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Built By Brown


Fair play to that person who is accepting change and the willingness to become a better person.

If you are one of these people, then the key is to keep going.

What you do in the gym doesn't matter too much at the moment, just going there is more important.

Consistency trumps everything.

If you are in a place where health is high on the priority list, then invest in a coach who can guide you to understand the gym a bit more.

But if you're one of these people who can't afford personal training, then Built By Brown and I may have the perfect beginner program for you.

Let me know if you are interested.
Superb content as per Built By Brown 👏🏻
Thanks to Adam Boyd-Brown for all the help and support during these runs .shows what we can achieve combining strength training and cardiovascular.

Helping busy dads over the age of 30:
- Get leaner without giving up beer
- Become stronger, fitter

Personal Trainer and Online Coach specialising in helping golfers improve their physical capabilities to power up their games.

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Ready to make some positive changes to your health with some PT in a private gym in Chichester?

For the first time in as long as I remember I have 2 morning spots open for personal training.


1. You have to be ready to make some changes both inside and outside the gym

2. You need to be able to train between 7-9am

3. You need to be an optimist, otherwise you’ll find spending an hour with my positivity unbearable 😂

If you’re up for a no pressure chat pop a comment below or send me a DM


I don't like what I'm seeing over here...⁣

We've all had a tricky couple of years filled with upheaval...⁣

And I'm worried that some of you out there might have lost your mojo a bit...⁣

And started “settling”...⁣

I know that you might feel right now that you are too tired to make a move…⁣

Too overwhelmed to break out of the daily routine…⁣

But that is the very time that we need to be brave and take a stand.⁣

What’s missing in your life is purpose and a definite goal…⁣

So, no, I don’t mean that I want you to keep on doing the same stuff you’ve tried before…⁣

I want you to try something brand new…⁣

To get crystal clear on what you want, need and feel.⁣

You weren’t born to settle and accept things…⁣

It’s time to shake things up…⁣

Tap back into the power inside you…⁣

And take control.⁣

I can help you to get it back... TODAY.⁣


Don't you just hate vague advice?⁣

Coming from those who have made incredible changes...⁣

But when you ask them how they did it they reply...⁣

"I just cut down a bit"...⁣

Or "took one less sugar in my tea"...⁣

F**K OFF! You did not!⁣

It's annoying because it’s so bloody vague that it could be interpreted in a crazy amount of ways…⁣

For example… Instead of 5 custard tarts today, I only had 4… That IS cutting down.⁣

Is it going to get you closer to your health and fitness goals?⁣

It's doubtful.

What I’m saying is to get crystal clear on what it is you want…⁣

How fast you want to get there (because this will determine how rigid you need to be)...⁣

And how you want it all to FEEL…⁣

Quite often, this last step is overlooked in favour of measurable metrics like weight…⁣

Or how heavy we can lift.⁣

But how our lives feel is BY FAR the most important thing.⁣

Now I get that these things can be quite difficult to pin down…⁣

Many of us just do precisely what we’ve always done…⁣

Stick to an age-old diet plan…⁣

The same training split we cut out of Muscle & Fitness magazine years ago.⁣

But the truth is we need to evolve our health and fitness to suit our lifestyles…⁣

Because only then will it feel achievable and sustainable.⁣

All of this stuff feels quite overwhelming to put in place, right?⁣

And that is where a professional coach can be worth his weight in gold.⁣

This is your health…⁣

Why would you leave anything to chance?⁣

Photos from Built By Brown's post 10/08/2023

It’s understandable most people don’t think they have enough time to exercise each week…

Last year I signed up to an online group program for my own training as I wanted to go in and not think about my own session…

1 hour and 45 minutes later I left the gym after completing the first one and promptly cancelled my membership 😂

Most of my clients are no different…

If I gave them a session that lasted that long they’d rarely get it done.

The time commitment would be too high…

They’d end up having to choose between important s**t they HAVE to do (like work and family responsibilities)

And important s**t they’d LIKE to do but don’t have to do (like look after themselves).

I don’t want you to constantly have to make that choice.

So here is an effective framework I use for creating rapid but effective training sessions for my most time-pressed clients.

P.s I’ll share another one of these for people who only have 60 mins a week to train soon


Who loves a bloody good list?…⁣

Nothing more therapeutic than making lists is there?⁣

The problem is that unless we act on them they are just empty plans…⁣

And we are all guilty of it…⁣

Our conscience pricks us, saying that we really should get our health and fitness in order…⁣

So we go into the "notes" section on our phone...⁣

Or, if you're old school, you might grab a pen and paper, lol...⁣

We write down the goal…⁣

Some idea of how we might get there…⁣

Maybe even a grocery shopping list of healthy foods…⁣

New trainers we will "need" to make the journey possible, lol...⁣

Then we firmly shut the book and feel vindicated!⁣

We’ve taken the first step… That’s quite enough for now.⁣

No judgements… I’ve done it myself.⁣

The truth is that sometimes our own thoughts are not enough to spur us into action…⁣

They don’t provide us with the focus we need…⁣

Give us a water-tight, detailed plan…⁣

Or the accountability that is so necessary for success.⁣

The fact is that a dream without a plan remains a dream…⁣

It just so happens that planning and ex*****on are kind of my thing…⁣

Let me take you past the planning stage.⁣


“If I add one more plate to spin I'm gonna drop the fu***ng lot!”...⁣

This was something that a new client of mine said to me a few months ago when we had a chat about him joining my programme…⁣

He worked full-time, had 3 children and a ton of other responsibilities to consider…⁣

Quite frankly, he was at capacity.⁣

So it’s not surprising that he considered fitness as just another plate to spin...⁣

Yet he was desperate to feel good about his physique.⁣

He hadn't made it to the golf course - his happy place - for months. ⁣

He had nowhere to let off steam!⁣

I reassured him that what he was feeling was complete overwhelm.⁣

I’m sure most of us can relate to that.⁣

His energy levels were lower than a snake’s belly…⁣

So the thought of exercising was the straw that would break the camel's back...⁣

So I made him an offer...⁣

I asked him to trust me for JUST 90 DAYS and that if he didn’t feel better we’d part company…⁣

No hard feelings.⁣

Well, we are now 60 days into that time period and he is absolutely OWNING my challenge.⁣

His energy levels have rocketed so he feels far more able to cope with whatever s**t life throws his way...⁣

He told me that training has given him something that is JUST FOR HIM...⁣

And that the changes in his body and mind are only helping with how he copes on a day-to-day basis with stress.⁣

The lesson here?⁣

Trust a professional…⁣

Let me take the strain…⁣

It’s my job to make it feel simple and straightforward…⁣


And to support you relentlessly…⁣

So I'm going to make you the same offer...⁣

Give me 90 days, and I will give you the rest of your (new) life back.⁣


What's one of the biggest concerns people have when starting work with a professional coach?⁣

You might think it's the cost...⁣

The commitment...⁣

Or the time...⁣

I'm not saying we don't see these concerns... but the top worry?⁣


We've all seen them...⁣

Poor blokes standing there for all to see in baggy underpants that have seen better days...⁣

Stood there in all their knock-kneed glory...⁣

Now it's easy to assume that men have this "locker room" attitude and are happy to prance around in their budgie smugglers for all to see...⁣

But not all blokes feel that way... Especially those who don't feel so good about their physiques...⁣

So I'd like to reassure you.⁣

If that's a source of stress for you...⁣

You don't have to show me or anyone else.⁣

But when a client has specifically stated they want to change the look of their body...

I recommend they take 'em, keep 'em safe, and know that I'll ask you to refer back to them at some point.

These photos are just 1 small measure of progress, but they will be a SUPERB resource.⁣

Sometimes the scales/tape measurements are slow to catch up.⁣

Sometimes we feel like we are getting nowhere...⁣

When that happens, it seems like we're not progressing.⁣

And the temptation to hit the f**k it button is strong 🔘⁣

But those photos will save you.⁣

Again and again.⁣

They protect you from throwing in the towel when you're doing all the right things, and thinking maybe you'll bin it all off because it "isn't working".⁣

Those photos are your insurance policy.⁣

Because when you see how much stronger your body looks, they'll fire you up to keep going.⁣


Openness... one of my core values...⁣

Inside Thrive 90, honesty is our vibe…⁣

Openness above everything...⁣

From the moment you approach me…⁣

Until the time you feel you’ve achieved most of what you want to.⁣

I am incredibly mindful of the courage it takes for clients to send that first DM…⁣

To reach out and show themselves…⁣

To allow me to see them at their most vulnerable…⁣

I know the guts it takes to show up like that...⁣

It's often hard for men in particular to appear vulnerable in this way. ⁣

At Thrive 90, I appreciate the courage that’s required to raise your hand and be seen.⁣

Because we know that openness and vulnerability build trust.⁣

And trust is where we need to be in order to build the foundations of a healthy client/coach relationship.⁣

Trust, as with every relationship, is essential.⁣

I know it’s a huge ask…⁣

To ask you to trust me with your body, mind and health.⁣


Inside Thrive 90, I want to empower all members…⁣

Strengthening their mindset…⁣

Making them physically stronger…⁣

But, above all, making them feel worthy and develop unshakeable confidence.⁣

It’s one of my absolute bugbears…⁣

Men who lack support in life...⁣

As though we don't need any help because we are MEN (bollocks).⁣

ESPECIALLY those of us who are dads. It seems like we're just expected to suddenly be the fountain of all knowledge.⁣

And we don't want to lose face by not knowing. So we're left unsupported because we don't seek it.⁣

This lack of support can present in many different ways...⁣

As hard as it may be to hear this…⁣

Not everyone in your life has your best interests at heart.⁣

They might love you, sure…⁣

But they are serving themselves through their own behaviours.⁣

That's not a criticism; they don't know any better and that's how they're showing love.⁣

But when you're surrounded by that, it's no wonder you haven't been able to be successful.⁣

I teach my clients to take ownership of their lives…⁣

To look at their behaviours each week and examine what is serving them (or not)...⁣

And to know they are completely entitled to reinforce their own boundaries..⁣

But we can’t get to that place unless you trust me to guide you…⁣

And trust yourself to fully commit.⁣

If you’re interested in this approach, we should talk more.⁣


I'm not scared of being questioned...⁣

You can ask me anything fitness related...⁣

Odds are I'll have been asked it before...⁣

But if I don't know, I'll admit it...⁣

And go and find you the information...⁣

Because real authority can accept being challenged...⁣

When I was in school, I had a horrible design-tech teacher…⁣

As an aside… Can I just ask has anyone ever had an emotionally stable tech teacher?⁣

(Or resistant materials or whatever the hell it’s called these days).⁣

These types of teachers were all so pi**ed off that they’d been stuck in what amounts to a garden shed the whole of their lives…⁣

I reckon they were constantly on the point of breakdown.⁣

Anyway, I digress.⁣

In my final year, he managed to lose my ENTIRE portfolio.

In my fu***ng GCSE year! I ended up having to be graded upon for the whole 12 months upon 1 piece of work I got given a weekend to complete.

He was never the kind of teacher that liked to be questioned, it was simply his way or the highway.

That’s not how we roll inside Thrive 90.⁣

I welcome questions…⁣

And other routes you'd like to experiment with to get to the desired outcome...

I look forward to being grilled…⁣

And have you question why we're doing something…⁣

Why? ⁣

Because if you understand the reason we are are doing something, it helps you buy-in to the process even more...

And achieve even better results because of it.

Photos from Built By Brown's post 28/07/2023

As a parent, focusing on your own health can feel like a selfish act.

We worry about letting our partners down,

And missing quality time that we could be spending with our children.

You ever heard the phrase "I'd die for my children".

Whilst that's grandiose statement, I'd like to think it's the case for all of us so should go without saying...

But being children of parents ourselves, I think it's safe to say what your kids would much prefer...

Actually seeing you look after yourselves so you can be around for longer.

We're always going to have mixed feelings at the start about making some time for self-care.

But once you begin seeing the benefits of it, those mixed feelings start to evaporate.

And we begin feeling like we're setting the right examples to our kids of how they should treat themselves as they grow up.

We shouldn't feel guilty about eating right and being active,

Technically we're doing it for them just as much as us.


“You're a bit different from how I pictured a personal trainer?” 😂⁣

My clients say this to me with a smirk.⁣

✅ A “kind and caring personal trainer”...⁣

✅ Who loves playing golf and drinking beers with his clients

✅ And hates militant coaches and those that take fitness too seriously

..but if I can't be 100% myself with my clients...⁣

..if I can get them a result, but they can't keep it...⁣

..or if they feel ignored or belittled at any point so that they can't extract the value they deserve from my programme...⁣

Because I'm too focused on my bank account or a car 🍆⁣

That's my reputation with myself F**KED.⁣

So, yeah, maybe I am different from other people in this industry…⁣

I hope I am 😌⁣


A knowledgeable client asks fewer and better questions.⁣

I like this idea.⁣

But people don't get there by themselves.⁣

So I welcome the questions. ⁣

I love the opportunity to help you grow and develop.⁣

After all, you'll need to be able to make the right decisions for yourself long term.⁣

And to do that, you need to learn how to make a good choice.⁣

You might know what the better option is already...⁣

In which case, you may need to learn to consistently make it.⁣

And course correct where you need to.⁣

I don't want you to NEED me forever.⁣

I'm gonna give you all the tools you need to be the go-to guy in your circle.⁣

✅ The guy all the other blokes ask when they have a fitness question.⁣

✅ The husband that doesn't have the dad bod.⁣

✅ And the dad that has the energy to keep up with their kids.⁣

That's my goal, and if it's yours too... we might be a good match.⁣


A lot of coaches will have an audience.⁣

Some even have a massive following with borderline fame...⁣

But do they build proper relationships?⁣

People are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.⁣

Some people say you shouldn't be friends with your clients.⁣

I think that's bulls**t.⁣

My clients mean the world to me. ⁣

Everything I do in a professional capacity, I do for them.⁣

I think about them all the time.⁣

It keeps me awake at night often.

How I can better serve them.⁣

How I can make the service fit them even better.⁣

How I can reinvest to improve their experience.⁣


Because I have genuine affection for them.⁣

And this is mirrored in how they behave for themselves and others.⁣

That’s what makes Thrive 90 stand out from the rest…⁣

A quality environment where growth and contribution are the "norm".⁣

You’d be so welcome to find out first hand…⁣


I’m not just in it for the moolah.⁣

Don’t get me wrong… ⁣

Everyone needs to put food on the table…⁣

We ALL have bills to pay…⁣

But coaches who do it JUST for the money…⁣

I have to question their motives.⁣

First and foremost, I believe that fitness is for EVERYONE…⁣

✅ Every ability…⁣

✅ Every skill level...⁣

✅ Every budget.⁣

I want everyone to feel super welcome.⁣

I feel a huge duty of care towards all of my clients…⁣

And I hope that is obvious in the way I run my business.⁣

So, if you come across an online coach who is preoccupied with selling you s**t you don’t need…⁣

More interested in getting your bank details than your backstory…⁣

Scroll away as fast as your fingers will take you…⁣


Every single time.⁣


A weekend spent drinking and eating too much celebrating the birth of my better half

You’re just getting better with age like a fine wine/cheese/cured meat.

If you haven’t yet wished her a happy bday chuck it in the comments and I’ll pass it on 😘


Ever been to a gym or worked with a PT who was just going through the motions?⁣

Talking to their colleague instead of helping you…⁣

Discussing their weekend (loudly) with another PT when they were meant to be watching your form…⁣

Or scrolling on their phone whilst you struggle away…

My actual pet hate is a LOT more damaging. ⁣

I've known people get a world class result - for the after picture...⁣

Just to get ignored, neglected and frankly - ghosted...⁣

And then regain all the weight they lost because they didn't develop the skills to keep it.⁣

Terrible service, based on transactions - and f**k all long term focus.⁣

Just another name on the calendar…⁣

The problem is that you then feel like YOU were the problem all along.⁣

But YOU are NOT a problem. ⁣

Inside Thrive 90, that’s not how we roll…⁣

YOU are my first and last concern…⁣

The alpha and omega.⁣

We aren’t bothered about what you are capable of right now…⁣

We will meet you where you are and put you at ease.⁣

That’s why it’s like other fitness programmes…⁣

YOUR LONG TERM HEALTH is my priority.⁣


My favourite thing about fitness…⁣

Is knowing that I'm investing into the best version of myself I can.⁣

That isn't limited to my time at the gym. ⁣

It translates into the rest of my life.⁣

✅ Investing in being the best dad I can be.⁣

✅ Investing in being the most attentive husband⁣.

✅ Investing in becoming the best possible coach.⁣

There’s something about going head-to-head with yourself…⁣

Being your own competition…⁣

And pushing yourself to limits you never knew existed…⁣

That builds insane confidence…⁣

Makes us realise we are strong and capable…⁣

And helps us to believe we can do more in other areas.⁣

On a weekly basis I get to see clients...

Go on to get new jobs/promotions…⁣

Improve their personal relationships and find new ones…⁣

Win golf tournaments and shoot their best ever scores ⛳️

And reach personal and professional life goals that they’d never thought possible before joining.⁣

It can't be a coincidence, can it?⁣

Of course not!⁣

You are incredibly capable…⁣

And can achieve anything you set your mind to.⁣

It starts with getting clear on what you want to use that power for 🚀⁣


I used to know this bloke that talked SUCH a big game.⁣

"Pick you up at 7am and we'll go smash a big session" - doesn't show up. ⁣

Texts at 7:30 with an excuse.⁣

It didn't take long before I had to find a new training partner.

I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to be thought of as the sort of person who didn’t keep their word…⁣

The one who let others down…⁣

Didn’t do what they said they would.⁣

Yet, when it comes to health and fitness… So many of us default on our promises…⁣


We let ourselves down…over and over…year after year.⁣

But that’s not the worst part…⁣

In behaving this way we damage our self-belief beyond recognition…⁣

Until we are at the point where our confidence is rock bottom…⁣

And we honestly doubt our own capabilities.⁣

That’s where the real damage happens.⁣

That’s why inside Thrive 90, we do a ton of work on self-belief…⁣


And commitment to developing a 'growth mindset'.⁣

I know you wouldn’t repeatedly let other people down…⁣

Let us change your mindset so that you treat yourself with the same level of respect.⁣


“Shy kids don’t get sweets.⁣”

I used to know a guy who'd say this all the time.⁣

It was about asking for what you wanted.⁣

And being clear about what you didn't want.⁣

In a way that was respectful.⁣

Boundaries aren't rude or disrespectful… as long as YOU aren't rude or disrespectful.⁣

It’s our right as individuals to demand the best for ourselves.⁣

And the same is true when it comes to our health and fitness…⁣

Finding the courage to reach out for help…⁣

Asking those questions (even if you think they sound stupid - btw they aren’t!)...⁣

And being willing to be a beginner and make mistakes.⁣

That’s why the process of becoming fit and strong teaches us so much.⁣

Nobody’s coming to save you…⁣

But that’s why I’m here… ⁣

To make sure you can do the job yourself.⁣

Once and for all.⁣


One of the most difficult things about adult life is saying “no”...⁣

Most of us want to be liked…⁣

Want to be popular…⁣

And saying “no” makes us worry that we won’t be.⁣

And that’s why asserting a boundary is SUCH a difficult thing.⁣

But here’s the great news…⁣

It’s a bit like training our muscles…⁣

It hurts like hell the first few times, then it fades to discomfort…⁣

And eventually, it’s empowering and you start to like it.⁣

Putting a boundary in place is incredibly hard - at FIRST…⁣

But as with most hard things, these are the times we grow.⁣

Doing other difficult things has an overspill effect…⁣

That's why training has such a positive effect on the rest of our lives.⁣

Putting our health first means that we set a standard…⁣

A standard that we aren’t willing to negotiate on.⁣

I see it with the guys I coach…⁣

They set the bar when it comes to health and fitness…⁣

And find themselves more able to put boundaries in place in the rest of their lives.⁣

They get more respect at work.⁣

Their partners look at them differently.⁣

Even their mates treat them better.⁣

Slowly, people begin to realise that these boundaries are not to be crossed…⁣

And respect is earned.⁣

But people take their cues from you.⁣


Golf balls, pink backpacks & BBQs⁣

Fatherhood is EVERYTHING to me…⁣

In fact, most weekends, you’ll find me walking around rocking a mega-cute pink backpack…⁣

Being the coolest “girl dad” in the village 😆

I live for being a family man…⁣

My business is built on these values…⁣

And that is why my mission is to help men who have lost their way…⁣

Men who believe it’s not possible to find balance…⁣

Who are either “on it” 100% to the exclusion of everything (and everyone) else…⁣

Or eating and drinking like it's their full time jobs.⁣

I guess I am in good shape, but I love a beer and a good old BBQ…🍺🥩⁣

I train (less than most think) but also get plenty of exercise playing golf with my Dad and mates…⛳⁣

I’m about building an environment that feels like a supportive “Dad Community”...⁣

Somewhere family men can go…⁣

No matter what shape they find themselves in…⁣

And be free from judgement.⁣

I’m not about to do an Ant Middleton on my clients and make them train in their pants.⁣

My values as a coach are all about building incredible strength & fitness, family bonds and the long-term picture…⁣

I believe we definitely CAN have it all…⁣

I hope these posts have given you a clearer idea of the type of person I am…⁣

What I’m about…⁣

And what Thrive 90 could bring to your life…⁣

Now, where have I put my Wagyu burger? 🍔⁣


I turned on the news and saw that Robin Williams had died 💔⁣

I was in the grip of extreme anxiety, and for some reason, his passing was a light bulb moment for me…⁣

I knew there and then that life was WAY too short to feel this fu***ng miserable…⁣

So somehow, I found the strength to make a huge decision…⁣

I decided that I had to pursue my dream of being a PT…⁣

With the support of my (then) girlfriend Hannah (now wife), she helped me find the courage to take a leap of faith…⁣

I joined Lift The Bar... ⁣

An incredible organisation that helps train PTs… It was to be a massive turning point in my life.⁣

Gradually, my confidence grew as I found myself in an environment that actually encouraged me…⁣

I got into competitive bodybuilding and began working in a concept gym owned by Gr***de (the carb-killa guys).

I now also had as mentor, and it gave me a massive kickstart into the industry which I'll always be forever grateful for.

After a couple of years I teamed up with 2 other PTs, and we finally managed to scrape enough money together to open our own studio… ⁣

The dream was becoming a reality 🚀⁣

Throughout all the stresses of starting a running a coaching business, the golf course was the main place I found myself switching off…⁣

I was coaching some pro golfers at the time who I started playing with regularly, and it helped me see how much of an impact strength training had on their games.

In 2019 I married Hannah and, a year later (in lockdown), had our first daughter 🌹…⁣

Life was all coming together…⁣

In my next post, I’ll tell you all:⁣

✅ Where I am with it now…⁣

✅ What I consider important…⁣

✅ And what you’ll find me doing most weekends…😁⁣


Golf had distracted me from the A's I'd been predicted.⁣

I came out of college with nothing like the grades I should have achieved…⁣

And found myself working for SSE (the power company), talking to vulnerable customers on a daily basis…⁣

These people were living in poverty, and it was incredibly hard to help them…⁣

One day, a woman actually told me that it would be my fault if her baby died because she couldn’t afford to feed it 😭

..It was pretty brutal, and I woke up every day anxious about going to work.⁣

I absolutely hated it, and lived for the weekends… ⁣

I would drink myself stupid to forget the s**t from the week.⁣

I didn’t see the connection at the time, but my anxiety levels began to rocket… 📈⁣

I’d always been anxious, but my job and lifestyle were making it 100x worse.⁣

I’ll always remember the day it all came to a head…⁣

It’s too long to write now...⁣

So, I’ll put it in my next post…⁣

Turn on post notifications if you’re interested.⁣

Photos from Built By Brown's post 09/07/2023

Little photo-dump from 10 of the most relaxing days away.

In the past I’ve often found myself approaching the end of a holiday starting to switch back into work-brain.

I can honestly say that wasn’t the case this time.

9am lie-ins and leaving the phone in the room safe was a potent combination for coming back fully recharged.

Whilst I love what I do, I’m starting to become more aware that it can’t be the only yardstick to how I measure success.

Helping people get healthier and change their lives in a positive way is amazingly satisfying…

But it doesn’t mean much if I’m spending the time I should be unwinding with my family still focusing on that.

Goals upon returning…

1. Keep the phone off during family time

2. Date night with every other week

3. 1 round of golf and 1 practice session slotted into the work diary 🤫

Now to keep myself accountable to my actions in the same way I’d ask of anyone else!


Nothing to see here, folks!⁣

Now, I know a ton of online coaches whose stories would make an excellent Netflix series.

A tale of broken families, trauma, addiction and living life on the edge…⁣

Erm… ⁣

If you’ve tuned in for a dose of the above, I’m afraid you’re going to be more disappointed than a veggie at a BBQ…⁣

(And I should know… Read on…)⁣

I had a normal, stable, happy childhood…almost feel like I should apologise at this point 😂⁣

My parents were balanced, supportive people who are still together now into their 70s...⁣

I was raised a vegetarian (see?) and stayed that way until I discovered weightlifting in my later teens…⁣

Which is when I suddenly realised that I needed more protein than my cheese-based diet could provide 😂 ⁣

At school, I wasn’t your typical “popular” kid…⁣

I was well into football, golf, and tennis and (despite being tiny) randomly always did well at high jump 🤔⁣

But I was a bit of a spectacle-wearing geeky herbivore…⁣

So when I tell you that confidence was running low, I know you’ll understand.⁣

It’s fair to say that when it came to girls…⁣

I was to dating what Phillip Schofield was to great PR 😂⁣

Weightlifting was the thing that started to build my incredibly low confidence…⁣

I’d found something I was good at…⁣

I liked the changes I saw in the mirror…⁣

And I felt like I’d found my “thing”...⁣

The trouble was...⁣

While I was messing about on the golf course…⁣

And chucking tin around in the gym…⁣

My college grades were going down the toilet…⁣

Next time, I’m going to tell you how that shy, insecure boy turned into the incredibly handsome and confident dude you see today 😂


Look…you might have been here for bloody ages…⁣

Know everything there is to know about me and my Thrive 90 programme…⁣

Perhaps you are completely familiar with my journey…⁣

If so…thanks for still sticking around.

This post is for those of you who don’t know a heap about me and what I stand for…⁣

I encourage full openness from my clients…⁣

Honesty and transparency…⁣

So it’s only right that I give it right back…⁣

So buckle up…⁣

Grab your popcorn…⁣

Overpriced Coke Zero with too much ice…⁣

And lukewarm crisps…⁣

While I educate you in all things Adam…⁣


On average, it takes MOST people 12 months...⁣

To reach out to me for help.⁣

✅ 12 months of watching my social media.⁣

✅ 12 months of chatting in the DMs.⁣

✅ 12 months of booking calls just to get cold feet.⁣

That’s NOT a criticism, either.⁣

But after all that time and energy spent, you deserve some results.⁣

And after a LONG time in this industry, working with SO many dads who felt exactly the same way…⁣

I hear a couple of things more than anything else.⁣

“I feel like I’ve tried it all, but I end up just working really hard and not seeing progress”⁣

“Nothing works for me and I'm too busy to figure out why by myself”⁣

“I thought I knew what to do, but I can’t stick to it for long”⁣

Believe me; I understand that if you could do this without help, you would.⁣

But if you could, you’d have done it by now.⁣

It’s not a lack of effort on your part.⁣

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