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NEW LIKE from new business opening in March.

Hope to meet you in the not to distant future.

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Reciban un saludo cordial con aprecio queremos
Compartir nuestro trabajo de investigación económica titulado
Acerca de la métrica neurobiológica y sus aportes matemáticos
Hacia la distribución del caos en los asuntos económicos.
Dicho trabajo aborda tópicos para la construcción de una economía
Más justa y solidaria para cada pueblo.
Se encuentra publicado en nuestro website
Dear MSc. Economists,

Equilibrium Economics is excited to announce that we have launched a brand new online platform for Economics students! We provide a range of economics resources on our website including online tutoring, a blog and an agony Economist column.

With MSc exams just around the corner, we are offering online revision sessions for Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Our sessions are tailor made by Warwick MSc Economics alumni who have achieved distinction level grades. By using relevant applications of economics, our tutors help you break down complex economic theory and improve your academic performance.

Don’t miss our amazing launch discount valid until New Years Day where you can sign up for the sessions from as little as £10 PP/ HR!!

We do only have a limited number of places so book early to avoid losing out!

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1E52g2PgKkWtb3p62LFSYSg4l6OTP-QY3xImUq2DvOMI/edit

Or for more information see

our website: http://www.equilibriumeconomics.co.uk/

our page: https://www.facebook.com/EquilibriumEconomics/
One of the largest Hedge Funds in the world, with over $70bn in assets, is looking for Quantitative Analysts with postgraduate qualifications in Mathematics, Economics and Finance with a strong quantitative background and an interest in Finance.
The recruitment is happening now and the first stage involves just sending me your CV to forward to them for screening.
Job Description: The position is in London and the work starts next September. Τhe role is very similar to that of a quantitative analyst and initial training is provided.
INBOX me with your CV and any questions!
Alternatively email me at: [email protected]
Speakers Lineup - Warwick Emerging Markets Forum 2014

Join us on 7 – 8 November for a journey through the Emerging Markets. Become Part of a Legacy.


Tickets: http://www.warwicksu.com/events/15291/11751/

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/291645881031602/?fref=ts

Youtube - Become part of a legacy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0jmN-8l3vk

Standard Tickets:
£9 (£6 for members)
- 8 talks
- 2 panels
- 1 workshop
- Networking Drinks
- Chinese Buffet Networking Lunch
- Refreshments

Premium Tickets:
£19 (£16 for members) you also get
- Networking Dinner with speakers and sponsors
- a copy of Oxford Business Group’s Country Report (RRP £130)
Just 4 days to register for Professor Arthur Grimes' second lecture at UCL, along with Willem Buiter from Citigroup and Martin Weale from the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee. Registration is FREE. Reception to follow. See you there? Please follow this link to register:
Free places at London lecture and reception by New Zealand Reserve Bank Chair and high profile banking panel: Floating exchange rate:
i'm back in leeds~ had a great time with all of you in warwick~ miss you all~~~~~~~###

Warwick Economics Exchange (WEE) is a unique student-run programme designed to promote the spread an

Despite being newly launched in 2013,Warwick Economics Exchange is rapidly evolving to become an extensive and influential scheme initiated to nurture and benefit future economists academically and professionally. WEE's distinctive participant-driven and peer-assisted approach makes it stand out from regular student-run economic conferences. Based on the rigorous training provided by the Warwick E

Operating as usual

Sign the Petition 22/09/2017

Sign the Petition

A flagrant preclusion of the free market occurred today as Uber was banned from London. We ask that you, fellow economists, help us prevent Sadiq Khan’s attack on consumers. This is a classic example of government failure and an elite acting for one group: the black cabs. Uber is cheaper, safer and more convenient (3.5 million Londoners agree). Please sign this petition to promote economics in action...


Sign the Petition Save Your Uber in London

Places of Worship or Banks? : The aftermath of Demonetisation in India 29/06/2017

Places of Worship or Banks? : The aftermath of Demonetisation in India

Our blog is active once again with a thought provoking article on temples and demonetisation in India!
We encourage discussions and thoughts on any area in Economics! Do pen down your thoughts and send it to [email protected] and we'll publish them!
For further information visit : www.warwickeconomicsexchange.org

Places of Worship or Banks? : The aftermath of Demonetisation in India Demonetisation in India has led to several repercussions – the most significant one being the religious, the pious, the falsely religious, and even a few atheists thronging to temples (places of wo…

Timeline photos 06/02/2016

Irfan Quereshi will be presenting his research on 'Monetarism, indeterminacy and the Great Inflation' on 9th Februray(Tuesday) in room A0.05 from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you for a discussion on one of mostly widely researched topics in Macroeconomics. Post his presentation, Irfan will also discuss the field of monetary economics in general and its prospects and will take up a few questions on how to efficiently draft a research.

Timeline photos 26/01/2016

It was a pleasure interacting with Robert Akerlof today. WEE is certain that those who attended it had some brilliant food for thought. We look forward to seeing you guys again for our upcoming events. Keep checking this page for details!

Timeline photos 22/01/2016

It was a pleasure to see some of you for Dimitri Migrow's session. Continuing with our Topical Discussion Series, we are happy to share with you that Robert Aklerlof will be presenting his paper "Movers and Shakers" which examines investment projects. As some of us already know, Robert is a renowned behavioral economist and is son of George Akerlof and Janet Yellen. Armed with his PhD in Economics from Harvard, Robert has special interest in applied microeconomics.

The presentation will be followed by a QnA session.

Date: 26th January, Tuesday
Time: 5:30-6:30 pm
Venue: A0.05( Ground Floor, Social Sciences)

Photos from Warwick Economics Exchange's post 17/12/2015

Dimitri Migrow presented his fine work on Communication Hierarchies using microeconomics and game theory. He compared the communication system of Apple and Google, giving us a real world insight into this field. The event ended with him guiding the M.Sc students on how to link textbook knowledge to real world for dissertation. He shared his personal experiences on sequence of steps to draft a research paper. We thank him for his contribution and wish him success for his future endeavors


The purpose of Economics is the ability to apply textbook knowledge in real world and develop novel solutions to age-old problems. We, at Warwick Economics Exchange, are constantly endeavouring to provide our peers a platform to deliberate on various applications of Economics with long term goal of generating ideas for the dissertation.

We are glad to begin this year’s research series with micro economist Dimitri Migrow presenting his research on "Designing Communication Hierarchies to Elicit Information": a paper which studies how a manager can elicit employees' information by designing hierarchical communication network.

Date: 1st December, Tuesday (5:30-6:30 pm)
Venue: PG Hub

Hope to see you!

Submission 24/05/2015


Found your research topic but not sure what’s next? Or maybe you’re having trouble choosing between two interesting topics? Or maybe you just want some feedback? Here’s a quick reminder about the next W.E.E event, it could be just what you need!

Next, week W.E.E will be holding a number of dissertation workshops. The workshops are aimed to help you formulate your research idea into something clearer. Whether you’re at the early stages or have a good idea of what you would like to do, this is a great opportunity to get your thoughts heard by people working in a similar area of economics.

You will be split into small groups based on the topic of your dissertation and will have to answer the following questions:

What is your research question?
Why do you think it is an important question to ask?
What method are you going to use?
What do you think you will find?

You can go into as little or as much detail as you like, it’s designed to be an informal discussion.

The idea is for people working on similar areas of economics, to give you some feedback on your ideas as well as recommend any relevant articles or books you might find useful. This event promises to be great practice at talking about your research question but it also aimed to help you structure your research question.

When: Tues and Wed next week 26th, 27th May (evening sessions so won’t clash with supervisor meetings)

Shortly, we will be posting rooms and timings along with names of people in each room. This will depend on your chosen topic. The details will be up on facebook and we will also send you an e-mail by Monday afternoon.

******* DEADLINE for signups to this event is 12PM TOMMOROW. Spaces are limited so follow the link below and get ://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FU-F-Yi-FSMmcOzj7vITQHuNNKBX42YACb_SWLxtBys/viewform



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Hello everyone!

With dissertation season in full swing, WEE is organizing small group discussions and presentations between people who are working on topics within the same field. This is a great way to refine your idea, narrow your research question and get feedback from peers who are interested in the same domain!

You will be required to prepare a short presentation detailing your topic, the motivation behind it and a brief identification strategy. Time slots and rooms are yet to be decided, but the discussions will take place on Tuesday/Wednesday next week (26th and 27th May).

Please sign up here if you are interested. Places in each group are limited: https://docs.google.com/…/1FU-F-Yi-FSMmcOzj7vITQHu…/viewform

Not Found


Reinterpreting the Past or Forecasting the Future?

Looking for a little economics related procrastination? Check out the latest offering from the W.E.E blog. This week we have a short comment and link to "The Genius of Economics", a video where you'll find Thomas Piketty, Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz all on one stage!

Reinterpreting the Past or Forecasting the Future? Is the field of economics better at reinterpreting the events of the past than it is at forecasting the future? Or is it just that we focus on the wrong problems, such as looking at ways to reduce...

Keep Calm and Estimate. 01/03/2015

Keep Calm and Estimate.

This week's W.E.E blogpost brings you selection of helpful Econometrics resources.

Keep Calm and Estimate. Econometrics Projects are due in just over 2 weeks and your brains are probably flooded with data, estimation issues and diagnostic tests! But fear not, we’re here to help. W.E.E has compiled a lis...

Microcredit: The Grameen Bank 23/02/2015

Microcredit: The Grameen Bank

The latest W.E.E blogpost on Microcredit and its criticisms.

Microcredit: The Grameen Bank Microcredit is an important poverty alleviation tool which is based on providing small loans without collateral to the impoverished, who otherwise would be dependent on local moneylenders who charg...


Posts about Blog on Warwick Economics Exchange

W.E.E has launched its very first blog! All things Economics, including opinion pieces, article reviews, research articles and much more. The inaugural blog post is very topical. It's a short summary of Colin Camerer’s collaboration paper: ‘Irrational exuberance and neural crash warning signals during endogenous experimental market bubbles’, ahead of his talk at Warwick University today. Enjoy!

Posts about Blog on Warwick Economics Exchange Posts about Blog written by warwickeconomicsexchange



Here's an experimental macroeconomics paper which describes the design and behavior of an experimental economy.The findings highlight the role of market institutions in facilitating convergence to the optimal steady state.

It'll be a fresh change to those doing experimental economics and just seeing micro, while it might give budding Macroeconomists some ideas on testing assumptions/predictions of models in controlled settings. :)





For general writing advice, a useful resource pointed out to us by Dr. Miguel Almunia:http://faculty.chicagobooth.edu/john.cochrane/research/Papers/phd_paper_writing.pdf



Thanks for a great day, everyone! Really enjoyed all the presentations and gained a lot of insight about dissertations, and economics and its mysteries! And thanks also to everybody who managed to attend. Photos up soon. Cheers!


We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday! Hope it's an enriching and useful experience for all, and that we all take away something by engaging with the presenters and each other! To rehash, our motto is to exchange, explore and excel after all. :D


Registration for the Dissertation Colloquium 2014 has now closed. Thank you speakers for sending us your presentation materials and hope to see you on 1st September at the PG hub, Warwick Senate House. Don't miss the Morning Reception which starts at 10:30 am!


Hi everyone, thanks again for your registration of our event. You should probably get a follow up message sent to your registered email, please check to confirm your attending and approve of the time schedule.


Hello guys, thanks for signing up! You should receive a follow up email soon, please reply to it with your confirmation as soon as possible. Look forward to seeing you!

-- How to Participate 23/08/2014

-- How to Participate

This is to confirm a second speaker for the Colloquium, Dr. Miguel Almunia (http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/economics/staff/malmuniacandela/), who will also be sharing his inputs and last-minute dissertation tips. Register soon!

-- How to Participate If your are interested in participating our Dissertation Colloquium (whether presenting your work or just listening and discussing), please register below so that we can make suitable arrangements....

-- How to Participate 22/08/2014

-- How to Participate

A week left to register for the Dissertation Colloquium!
# It's free!
## Special session hosted by Abhinay Mutthoo.
### 1st September, PG Hub.

-- How to Participate If your are interested in participating our Dissertation Colloquium (whether presenting your work or just listening and discussing), please register below so that we can make suitable arrangements....

-- How to Participate 20/08/2014

-- How to Participate

So, hello!

Warwick Economics Exchange is proud to present the “Dissertation Colloquium”; a one day event to be held on 1st of September, 2014 created to help you “exchange, explore and excel”. MSc students are welcome to present their final dissertation on a nationwide forum which will include participants from top UK Universities. We also invite students to simply attend the event and participate in post-presentation discussions.

The department intends to keep you well fed and will acknowledge your participation in the event by means of a certificate.

In order to enable us to make suitable arrangements please fill out the following form below. The deadline for registration is latest by Thursday, 28 August for attendees, and Monday 25 August for dissertation presenters:

Also we are currently in need of two session hosts for the event, if anyone is interested in holding the session talk please also email [email protected]. We are looking forward to your participation!
See you there!

On behalf of
The Warwick Economics Exchange Team

For any clarifications
Phone: +447449679708, Email: [email protected]

-- How to Participate If your are interested in participating our Dissertation Colloquium (whether presenting your work or just listening and discussing), please register below so that we can make suitable arrangements....


Sorry again for the brief hiatus! The Dissertation Colloquium for this year is taking place on 1st September. More details to follow soon!

The Math of Love: Calculating the Odds of Finding Your Soulmate 17/02/2014

The Math of Love: Calculating the Odds of Finding Your Soulmate

Thanks Jeroen for the great talk this evening! If you guys enjoyed the talk, or would like to demystify love (or try to!) in general, you should check this out:


The Math of Love: Calculating the Odds of Finding Your Soulmate The science of why there are roughly 871 special someones for you out there. Since the dawn of recorded history, poets and philosophers h

The Case against Patents 09/02/2014

The Case against Patents

Conventional wisdom has it that patents are necessary for innovation, progress and growth. Yet it is also recognized that they create opportunities for rent-seeking, regulatory capture and patent trolling.

In the latest issue of the Journal of Economic Perspectives, Michele Boldrin and David Levine argue that patent systems should be abolished completely.

What is your opinion - pie in the sky or a revolution in how we handle innovation?

The Case against Patents The case against patents can be summarized briefly: there is no empirical evidence that they serve to increase innovation and productivity, unless productivity is identified with the number of patents awarded—which, as evidence shows, has no correlation with measured productivity.


Ariel Rubinstein's advice to academics: priceless.

Also check out the International Cafe Guide he talks about on his website. Now you know where to go when you have the proverbial "researcher's block"!


Timeline photos 05/02/2014

Thanks for coming, everyone! And thank you Anthony for a great talk. Look forward to seeing you all next week, details to follow soon.


Who said economists don't have a sense of humour? This is a remarkable paper by Paul Krugman, written when he was only 25. His concern: interstellar trade.

Read on!


Mobility, measured 01/02/2014

Mobility, measured

"Cross-country analyses (also) suggest there is an inverse relationship between income inequality and social mobility—a phenomenon that has become known as the “Great Gatsby” curve."

What do you think?


Mobility, measured AMERICANS are deeply divided as to whether widening inequality is a problem, let alone what the government should do about it. Some are appalled that Bill Gates has...

Research Lounge: Megan Crawford-Grime “The Crisis of Suggestion: Propaganda and Risky Behaviour” 28/01/2014

Research Lounge: Megan Crawford-Grime “The Crisis of Suggestion: Propaganda and Risky Behaviour”

We hope you enjoyed our first Research Lounge last week! For those who missed and the audience who want to have a review, here is the summary:

"The Crisis of Suggestion: Propaganda & Risky Behaviour" by Megan Crawford-Grime (MSc in Behavioural & Economic Science).


Research Lounge: Megan Crawford-Grime “The Crisis of Suggestion: Propaganda and Risky Behaviour” Date: Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014 Location: PG Hub 1, Senate House Topic: The Crisis of Suggestion: Propaganda and Risky Behaviour Speaker: Megan Crawford-Grime About the Speaker: Megan earned a B.A. in...


WEE Executive Team 2013/14 Recruitment is now closed.

We thank all applicants for your interest and the result has been sent via email.

We are very excited to see so many talented students, from a diversity of programmes, are interested in contributing to this unique undertaking to promote the exchange of future economists’ thoughts. We are sure all new team members will have a wonderful journey at WEE, harvesting excitement, experience and friendship!

Our members of the new team will meet you very soon!




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