Graham's maths tuition

Graham's maths tuition


Don't let the school interfere with your education.
Attributed to Mark twain,

I am currently reading a book by Jim Kwik called limitless.

Maths Tuition. I get immense satisfaction when pupils excel in their work and understanding and in t

Operating as usual


The new term has started and I still have some spaces for Maths tuition. I have some excellent reviews that you can check, and prices are as last year still.

For pupils up to GCSE I will usually pair pupils up, but I will still give individual tuition. This gives the best value for you. I will look at and assess their schoolwork, and work on the specific work they dont understand. Each lesson is 1 hour.

However if your A-level or just feel that you require a 1-1 tuition, then ask and I will find an individual space for you if available.

The sooner that you seek help the better, as Maths is cumulative, and it is important to build a good foundation. With just a little tuition you should gain confidence. A good tutor will help you to think about what your doing, to lay it out well, and to check whether your answers make sense.

Do let me know if I can help you.


Maths tutor seeks thirsty pupils. If your keen to learn then I can help you get good score. Even if your not so keen, I will do my best to draw out your skills and thinking ability. I pride myself in improving your score, by changing your mind on Maths, refocusing and learning how to improve.
New term, and I have a good number of spaces for help. From p5 to GCSE, A-Level and beyond. Whatever your level, let me change your thinking.


Graham’s maths tuition:
From P5 to GCSE, A-level, and beyond . Let me help you think about the problems, and how to solve them. Many many good and great reviews. Check me out, save me, like and comment. Much thanks.

Photos from Graham's maths tuition's post 22/05/2023

Just imagine the school that had no school rules, but instead guiding principles.

Just imagine the school like that in India, where there was such respect for the teachers and the principal. Just imagine, love, affection, working well in a classroom promoting hard-working ethics.

I love this article, Nigel, certainly addresses many things that are currently wrong with our system and is looking for an alternative. His example of the pupil sent home when they came in to do an exam because of their green hair and punk looks and he would question what difference does that make in your exam. No difference at all of course but it’s the rules. Is there a better way- I think so, and I taught for near 20 years.

So many of our schools , and maths classrooms have discipline and practical issues that are spoiling our education now and stopping our teachers teaching well. I like this article it is it start and an attempt to address many of these issues..

This is an article from the excellent light newspaper .
The Light INNI - The Light Truthpaper - Merci.

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Expert maths tuition, and all work checked by tigger the cat. She is so smart!!!


Numbers - this is good‼️

Dec - 31st - 23

Tuition is going great this year. A big shout out to all my hard working students!

Photos from Graham's maths tuition's post 28/10/2022

I work from primary school level, from p6 upwards.
It is amazing how much confidence tuition can give pupils and this will give them a good grounding in numberwork from which they can look at transfer papers if required.

I have a lot of experience working at this level and enjoy helping young people think about problems. I ensure the basics are well understood and I have a program that greatly assists tables learning and speed.

I usually tutor in pairs, and where possible after school and before tea! Let me know can I assist you.


What happened here???

Does that say MOT’s ?


Beat the rush!

Get the tuition in.


Summer tuition: I am available to help your child's understanding of their work this July and August. I specialise in explaining all aspects of thinking and problem solving, that we often call Maths.

My passion is to improve your child's confidence in their work and thus help their ability. I will look at their thinking process and challenge them where its required. From primary to secondary and beyond, I will assist all ages.

My rates are good, and I am an experienced tutor with a lot of excellent reviews. Thanks for reading and let me know can I assist you or your child in their thinking and studies.


So my age is a multiple of 2 of 3 and 5.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Excellent maths tuition available now. Waringstown based and very experienced. I have many reviews from satisfied pupils and parents.

Encourage your child to think and solve problems. Confidence may improve rapidly and exam results often follow. Do message me early so that I can accommodate you. Thanks. Graham.

Photos from Graham's maths tuition's post 07/11/2021

Accessing the world's most powerful supercomputer is easier than you think because it is right between your ears‼️

Making the most & best use of it is my job, to encourage and help you utilise these billions of neurons.

Great book, Limitless by Jim Kwik.


Love this quote❗

Maths tuition is going very well this year and so far I have been encouraged by some excellent test results.


Love humour, and I still have a few spaces as the new term swings into action.

If a little extra is needed, I can provide it Mathswise.

I have still a few space believe it or not!!!
If you want to sign up, I suggest you do it soon. I tend to get full very quickly.

Informal tuition: Maths, all levels.


We are a mere 2 weeks away from a new term. Everyone is getting anxious, and that's just the teachers and principles.

Lets hope and pray that the powers that be will not greatly mess up this next school year by endlessly sending healthy pupils home!

I have several pupils already on my books and will be making up a timetable closer to September. Please contact me early, if you can, as this promises to be a busy term. The understanding of work is more crucial than ever as exams and schoolwork may well be used to help teachers assess their pupils grades.

I look forward to the beginning of term. Please contact me directly with any tuition enquiries.


Summertime Maths catchup & tuition.

This summer I am offering tuition to help pupils either catch up or get ahead in school. There have been many disruptions during this school year, so a little tuition now will go a long way to understanding and improving your Maths.

From primary school work doing tables and numeracy, to secondary schools, GCSE and A-level, I have a lot of experience and would like to help.

I offer tuition online or in person, and You may read my reviews that are here on fb.

I love helping pupils think through problems and gain confidence in their own skills and abilities. I gain a lot of understanding of a pupils ability by looking at their workbooks, and I provide work that follows from the work they are already doing! I always aim to improve their core knowledge and understanding of the basics as everything else stems from these. In my view the earlier you start tuition the better the value you get as you have longer to apply the principles that I will explain.

Why not use this summer to improve your childs skills?

I tutor from my Waringstown home where I often do paired or individual learning. I have also been asked to travel to pupils homes and I like to do that during the summer months when I have more time, and I can also work online if you are further afield. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Have a good summer,
Keep me in mind for your Maths tuition needs in the Summer or in September.
Thank you so much, my number is on the fb page.


Summertime Maths catchup

Many pupils have been falling behind through no fault of their own. The schools have been locked up for months, and even when open they often send pupils home as someone has tested positive.

Within the classroom I also hear more stories of books not being checked because teachers are keeping a distance from pupils!

I offer tuition online and in person, and I am not as busy as usual this year because my usual marking contracts were cancelled.

I love helping pupils think through problems and gain confidence in their own skills and problem solving ability. I like to look at a pupils books and I gain great understanding of their level of ability and work rate from a simple jotter of work! I always aim to improve their core knowledge and understanding of the basics as everything else stems from that.

Why not use the summer to improve your childs skills so that they can be ready for whatever the schools do next year? I would love to help, and this can either be online, for distant learners or from my Waringstown home where I do paired learning to keep the price down. I have also been asked to travel and I like to do that in the summer. Do contact me if you have any questions at all.

Have a good summer,
Keep me in mind for your tuition needs in the Summer or in September. Thanks.


Explaining the 5 year average, and how to use it in predicting .the next year.

Maths, but applied to a problem‼️

Stay strong 💪 out there and stay healthy, follow my Natural-Health FB page.

NI school to halt classes due to covid just days after Education Minister Peter Weir visits with MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson 10/12/2020

We are up against a system that sends healthy pupils and teachers home and then cannot cope, and has to close.

This was inevitable because of the health policy of the schools. How do parents cope with healthy kids returned to them. We pay for our education system and this is a disgrace. Kids need to learn. Who gave our school the right to make bad health decisions? Likewise, the government.

I know a lot about health and if your interested in drinking carrot 🥕 juices to stay healthy then head over to my health page, but this post is about the school overreaction to the problem

NI school to halt classes due to covid just days after Education Minister Peter Weir visits with MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson A Northern Ireland school has been forced to effectively close down for Christmas due to the number of staff told to self-isolate, just days after a visit from the Education Minister Peter Weir.


Maths tuition still available.
I am a full time tutor who loves to help people achieve great results in Maths. Along the way you will learn to think about problems, you will learn new skills, and learn to check your answers thinking about what they mean.

I will support work that the school is doing with you and look through any workbooks that you have. I will look at organisation, and layout of problems, and whether work is marked and understood.

Primary School - A Level
You can begin in primary school where I will help you with the basics - tables and essential numberwork.
I tutor right up to A-level where I have several pupils aiming to achieve good grades. There are no shortcuts to hard work, but I can help you with your understanding on an individual basis. GCSE and under are paired, though still receive individual help. A-Level and above will be taken individually as their work can be a lot more intense and difficult.

Early error detection is best, as skills learned will transfer to class.

Currently 60% full and 40% free. Book early to get the best results.


Tuition is busy now that we are back in school. I have just a few spaces left, so please contact me if you require a spot as soon as you can for maximum choice.

I am pairing all pupils who are GCSE or less, and my rate is the same as last year. If you are A-level or require an individual space, the fee is greater as the work is harder and requires more of my attention.

With regards to the coronavirus I am cleaning the desk after each pupil and each tutoring group simply represents a bubble. If you are feeling unwell, you will probably not be here, and I will still have to charge absenses bar the first time.

Feel free to bring me lots of problems and I will explain them for you. It is great to be back working again and helping pupils understand their work, and I am expecting another busy year, although I do pray the government does not lock us up any more, and we can get on with our work!



Back in July for a pre-term month of tuition!

I will be tutoring pupils this month from my home in Waringstown.

This is an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of my time and skills at doing what I do best, talking up Maths and working on your basic skills or GCSE or A-Level work.

All levels catered for and I recently enjoyed working with primary school kids who are p5, p6, p7. I specialise in assisting their tables and basic number skills.

I am not yet busy ----- >>> who needs an extra boost before the schools restart in September. ??? Please message me below or phone.

Face to face and Online.
Check out my fb reviews!


July Maths tuition continuation.

This unusual year i will be continuing Maths tuition for those who request it in July, and taking my break in the first 2 weeks of August. This tuition can now either be online or face to face as needed. Daytime spaces are available for all levels.

Dont miss out!


*** Tables standards have dropped in schools.***

I have tutored many pupils and I have observed standards of basic number skills declining considerably. I see basic errors when I mark GCSE and easy marks thrown away. The electronic calculator has become overused and our brains underused, but it doesn't have to be so. I am always encouraging pupils to think about their answers, and to know their tables very well. Learning to check the sensibility of answers is a good skill to learn young and not forget when older!

I had the opportunity to give special support in a large school several years ago where I devised a method for improving tables, specifically with the help of an online tool. I have used this to great effect many times to massively improve tables recall, which also then helps pupil confidence. This life skill is best learned in primary school, as it can then be reinforced in every single Maths class the pupil attends subsequently. It gives me great satisfaction to see improved skills and therefore confidence. It is never too late to learn such skills however.

When I work weekly with your child and we are learning tables then I will be asking them to continue practicing certain tables through the week and recording their answers. I can then see their progress and this speeds up their learning considerably and you get the best value for money. Depending on the childs ability I will then also be looking at other basic numberskills with a view to checking methods and helping them to think about the problems that they are solving.

It is very common for pupils to really enjoy their work with me and parents are often surprised that they do!!! I think that this is because I enjoy it, and also because the pupil gets a great reward when they can see their progress.

Do let me know if I can help you as I currently have many online spaces and my prices are decent. This situation may not last long. Thanks for reading . Graham ~ Maths tutor.

Ps, please do take a moment to read all my reviews, but better still why not give me a try if only for 5-10 lessons and see what I am talking about!


Pleased to have another 4 pupils starting but I have space for more. Don't wait till next September when I may be busy, but get in touch quickly for good online Maths tuition. To encourage this you can get the first lesson free to assess the benefits and check that the technology is working.

I am convinced that I can help your childs Maths work whether in primary school or secondary, so please check out my many great fb reviews.

So if you are thinking of starting, now is the time, thanks.



Train your children up, in the way that they should go,
And when they're older they will not depart from it.


Please message me for more info, and i hope to see you soon.


Hi there, as an online Maths tutor I would love you to check out all my reviews here on fb and those below. My tutoring will make such a massive difference to a childs understanding and confidence that I hope you contact me during this slack time. Usually I am extremely busy but due to the current crisis I have reduced my prices and would really like to assist you!! I specialise in helping numeracy and confidence from primary school, up to those trying to understand work for GCSE and A level exams. Enjoy these reviews, and please contact me.

Source yell . com
Graham is an excellent Tutor! He helped my Year 12 son who struggled with Maths really from Year 8. He went from a predicted Grade C to achieving Grade A in his M4 module. This is due to Graham discovering his individual needs and listening to his concerns. He has changed my sons thought process towards Maths and given him the confidence that he needed. My son says himself that he couldn’t have done this without Graham’s help. From Melanie. March 2020.

Amazing tutor. He works extremely well with my son who has ASD. He has received an A grade today in his maths module and I know he could not have managed this without the confidence Graham has given him. I recommend Graham for maths tuition without reservation. Marie Louise Mar 2020

Many thanks Graham for your calm and measured approach while helping me to develop my mathematical skills. My confidence and ability soared. I was delighted with my GCSE maths result (gradeA) - I would not have achieved this grade without you!! Kelsie Aug 2017

Source tutorhunt
Excellent tutor. Easy to get on with and relates well to my son. Valerie 2019

I would highly recommend Graham to anyone who is looking to improve their confidence levels and needs help on achieving their potential. Our daughter visited Graham for 10 sessions prior to her GCSE Maths as she had missed some topics due to sports commitments at school. Graham was able to focus on these areas and increase her knowledge over this time. She shared the hour with another student and this worked perfectly ...being taught and then working on a problem while the other student was being taught. It felt safe leaving her at his house as students are coming and going. Graham has a great set up and he has proved his worth with our daughter getting an A*. Thank you Graham...we`ll be back for Further Maths next year. Lizzie 2017

Excellent tutor. Very professional and friendly. My daughter is getting the help she requires in maths and enjoys her tutor session each week. Angela 2016

Very friendly and professional tutor. Worked really well with my daughter. Christina 2016

First Tutors
Highly recommend Graham. This was the first maths tutor that sat down and worked the problems out with my daughter, so she then understood it. She got an A in her A2 maths so that speaks for itself. Julie - Portadown

5/5 GCSE Maths, Graham has been an excellent Tudor. He made me very welcome and set me at ease with maths. There is no doubt my maths have improved a great deal with his help and guidance. David - Lurgan

Joanne (5/5): (GCSE Maths) Graham has helped my 15 year old with his preparations for GCSE maths immensely. I would have no problem recommending Graham to friends and family.

PRIMARY: I now have a lot of great primary reviews, check the fb reviews. I would llove to hear from you, please give me a call now as I have a very limited advertising budget!!! Thanks for reading. - the UK's leading online business directory 05/04/2020

Hi there, let me introduce myself to you. I am an individual in Northern Ireland, a full time Maths tutor, and have recently gone ONLINE due to a massive drop in customers due to the exam cancellations. I am usually full at this time of year, but this is an EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY to get some GREAT Maths tuition at GREAT prices. My prices are very low as I play my part in this crisis, working from home and advertising online in new areas for a very short time.

Please do take advantage: heres my resume, and do check out all my fb reviews. Maths is my thing, and I like to make it interesting and rewarding for your child, and I have the experience to do so.

GMT -> Graham's Maths Tuition.
I specialize in helping pupils understanding of their work and finding ways of checking it for themselves. I like to assist the younger minds especially and have found a way to massively improve tables as its often needed and so important. One fairly regular comment i get is that pupils confidence improves. If you have time please read my fb reviews which are excellent. I also have a yell page with more reviews there too.

I am usually full at this time of year, and busy getting ready to mark exams, but not this year, so I would love to hear from you.

Never before has distance not been an issue.
My prices are for 1-1 individual tuition and as an experienced tutor I offer amazing value.

Do ring me or message me with any questions, thanks.
GCSE or PRIMARY April special 5 lessons £100 or £30/lesson
A Level - 3 lessons for £100 or £33/lesson. (April special £90 for 3)

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Graham's Maths Tuition, Craigavon | Tutoring - Yell 28/03/2020

Hi I am Graham, and I would love to see you on my new ONLINE Maths tuition service. Please consider this opportunity as I am usually full at this time of year.

REVISED PRICES (from £20/hour)
PROMOTION: April only.

Lets keep focused - Daytime places are now available, and there is no travel required, so distance is no problem.

I can tutor your child to improve their understanding and build their confidence and skills. But dont just take my word for it; Check out my reviews on fb and on yell, below.


In order to promote good numeracy I want to offer tuition at a special rate of 5 lessons for £100 (April only). I have a lot of experience here and I also have a program for tables which often need improved first.

GCSE, years 8 to 12. I can give 5 lessons £100 (April only) or £30/lesson whichever you prefer. By the way, the first works out at £20 per lesson saving £10 and obviously there are no travel time or fuel costs anymore!!!

A-level is still excellent value at £35 /lesson or 3 lessons for £100, whichever suits.

Thank-you. I would love to hear from you, whereever you live. I use a number of platforms, usually whatsapp works well, but I also use zoom and skype.

I would love to hear from you, do message me now.

Graham's Maths Tuition, Craigavon | Tutoring - Yell Find Graham's Maths Tuition in Craigavon, BT66. Read 8 reviews, get contact details, photos, opening times and map directions. Search for Tutoring near you on Yell.


Online tuition is up and running. I am now taking bookings for my weekly slots which now include daytime.
If your child has a smart phone or access to a laptop then they can get interactive maths help.


Schools out - this is if you need a little humour to brighten uo your day.

Maths tutor - > And if you need the Maths tutor I now have lots of spaces.
I can do daytime.
I can take 1 or 2 at my house in Waringstown
I will be trialling online to see how it goes.

So funny this lady. Is she Italian??


So what effect is cancelling schools and the summer exams going to have?
I tutor a lot of pupils who have been working hard and have good reason to be annoyed about this. Others may well be pleased for the wrong reasons (holiday !!!).

I will have a lot of cancellations as both year 12 and year 14 pupils will be assessed on their work so far, and year 10 pupils exams are cancelled.

Tutoring will continue for those who wish it to.

As a professional Maths tutor, I will be ensuring that I maintain an ultra hygenic workplace. I will clean table between visits, air the room and use cinnamon air purifier. Pupils who display symptoms should not turn up at all.

I will also start pricing online lessons, though these will be much harder to organise and price. We shall adapt and if you are interested in these please let me know. Advice on skype or conferencing welcomed!!!

Take care one and all, and God bless


3 pupils sought following January departures.

4pm slots(2) - primary school or junior high ideally. I excel at improving basic Maths skills including tables which will help confidence.
5pm - GCSE year pupils, either years 11 or 12. The crucial years, when understanding really counts. I enjoy assisting young people learn the skills that will be tested.

Contact me quickly if your interested, as spaces are few.


I currently have 3 places for GCSE and for primary school! Jan 2020


5 years + service marking exams.

I mark for several exam bodies which is great experience that assists me tutor well.

I am supporting 28 pupils a week, and only have space for 2 more.
Wed at 4: must be primary level or lower school years 8-9.
Mon at 4: individual slot ideally a-level.

Photos from Graham's maths tuition's post 01/11/2019

Occasional tutoring -:-

Some pupils, often A level do not need to come very often. They are generally good at the subject and gather up queries to question me on. They may use school holidays when I have more time, or daytimes, or Saturday afternoon (occasional). I have some GCSE further maths students like this.

It is real nice when I get thanked for my help even when I don’t see you often- that is what I thrive on.

You don’t have to come every week- you too can be occasional!


Its just September, and the start of a new year and I have got to 20 pupils/week already.
I am fortunate to love what I do, and to be enthusiastic that tuition can make a massive difference, but moreso can be enjoyable too!

That's always a shock when young people actually enjoy learning. My hope is to engage young people in the thinking process, and to use the calculator that God gave them - their brain, too often redundant when learning method after method in a helter-skelter race to complete the syllabus whilst teachers deal with non-teaching issues, learning difficulties and behavior, and are criticized if they are not motivating and entertaining a class, as if that's really possible!!! As you may tell I am not sorry that I am have left teaching and tutor full time now, that is such a blessing. I do look forward to communicating and influencing young people.

So great to be busy and only have 5 spaces vacant. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested and think it may be of benefit.

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Beat the rush!Get the tuition in.
Excellent maths tuition available now. Waringstown based and very experienced. I have many reviews from satisfied pupils...
Explaining the 5 year average, and how to use it in predicting .the next year. Maths, but applied to a problem‼️Stay str...





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