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What's your vision? Here's mine it's so useful to write it down and remind yourself everyday of your WHY...
I also make sure I'm doing something in my day to make that vision become a reality. I call it my list of Highly Important Tasks. Its simple but it works 😁
Interested in putting your best foot forward in 2022. I'll explaining more about my program in a live zoom session next Sunday 5th December. PM your email address
When we conclude we stop seeking.... And if we stop seeking we stop growing 😇😴
Always hungry for more especially when it comes to sleep excited to share what's coming in 2022
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Customised Nutrition plans for

Weight Loss - Body Composition
Improved Athletic Performance But it wasn’t always like this!

One to one customised services that work in and around your life
- Nutrition- body composistion, weightloss, performance packages available
-Nutrient Timing and Metabolic Flexibility training
-Sleep optimisation
-Stress Management
-Learn my 4 Pillar Journalling- Mindset System to help eliminate your limits and create the life you want

Certified specialisms include
-Sports Nutrition Certified
- P

Operating as usual


Enhance your sleep enhance your life


There's lots in the media on metabolic health keeping agood healthy metabolism especially as we age.
I often get questions like
Is my metabolism slowing down?
How can I boost my metabolism?

A person’s metabolism is the rate at which their body burns calories for energy. This depends on several factors such as your age, gender, genetics, body fat, muscle mass and activity level. If your metabolism is high, you will burn more calories both at rest and during activity.

Food's one of the best ways to boost our metabolism up.

Especially eating regularly and getting enough protein.
When we eat it gives our metabolism a boost.
When we don't eat enough of have long stretches throughput the day with out food it slows down. Not just our metabolism down but slows us down in general energy, motivation etc slows down too.

Another big factor in the metabolism equation is your daily activity, which DOES NOT include training, this is called NEAT activity- this is walking to the shop or work rather than taking the car, taking the stairs over the lift or running around picking kids up, even fidgeting! Basically all your daily activities and moving around come into that activity level that requires energy.

Eat regularly
Eat a good flow of micronutrients (fruit- veg- nuts & seeds)
Protein sources plant or dairy or meat at every meal whatever sources you enjoy most. There's no super food just your super food.

That's the ones you enjoy the most and your more likely to consume regularly.

Move as often as you can (step counters can be a wonderful tool to assess how much you actually move outside of specific set training)

Food is powerful so many of us fear ot but when we get good foods in good amounts at the right times we can bring out our highest potential.
-get those adaptations that we train so hard for,
-to get stronger
- to get fitter
-to get faster
-to sleep well
-to overcome daily life stress
- to maintain optimal health it is your wealth after all
- to safeguard our health for later in life and have a better quality life as we age.

Let's find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️


I am often asked What is Nutrient timing?

Nutrient timing is getting the right nutrients at the right times in the right amounts to perform and recover optimally.

When we eat in the right windows we

-Avoid dipping to deep into the tank to deeply by preserving glycogen stores
Recover Quicker
Prevent muscle break down
Sustain energy levels & performance.

Having an optimal everyday diet creates the environment to get more bang for your performance and recovery buck.

But the specific timing and amounts of
pre, intra and post training will be the golden nuggets to peak performance.

We put our life and soul into our training it's such a shame that nutrition could be the limiting factor in how you perform.

We are all unique and we all need to work out our own specific formulas to success.

If you need some guidance and support to Fuel smart 😎 get in touch.

Let's find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️


I was once the girl searching for the secret sauce to success.

Something I hadn't thought of yet that would help me be better version of myself.

Perform better
Feel better
Look better
Do better

Little did I know it was this exact search that was holding me back from success.

The greatest secret sauce I have come across.


If you master the basics you'll have the foundations to back up the advanced levels when you get there.

If you don't you'll fall apart and be sent back to master those basics before you can truly reach your potential.

Stop looking for secret sauces.

Stay Simple
Stay Consistent

You'll be surprised at how far you can go to achieving your goal on just that alone.

Let's find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️

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LEA also known as Low energy availability is an epidemic amoung us.
We talk about the obesity epidemic and many related it to over eating but in reality alot of the time under eating, lack of routine and organisation causes over eating.

Under eating and over eating at the wrong times leads to health problems mentally and physically.

We associate under eating to under weight this is not the case

Not eating enough regularly leads to the body not being able to perform be at its best, process at its best or feel its best.

We associate this with people who want to be competitive in sports or high performers.

But we are all seeking high performance in life.

Our actions are based on how we feel.
The difference a simple consistent and regular nutrition regime can do for people is one of the biggest life enhancing and performance enhancing things you can do for your self.

The body and brain thrives on regularity, routine and good fuel choices (most of the time because the body likes to live a little too 😋)

We make weight loss and better performance nutrition too complex ..

When we keep it simple , consistent and regular the magic happens..

Dont go hungry is the secret.
When we get hungry there's no time for thought, preparation or logic. Your brain is out of fuel.

And this is what I do I work.with people to build these simple consistent & life enhancing regimes.

Let's find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️


Our inputs create our outputs.
One of the big inputs is our thoughts.

But a big learning curve for me has been considering all of the inputs not isolating one part.

I've spoken lots on here about not focusing soley on the finish line or end goal

That finish line and that end goal results from a process.

A process filled with many important inputs.

In broad terms my daily inputs for the outputs I am seeking right now are focused on

-Smart Training
-Mindset Work

If one of these outputs are off kilter it effects my overall output.

Discovering what I thought was a mindset issue wasn't mindset related at all just that one of my other inputs needed adjusting things got real simple.

I would never have discovered this if I wasn't in the right place at the right time and open to sharing and learning.

Never stop concluding that what you see in front of you is an absolute truth.


What you think is possible or not possible is an absolute truth.

For example- sometimes what we think is a physical struggle is actually a mindset issue or fueling issue. Sometimes what we think is a mindset issue is actually a tweak needed to our training inputs or fueling better for what we are doing

This is why when I work with clients I monitor all areas.


Get your nutrition right.

When your fuelled properly the body and mind can do its best work.

When your body and mind is fuelled properly then you can add new dimensions to your fitness and mindset and bring those to new levels.

Without the proper nutrition your swimming against the current and it restricts the potential of the output we are trying to accomplish.

If we are not assessing we are guessing.

Assess those inputs and make sure they are aligning with the outputs you want to achieve.
If you need help doing that I have 2 spots for 1-1 coaching opening in September.

Let's find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️


Top tip- beating nausea on the long runs

I can get quite nauseous when I have to run long in the heat.
Mint is cooling
Mint is anti- nauseous
Mentos give you that hit of sugar you need to fuel long miles.

If this happens you having a few on board can be really really helpful. I don't use them for the full run just if that nauseous feeling comes on.

They have been a game changer for me.

Just don't forget the fluids as well.

Hydration in your bottle.
Food in your pocket 😋
And no big price tag 🤑

Let's find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️


Keep moving forward you never know what's up ahead.

You ever hear that saying most people give up just when they're about to achieve success.

I'm the biggest believer if that. I've had many experiences of that.

It's the one thing that keeps me coming back for more.

I've had some of thie biggest blessings by hanging in there for just a little longer.

I remember minutes before my daughter was born the words' I can't do it' coming out of my mouth.... this was the moment I realised that when we get to that stage we've already done it we need to hang in to meet the reward.

The question to keep commiting to such a rigorous with no rewards hung over me for a long time ....

Any time I've been faced with that 'I don't know if I can take anymore' and I just hang in just a little longer that's exactly when the tides have turned.

Keep showing up
Keep being consistent
Enjoy the journey

I spent too long focussed on the outcome when I dropped that I started living.

Find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️

Photos from Catherine Whoriskey Coaching's post 21/03/2022

Marmite is considered an acquired taste.
A bit like Conor...
Like him or loathe him but you can't deny he was extremely successful in what he has done within his sport. He went from a Dublin plumber to the King of Combat sports.
When we belive in something and our language habits and behaviours are in line with that anything is possible.
And just reading some of his quotes it's so obvious why...
How we speak to ourselves matters most...
Our internal language is what drives our actions, behaviours and habits but most people can go a lifetime without ever hearing how speak to themselves..
You may not feel like the King of the ring or comeback queen right now but believe you can be that's the hard part and what gets the wheels into motion.
In the words of Rumi
Listen to the silence it has so much to say
Speak yourself to success.
It may very well change your life.
Find your Sparkle

Catherine ❤️

I post most of my content in my free group these days. If you enjoy these posts come along in link is in the first comment box.


It took me 36years to get my head around this.

Work hard on hard days & EASY on EASY days.

Sounds simple BUT.....

I stayed in the grey area for far to long.

AND I'm beginning to realise ....

Hard isn't as hard as you think..
And going easy is harder than you think 🤔

Go hard but don't kill yourself and going as easy as you need to requires more disapline, willpower & focus than you put into the hard 🤯

Something to get your head around
Focus on the easy & show up for the hard.

Don't ask me what I've had for breakfast 🤣

Happy Saint Patrick's Day ☘️

Find your sparkle

Catherine ❤️


No better place to run than the town I know (and love) so well.
The best organisers,supporters and fellow runners.

Have fun
Enjoy the adventure
We only get one chance at this life

Live it fully

Find your sparkle
Catherine ❤️

Photo credit: Gerard Harkin


When you believe in YOU....
That's when life changes.

If you can't right now.
Rewrite the script.

What we put inside becomes our outside reality

Find your sparkle
Catherine ❤


Blue sky thinking will power you to spectacular results..

Blue sky thinking is a form of creative brainstorming. If there were absolutely no limits, no judgments and no consequences, where could your imagination take you? The sky’s the limit.

These blue sky's we have been blessed with seem to have crept in earlier than usual this year got me thinking. I love how they put a spring in your step and give a renewed zest for life.

These days begin to put the dark and cold Winter Phase to bed. Things feel easier more achievable and more fun with the sun out.

This may be the beginning of a new journey for some. But if your already on a journey of self development or working towards a goal checking in along the way is crucial.for long term success too.
I always assess my routines as the seasons change daylight hours change and even our moods. Is what im currently doing going to fit with the season ahead? if not how can I tweak it to align and keep me progressing forward simply and consistently?

Take advantage of the feel good vibes that the spring air has brought. And enjoy the warm, fuzzy feelings that a new adventure brings. Take your time and enjoy every step


Change will come, you just need to be patient.

Be happy with where you are right now because thats exactly where you are meant to be.

It’s important to remember we are all on our own journey and not to compare your progress to someone else’s.

We humanly tend to over-estimate what can be accomplished in a short period of time and.go hard at it expecting results as quickly as possible, Dont fall onto that trap.
Pay the long game just do a little everyday it soon becomes alot and you will be shocked beyond all belief of what you are capable off over the long-game.

Find your sparkle
Catherine ❤


It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself and Create a New Life.

I was never a natural champion but investing in my mindset transformed that virutually overnight.

11 years ago was my first experience of running the Northern Ireland XC Championships I hated every second and came in at the end about 2nd or 3rd from last.

Never did I think I would be crossing the line first 11 years later.

But I never gave up. I came back again and again and again and when we are open to learning, discovery and we keep showing up magical things happen.

All my struggles up to this point became the fire in my belly on that finishing straight on Saturday to dig deeper than I ever had before. I wouldn't have had the same strength without them.

Just like anything in life

If you play the long came you will be rewarded.

80% of all the races I have done have just been showing up getting the experience and learning,

10% are absolutely rubbish I hate them,I dread them I don't want to be there but they strengthen me so much more than the wins and good days.

Then there's that 10% that are EPIC, magical a real out of this world experience. That was worth all the hard days.

So don't just hunt for the good experiences as there is no epic ones without the ones where you just serve your time.

Don't let your circumstances dictate your reality no situation is permanent. If things are good right now enjoy them wholly ( don't move onto the next thing without celebrating the moment you are in right now) and if things are feeling a bit of a struggle at this time- These exact struggles will become your growth and development of tomorrow ✨️

Find your sparkle
Catherine ❤️


Comparison is the thief of joy.

We are all guilty of it.

It instils fear

It instils insecurity

It will make you feel like a failure.

When you find yourself in the comparisonITIS trap look inwards. You will soon realise it creates you as the queen of overthinking. It's just a stupid story that your telling yourself and that there is no truth in that and no need for it. Its causing unessary hurt and using up head space that could be being used for happiness and forward progression.

Comparing and the negative talk that comes with it is internal & unnessesary chatter that tells us we're not worthy enough, good enough, strong enough, fast enough, don't have the right genes or body for what we truly desire. in its tracks....

Focus on you- you are all that matters!!!

When you are happy in the here and now and not tying your happiness to conditions it has a ripple effect and everyone in your world benefits you can better serve others, you will be able to relax and switch of from external pressures, you will lower stress, sleep better and find your love for life again.

Stay focussed on your own path. Don't veer off to explore anything that doesn't feel right or align with what you set out to accomplish. It isn't on your path for a reason, so don't go there. Spend time doing and trying things that feel right with you and bring you joy. Don't tie it to what's in your bank account, what the scales say, how fast you ran your last race or run or yoru employment status that overthinking/comparing ruins your happiness for the here and now.

Find your sparkle

Catherine ❤

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