Tracy Markey Studio

Tracy Markey Studio


Just had a lovely fairy making class here , long drive for me , but oh what a lovely shop and Tracy thoroughly enjoyed it . Never know I might be back before we move 😁😁
This is what I've made with some eggshell merino that I bought from you...I think it's a perfect skin tone! 😊😊
Thank you for the gorgeous 'Professor Plum' which I received this morning. I've finished the professor (and a neighbour has asked me to make the full set!!:) ) and there is still plenty left for me to make 2 pairs of Princess Leya plaited hair buns :) Fabulous colour and so fine and silky. Thanks again.

The artist formerly known as Lagom Felt Studio ... textile artist; dyer; felting tutor recently emig Lagom Felt Studio is a fibre and yarn emporium, felting studio and celebration of all things fibre located in Crieff, Perthshire.

We offer an inspirational range of supplies for fibre art and craft lovers, specialising in rare breed fleece and Scottish alpaca fibre. From wet felting and needle felting essentials through to a wide range of fibre, silks and yarns - with a whole basket full of loveliness in between. Owner, Tracy Markey is a feltmaker and dyer who offers a regular schedule of felting workshops as well as bespoke

Operating as usual


A little pause yesterday for some adventsfika, time to mark the 1st of a new month and the 1st sunday of advent 💖 17/11/2019

'It's time to recognise the contribution arts can make to health and wellbeing' The arts help meet challenges in health and social care associated with ageing, loneliness, long-term conditions and mental health


Stacie Swift


Just A Card – Indie Week is on the way.
Join the fun (25-29 November) and encourage people to Shop Independent this Christmas.
Support for independent businesses makes all the difference - even the smallest of purchases matter to people like me, and each one is sent out with lots of love and gratitude!
To find out more please follow the JUST A CARD campaign @justacard
A week to celebrate artists, makers, independent shops & small businesses.


Tracy Markey Studio


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Must Farm Archaeology

In the fourth part of our ongoing video series focusing on Must Farm’s textiles Dr Susanna Harris explores some of the yarn and wound threads found during the excavation. It is unusual to find earlier stages of textile production alongside finished items at a Late Bronze Age site and we are currently investigating these artefacts.

New videos on the site’s fibres and fabrics will be uploaded every Monday throughout April and early May providing more updates on our post-excavation work.


Wow! A match made in heaven! I adore both Margaret Atwood (who I was lucky enough to meet) and Claudy Jongstra.

Incredible PROUD!!
The magnificent author Margaret Atwood is wearing a coat by Viktor&Rolf in collaboration with Claudy Jongstra
Haute Couture collection Spiritual Glamour AW19 🖤
Photo #TimWalker for Sunday Times Style interview Lorraine Candy

#artist #margaretatwood #hulu #handmaidstale #hautecouture #viktorandrolf #burgundianblack #collection


Dye Candy

Off the back of a conversation I had today, I thought I'd do a post with my thoughts on this.
I always think back to a quote from the film Revolver, it was regarding chess but I've always thought it applies to anything. "You only get better by playing a better opponent".

If you can't do brioche, stranded colourwork, cables, lace, or anything else because you think you're not good enough- remember this. Nobody in the long history of yarn crafts could do it before they gave it a go. All of us tried things for the first time at some point.

All knitting and crochet are is moving a piece of yarn about, and you can do that already. Learning a new technique is simply that- learning to move it in a different way. Gaining more information.

I genuinely believe the vast majority of people can knit/crochet. Some aren't physically able, some haven't got the attention span or the desire, but for the most part people can. I've seen a video of a woman crocheting and she didn't have any hands for goodness sake!

The only thing standing between you and this new skill is your confidence. Like I told myself yesterday whilst hanging off the top of a giant climbing wall scared to let go- be scared, and do it anyway.

Find a well-written pattern and take your time. If you feck it up, try again. If you need help, try youtube or Ravelry. If you want a recommendation for a good starter pattern, ask! What would you tell someone who couldn't knit but really wanted to? GIVE IT A GO.

If you don't think you're capable, try it anyway!

So what's stopping you? Try the thing!!

*If you want to try a new technique, feel free to post in the comments here what it is and I/we will give you suggestions ❤ 20/07/2019

Heathrow unveils massive tapestry at T2 Holidaymakers flying out of Heathrow Terminal 2 over the school holidays are in for a treat as the airport and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew today unveil a unique, hand-made 12 metre squared Botanical Tapestry, depicting global flora in intricate and colourful detail. The botanical installation has bee...


Edge - textile artists Scotland

Rosemary Campbell and Alison King are working hard finalising details for their exhibition at the Tweeddale Museum and Art Gallery, Peebles. Here’s a blog post from Rose to whet your appetite.

Intertwined- All Around the Forest Grew
When Alison first suggested we consider doing another exhibition together, I think it would be true to say that I wasn't initially very enthusiastic. However, after the success of the DIS/rupt exhibition we wanted to continue to build on our relationship with the Tweeddale Mueum and Art Gallery.

A conversation with Christine Sawers led to an exhibition proposal to work with the museum and to use the local area as our source of inspiration. We both share a keen interest and love of landscapes with which we have a personal connection. Glentress forest was the natural choice to base our work on, however we wanted to approach it from different directions.

Alison already had a link with the history and symbolism associated with Traquair House and wanted to develop this further. She also found inspiration in the museum's ancient bronze rings, thus choosing a historical path.

I decided I would like to look at mountain bikes after a visit to the centre there, in this way we could create a link from the past to the present.

In this case the timescale of the exhibition was a challenge. We heard we had the gallery in October and that we would show from July to September the following year. It was indeed very exciting to have been given such a prestigious time by the gallery but it wasn't a very so much time to produce the work from scratch!

Completing enough work of a high enough standard is one thing but giving thought of who to contact and how to promote the exhibition is quite another AND it takes time.
We have learned from our past exhibitions together that we work well as a team. We share our expertise, encourage one another in a mildly competitive way which helps to keep each of us on track. We share the responsibility of the tasks as they crop up and we are still trying hard with publicity!

We will keep you posted and are looking forward to seeing you
'Intertwined' all around the forest grew
Tweeddale Museum & Art Gallery, Peebles,
20th July -28th September.

Rosemary and Alison 08/07/2019

The Norwegian Sweater Detective - The Craftsmanship Initiative How did Norwegian sweater patterns evolve and what do they mean? Follow us in our exploration of the famous Setesdal sweaters with local artist Annemor Sundbø. 06/07/2019

Judy Martin and The Sense of Touch | School of Stitched Textiles Discover more about the inspirational fibre artist, Judy Martin as we talk to her about her latest work and greatest achievements. >> 05/07/2019

Fear vs. Ambition Entrepreneurship happens where continual self-doubt meets courageous ambition. 01/07/2019

Artists Use Hundreds of Miles of Colored Yarn to Create Breathtaking Installations of ‘Outer Space’ Two Polish artists have mastered the art of creating massive 3D sculptures out of several hundred miles of colored yarn – and the results are beautiful.



And we’re now open for the season! Open every day over the summer - welcome in along for a visit ☕️🌻🌿


Textil Gotland



Silence is acceptance.

I am sharing this post because it expresses "why" far more eloquently than I can right now.

I've read statements like this a lot these past days, and each and every single one really baffles me.

Knitting is your safe space? That's good for you - but for many it is not. Lately, people even receive death threats on Ravelry. Knowing this, I don't want to sit and knit.

You don't want to mix politics and knitting? I really don't know how it could be possible to separate politics from anything in our lives. Politics define the frame we're living in - they give the ruleset, they allow or forbid, they grant or deny. Do you want some very simple examples?

Politics regulate what kind fiber may be produced in your country.

Politics regulate from which other states you may import yarn.

Politics regulate how animals are treated.

Politics regulate how people in the yarn industry are being paid.

Politics regulate to which countries you can travel to attend knitting events.

And so on.

And politics are also shaping our society - to a very strong extent.
I don't want to sit and knit knowing that many don't have the same rights and privileges I have.

I don't want to sit and knit while others are being offended for their skin color, sexual orientation, weight, religion, health or anything else that may be a means of separation.

Wake up - our house is burning. We need courageous people! It's your choice to either just knit, or to raise your voice and speak up against bigotry, suppression, racism, misogyny, sexism, facsism.

Silence is acceptance. If you don't use your words, others will decide for you - and you may not like the result.

#melanieberg #mairlynd


The Art Junction 18/05/2019

Amanda Cobbett: Stitching the forest floor - It takes a very special artist to turn plant decay, lichen and fungi into beautiful works of art. And that... 05/05/2019

At 84, Sheila Hicks Is Still Making Defiant, Honest Art With a new show at The Bass, Miami, Sheila Hicks makes it clear her practice isn’t just about creating objects, but about living a life centered around making. 27/03/2019

The Myth of Creative Inspiration: Great Artists Don't Wait for Motivation

Love this guys work. He is absolutely spot on. Does make for some uncomfortable reading though! 😏😂 The work of top creatives isn’t dependent upon motivation or creative inspiration. Rather, they often follow rigid daily routines.

[03/23/19]   Happy Saturday folks! You may have noticed a flurry of activity on my page recently, no exciting news to share unfortunately ;) Just me getting around to some long overdue maintenance(!) and updating my photo albums.

Fibre Emporium @ Lagom Felt Studio 23/03/2019

Fibre Emporium @ Lagom Felt Studio


The Loopy Ewe



Curious Mondo

It is in the soul of the artist


Dotty Textiles

Repost from @justacard

Love this!! 🥰

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Gallery @ Lagom Felt Studio 21/03/2019

Gallery @ Lagom Felt Studio 21/03/2019

Incredible Crochet Tribute To Picasso – Italian Yarn Bombers Recreate Guernica in Yarn Created by the Italian yarn arts group Sul filo dell’arte, I’ve been watching this breathtaking project unfold for awhile now and although I’m not entirely sure where it’s h…


Dotty Textiles

Repost from @justacard

Love this!! 🥰

#justacardcampaign #justacard #wearemakers #caffeinejitters #upallnighters #makesgonnamake #stitchersgonnastitch #supportindependentartists #supportsmallbusiness #buyhandmade #etsysellersofinstagram


Yarny Allies

Ask us anything!

We are hearing lots of people responding to conversations about racism with feelings of hurt and confusion. We know knitters are kind people at heart, and we want to open up the conversation.

If you have a question about some aspect of racism, diversity and inclusion that you don’t feel able to ask, or don’t know where to ask, ask us! We are a team of NZ yarnies, knitters, dyers, retailers, designers, etc, and we are all on our own path to becoming better allies to our fellow yarnies - none of us are experts, but we are all committed to continual improvement and lifelong learning.

We also come from diverse backgrounds, and while some of us are people of colour, most of us are not. Why are white people taking this on? Because our friends are exhausted from carrying this burden alone, and it is time for the rest of us to step up and do our bit to make the world a kinder place for all of us.

Diversity is strength, and every single voice in our community is valued. We speak for connection, inclusion, and celebration of each other’s achievements. We will promote and amplify the voices of people of colour, and vacate the stage so that they can take the microphone.

Over the coming days, we’ll be posting a few “made up” questions to provide content on the page. These will be questions we’ve seen posted frequently, and are probably still being asked.

And if you have a question, either post it publicly, or send it to our team via the “send a message” above, and we will repost it for you anonymously.

You will never be attacked or shamed for asking a genuine question with the intent to gain knowledge. Trolling, of course, will not be tolerated.

To those of you who might feel threatened or attacked by these conversations, this page is not intended for us to say we are right, and you are wrong. It is meant to benefit the people in or society and knitting community who are hurting. It is meant to allow for a space for us ALL to learn. Because we all have blind spots. We all have areas we need to improve on. These issues are confronting for all of us. And we all feel uncomfortable when tackling areas of this work. This is why we are offering a safe, moderated space where we can grow and learn together in order to build a strong and understanding community.

Dyeing 18/03/2019


NEW in 18/03/2019

NEW in

Feltmaking Workshops 18/03/2019

Feltmaking Workshops



"When I pick up needle and thread, I join a long line of women who have turned the domestic arts into political expression."


Women in the Arts

It is what allows us to show up in the world in the best way we can on any given day. It allows us to see ourselves more fully – to see who we are and what matters to us – by reminding us, through the objects we have made, of our capacity, our values, our priorities and our joy. I know that when I look around at the things I have made I am grateful. Grateful that I have made the time and spent the energy (even on days when I don’t have it) making a thing, because the act of making is what gives my life beauty and connection. And because we need beauty and connection in our everyday to be buoyant. For how can we continue to show up for those who need us, if not for moments of beauty and connection?

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Did you know Lagom Felt Studio is also host to a rather eclectic art and craft gift gallery?  We currently have work on ...




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Perthshire Celtic Odyssey offers guided informative walks to ancient sites in our Central Scotland . Walks are tailored to our client's requirements.