Synergy - Ladies Only Personal Training

Synergy - Ladies Only Personal Training


Are you in the zone physically, but can't quite get there mentally.
Check out this workshop on Zoom on Thursday night..
Its well the few hours..

If your interested, get in contact ASAP..

It can be pretty disheartening to jump on the scale just to see the same number as before laughing back at you despite your best efforts

But, it doesn't have to be such a letdown

What if you could actually see what was going on under the surface?

We've all heard the "but you're probably gaining muscle too" throughout the years at times like this, but did you know you can actually see that in black and white?

All our members at Synergy will now be tracking their progress with our brand new InBody Scanner, and I can't wait to see what it does for our results

We'll be able to see exactly how much bodyfat our ladies are losing, how much muscle they're gaining, even right down to how much water they may be holding at a given time, and adjust their program to get the best result possible

There's more to progress than pulling a tape measure that bit tighter round someone's waist. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to making sure our members get exactly what they joined a gym for in the first place - results

There are a multitude of reasons really, but to name a few:

▪️Assuming you want to tone up, you need muscle. And muscle doesn't come from treadmills

▪️Having more muscle on your body means you burn more calories. Meaning you get leaner - faster

▪️Lifting weights burns the most calories out of practically all your exercise options

▪️Youll get stronger, which will benefit you in ways that go way beyond the gym

▪️You're actually sculpting your body to look how you want it to, which again if you think will happen while watching East enders on a cross trainer - think again

Quick question to round off ladies - are they any of you out there who still think weights will make you "bulky"?

Synergy - Derry's Only Ladies Only Group Personal Training studio, providing the all in one solution

Operating as usual


Maybe I'll go start with going a walk in the evening 👀

Ladies, many of you have maybe wondered this, and believe it or not this is one of our most frequently asked questions before someone comes under our wing!

Here's the thing - It's totally normal to see incredible results and pictures of women training hard and feel like you'd be out of place

But it really just comes down to this;

The fear of the unknown - not knowing what it's going to be like when you walk through those doors the first time, and also the fact that up to this point - what you've tried for your health & fitness goals hasn't worked - so naturally you're sceptical of seeing people who've had great results!

The thing is, we work with a LOT of women - who have all got totally different needs, fitness levels, and starting points

Our sessions in the gym are designed in a way that we can accommodate anyone who walks through our door, no matter what their current fitness level is

And online - everything is totally customised to you

It's up to us as coaches to get you working at a level that's most appropriate for you right now, and we'll guide you from there

Our Group Personal Training program perfectly complements that - as it allows us to give you all the fine tuning of a Personal Training program, alongside the fun and atmosphere of training with other women in a private gym!

(, it's a lot more cost effective than 1-1 Personal Training)

If you'd like to work with us but have been holding back, drop us a DM or head to

See you soon 💃


Let's say... my goal this summer was to learn how to ride a motorbike 🏍 🤔

Which of the following would be wiser:

👉 Get a bike, jump on and hope for the best. Maybe watch a YouTube video or two first, just to keep me right


👉 Find a qualified instructor with a lot of students who've passed, and spend some time learning and making sure I'm doing things right

Which of these is setting me up for success?

Which is setting me up for a (potentially dangerous) failure?

Which one ultimately is going to be better in the long run?

Now let me ask you this...

Why then, when it comes to improving your health & fitness or shedding some unwanted pounds - do people insist on winging it and going alone?

Jumping from fad diet to fad diet, doing more harm than good and ultimately ending up in the same place they started - or worse

If you've got a health & fitness goal for this summer - stop hoping for the best, it doesn't work

Drop us a message to find out how we can help 💪💃


If you've been hovering over the DM button waiting to ask us what's involved, let me save you the time 💃

In a nutshell, our goal is to provide you with all the coaching, accountability and education you need to reach your goals - whatever they may be for you

We specifically work with busy women, who need simplicity - something that fits their lifestyle and doesn't take up a tonne of time - if this is you, we've got you covered

If you want to work with us in the gym and join our Synergy VIP Membership, you can expect:

👉 Small Group Personal Training sessions - you'll always train with an expert coach

👉 Your own designated personal accountability coach to ensure you're progressing

👉 Full Nutrition Coaching - to make sure you're following a sustainable plan, designed for you

👉 Large Group Fitness Classes - get a sweat up and have a laugh while you're at it

👉 Body Composition tracking - we'll track your body fat, muscle mass - and make sure you break up with the scale for good

👉 A wealth of online resources at your disposal - meal plans, recipe books, you name it

👉 Plus, the invaluable supportive community of women just like you, cheering you on every single week

If you're reading that and it sounds like a dream come true - drop us a DM 💃

Or - head to and apply today!


Ladies! How many times have you talked yourself out of joining the gym because you're "so busy"? 👀

Let me be totally honest with you, and don't take this the wrong way...

But, telling yourself you "don't have time" is just another excuse to procrastinate on reaching your goals 🤷‍♀️

Yes yes yes we know - you work full time, you've got your whole life to manage...

...But if you can't find three hours in a week that you can dedicate to improving your health & fitness - there's something drastically wrong!

And that's all you'd need - honestly!

Three sessions with us a week, along with the right guidance on nutrition and accountability, can literally have you feeling like a new woman in as little as 30 days

And most importantly for all you busy ladies - they can do it without needing to drastically change their already busy schedule!

We've got over 40 Personal Training slots in our schedule for you to choose from, starting from 6am each morning - I'm sure you'll find something that works!

Head over to if you're interested in working with us, or drop us a DM and let's talk 💃


How many fad diets will you try before you realise you always seem to end up back at square one? 🤔

When we approach ANY kind of fitness goal with a short term "means to an end" mentality - pretty much every single time, your results won't last for much longer than whatever holiday or event you're getting ready for

For results that LAST - We've got to shift our perspective, and elevate our standards beyond the short term "Quick fix" mentality

The irony of it all, is making good food and exercising part of your daily routine and simply a standard you maintain for yourself in the long term - will essentially remove the need to ever crash diet again!

Always remember - long term consistency will ALWAYS beat short term intensity 🤓


At risk of repeating myself ladies - crash diets that don’t in any way suit your lifestyle - quite simply can not be sustained

So guess what - neither will any short term “results” that you may achieve.

I know you’ve heard me say this time and time again – but I can not emphasise this enough. The “results” from fad diets 99% of the time tend to be as temporary as the diet itself.

You’ll lose a little weight in the short term, but when you realise you can’t live without eating carbs (or whatever else the internet has dreamt up as being the “latest fat loss secret”) you’ll soon regain any weight that you initially lost.

How you eat needs to compliment your life, not complicate it. There are no quick fixes – good things take time.

If you’re ready to break away from yo-yo dieting in the lead up to this Summer, but don’t know where to begin - drop me a message and let’s talk


Your weekend “free for all” is holding you back

Yes, I know - you’ve worked hard all week and yes, you do deserve a little treat

However, as long as you know that the weekend simply can’t become a nutritional free for all if you want to make any progress.

Ladies taking this approach can - and will - ruin your progress if you let it. Enjoy your weekends by all means, and yes have some treats here and there, but don’t let your nutritional efforts descend into chaos from 5pm on a Friday, to yet again regret your actions come Monday morning.

You can enjoy your diet & your weekends and still make progress - but if you don’t know how to and want to stop winging it - let me help.

Drop me a message and lets talk through it


At this time of year, I’ve noticed that this is a time when people can feel like they’re spinning their wheels with their health & fitness goals.

The “New Year, New Me” rush has passed, and we’re not quite at the stage yet of getting ready for Summer Holidays.

In a nutshell, we can fall into a bit of a rut.

However, I asked this question to my clients on a group call this week, and I’ll ask you the same:

If you were to re-live the last 24 hours over, and over, and over again - by the end of the year would you be any closer to the goals you’ve set out for yourself?

Take a second to think about that.

If you keep doing what you’re currently doing, is anything at all going to change? Are you going to make any progress at all?

If the answer is no - and you’re not sure what you should do - do not hesitate to reach out, I’d be more than happy to help if I can.


"I just hate the gym & exercising" 😫

❌️ Correction ❌️

You just haven't found a way to exercise that you actually enjoy, in an environment you love being part of

..yet 👀

Let's face it, the only way you're going to sustain your results is if you're doing something you can enjoy as part of your life in the long term

At Synergy, we can give you exactly that 💃🔥

All the coaching, guidance and support you need - in a private, womens only environment, with plenty of Beyonce and Shania Twain on the playlist to keep you going through your session 🎤🍑

To apply now, click the link in our bio, or drop us a dm!


Is your training hard, challenging, Levelling you up?

Is it samey, comfortable and full of things you can already do?

Nothing happens in the "comfortable zone" I repeat: NOTHING but the same old ordinary things.

Does your training/coach CHALLENGE you to grow, to try new things, support you through phases of growth, of struggle and then celebrate the success with you?

Synergy is allllll about that life. Women who come on board are ready for something qnd we guide then closer to what that really is, to exploded out of their shells and become the women you always should have been.

March coaching waiting list is now LIVE⚠️
Spots are already gone so be quick if you want to join the team.

Send me a DM now 🤍⚡️


Here's some hard truths 👇

👉 If you don't make your health a priority while you still can, there'll come a time when you wish you did

👉 Looking after your body will literally help you to live longer - imagine yourself 20, 30, 40 years from now - do you think the prospect of having more years on planet earth is something thr "future you" would appreciate?

We need to stop thinking of our health and fitness as something that's a "nice to have" in the lead up to the Summer, or for a few weeks in the new year

And realise that it's something that's a NEED to have for the best quality of life we can possibly give ourselves in years to come

Think beyond the holiday, the wedding, the event you're "getting in shape" for - and think bigger picture

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now

Click the link in our bio to plant your tree


Think of yourself in your 80's for a minute...

Strange thought no doubt...

But ask yourself, this version of you, having lived their life, would they like to spend as long as they possibly can on planet earth?

With their children, their grandchildren, GREAT grandchildren...

Taking care of your health NOW is what makes the difference in years to come

So time to stop acting like it's something we can take for granted or procrastinate on

Would the 80 year old you be OK with you "waiting til january" only to potentially put it off again - or would they rather you took some action - ANY action - now today to start?

Your health isn't a "nice to have", it's the ultimate "need to have"

Beyond the "losing a stone", or "dropping a dress size", the deeper result we all want is to keep our body as healthy as we can for as long as we possibly can

It's time to stop procrastinating on whats ultimately the most important thing any of us have ❤️


Anyone can knuckle down and get a quick fix result...

But getting results that last is a totally different story

At Synergy, we place a huge emphasis on educating the women we work with on exactly HOW & WHY they're doing what they're doing

How to train, how to eat, how to adapt your lifestyle, your mindset - all in the pursuit of all round optimal health

And of course, looking and feeling fricking fabulous 💃

Whether it's our in-person events and workshops, our weekly Group Coaching Calls online, or the multitude of resources our members get access to - we do everything we can to make sure you've got no stone unturned in pursuit of your goals 🔥

When you're ready, click the link in our bio to apply to work with us 🚀


Let me paint a picture of your dream gym…

You show up, and everything is laid out for you, ready to rock

No waiting on equipment, no staying on the safety blanket of the treadmill because you’re too afraid to venture near the weights

Your session awaits you

…AND your trainer, they’re waiting too

And a small group of women to train with that are just like you, who get it, understand you, and share similar goals

Oh and, it’s totally private. Yep, just you, your new gal pals and your trainer

It doesn’t stop there though, you get told exactly what to eat. Not another generic no carb chicken and broccoli plan either – it’s tailored to suit you. You can finally get results AND enjoy the process (who’d have thought!?)

And forget about the frustration of the scale – you’ll track what matters – your body composition, and how much literal fat you’re losing

Plus, you’ll have access to just about any resource you could need or ask for, on demand, in a heartbeat, whenever you need it

So, all of the above? It exists, and it’s what we do.

Whenever you’re ready, drop us a DM or head to and apply today


Are there "good foods" & "bad foods" in your eyes?

Do you label foods according the potential impact they have on your "diet" or fat loss, weight loss etc...?

Do you actually understand how to eat, that's right for you? Or do you jump on any old diet bandwagon because "my friend lost 7lbs doing this diet"

Having freedom with food; is UNDERSTANDING food, and eating both what you want and what your body needs.
Having the right amount of flexibility and control at the same time that allows you to have a body that is healthy, well fed, well nourished and also a body that you LOVE and feel confident in.

I tell all my clients on day 1 : you will NOT rely on a diet plan the rest of your life, and we teach them exactly how.

If you're constantly looking for a "diet" you need to learn more about food, if you're constantly falling off track at weekends, you need to learn more about food and stop following a "set plan" you find online or that a coach hands you.

You need AUTONOMY over your own food: let me teach you how. Drop me a message if you need help with food.

DM me the words "FOOD FREEDOM" and I will personally reach out and help 🤍

Our Story

Hey Girl!

If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance you want to come under our wing and let us get you into the best shape of your life.

Congratulations. You’re in the right place.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of women transform their bodies, get stronger, rebuild their body confidence and become part of Derry’s Female Fitness Hub – Synergy.

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