Athena's Owl Sanctuary

Owl & more rescue sanctuary small charity. Education Visits, prices £50-£150. Market Stall with static display throughout E & N Yorkshire & North Lincs.

We are committed to change the focus of modern day Falconry through education and awareness. Our ethos concerns good animal Husbandry & welfare. Falconry is no longer reserved solely for the gentry, and there is too little legislation protecting captive Birds of Prey. We rehabilitate & give forever homes right here with us to unwanted & neglected Birds of Prey as well as displaying the birds that

Operating as usual


The Half Moon campsite - Reedness.
Pick a square with live entertainment
1st August 2020. Half Moon campsite Arena. Reedness Goole. DN148ET.
This event is a Covid 19 government safety compliance event and as such guests must buy tickets in their family or friend bubble in numbers of 5 per grid. One Grid ticket costs £50 for 5 people working out at £10 per person.On arrival all the grid group will be escorted to their personal grid square and must remain in it to drink, eat and dance for the duration of the event apart from toilet breaks. A one way system will be in place. All guests must wear masks when outside their grid and practise social distancing from other grid participants for the duration
of the event.
Doors 5pm. Entertainment starts at 6pm and finishes at 11pm.


It is with much regret that we have made the decision to close the sanctuary.
We simply don't have the emotional ability to keep rescuing.
We have been considering this move for the last year.
We will continue to keep our current rescues to the standard we always have but are just not taking anymore on.
We've also decided that we won't be bringing any of the owls to future events so they can retire quietly.
We sincerely thank each and every person who has supported us, your support has been our strength for many years.
In the coming weeks we will be closing the group but will keep the page as a historical record for ourselves and you our supporters.
When we are in a better position emotionally and in a better location we will be starting up private rescue work but just don't have the heart to keep fighting the flood of insensitivity to our work and animal abuse that we simply can't make a difference to.
Please keep your eyes open for our new business "Feathers from Albion" that will still fund all the animals in our care and go towards moving to a more secure location and give the animals and us a happier life going forward.
Thank you again ###


Here's the little tawny we've been rehabbing. Very pleased to announce she's strong, fat and well enough to be ready to go out into our rehab aviary to acclimatise to the weather, first sign of daffodils and she'll be ready to release back into the wild.
One tawny doesn't matter in the long run but us being able saving her life is priceless.
However, so far this little ladies rehab had cost almost £200. Our work is entirely self funded and voluntary we desperately need to rebuild some of our dilapidated aviaries admit donation will help.
Donate via PayPal to [email protected].
Thank you xx


I have gotten very quiet on this page and it's high time I started refreshing things.
I'd like to kick off by telling the story of how 2 of our residents came to be with us along with a message to every pet owner.
Many of you have met Holly the owl who has become the ambassador of the sanctuary despite her grumpy attitude she has become beloved by our followers.
We also tell many a sorry about our residents both pet and rescue and our Thor though not with us at events has been the topic of many a story due to his sweet nature and big silly personality.
Both have a similar story as both were rehomed by owners who loved them dearly and absolutely made sure we were the right home for them by asking many questions.
These were 2 owners who put the need of Holly and Thor above their deep love for them, both previous owners had a change in circumstances that meant they knew they were unable to give Holly and Thor the life they needed and made a heart wrenching painful decision to put the needs of their pets above their emotions, to not be proud and keep struggling more and more but to reach out and say "I'm no longer the right owner for this animal"
I have had to do this as have many of you and it is utmost when taking on the responsibility of another life to put their welfare above your own love.
I urge everyone before deciding to buy a animal to share your life with you research, ensure you have the right equipment, knowledge and ability but should any of that change, should you lose your job, get a divorce, get a job or in my case your health worsens, do not be proud.
Consider your financial situation, can you afford to keep this animal?
Did your partner have the necessary knowledge but you do not?
Do you still have time to give this animal now you're working?
Or do you no longer have the ability to walk this animal or keep it groomed? In the case of a Persian cat I rehomed because my hands became riddled with arthritis.

Your love is not enough.

I'm sorry to say it but it's true.

Always put welfare above love.

Lots of love and blessings to you all, should any of my followers need advise please contact me or someone you trust to ask for help ###


Events with holly Jan/ February

Coming up January and February events with links:

• 27th January, 11-6pm:

Angel Events & workshops

Fairfield golf club, M34 5FA.

We will be attending with or esoteric stall, offering palm, rune and tarot readings with my traditionally decorated fortune trailing booth. We will also be bring Holly for a visit from Athena's Owl Sanctuary

• 2nd February 10-5pm

White Light Events Mind Body and Spirit Events

Matlock Imperial Rooms

We will be attending with our esoteric, pagan stall plus Holly.
I will also be giving my new basics of witchcraft workshop at 2.30pm

• 10th February 10-4.30pm

Roots of Life Wellbeing, Mind Body & Spirit Events

The forum theatre

We will be attending with our fabulous retail stall plus offering palm, rune and tarot reading with my traditionally decorated booth.
I will also be giving my rune workshop.
Unfortunately as I am booked for a hen party the night before and hotels don't allow owls there'll be no Holly this time round, we will still have of charity pot out to raise money for Athena's Owl Sanctuary

• 23rd February, 10.30-4pm

Blue Butterfly events

Biddulph Town Hall, ST8 6AR

We will be bringing our retail stand ploys offering readings with my booth AND bringing Holly for a visit.

Keep following the page for March- April events ###


To anyone coming for a visit to Burton Constable food and gift fair on Sunday:
If you are travelling to Burton Constable Hall from the Beverley direction please note that the road is closed from New Ellerby to Burton Constable due to a burst water main.
Please keep on the A165 and follow signs to Bilton and Sproatley.
The route from Sproatley village and the main entrance are open as normal.
Please share...


Please note my new page Vala Stiorra "The Owl Lady" Gypsy, Heathen, Witch

Timeline photos 23/04/2018

Get home from Buxton event, sit down 4 a cuppa around 7.30 phone rings...
"is this the owl sanctuary?"
"Yes it is how can I help you?"
"My daughter has an owl trapped in her house"
"Text me the address, we're on our way...Rob we've got a code brown, trapped owl!!"
Race down there and find the beauty below had found herself trapped and had settled herself on a picture on the shelf.
We had her gender confirmed as later we received a message that she had prematurely laid one of her eggs, shell too soft for any hope sadly.
However, no broken bones, eyes clear, feathers plush and shiny, no sign of mites, beak clean so no sign of illness. Empty belly but keel not sharp so also not malnourished. Just simply fell down the chimney.
We take her to back garden with the homeowner, I open my arms and she swoops low then soars into the dying evening and we notice a rainbow that she flies towards...breathtaking and exhilarating.

Fly high and free little one, hope you've got more babies cooking...stay in the trees, chimneys are NOT suitable roosts lol.

All local followers, should you find yourself in this predicament please call us immediately, close the room the casualty is in and stay out until we arrive.
Please pm for our number.
If we can't be reached and non locals, call your local vet who will direct you to your nearest sanctuary. Do not call rspca or rspb, they cannot help with birds of prey.

All our work is totally voluntary, we never ask for donations for wild rescue. If you would like to help towards our work please donate via friends & family to [email protected]


Just welcomed a new resident to the sanctuary. Details and photos to follow once he's settled xx

Timeline photos 30/07/2017

Today at Burton constable. A smorgasbord of fabulous and talented crafters, bakers, artists and us of course. We'll have our Holly plus our tombola and trade stand selling everything from tarot cards to crystals and children's toys to ladies accessories and jewellery. Come and join us and have s look around the stunning grounds and hall ###

Timeline photos 24/06/2017

Here we are, Holly bird in tow celebrating our Armed forces with a family fun day at the Ashworth Barracks museum in Doncaster. Here til 4pm we have our trade stand selling children's toys, owl themed ladies accessories and jewellery plus our esoteric stall selling crystals, incense, pre loved books, tarot/angel/fairy cards, rune sets, wands and much much more including selected pieces from the amazing Crystal Phoenix Healing Art Photos with Holly £2 and as always our profit goes to supporting all the rescued feathered, furry & scaly residents of Athenas Owl Sanctuary.

Timeline photos 16/06/2017

Tomorrow near Gateshead.
We'll be bringing our trade stand with a selection of pocket money toys, soft toys and ladies accessories all with an owl theme; plus our huge selection of jewellery a to raise funds for the sanctuary. Hopefully holly bird will be feeling less grumpy and we'll have her with us too.
Photos £2 pp

Timeline photos 30/05/2017

One of our visits. To book for your group contact us now through the page or email [email protected]

▪£50 Birthday Party
▪£70 small group visit (e.g. brownies)
▪£150 School educational visit.

Our activities are fun & interactive using key stage accredited material on subjects from food webs or nocturnal animals to Harry potter days & Book studies e.g. "the owl that was afraid of the dark"

Timeline photos 20/05/2017

We'll be here tomorrow with a Holly bird. Plus our tombola and I'll be offering tarot/Rune readings. We'll also have our fabulous trade stand raising money for the sanctuary. Come and join us plus dozens of gorgeous stalls...gr8 day out.

Timeline photos 22/03/2017

We've had a quiet month here at the sanctuary but April is set to explode. Our forthcoming events are:
▪Tonight an evening with the Whitton ladies group. We will be bringing Holly & Penny to give a talk on Owls concentrating on wild owl conservation and our work at the sanctuary. We'll be bringing a selection of stock for these lovely ladies to peruse.
If you are interested in booking us for your group please get in touch by phone or message.
Visits cost £70.

April events:

▪Sunday 2nd April:
Forget-me-not psychic fair Lincoln (readings from Feathers from Albion)+ trade stand.

Queen In The West,
14 Moor Street,

▪Tuesday 4th April
Craft fair (No readings trade only)

Salix Yurts
Willow house
YO32 2RH

▪Saturday 8th April
Craft fair with readings available with feathers from Albion + trade stand & Live Owl

Elmbridge Parade

▪Sunday 9th April

Forget-me-not psychic fair Beverley with readings available from Feathers from Albion + trade stand (possible live owl)

The Foresters Arms,
Beckside North,
HU17 0PR

Any questions or to pre book readings please comment below.

Please share.

Don't forget to donate follow the link:

Click here to support Ongoing funding by Esther Killen 02/03/2017

Click here to support Ongoing funding by Esther Killen

Our new funding enterprise please help us help them x

Click here to support Ongoing funding by Esther Killen Each preloved or rescued bird brought into our care costs approx £500. Every month it costs £200 to feed good quality food to each and every bird. We fundraise every week through pages & real world events like the one pictured. But without your help we struggle every month. Help us to...


These are our upcoming events this month:

16th February 11-3pm

Reading Tarot & Runes + Trade stand
Fitzwilliam Arms Hotel,
Taylors Lane,
Rotherham, S62 6EE.

23rd February 4pm onwards

Charity Photo Shoot in aid of the Owls

Donations can be made via PayPal to [email protected]

The Shambles

Please keep coming back to check for more events.


Forget-Me-Not Events

Forget-Me-Not Events arranges Psychic and Clairvoyant Fairs around the country from as far North as County Durham to as far South as Cambridgeshire and Herefordshire.
Please visit the Event link below to see all upcoming events in an area near to you.
If you would be interested in a Reader, Therapy or Trade space at any of the listed events please let me know and I will check availability ###

Forget-Me-Not Events Event Planner
I arrange any type of event but specialise in arranging Psychic & Clairvoyant Fairs.
If you need an event organising please contact me.

Timeline photos 28/01/2017

*LAST DAY* Due to unforeseen circumstances today is the last day for the indoor market at Princes Quay shopping centre at least in its current format. They have decided not to renew the contract. So this is your last chance to see us here near Primark. We are still offering Tarot & Rune readings plus all our exclusive & handmade items. Throughout the day I will be posting some examples with many special offers. So don't mind the rain come down and support local crafters & Trader's. We're here till 5pm.

Timeline photos 24/01/2017

We're very excited to welcome young Holly to our family. A very difficult decision was made by her previous owner due a a significant change in personal circumstances. She was extremely well loved & in pristine condition by her previous owner. After shouting at the Dogs & putting us all in our place this sweet young lady has settled in extremely well. She was hatched on Christmas day 2015 so between hubby & her previous owner we decided on Holly. We are hoping and working towards bringing her to events this year so watch this space for updates & events where you hold her. We are grateful to our supporters thus especially Charlotte who did some amazing fundraising for us enabling us to bring Holly into the sanctuary xx

Photos from Athena's Owl Sanctuary's post 22/01/2017

A frosty morning but a warm reception to be had at Keighley Cougars at Forget-Me-Not Events psychic & clairvoyant fair. We have a fabulous trade stand with everything from owl themed ladies accessories to soft toys & pocket money toys; plus our esoteric range selling crystals, tarot/angel/fairy cards & handmade gifts plus our exclusive handmade rune sets, hand sewn bags decorated with crystals with wooden runes. See pics below for details. All profit goes towards the upkeep of our Owl Sanctuary. We're here till 3pm.

Timeline photos 14/01/2017

Come and join us today opposite coffee delight in Princes Quay Shopping Centre. Loads of fabulous new stock at purse friendly prices. From children's gifts to ladies accessories, jewellery to angel/fairy/tarot cards plus many handmade items eg rune sets at just £7. We're here till 5pm and every penny supports our Owls

Timeline photos 08/01/2017

New year, new range and first psychic fair of the year at The Mayflower in Immingham. Hand made runes, angel cards, gifts & home decor. Plus I will be offering Rune, Oracle and Tarot readings at £25 pp


We would like to send a HUGE thank you and grateful hoots from all of us at the Sanctuary to the amazing Charlotte & Misty the Jug who worked tirelessly last year to raise money for not just one but TEN charities ourselves being one of them.
Together they raised an astounding £1300 and has just donated £130 to us.
This amount will feed our birds for 3 months!!!

Charlotte you are one in 7 billion, we are so honoured and appreciate your help so so much ###

Photos from Athena's Owl Sanctuary's post 01/01/2017

Good evening and a very Happy New Year from all of us at the Sanctuary.
We would like to take the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves & the residents of Athena's Owl Sanctuary.
We are a small family run, private sanctuary for unwanted Birds of Prey, especially Owls.
We have been up and running since 2012 and have had many ups and downs but our aims & objectives remain the same; To give shelter and retirement to those birds of prey that need it and to educate & spread the word about the plight of wild owls & most especially the horrors of the exotic animal trade in birds of prey. We aim week in and week out to raise money for the upkeep of the birds in our care, and bring in more Birds to give them a happy home where they are not unnecessarily messed around with, where they can live a peaceful life without human interference where possible. You won't see most of them at events as they come from various backgrounds from unwanted pets to elderly and neglectful backgrounds which has shattered any trust in mankind.
All but Penny are not comfortable with people being close because of their past lives.
We do not handle them, fly them or do anything other than feed them, keep their aviaries clean & just leave them to living their lives as their wild cousins do. Just lazing the day away.

We will take on birds from any background, allow them to settle, then do an assessment on them. If they are not too bothered by us we will slowly introduce them to mans activities...often bringing them indoors to increase their tolerance. If we feel they are suitable and ready we will bring them with us to various events from our regular market stall to school visits until such time that like Pumpkin they just no longer tolerate it.
Currently only Penny is suitable, and only just as she doesn't like to sit in the open and doesn't like to be touched...she WILL bite given half a chance.
We have lost quite a few residents this year, from Beau who someone tampered with her aviary enabling her to escape and we have been unsuccessful in finding her despite a big advertising campaign and search party running for 2 months after her disappearance; To the death of some of our older residents.
We also had to turn some birds away as we didn't have available space and unfortunately it hasn't been a good financial year so we couldn't afford to build more housing. However the loss of the elderly birds means we now have space for any unwanted or birds just needing a quiet retirement.
We hope for better luck this year and are planning on some new endeavours and offerings;
For example our sponsorship package ONLY £10 for 12 months which will include regular email updates, a certificate and a printed photo of one of our birds.

If you would like to support us donations can be sent via PayPal to [email protected].

We are constantly adding and updating our items for sale, they range from Owl themed jewelry, gifts, children's items and ladies accessories to our new range of esoteric items including Angel, Fairy & Tarot cards, handmade rune sets, crystals, hag stone hangers, decorated boxes and framed pictures and much more. I also make a few craft items from earrings to mini pictures, hag stone hangers to bracelets and much much more.

We run a market stall regularly and every event will be advertised on here. We also attend some psychic fairs where Esther offers her services with Rune, Oracle and Tarot readings with the profit as usual going towards the sanctuary. At some events this service is also offered, eg at our stall in Princes Quay Shopping centre.

We also often run a Tombola and our Summer Raffle is not to be missed as we run it from June to September both online and at our events and the prize is always worthwhile especially as you'll be helping our residents with every ticket you buy.

We can also be booked for educational visits and wildlife awareness days which ranges from £50-£150 we cater to whatever theme you require from Harry Potter, Nocturnal Animals and conservation days to book study eg 'The Owl that was afraid of the dark' please contact for more details

The sanctuary itself is not open to the public but private visits can be arranged for photography days, strict rules will be in place for any such visit and MUST be adhered to.

*We reserve the right to withdraw or reject any service if our own and especially the birds welfare is called into question and we will not do this politely as the birds welfare is absolutely paramount, you may be liable to legal action also*

Meet the gang...Penny our indomitable Barn Owl. Starsky & Hutch, bonded brother Barn Owls. Arfa One winged Barn Owl fostered for the foreseeable future as his elderly owner takes a break. Lacey surviving Female Barn Owl bonded pair Cagney & Lacey. Pumpkin female Little Owl, quite wild now she is no longer suitable for use in events since the loss of her pal Pickles 3 yrs ago. Boris, stunning Male European Eagle Owl from a history of neglect & housed with us due to a lack of space at her previous home. Odin the African spotted Eagle Owl, blind in one eye due to a suspected untreated eye infection also housed with us as the same previous owner of Boris (NB he was NOT the cause of their neglect just didn't have space for them to be retired) and last by by no means least our stunningly beautiful but wild Lilith the female Harris Hawk sold to us as a "problem Bird" she has regrown the plumage lost due to bad husbandry and is poorly manned meaning she is very aggressive and unsuitable for handling but is just stunning to watch. We also have 4 ex battery hen chickens to make up our array of feathered beauties here at Athena's Owl Sanctuary.

Videos (show all)







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