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🌟 Introducing the Benefits of Online Tuition! 🌟

As a private tutor, it is my pleasure to shed light on the remarkable advantages that online tuition brings to your child's educational journey. 📚💡

In today's ever-evolving digital age, the emergence of online tuition has revolutionised the way we approach learning. 💻✨ With advanced technology at our fingertips, we now have the incredible opportunity to harness its power and provide unparalleled educational support to our young learners, without the constraints of geographic limitations. 🌍🌐

First and foremost, online tuition offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. 🕓⚙️ No longer confined to physical classrooms, your child can engage in structured lessons from the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits their unique schedule. This flexibility allows them to strike a balance between academics and other commitments, fostering a sense of independence and responsibility. 📅📚

Furthermore, online tuition provides a personalised learning experience tailored to the individual needs and learning styles of your child. Through the use of interactive tools, virtual whiteboards, and multimedia resources, we can create an engaging and immersive environment that maximises their understanding and enhances their educational journey. 🖥️

In addition, online tuition also eliminates the challenges of traveling to physical tuition centres, ensuring safety, and reducing the stress associated with commuting. It also opens up a world of possibilities by connecting your child with tutors and classmates from diverse backgrounds and cultures, fostering a global perspective and promoting cross-cultural understanding. 🌎🌍🌏

Most importantly, rest assured that online tuition maintains the same level of professionalism, dedication, and expertise that you would expect from traditional face-to-face tuition. Through virtual platforms, we are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and secure environment that promotes learning, growth, and academic excellence. 🤝📚

So, let's embrace the exciting realm of online tuition and embark on a transformative educational journey for your child. Together, let's unlock their full potential and shape a future filled with knowledge, resilience, and success! 💫✨

For more information and to discuss further, please feel free to get in touch via direct message or email. 📩📲 Let's empower your child's education and embark on a new chapter of learning, right at your fingertips! 🌟📚



Hi everyone! We’ve had lots of new students recently and so I felt it was time to introduce myself again. I'm Kirsty, the Director of Kirsty Campbell Tuition. I am a 25 year old, Edinburgh native who had the joys of graduating from the University of Edinburgh in the midst of the pandemic in 2020.

Facts about me:

🐶 I have an (almost) 6 year old Serbian rescue dog called Beba - dog in comments!!
📍 I grew up in Edinburgh and went to the Royal High School
🍝 If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be spaghetti bolognese
🏠 I am the middle child - I have two brothers
💫 I’m an Aries - March baby♈️
🤠 I’m a country music fan - don’t knock it till you try it
🧸 My first job was working a Build-A-Bear which, hilariously, it turns out I ran a birthday party for someone I now tutor!!

I started my tutoring career 8 years ago and it has been incredible to see how much my students have grown since then. What started out as a solo company quickly blossomed into a larger team and as a company we currently provide tuition to students across Scotland.

I am incredibly proud to own this business and as we move forward I aim to make tuition as accessible as possible to allow all children across Scotland the opportunity to get the support they need during their time at school.

I am incredibly proud of each and every one of my team and I am looking forward to seeing the business grow further in the coming years.



Our online bootcamp is back🥳🥳🥳

Just popping in to let you know about our exciting National 5 Maths group class coming up! 🎉 If you're a student who isn't in need of one-to-one but would still like some support to ace your maths exams, this is the place to be! 📚🤩 Kirsty will be there to guide you through all those tricky concepts, making sure you're totally prepared to conquer those math challenges! 🚀✨ Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to boost your maths skills! 🙌🤝 Limited spots available, so hurry and sign up now! Comment below or send us a message for more details! 🔍💭💪

Photos from Kirsty Campbell Tuition's post 21/08/2023

Some work from a session today✏ For our younger students we use Twinkl to follow the CfE curriculum. Today we were working on decodable reading and phonics practice!☺

Photos from Kirsty Campbell Tuition's post 18/08/2023

A range of math work for N4 and below!📚

N4 - Peach Calendar (National 4 Maths)
4th Level - Yellow Calendar (S2/3)
3rd Level - Green Calendar (S1/S2)
2nd Level - Grey Calendar (P6/P7/S1)
1st Level - Peach Calendar (P4/P5/P6)

Not everyone follows these levels so do use the calendar that is most appropriate to what you feel you can do!

Happy learning✏


Hey everyone!☀ It's back to school season! 🎉🎒✏️ We hope you've had an amazing summer filled with fun and adventure. Now, it's time to dust off those textbooks and get ready to conquer the new school year! 💪📚 Whether you're starting a new chapter in primary, secondary, or even heading off to university, we're here to cheer you on from the sidelines. 💙 Remember, embrace the challenges, make new friends, and enjoy every moment of this incredible educational journey. We can't wait to hear all about your exciting adventures in the classroom. Drop a comment below and let us know how you're feeling about you/your kids going back to school! 😊


Well done everyone!!

We are beyond proud of the work you put in and your grades reflect that☺

If things haven't gone your way do not panic! There are plenty of options (including resits!) that can get you what you need/want and do not feel like it's the end of the world. You will get there!!


For those waiting on results for university, please check clearing if you didn’t get the grades needed!

There’s lots of support for all learners on the SQA website and for any questions please get in touch☺️

It's Day - congratulations to all our learners across Scotland on your achievements this year! 👏

Results are in the post today and if you signed up for My SQA, you’ll also get them by text and/or email.

If you have any questions or need support, we’ve pulled together lots of useful info and wellbeing resources on our website: |


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Seo Latha nan Toraidhean! Meal an naidheachd air gach neach-ionnsachaidh air feadh Alba air na choilean thu.

Tha toraidhean anns a phost an diugh, agus ma chlàr thu airson , gheibh thu cuideachd iad tro theachdaireachd teacsa agus/no post-d.

Airson fiosrachadh & taic, tadhal air an làrach-lìn againn:


Good luck to everyone receiving exam results tomorrow! I’ll check in with you all in the morning🤞🏻🫶🏻


Something for all N5 Maths students to work on before school starts again!!


Summer reading shouldn’t always be about the quantity you read but instead about enjoying it! We all like different genres and have different interests but it’s great to give new types of books a try💪🏻


Really important that all pupils do this! It means you don’t need to wait for the post on results day🙃


Summer is just around the corner!☀️

Summer is a great time to take classes and learn something new. Our summer sessions are perfect for students who want to get ahead in their studies or to catch up on any subjects they've struggled with during the year. Plus, summer sessions are often more relaxed and can be a lot of fun! Don't miss this opportunity to learn and grow.

We offer one-to-one and group sessions in a variety of subjects from P1-S6. So, whether your child is in need of a boost before the new term starts, they want to consolidate what they have learned or they are looking to get ahead then look no further!

Join us this summer! For more information or to book now, email [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook.😎



It's great to hear all kinds of feedback from our parents and students! Keep them coming💡🥰


Well done to everyone who sat their N5 Maths exam today!!👏🏻

We’ve been getting messages👀 from all of you panicking about how hard you found it. I’m also well versed in tiktok (my 25 years on this planet coming in clutch) and I see all the comments under the various posts. Do not panic and do not stress yourself out comparing answers!!!

A. It will have gone better than you think
B. You can’t do anything now anyway so focus on the rest!!
C. Everything can be done again and improved on if need be so there is no stress at all🤞🏻

Heads down, stay calm and let’s get through this exam season!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🥰


It's exam season!!!

I'm sure everyone is either stressed or dealing with someone who is🤪 There are ways to ease your stress and being as prepared as possible is one way to counter those nerves!

This is the time to be honest with yourself and revise in a way that is most effective for you.

Best of luck to all of those sitting Biology today🤩


Attention all students and parents!😎

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to spend it than to enhance your academic skills? Kirsty Campbell Tuition is excited to announce our upcoming summer sessions!⛱☀️

Our summer sessions are designed to provide students with the opportunity to get ahead of their coursework or catch up on subjects that they may have struggled with during the academic year. Our experienced tutors will provide personalised attention to each student, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance they need to excel.

We offer a wide range of subjects including math, science, English, and more. Our classes are designed to cater to individual learning styles, making sure that every student learns at their own pace.

Our summer sessions are not only educational but also fun! We understand that summer is a time for relaxation and enjoyment, so we have incorporated interactive activities and projects into our curriculum to keep our students engaged and motivated.

Don't let the summer slip away without taking advantage of this opportunity to enhance your academic skills.

Contact us today to learn more about our summer sessions and how we can help your child achieve their academic goals.✅


Today, students across Scotland start their exams📚 You’ve all worked so hard and put in so much time and effort! We are all incredibly proud of each and every one of you🫶🏻

Study hard, take regular breaks and if you blank in the exam don’t panic!! Sit, breathe and it will come flooding back to you (I promise🤞🏻)!

We can’t wait to hear about how you get on🥰



Spaces are opening for our 2023/24 season! We will have spaces available post-exams through summer and into next year.

We provide tuition for the following:

🧑‍🏫Exams (N5/GCSE/Higher/A-Level - even some Adv Highers!)
📚Entrance Exams
🖊Mature Students (Adults/those now out of school)

We also offer both daytime and evening sessions for those not in school, flexi-learning or homeschooling.

All the best,

Kirsty and team x



Exams are less than 4, yes 4, weeks away!!!! We are fully booked for one-to-one sessions but I have opened up these classes to allow as many students to gain crucial revision time.

These sessions will be with me, Kirsty, and will go through key exam technique and all the course topics (within past papers).

Book now by emailing [email protected]📨📨📨




This year we come with a jam packed, two weeks of revision classes. Exams are getting closer and we know many of you will need to get your head into doing some revision! Our Easter masterclasses will revise key topics and cover exam style questions. This is a 4 day course and each session will come with revision materials.

🧑‍🏫 Subjects on offer:

📐 Maths
📖 English
🧲 Physics
🧪 Chemistry
🧬 Biology
🇫🇷 French

💰 Cost: £60 per subject for all 4 sessions

More information to follow but to express interest email/message us!

Email: [email protected]


Today in History: The Reichstag Fire

On February 27th, 1933, four weeks after Adolf Hi**er was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany, the German parliament (Reichstag) burned down in a fire. The N**i leadership used the fire to imply that Communists were planning a violent uprising and that emergency legislation was needed to prevent it. What is known as the Reichstag Fire Decree came to be which abolished numerous constitutional rights and paved the way for the N**i Dictatorship.

Key facts:

- The decree became legal one day after the fire and stopped the right to assembly, press and freedom of speech
- It allowed the regime to arrest any political opponents (for no reason at all) and to dissolve political organisations
- It also gave the regime the right to overrule state and local laws and overthrow state and local governments



World Book Day 2023 is almost here and they are running a fun "Design a Book Token" competition! For full details, follow this link:

We cannot stress how important it is to expose yourself to many different forms of literature and to give all genres a try. Reading books in primary and early secondary helps children massively when they get to exam stage. It keeps your imagination alive too which helps with essay and story writing.

As a child, I was an avid reader (I still am!) and books like the BFG, The Magic Faraway Tree and Animal Ark where among my favourites! Also, all girls my age will definitely remember Rainbow Magic books - Amy the Amethyst fairy anyone? I used to love that the main character was called Kirsty🤣



Valentine's Day is celebrated every February 14th as couples across the globe celebrate love. But, did you know what we do today is a result of hundreds of years of traditions?


The earliest origin story of Valentine's Day dates back to the 6th century BC with the festival of Lupercalia. Men would sacrifice goats and dogs and go around town slapping women with blood as a blessing! Not sure that would go down too well in this day and age! If you haven't got your sweetheart a present yet - DON'T DO THIS!


Cupid started out as the Greek god, Eros (the God of Love). Eros, the son of Aphrodite, had two sets of arrows - for love and hate - and would use them to play with the emotions of his targets. The stories of his mischief were told by the Romans which led to his child-like look!

First Valentine💌

History's first Valentine was written from a prison - how romantic! Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent a Valentine to his wife at the age of 21 while he was a prisoner after being captured at the Battle of Agincourt. Unfortunately, he would never see his wife again as he remained a prisoner for more than 20 years.

Victorian 'Vinegar Letters'🫣

During the Victorian Era, if you didn't want someone's attention you would send them a vinegar letter instead. It was a way to insult and reject anyone you didn't like.


As big supermarkets fill their shelves with boxes of chocolates this Valentine's Day, the original idea stems from Richard Cadbury in the 19th century. After creating different varieties of chocolate, he released them in a box to celebrate the day of love.


Did you know? We offer support for students working through their Advanced Higher Dissertations!

I (Kirsty) have a degree in History from the University of Edinburgh and have sat the Advanced Higher exam (back in 2016!). I offer support to children needing an extra pair of eyes to look over their dissertation - especially checking those pesky footnotes!

During the February break and over weekends I am available to offer one-off or multiple sessions to pupils who feel they could benefit from this service.


Weekly Newsletter👩‍🏫

Demand is crazy at the moment and we are in another hiring process to keep up with you all! I'm incredibly grateful for all of you and will have everyone set up ASAP☺️

This week's topic is International Day of Women and Girls in Science🧪

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is an important reminder of the accomplishments of women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers.

This day is an opportunity to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls and to encourage equality in the STEM fields.

Some famous women in STEM:

Fei Fei Li

Fei Fei Li is a professor of computer science at Stanford University, California. She invented a special computer program called ImagineNet that helps computers recognise images and made huge changes in artificial intelligence.

Donna Strickland

Donna Strickland works at the University of Waterloo in Canada and was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2018. She won the prize for one of her inventions that uses special high-powered lasers. Her work with lasers has helped create tools that can help with many things, including laser eye surgery.

Cohl Furey

Cohl Furey works at Cambridge University and is known for her work on octonions. This is a complicated number system that has helped with understanding black holes and how the world around us is made.

Alice Ball

Alice Ball was an African-American chemist who pioneered the "Ball Method" which went on to become the most effective treatment for Hansen’s disease (leprosy) during the early 20th century.

⚠️Important reminders:

🤓: February break revision classes from the 13th-16th February
📚: S1/2 Book Club - join our bookclub to encourage monthly reading and boost analysis skills!



Join us during the February break with our 4-day programme. Students will work with me (Kirsty) everyday from the 13th-16th of February. Two N5 classes are available: Maths and English.

Maths: We will work through the curriculum practicing exam and revision skills while also consolidating our knowledge of the N5 course.

English: A mix of RUAE, Scottish Set Text and Essay practice. Although students have different texts for Set Text and Essays we will look at how to structure our answers - in particular the 8 mark question and general essay plans.

Email [email protected] to book your place💻

Higher classes will be released shortly.


Our first weekly newsletter!

Every week I will release a new newsletter containing important information, updates and our weekly topic.

Children's Mental Health Week will be taking place from February 6th-12th. Children's Mental Health Week is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about children and young people's mental health. This important event is a brilliant opportunity to open a discussion about mental health and wellbeing with children and young people.

The children's mental health charity, Place2Be, set up Children's Mental Health Week to highlight the importance of mental health for children and young people. We all have mental health and the majority of people will experience some form of mental health issue throughout their lives. In fact, up to 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems at some point in our lifetime.

During Children's Mental Health Week 2023, we can take some time to focus on mental health and talk about these important topics. We can encourage children to think about how they can best look after their own mental health and encourage parents, carers and teachers to reflect on their role in supporting children with their mental health.

For resources we have linked our TwinklGO account:

Pin code: KC7084


We need book donations!📚

A wonderful charity, Books for Kids, are looking for children’s book donations. I am going to collect books and drop them off to our local drop off point!

A school only have 2 books in their library and we are hoping to change that📖

They accept all types of books and comics but they don't take books in poor condition, annuals or Guinness Book of Record annual style publications older than a year.

Books can look as if they have been read and can have 1 or 2 pages turned down, but please, no books that have been drawn or scribbled on, or books with missing pages.

If anyone has books to donate email [email protected] and we’ll arrange collection!


Upcoming Events🥳

On top of our Saturday Bootcamp classes we will be running a few revision sessions in the next few months.

Feb 13th-17th: A week of revision classes covering a variety of subjects for National 5 and Higher pupils.

April 3rd-14th: 2 weeks of revision classes over two weeks to allow all of those away on holiday to attend at least one of the weeks!

April 22nd-23rd: A final set of revision classes for N5 and Higher pupils before the big exams!

More details will follow for all closer to the time✅

P.s. We still have a few spaces left in our Saturday group class - book now to avoid disappointment!


Some study tips to get you started on your revision🤓

Exams may seem so far away but revision should be done every week! Starting now will give you the best chance in your exams and can help in all upcoming class assessments. We work with lots of you once a week but this is not enough! Make sure you go away and revise quotes and exam style questions to test your knowledge. Doing a little bit everyday will stop you feeling so overwhelmed when it comes to the exam period!

Don't forget, we've been where you are now and know exactly how it feels. We've made the mistakes so you don't have to! Stick with it and give your exams all you have got - summer will be here before you know it☀️



4 slots for our N5 Maths Bootcamp Class have already been taken. Book in now to avoid missing out!

Our class will run every Saturday morning from 10-11 and will cover essential topics, exam preparation and revision skills.



To meet demand I have opened a National 5 Maths Group Class on a Saturday. Every week we will move through the National 5 course covering topics and essential exam and revision skills.

The maximum class size will be 10 and will cost £15 per person. The class will be run by me (Kirsty) and will come with weekly homework to consolidate learning📚

Spaces can be booked by emailing [email protected]


Happy Monday!

Due to high demand we have to close for all new enquiries for a week. We will re-open spaces again next week once we have everyone set up.

Please do continue to email/message if you are looking for tuition as we will have a full new set of spaces free!

For those waiting to hear back, we are sorting everything out for you behind the scenes!




I hope you all have a lovely day and are looking forward to the year ahead☺️ I was going to write some long and inspirational post but honestly today I’m opening up my laptop for the first time since we took a break and demolishing a bar of chocolate🤣

I’m looking forward to what 2023 will bring all of us and I hope you know that no matter what 2022 looked like for you, you got yourself through it and will do the same this year!

See you all again soon,

Kirsty and the team x


Merry Christmas everyone!!

I wanted to say thank you so much to every one of you who have supported us throughout this year🫶🏻 We are all so grateful for you and I could not ask for better parents and students! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year whatever you are doing and that you all take the time to relax and spend time with those close to you🎄

See you all in 2023!!!

All my love and appreciation,

Kirsty (and Beba) x


Happy holidays! As we slowly finish up for the year and take a very well deserved break I want to again take the time to say thank you to all of you. We have been fully booked for a couple of weeks now but once the New Year starts we will have a brand new set of tutors available in all subjects✅ I will be in touch with everyone today to let you all know that we can take you on in the New Year!

As for our Christmas don't think we'd leave those of you with January prelims struggling, did you?😅 We are offering N5 and Higher Maths and English Prelim Classes that will take place in December and January.

Dates: 28th-29th, 3rd-4th
Time: Maths - 10am, English 11am
Location: Online via Zoom

We will be hosting separate classes for N5 and Higher pupils covering course content, exam style questions and exam technique. We will prepare you for your prelims and provide worked examples and revision worksheets for you all!

More information to follow soon...👀


“Yes, they are both right angled triangles but no you don’t use the same formula”🤪🤪


As we head into the festive season I wanted to take the time to mention a few things!⛄️🎄

I would like to thank all of you for your patience, understanding and support this year and always. Your children have all been absolute stars and we are all incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

We will be breaking for the Christmas holidays on the weekend of the 17th December and will be back on the 4th January. We hope you all have some lovely time off and take a well needed break before 2023 kicks off again!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Kirsty Campbell Tuition🥰

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