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⭐️ Next week is our 🥳🐣EASTER SPECIAL!!🐣 🥳We’ve got some mega plans for all of our classes - don’t miss out on this special treat and book your place today!!🐣🎬🎥

EPIC Acting Academy

⭐️ Next week is our 🥳🐣EASTER SPECIAL!!🐣 🥳We’ve got some mega plans for all of our classes - don’t miss out on this special treat and book your place today!!🐣🎬🎥


EPIC Acting Academy 🎬🎭

Our booking system is officially... LIVE!! 🎉

You can now officially book your FREE TRIAL for Saturday the 5th March via bookwhen!! 🤩

For those that have already messaged, EPIC looks forward to meeting you on the 5th of March!! 😊

🎬For those that wish to attend and haven't messaged, please book via the bookwhen link above 👆 to secure your place 🎬

Classes are kept small to maintain individual attention so be quick- don't miss out before they reach capacity!🎬🎼

In our booking system you will find our class information, venue details, our COVID-19 policy, class fees, our terms and conditions, and of course any additional queries - just get in touch! ✨ EPIC Acting Academy

EPIC Acting Academy is a unique drama school for 4-18 year olds. 🎶🎭 Confidence 🌟 courage 🌟 create

Operating as usual


🎄🖤M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S 🖤🎄

Now that the dust has settled after our special show yesterday, we just want to give a huge shout out to our EPIC crew. Our stars went ABOVE and BEYOND at their Christmas Spectacular! Every single one of you SHONE on stage like the amazing little actors you are. It takes the courage of a lion to get up on stage and perform like you all did yesterday. You should be so, so proud of yourselves EPIC stars! ⭐️

At EPIC we are a confidence building, inspiring, and encouraging academy. So to see the confidence grow in every single one of our pupils week by week, is the reason why this school was set up. To amplify the voices of all our little stars ⭐️

As a brand new Academy, we are beyond grateful to our pupils parents. Thank you all for your unwavering support, and heartfelt words after yesterdays show. ✨

Have a very, very Merry Christmas and see you all next year! ✨✨✨

May all your dreams and wishes some true! 🎁 🎄✨


Team EPIC 🖤 🎭


⭐️⭐️⭐️Just 2 more sleeeeeps!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Don’t forget to book your child’s spot at our final class and show day 🎭🎶🖤

We can’t wait to see you all!!! 🎄🎉🎄🎉






It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiiime, of the year!!!! (Well, because it’s our EPIC Christmas Spectacular this weekend!) 🎭 💃 🕺 🎶

We are SO blown away by every single one of our absolute superstars we can’t even put into words 🥹- now let’s get on stage on Saturday and do what we do best…. HAVE A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! 🤩

❗️ VENUE: MOIRA METHODIST CHURCH (The same venue we’ve been in all term! 😊) ❗️

⏰ TIME: Parents please leave your child at MOIRA METHODIST CHURCH at 12.00 noon. A quick warm up will take place whilst you wait in the foyer for five minutes. Show will then begin at 12.15 - wooooo! 🎉 🎉 ⏰

🎟🎟🎟🎟🎟 Each pupil is welcome to bring 5 family members/friends to the showcase - we’re so looking forward to seeing you all!! Complimentary festive treats and hot drinks afterwards! 😊

⬇️⬇️⬇️Reserve your child’s spot in our final class of term and show day below 👇 🎭🎶 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️



🌟🌟🌟Just two more sleeps until our dress rehearsal! 🌟🌟🌟

⏰ Reminder, this class is: 3pm- 4.30pm ⏰

We cannot believe it will be our last day of term with this superb bunch, 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹we are so, SO proud of you all!!!! 🎭🎶🖤

⬇️book below⬇️



WHAT? It’s our final class of term???? 🥹🥹🥹🥹 Just where oh where did that time go?!! 😢

But it’s OKAY! Because we are finishing off this term in style, with our EPIC Christmas Spectacular just one week away! (Honestly, our pupils are simply amazing!!!!)🎭 🎶 🎅 ⛄️❄️

🌟 Please note, this weeks class is our dress rehearsal, so it’s at a different time and slightly longer: 3pm-4.30pm.

🌟 We will also have a professional videographer in this class to shoot our promotional video! 🎉 🎊 As always, please outline in the booking form if you’d like your child to appear on this 😊

⬇️See you Saturday superstars!!! ⬇️



How do we create a snow storm? Let’s just leave that to our EPIC pupils!!! ❄️⛄️


Things are getting very Christmassy… and very SPECTACULARLY, here, at EPIC!🎄❄️⛄️❤️



It’s brand new adventures every week here at EPIC. 🎭 Look at all of our spectacular happy campers last week!!! 🤩


***Please note, our class size has reached full capacity, therefore this class and any classes for the remainder of term are only open to our current pupils. We look forward to welcoming all your wonderful new faces next term! 🖤🖤🖤***


❄️ We have a VERY important adventure for all of our elves on Saturday! Yes, you will be transported to the NORTH POLE for this! (And because you’re all EPIC, we will of course also be rehearsing for our Christmas Spectacular!) 🎶🎭

Ready… steady… CHRISTMAS 🎄☃️❄️




It’s VERY hard to pick which festive song is our favourite, especially when every single one of our pupils perform like SUPERSTARS for all of them 🎭🎶🖤… but if we realllllly had to pick, ’Jingle Bells’ is up there with our fave festive tune!!!

Which song are you most looking forward to hearing at our EPIC Christmas Spectacular?!! Comment below! 🎄 🎅 ⛄️ ❄️


The first thing we mostly hear on a Saturday morning from our brilliant pupils… “WOW, LOOK AT MY SHOES!!” 🥹🥰
It’s become a real thing - we love it!!👞 👟


“Camping you say? But it’s November! 🧊 ❄️ ☃️ “
“Did we mention our pupils are Epic? This means they can be transported to endless places, simply by using their imagination! 💭 Just one reason why we 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 acting!👏🏻“

We’re going camping this week in class - we can’t wait! 🏕

Our pupils are also working really hard on their Christmas sharing - rehearsals will continue this week, woo!!!! 🎉 (We are beyond proud of all of you! 🖤)

So pack your imaginary camping bag, and don’t miss out on all the FUN! 🏕💭



Just HOW GOOD do our superstars sound?!!! 🥹🥹🥹 Guys, you’re all simply AMAZING! We are so, so proud of all of you!!!! 🎅 🎄 ⛄️ ❄️ 🖤

Photos from EPIC Acting Academy's post 15/11/2022

🖤🎨’Colour/calm’ 🎨 🖤

Acting, singing and creating ignites the excitement in all of our little stars! But towards the end of class we feel it’s important to incorporate ‘colour/calm’. This allows our pupils to take a moment to re-focus, breathe, and concentrate. ‘Colour/calm’ is always centred around our adventure time! So for example, last week we were on a mission to find Larry the magical lobster. As part of the adventure, pupils were asked to colour in pictures of Larry the Lobster and stick them around the town so people could find him! 🦞(We found him, thanks superstars!!!) 🎭🎼

🎨Colour/calm also allows our pupils to find time to connect with one another, forming friendships which we just LOVE to see! 🖤

Don’t miss out on all the fun! ⬇️⬇️



“The only thing better than singing? Is more singing 🖤”

🌟 Using the festive tunes of our ‘EPIC Christmas Spectacular’, our superstars will learn this week how we tell stories through songs! 🎙

🌟 As well as learning the anatomy of the ‘singing voice’, our stars will learn how to connect with the words of songs, and how to express different emotion through singing!🎤

Because is there anything more FUN than singing your way through the morning? 🎶

See you there, superstars!! 🎭 🎼




We’ve gone from plotting SPOOKTACULAR adventures - to Christmas SPECTACULAR FUN! 🤩🎄🎅 The countdown is officially on for our EPIC Christmas Spectacular- a relaxed, festive showcase for all of our little stars loved ones to enjoy 🎭🎶



Happiness is… being by the sea!! 🌊 🏖 🏝

Our little actors will take a trip SEA SIDE this Saturday! 🏖🏝

Join us this weekend for lots of singing, acting, and sea side adventures! We CAN’T WAIT!! 🤩 🌊 🎶 🎭




Hands up if you love Saturday Acting class!! 🤩 🎭 🎶 🎥 🤍

Don’t miss out on the non-stop fun!💃🕺




“I wonder what’s in the big red barn,
I wonder what’s in it for me?
It starts with ’SH’
And it rhymes with ‘BEEP’
Oh what do you think it could be???” 🤩

🌟 Our little actors will be transported to the FARMYARD next week, and it’s going to be a LOT of FUN!! 🚜 🐑 🐄 🐥 🐷

🌟 Rehearsals will also be well under way for our EPIC Christmas Spectacular- our stars have been BEYOND brilliant! 🌟

⬇️See you there! ⬇️



🤍🎭 Just a reminder that we are OFF THIS SATURDAY for our mid term break! 😊 Class will resume as normal on Saturday the 5th of November. Have a fantastic Halloween to all of our EPIC team! X 🎭🤍


Boo to you, from the EPIC crew! 🎃🌟👻🧙🎭🎶


Just two days to goooooo!!!!! 🔮🧙👻🍁🤍

Things are looking SPOOKTACULAR! 🤍

See you there! ⬇️



We’re soooooo excited for our Halloween Extravaganza this Saturday!!! 🧙👻🔮🍁

🔮 Just a reminder for parents please to outline any allergies their child may have on the booking form.

Thank you!!! 🧙👻🍁🤍



🧙 👻🎃It’s HALLOWEEEEEEN week at EPIC!!!! 🎃 👻 🧙

(And Éimear and Sinead just LOVE this time of year!!!) 👻🔮🎃🧙

🔮Join us for a morning of all things SPOOKTACULAR!
🔮Lots of drama based Halloween games!
🔮A special trick or treat adventure!
🔮 We encourage our little stars to dress up if they wish! But also, totally fine if they’d prefer not to!!! 🤍🌟

Bring 👏🏻 on 👏🏻 the Halloween 👏🏻 EXTRAVAGANZA! 🎃👻🧙🔮

⬇️ Book below ⬇️



Some of our superstars team showing us their silliest facial expressions! 🥰🎭🎼 -expressions

⬇️book below⬇️



🛎 Ding ding!!! 🛎 Class for Saturday is now liiiive!!! 🧸 🧺

🌟 We are just SO excited for this weeks adventure!!! 🥹🧸🧺

🌟 We encourage our little stars to bring along their AMAZING selves, as well as their favourite teddy bear as we travel to next weeks adventure… THE TEDDY BEARS PICNIC!!! 🧺🧸❤️ 💫

🌟 Rehearsals are also well under way for our Christmas showcase and we honestly couldn’t be prouder of our stars!!! 🎭 🎼

🌟 Our Moira class has been almost fully booked each week so far this term, so we recommend booking early! 😊🧸🧺 Thank you to each of our pupils parents for all of your support as always 🙏 ❤️

⬇️ https://bookwhen.com/epicactingacademy ⬇️


Our classes for little stars (age 4-7):
⭐️ ignite imagination
⭐️ unleash potential
⭐️ build confidence
⭐️ enhance communication skills
⭐️ promote social development
⭐️ form friendships
⭐️ have unlimited fun!

🎭 🎶
Come to a class where your child can embrace what makes them unique, as they sing, act, create, and go on epic adventures every week! We are working towards an end of term Christmas showcase too where every child can shine on stage! 🎅🎄❤️

⬇️Book today ⬇️



🥁 Our class for next week is now LIVE!!! 🥁

⭐️ And just like that, we kicked off our Autumn term in true EPIC style! 🎭 🎶 💃 🕺 There was plenty of singing, puppetry, adventure, acting, and bundles of creativity as we visited The Jungle! 🦁 🐘 🐍 🐼

⭐️ Our pupils continue to inspire us in every single class! 🥹 A HUGE WELL DONE to all of you superstars! 🌟

⭐️ As a team, our Stars went on an EPIC adventure today to find Lenny the lost lion - and we learnt that when we work together, we can achieve GREAT things, congratulations our little stars! 🎉 🌟

⭐️ Next week, we will kickstart rehearsals for our EPIC Christmas Spectacular, as well as visiting MAGIC SCHOOL!! 🪄

⭐️ Our pupils will uncover the magic that lives within us all, as we ignite our creativity 🪄 💫

⭐️ You have the option now to pay on a weekly basis, or secure your place on our Autumn term 🌟 Please note, if paying weekly this operates on a first come first serve basis, so we recommend booking early! 😊

⭐️ If booking one or more siblings onto a term - send us a message about sibling discount!! 🤍🤗

⬇️Book via our bookwhen link⬇️


⭐️ Thank you for an EPIC morning superstars, you’re all simply magic! 🪄💫



Can you tell we’re just a *bit* excited?! 💃

In true EPIC fashion, tomorrow we will head on a theatrical adventure to…. THE JUNGLE! 🦁🐯🐒🐛🐻

We can’t wait to welcome all of our wonderful familiar faces back, as well as our brand new superstars through our doors! 🎭

We encourage pupils to bring some water, although there will be juice provided in class. 😊

We kindly ask parents to drop their children off just before class is about to start, and to return to the venue just before class is due to end. 😊

See you all tomorrow at 10am! (Because it’s never too early to sing some Lion King!) 🤩🎭🎶


Hands up for our TWO WEEK COUNTDOWN!!! 🙌

We are SO excited to see you all!!!

Let’s get back to creating. 🎭🎶

*Excited feet* 💃🕺


At EPIC we’re passionate about giving our pupils an insight into the Acting industry. We are SO excited to be working with Casting expert Stephanie Hume as part of our upcoming film project ‘GHOSTLY GREETINGS!’ 🎬👻

Our film will be sent to Stephanie who will watch each of our pupils performances on screen, and will provide individual feedback for each performer - how EXCITING!!!! 🎬

Stephanie is based in London and has worked extensively in Casting Actors for roles both in theatre and on screen. She also works as Industry liaison in some of the top drama schools in London.

⬇️🎬 BOOK NOW onto our exciting film camp this Autumn!🎬⬇️


Read more about Stephanie’s exciting journey into Casting:

⭐️ Stephanie is a freelance Casting Director based in London specializing in theatre, film, commercial and corporate work. She has been involved in casting for 8 years having initially trained as an actor at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

After a periodic tussle with her own casting as a graduating actor, Stephanie set to work exploring what casting meant and what worked and what didn’t. This resulted in a fervent passion for putting actors in the right roles and discovering exciting talent. She started finding work in casting and has never looked back! Stephanie believes that her training as an actor has given her the intuition, understanding and appreciation of actors needed to deliver really attentive and passionate casting.

Notable credits include the Royal Television Society and EVCOM award winning short film KAYLEIGH’S LOVE STORY, Bolton Film Festival (Winner Best UK Film) award winning short film DAUGHTER, Unchosen Charity Film Competition (judged by Ken Loach) award winning short film SLAVED and the Offie Award winning play THE GLASSHOUSE (Grindstone London, Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden). Stephanie was also Casting Assistant for the Offie nominated world premiere of Philip Ridley’s new show ANGRY at the Southwark Playhouse starring Georgie Henley and Tyrone Huntley.

Stephanie has strong links with theatre and arts hub 53Two in Manchester as well as video production agencies, Affixxius Films and Big Button.

In addition to casting, Stephanie also works as an Industry Liaison Manager for drama schools, a role she very much enjoys. Currently at the Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company and previously at Italia Conti Acting for 6 years. She also delivers casting workshops and sessions on independent reflection for actors at other institutions, including Drama Studio London, HOME Manchester and Identity School of Acting. ⭐️

Photos from EPIC Acting Academy's post 11/09/2022

Boo to you, from the EPIC crew! 👻 🎬

Calling all story-tellers ages 8-16!

Are you interested in writing, acting, and learning about the process of film making?

Want to write, and be the star of your own Halloween story?

This Autumn, work with an award winning film-maker, be seen by a renowned London casting director AND be the star of your very own Halloween story!

This Halloween EPIC is teaming up with multi-award winning film maker Michael Costello to produce a short comedy, 'GHOSTLY GREETINGS!'

Our budding writers/actors are asked to write their own comedic Halloween story, under the theme 'GHOSTLY GREETINGS!' Interpret this how you wish... but most importantly, keep it creative, and funny! (A hint of spook is fine, but we are not after scary!) What we're really searching for is authenticity with lots and lots of comedy - so use your own voice when writing it, as you will be the one telling the story to the camera!

Our writers/actors are asked to keep stories to a maximum of 2 minutes long, and to submit them across to the film camp Director Eimear O'Neill on: [email protected] by the 30th of September.

The camp takes place over 4 Friday evenings.

During the film camp, you will workshop your stories with EPIC's Director Eimear O'Neill (whose writing has been shortlisted by BBC Northern Ireland's Comedy room, featured in Popelei Theatre and been nominated for an OnComm award) for three weeks. On the final fourth week, get behind the camera where you will act out your own story in front of a professional film maker!

All stories will be combined and edited into a short film, which will then be sent to London Casting Director Stephanie Hume who will watch and provide individual feedback for each performer.

The film will also be sent to parents who can keep the footage of their child performing forever!

This is an excellent chance to establish film industry connections, and to have your writing/acting developed professionally. And did we mention... have a whole lot of fun?

Visit the link before for more information and book your space on our four week film camp today! 👻 🎬



We have some MEGA EXCITING news for our 8-16 year olds!!!

So stay tuned… details announced very, very soon! Are you ready? 🎥 🎬 🎃 👻


Sing, act, form friendships, have FUN! 🤩

Book your free trial for our Autumn term today! ⬇️


Our MOIRA class for ages (4-7) has almost sold out in just a few days! 🎉 🎭 🎶

Still spaces left in our Lurgan class for ages (4-7). 🎭🎶

We can’t wait to see you all!!! 🎥 🎭🎶

Photos from EPIC Acting Academy's post 04/09/2022

Do you have a little one (aged 4-7) in the Moira/Lurgan area with an interest in drama? 🎭 🎶

Perhaps you’re searching for an inclusive, inspiring environment where they can:

build confidence ✅
make friends ✅
Enjoy different themes every week ✅
Ignite imagination through adventure-led classes ✅
Shine on stage this year in EPIC’s ‘Christmas Spectacular’ ✅

And most importantly… have FUN? ✅

(All whilst learning to act, sing, and create?) 🎥 🎶

📣 Then EPIC calls you to register for our Autumn term!! 📣

🌟 EPIC is a five star rated, ground-breaking drama school operating in Moira and Lurgan. We keep our classes small, maintaining individual attention on each child. Unleashing potential in all of our little performers is at the heart of what we do! We believe in creating a non-pressured, welcoming environment where each of our pupils can embrace their uniqueness. We promote skills for life, using the art of Acting.

🌟 The end of term will culminate in our ‘EPIC CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR’ 🎄❄️ - a festive showcase where friends and family are invited to watch their little ones SHINE on stage! ✨

Book your FREE TRIAL in either Moira or Lurgan today. ⬇️

***Our free trial takes place on Saturday morning, the 1st October***

See you there! 🎭 🎬


Photos from EPIC Acting Academy's post 19/06/2022

Aaaaaand…. CUT! 🎬

What can we say, our Showstoppers STORMED the stage tonight in their end of term sharing for friends and family!! 🤩🎭💫

⭐️ This unbelievably brilliant bunch have achieved SO much this term. Every single one of you are an inspiration to us, your bravery this evening was exceptional!! 🥹

⭐️ Over the term our Showstoppers have explored presenting technique, dived straight into all of our unique drama based games and exercises, got to work on some complex scenes and monologues, have discovered the importance of working together as a team, built confidence, enhanced communication skills… formed friendships… but most of all… had FUN!!! 🤩 We’ve had SO many laughs over the term with this brilliant group of superstars, who are an absolute inspiration to us. WELL DONE TEAM SHOWSTOPPERS!!’👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 🎬

⭐️ THANK YOU to our Showstoppers parents who have supported us from the get go for our first term. We are beyond grateful. 🙏

⭐️ We are so lucky to have worked with every individual pupil across all classes - what a first term!! 🤩💫 We have learnt so much from ALL of you. 🎬 Thank you for the most incredible 12 weeks, every single one of you. 🎭🎬

⭐️ Lastly, we hope our EPIC family have the most amazing summer - stay tuned for announcements on our next exciting autumn project… details to follow very soon!! 🥳🤩🎉

To all of our pupils - here’s to staying creative, forming friendships, embracing our uniqueness, and being simply, EPIC. 🎬💫



What can we say… simply… ACTING GOALS. 👏🏻 💫 🎬

⭐️ Every single one of our Actors were just beyond incredible this evening during their end of term sharing. An exceptionally talented bunch who are unafraid to dive into Shakespeare, musical theatre, complex scene work and improvisation.

⭐️ But most of all, this gifted bunch formed friendships, grew in confidence week after week, and had FUN. 🤩 Well done all, we have no words for how proud and impressed we were by all of you. 🥹

⭐️ EPIC is unique in that we will always create a non-pressured experience for all of our performers. Our classes promote skills not just for the stage but for life. Every single one of our Actors were an absolute credit to themselves. Well done TEAM, and THANK YOU for the most amazing first term!! 😍 👏🏻 And THANK YOU to our pupils parents for your unwavering support during our first term, we are so grateful. 🙏 🎭

AAAAAAND….. CUT! 🎬 (But stay tuned… more exciting news to follow for our upcoming Autumn project!!!) 🤫 🎉🎉🎉

Videos (show all)

FARMYARD FUN SATURDAYS! 🐑 🐷 🐄 🐔 One thing that’s amazing about drama? We can go anywhere simply by using the power of ou...
🤍🎭 Just a reminder that we are OFF THIS SATURDAY for our mid term break! 😊 Class will resume as normal on Saturday the 5...
This is how we roll on Halloween at EPIC 🎭👻🧙🎃🌟 What an incredible, SPOOKTACULAR bunch of stars! 🌟🤍
Just two days to goooooo!!!!! 🔮🧙👻🍁🤍Things are looking SPOOKTACULAR! 🤍See you there! ⬇️https://bookwhen.com/epicactingaca...
We’re soooooo excited for our Halloween Extravaganza this Saturday!!! 🧙👻🔮🍁🔮 Just a reminder for parents please to outlin...
🧙 👻🎃It’s HALLOWEEEEEEN week at EPIC!!!! 🎃 👻 🧙 (And Éimear and Sinead just LOVE this time of year!!!) 👻🔮🎃🧙🔮Join us for a ...
🧺🧸 TEDDY BEARS PICNIC 🧸🧺 We truly have the BEST mornings EVER with this wonderful lot! 🥰
🥁 Our class for next week is now LIVE!!! 🥁 ⭐️ And just like that, we kicked off our Autumn term in true EPIC style! 🎭 🎶 ...
Sing, act, form friendships, have FUN! 🤩Book your free trial for our Autumn term today! ⬇️https://bookwhen.com/epicactin...
🔔 🚫Just a reminder our classes for our spring term are now over and class will not be on tomorrow!🚫 🔔 We can’t believe o...
🔔 🚫Just a reminder our classes for our spring term are now over and class will not be on tomorrow!🚫 🔔 We can’t believe o...
And just like that… our Stars (4-7) performed today with such courage, creativity and confidence!!!! 🥹🥹 👏🏻 🌟 We are BEYO...





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