Jake Brown • Reiki Master Teacher

Jake Brown • Reiki Master Teacher

Jake is a Reiki Master Teacher in the West Midlands. Check out the website to get in touch and find

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Building Community - Inclusiveness, Integration & Conflict Resolution.

"We are living in very tumultuous times! With respect to the growing need to think, and act “outside the box” in regard to building community, how can we realistically plant ourselves on the middle ground? Let’s discuss how to develop an inclusive community of human beings while also establishing reasonable boundaries to ensure integrity and form a healthy new paradigm?"

Join our conversation at https://community.brucelipton.com/t/building-community-inclusiveness-integration-conflict-resolution/6006

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There’s a lot of talk about self love because it matters. But before we can love ourselves, we have to meet ourselves. And, not the self that is conditioned to meet the expectations of family or society.

The truth, authentic self


Everyone who comes into your life, does so for a reason. Even if our interaction with them seems filled with turmoil or conflict… perhaps they were not meant to stay for long. But what they did was stirr up your energy, giving you the opportunity to know yourself a little deeper, and ultimately, to strengthen your connection to your mission.

DO NOT shrink yourself for anyone ✨💙

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Something to consider adding to your daily self-care routine? 🤔 🌱

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You are here with soul purpose to experience life as the unique being that is you. There is nothing small about your soul. Let it shine! ✨💙


Self-care is not a luxury. It is vital for our health on all levels. So, how do you practice self-care? 💙


It is so important to live for right now. It is all that really exists. It is where we find peace, joy, gratitude, the power to change, and freedom from worry 🙏

Don't wait. Live now. ✨


As you speak these affirmations, really allow yourself to be with your feelings.

Is there any resistance to the words? If so, this may highlight an area that you require balance. For example, do you feel resistance towards “I am in my body”? If so, spend some time to ground yourself today, take a walk, stand barefoot on the Earth. Do you feel resistance towards “I am love”? If so, self-care should be your priority. Do something that makes you feel good, just for you. However simple it may be.

Allow your cup to fill with love before you go out into the world today ✨

Sending you lots of love 💙

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I am definitely not a stranger to the cocoon stage of healing. It’s always ok to withdraw from the world for a while 💙 🐛 🦋

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When there’s a cat on your lap, all other work must come to a stop 😅🥰🐈

Show me your animal friends! 💙


Hello my friends 🤗

This week I have done something quite exciting and published my first book!

It is available now on Amazon ✨
Balance With Reiki: Usui Reiki Level One Manual https://amzn.eu/d/197ia5q

I would be incredibly grateful to anyone who wishes to support my author journey by sharing this post, and/or purchasing a copy ❤️. And if you have a moment, it will really help others to find my work by leaving an honest review 😊

Always remember, there is no dream you can’t achieve.

Lots of love and Reiki blessings 💙🙏


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This is so true 💙

I love the simplicity of this




Reiki is the most natural state for all things. Unconditional love. So by charging our body and energy field with Reiki, we can experience states of expanded awareness and even rediscover our authentic selves.


The unknown can feel scary. But change is the nature of this universe. Without it, we deny ourselves the opportunity to blossom 🌸 💙



How do you practice self-care? 💙


Surround yourself with people who see your value 💙


The human experience is not meant to feel like a test. Every new moment holds space for brand new and unique ways to experience ourselves, and the world we perceive around us. But we can only show up for these moments when we are fully present 💙

The present moment is where we meet with higher states of consciousness. unconditional love, gratitude and acceptance. It is where we find our true selves, and the life we really want to live. It is the place where we take effective action as co-creators 🌍 ✨


We had a wonderful time learning together and practicing level one Usui Reiki this weekend ☀️

If you would like to join one of my future Reiki courses, please get in touch 😊

You can also find out more through my website 💙 www.jakebrownintuitive.com


True peace is something which originates from within, it’s a practice of being present💙

Photo is Esme the Ragdoll, enjoying the return of some warmer weather ✨ She reminds me to feel peaceful every time I look at her ❤️

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Hello beautiful souls!

I have spaces for my next level one Usui Reiki training weekend ❤️

Based in Coventry, with lunch, full manual and certification included.

If you feel drawn to me, I would be honoured to teach you 🙏

My lineage is verifiable for UKRF and CNHC membership, and I am happy to train my students at all levels of Reiki.

Please get in touch to book your place.

[email protected]
Jake Brown Intuitive - Reiki

Reiki blessings to you all,
Jake x


These are the 5 Reiki ideals. They encourage us to live for today (a manageable amount of time).

When remembered in the morning and evening, they can guide us to living a happy and healthy life 💙


When we try to suppress an emotion, we are blocking our energy from flowing, and we become ungrounded.

Experiencing an emotion means we stay open to feeling into it, we take responsibility for it and therefore we learn something new about ourselves. 🙏

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If you have been noticing some ‘unusual’ behaviour from people around you this week, or maybe some uncomfortable truths coming to the surface in your close relationships. You may be observing the effects of this months full moon 🌝

It's Happening For The First Time In Human History | DAVID ICKE 2022 18/02/2022

It's Happening For The First Time In Human History | DAVID ICKE 2022

It's Happening For The First Time In Human History | DAVID ICKE 2022 For the first time in known human history we have the numbers & the momentum of Awakening to truly change the course of the human story and set the world free from this darkness that's been ruling us

Clairvoyants 'See' Energy Healing in Action, Study Finds | Gaia 18/02/2022

Clairvoyants 'See' Energy Healing in Action, Study Finds | Gaia

Very interesting article from Gaia.com. Researchers from The Institute of Noetic Sciences have been studying the effects of Reiki, and the ability for clairvoyants to perceive the energy during a Reiki treatment.
With amazing results!
Definitely worth a read! 💙 Gaia

Clairvoyants 'See' Energy Healing in Action, Study Finds | Gaia An important new scientific study shows that energy can be both channeled to produce healing, and “seen” through extended perception, beyond the five senses.


We are here to get to know ourselves in a brand new, unique way.

We shouldn’t wait to be told how, or when.

You do have free will. And you do have the power to choose.

There’s a whole universe inside you just waiting to be explored and experienced 💙



We have opportunities every single day to get to know ourselves on a deeper level.

Expanding our awareness means seeking understanding of why we feel, think and act the way we do.

Photo credit: Garidy Sanders on Unsplash


Did you know that gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings we can experience? Especially when looking to manifest abundance in our lives.

However, many of us find it difficult to feel grateful, and forget to notice all the blessings already around us.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the power of gratitude. Check out my most recent blog post, where we explore what gratitude is, the benefits of cultivating gratitude as a practice, and how to begin bringing more gratitude into our lives each day. In a manageable way! 💙



Are you looking for an easy way to start reducing stress?

Our mind and body are constantly under pressure from the outside world. Whether from our jobs, different relationships, children, responsibilities, as well as our own inner dialogue.

Luckily, there are some simple techniques that everyone and anyone can use each day. To reduce stress and bring about positive change. All that’s required is a little investment of time and effort each day, and you will quickly begin to notice how you are more present, and able to handle stressful situations with ease.

To read the full blog post just follow this link- https://jakebrownintuitive.com/3-simple-stress-reducing-techniques-that-you-can-use-today/



And you will find your life becomes much simpler 💙


Taking action towards a goal, however small that action may be, will begin to affirm that you believe in yourself. And when you really believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Take action today 💙


So what are you waiting for? 💙

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