourages one to take time for themselves to actively pursue their goals. It imparts a sense of acceptance of one's true self and eliminates feelings of self-doubt. It allows one to deepen their connection with Mother Earth, nature spirits, and Mother Gaia. It is recommended to meditate with this stone in nature to experience its full healing effects.
Element: Water
Chakras: All

The Crystal Cave - Scotland


So I got it wrong haha - same family wrong stone 🤦‍♀️

Day 3: Moonakite Jasper

This little beauty is packed with a powerful energy. I have held her all morning since I opened her. A stone I very much need in my life right now. 🥰 A very relevant and grounding connection for me this morning.


Mookaite Jasper has a nurturing and comforting energy that supports one during times of stress and illness. It improves the general health of the physical body, strengthens the immune system, and treats high blood
pressure. It aids decision-making and encourages one to become more open and adaptable to changes in their lives. Mookaite Jasper acts as a protective shield and guards one from negative influences.
Elements: Fire, Earth
Chakras: Root, Heart, Solar Plexus

Thank you again The Crystal Cave - Scotland xx


It is the last full moon 🌝 of the year next Thurs (8th Dec). I am drawn to do a ritual & release class on the beach (Portobello - weather permitting) to celebrate our growth in the past year, to share our journeys so far, give thanks to our ancestors, the universe and our guides and to let go of anything we want to leave in 2022. I am just putting it out there to see if anyone would be interested in joining me? 🙂 💜🧜‍♀️✨️


Day 2 of the Christmas advent calender from The Crystal Cave - Scotland

Pink Tourmaline (if I'm not mistaken!)

☆ Pink tourmaline represents a love of humanity and humanitarianism. It is worn to promote sympathy towards others. It is an excellent stone for healers and counselors because it promotes better listening and understanding. It carries the virtue of unconditional love and friendship.


Day 1 from my crystal advent calendar by The Crystal Cave - Scotland - I think she is green aventurine but I'm not sure?....thank you again Susan 🥰 xx


I am a HUGE Disney fan. I believe he is a genius at teaching both adults and children valuable life lessons through his stories and I love how he uses various media to convey this. As an adult I don't watch the films as much but I have Disney songs scattered all over my Spotify and I love to sing them. Reflection in Mulan is one of my favourites and I think the words are very relevant today:

Look at me
You may think you see
Who I really am
But you'll never know me

Every day
It's as if I play a part
Now I see
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool my heart

Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

I am now
In a world where I
Have to hide my heart
And what I believe in

But somehow
I will show the world
What's inside my heart
And be loved for who I am

Who is that girl I see
Staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection
Someone I don't know?
Must I pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time?
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

There's a heart that must be
Free to fly
That burns with a need to know
The reason why

Why must we all conceal
What we think, how we feel?
Must there be a secret me
I'm forced to hide?
I won't pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time
When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?

When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?
Who I am inside

We are healing our ancestral lines when we stand in our truth. So listen to your heart and follow YOU.

Sending love 💜 and light ✨️ Have a fabulous Friday people 😘

Love Holly 💜 🧜‍♀️


Absolutely spot on from Gemma Parker- Spirit Medium 👏

"When we really start to let go, what needs to rise to the surface rises to the surface. The mind may not want this material to arise; as I said, many spiritual people unknowingly use their spiritual discipline to suppress their unconscious.
When we stop suppressing, our unconscious starts to come up and reveal itself. What do we do with this unconscious material that rises to the surface? Nothing. We simply allow it to reveal itself. It does not need to be analysed. What arises is, for the most part, unresolved conflict within us: emotions we’ve never allowed ourselves to feel fully, experiences we’ve never allowed ourselves to experience fully, pains we’ve never allowed ourselves to feel fully. All of this arises.

This unresolved material within us yearns to be experienced fully, without being relegated to unconsciousness.
So when our repressed material arises, we need to allow it to arise without suppressing it. Without analyzing, we allow these feelings to be experienced in the body, in our being, and to unfold as they will. What you will find if you do this is that whatever kind of pain it is, whether it is emotional, psychic, physical, spiritual, or otherwise, this repressed material will arise, reveal itself, be experienced and then pass away. If it doesn’t pass away, you will know that somewhere there is resistance, or denial, or indulgence - which is a good thing to recognize, because it gives you the opportunity to let go of it once again."


(Art by 'RiverLotusMoon')


Channelled message for the collective about our last moon cycle and the next:

"We have felt like our dreams were fading, we have had to grasp really hard to what we wanted in life. But no matter how hard we tried to keep those dreams alive they seemed like they were falling away. Breaking up. Disintegrating. We have been gripping onto hope. Feeling lost and scared to let go. We couldn't see the wood for the trees. We were missing the wonder of the natural world because the light was growing weaker, it was getting darker & we were scared of the shadows.

But in actual fact we were living in a self made prison; self doubt, self pity, negative self talk patterns and some really dark mental spaces. We were there because we had to be. We had lessons to learn, people to see, negative or toxic patterns fo erase. We had to stand up for ourselves. Our beliefs. We had to gather the courage to against the grain. To do what feels truly right for ourselves. We had to SEE the light this time, we had to recognise its origins. We had to full trust and understand that we ARE the light! To banish the self pity, self doubt and self sabotage.

This period of reflection has gathered our strength, created space and helped us find our courage to be fully and authentically ourselves! We are no longer trying to pour from an empty cup. We are rejuvenated, inspired and courageous. We are ready for our adventures. We have recognised our connection to the Earth 🌎, Sea 🌊, Sun 🌞, Moon 🌙 and Stars 🌟. We are celebrating our glory as individuals. Igniting our paths as we glow up ✨️. This is where our dreams come true - this is where we REALLY create our reality. To embrace love, to embark on new adventures and to get rid of all the deception and deceit our minds put on us. Today we are creating from the soul."

Happy New Moon my lovlies 💜🌚🧜‍♀️

Sending love & light

Love Holly 💜 🧜‍♀️

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