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Personal Development and Transformation Coaching Service

Personal Development and Transformation Coaching Service

Reflect On Your Life Journey
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Always trust your intuition. It never lies.


What we focus on grows in our minds and then appears in our lives. Our intention creates a link with the universe and starts the process of manifesting.
The universe does not differentiate between the thoughts we have about things we don’t want or like and things we do want or like. Both are registered.
Instead of focusing on a problem or something that’s bothering you today, focus on the endless possibilities available to you. Reach for higher vibration thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Anything is possible 💕


Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life

Love you all to this full
Moon and back. ~xoxo Michelle & Barb



Funny but realistic enough 😉

That jump though 😂


I’ve been so blessed to have spent time with some amazing people who have inspired me to create this. HOPE 💕🌈


Reconnect to the truth of who you are.
Vulnerability and the courage to explore your darkness is the pathway to reconnecting to the light of your soul❤️


When you are aligned to your highest energy and live with pure intention you will create and manifest your dreams . You only have to ask the universe.


The Laws of the Universe


Having a strong inner critic is soul destroying.......literally!!!


Having a bit of fun with the graphic today but the message is as real as it gets. LET S**T GO!



Change is just around the corner. Have faith and hope x


I’ve posted this before. This says everything that ever needs to be said about healing and transformation. As I go through my training as a coach I will always refer to this.! It’s amazing!!!!


Your most important relationship ever is the one with yourself! !


The only way out of hurt, pain and suffering is through it.
This sounds like a strange concept. Most would think that feeling the hurt,pain and suffering would make it worse. In fact it’s the opposite, you have to feel it to heal it.
At a feeling level you have access to the energy that drives the hurt, pain and suffering and it’s possible to dissolve this and remove it forever. 💕


This is simple and beautiful. Every situation or circumstance in life is carefully created with perfect balance by the universe. Without darkness there would be no light.
Trust that when it rains,it’s creating the possibility of a rainbow appearing 🌈


How much of your past do you carry like a heavy burden?
How much do you allow your past to hold you back and dictate who you are and how you live your life?
The only moment we have is now, the past is’s done! !
Each moment is a new opportunity to free yourself from the past held in your mind and create any future you choose. Choose again, choose a new future 💕


Overthinking and repetitive thinking can be really destructive to living a happy life. From experience, my anxiety and overthinking often robbed me of days of happiness and created a lack of connection to the world around me.
Be mindful today about what you allow into your mind.


Have your ever had the thought or feeling “There has to be more to life than this!”
Have you been soul searching?......searching for inner peace, fulfilment, happiness, or whatever would make you feel fully connected to yourself and the world around you. Perhaps you don’t even know what would make you happy but you know that something feels missing inside.
Whatever you are searching for is waiting to be found 💕


These words say it all for me! Change and transformation in how you feel about yourself is totally possible. Self-belief, self acceptance and inner peace are totally possible💕


We all make mistakes, we all have a chapter of our past that we don’t read out loud. But that’s doesn’t make us a failure in life, it makes you human 💕


Why do we worry about what other people think of us? Sure we don’t even know what we be thinking about half the time, so how on earth can we be sure they are even thinking about us at all!! Lol!


Count your riches, be grateful for your blessings.


What do you focus on?


Share each day with people who support and inspire you. Do not invite those with a negative agenda in to share your space. 💕




Stop judging yourself and your life so harshly.
Try making a change in 2018 and start to look for all the good that’s in your life and celebrate it for exactly how it is.
When you look at your life with more positivity, you see more reasons to be positive and grateful 💕


Never measure your self worth through the actions, words, or deeds of anyone else. Self worth is an inside job only 💕


A bit of light hearted fun to share as gentle reminder on the power of our thoughts


I found this beautiful quote today.

Notice the signs!! Really pay attention and notice the signs that are sent to guide you on your soul path.
I celebrate small signs everyday as a nod from the universe. The more you look for them the more they will be there.


Timeline Photos


Feeling blessed beyond words today. Taking a leap of to pursue my dreams. Today I was given this special gift from a totally amazing local artist! Check her out


Self care!! #


We have the power to create our lives. Ask Believe Receive! Be bold .... take that chance.... own it.!!!! You were not put on this earth to live a life that doesn’t source your soul .


❤️ Jeff Brown. He always keeps it real. The path we travel isn’t always easy. Far from it!!!


Just eating right and exercising is not enough to live a full and healthy life. We must also take care of our minds. What we think,say and do must also be healthy.




Self belief all the way!


Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Each person has been placed in our lives for a reason. Pay close attention to the reason. It could be a blessing or it could be to learn a lesson. Either way it’s all part of the master plan.


Saturday Aspirations 💕


Reflecting on how we support each other. It’s the most amazing feeling to know that there are people out there who will always wish the best of intentions for one another. This faith and hope helps us to grow both individually and as a group .💕


Why is it that we often put ourselves last in our list of priorities? When we do this we are telling ourselves that we don’t matter and this has an impact on our health and well-being and stress levels. This is your reminder to make self care your priority


As person who has spent a lifetime worrying, I know only too well how it feels. Worrying and anxiety used to literally suck the life and soul out of me. I took steps to change my life and I am now at a place where I have inner peace and I’m free from constant worry and anxiety.I count my blessings everyday💕


Being a kind and decent human being costs nothing. This doesn’t necessarily mean kindness in the material sense. It means kindness with your time, listening attentively to others, not gossiping, random acts of kindness without seeking any acknowledgement or reward, and having a kind heart and mind in the way that you think about others and the actions that you take.
This will change the world that you see around you. You will also experience more kindness and feel at peace.


Go for it!


Practice meditation.
It changes the world we see and experience for the better. It’s a go to source of wisdom that we often ignore. Create the time to source your soul daily.


Sunday Vibes. Make this day count.


The universe always provides whatever is necessary for your soul growth and life purpose at this time. Ask Believe Receive!


Share this with someone that you appreciate in your life. Acknowledge each person you meet for the positive contribution they have made to your life💕💕




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