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Primary 7…it was a pleasure ❤️

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Primary 7…it was a pleasure ❤️

Commencing last Friday’s Football Festival held at Drumgor, our boys- wearing Craigavon City blue- joined the other team...

Our final Christmas video! We hope that you have enjoyed all of our festive items.

With our songs all done, we have just a few more items to share this week. Have a laugh here with P2G, and take note of ...

A Festive Friday compilation for you this afternoon. please enjoy P1/2, P6 and P7!

A triple treat for you this Thursday. Please enjoy these items from Nursery, P3O and P5/6C.

Today, P5H and P2G wish you a Merry Christmas!

Today we invite you to listen out for Christmas Bells and Heavenly Angels, with P1H and P4.

Lining up first, we are singing of Rudolph and Santa, with P3K and Nursery. Enjoy.

Drumgor Primary School and Nursery Unit welcomes you to their Nursery and P1 Open Afternoon on Wednesday 15th Dec 2-3pm....

There have been some ghostly goings on in P7SMC. This definitely was a ‘thriller’.



P2G, 'Away in a Manger'

P1H Christmas Song

Part 2
Part 2 from Paula (please see previous post for information).

Part 1
We are delighted to share another message from our ‘Time 4 Me’ Consellor, Paula. We would really encourage parents to wa...