Pilates classes and private tuition online or in person, matwork or reformers for men and women.

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Photos from's post 16/01/2023

I had the pleasure of teaching these 3 beauties in a class this morning. It's always difficult to gauge the pace and flow of a class with the wants and abilities of those very different participants even when you know them well. In my opinion, technique comes first and with good technique and awareness of your mind and body, absolutely anything is possible. You were all fantastic, so thank you for coming .reads


Big ball course CPD tomorrow- Reformers moved out of the way and ready to go.

The Pilates ball is a fantastic piece of kit, particularly to challenge balance which most people struggle with. Often this struggle is more about the fear of falling and all that comes with that, so like all Pilates exercises, you work at your level until you are ready and safe to progress. It's easier than you think, especially when you don't think and let your body do its job!!!!

Have a great weekend!


It's the little things that make the biggest difference- If you don't or can't stop and take those little things in, what's the point? I'm so pleased to have this space to support others achieve their goals- but it and they are totally interlinked with my goals and who I want to be for others and for myself.

Pilates is no different to this moment, this photo- if you don't stop, breathe, acknowledge and appreciate the little wins, parts of yourself and your life, the wins have to be huge for you to notice them and you'll probably be too busy anyway. Easier said than done and it might take a post on social media to get there!!!!



Improved core, posture, breathing, circulation, focus- what's not to like. Matwork classes in person and on Zoom available- see class schedule in bio. 50% off in January with discount code JAN50


It couldn't be easier to try reformer pilates here in Chichester with a number of deals like 2 classes for £20 or this half drop-in price on any class in January with code JAN50 and potentially right on your doorstep! Please share, tell a local friend and check it out...


New Year, new classes to kick off 2023! Reformer group classes for beginners and intermediate levels, teacher classes for matwork teachers and reformer teachers soon, mens pilates, and of course online classes, but there will always be something or someone I've left out so please do give me a shout if there's a class you'd like to see!

Photos from's post 02/12/2022

After 25 years of practice and 10 years of teaching I have finally opened my own studio offering private and group sessions, online and in person on the mat and reformer. With 4x reformers, 1x tower and a Pilates chair, we've pretty much got it covered.

Open house Saturday 3rd and 10th December 12.30-4pm so come and say hello, see where we are, ask any questions and have a go on the machines- just DM to let me know you are coming, it would be great to see you!

Forum House, Stirling Road, Chichester, PO19 7DN.

Timeline photos 31/07/2018

Last class completed yesterday evening followed by a quick drink with these beauties and . After 5+ years it's surreal to finish but onwards and upwards with lots of ideas and no real clue!


It still amazes me how something feels like it is perfect and then you see it played back and wonder how you didn't know you were in a certain position. All part of the journey and learning, and it is wonderful.


Having a challenging time with my direction at the moment but I knew I needed to do something . Not much fun to be had here with but in the few times I have tried this, like most things it gets easier, you get better, you find ways to challenge more, it gets harder then easier.....

It's just nice to have someone to work out with who was railroaded into an hour of Reformer 2, so thank you.


After a long day, it's good to look back to this mornings effort at my raised leg spring work on the Cadillac. Couldn't quite find the right tension but I love anything with legs rings and this stuff really works the whole body.


Not the traditional start to and a few glaring things to work on but what the hell, made laugh at least. Amazing how you perceive your body in space, especially upside down- I thought my legs were almost straight doing the splits! Start by setting the machine up properly would be helpful.

Timeline photos 10/04/2018

Toughest workout I've had in a long time - creating a cord - a stack that's 8ftx4ftx4ft. Loads of lifting, dragging, cutting and sorting and whilst my phone registered 14,500 steps, it said I had used only 430 calories!!!! Rubbish. Beautiful being in nature, just the sound of the birds and my chainsaw!

Timeline photos 10/04/2018

New Introduction to Pilates class starting today 3.30pm, with class sizes of 4 or less people for maximum attention to movement and technique. There are 3 other classes at Improver, Intermediate and Advanced level s too.


and showing very different challenges in the lower back and hamstrings for short and everything else for long!!! Always good to find the ones that need more work, and there are plenty of them.

- I'm trying....


Another lovely exercise to get the spine moving combined with technique and control from your feet in straps and encouraging use of the abdominals with less reliance on the arms. These are the building blocks to and

- I'm trying....


Spine Curls - Great exercise to mobilise the spine, work the glutes and hamstrings and the real bonus is opening up those tight hip flexors... especially after a long day sitting. Can be done with feet on the floor but a little more challenging with feet up (on chair, bed, bench, ball)

Sequentially take the spine up and keep the ribs or chest low - will help keeping the spine in neutral at the top where it will want to extend if you go too far. Exhale to move.


After teaching 4 lovely clients for a studio session yesterday, I thought I'd have a little practice - - on my favourite piece of equipment, the
It's harder than I thought to do 3 reps as accurately as can be, but I guess that's why they call it practice.

Studio sessions and matwork classes running as normal at The Boxgrove clinic over Easter and it's not as difficult as this! But you'll have to book in to see what you can achieve.

- me!


Day 16 of and we’ve crossed the half way point! Today it’s all about Scissors and Bicycles with our wonderful Charlie Kelly ✂️ 🚲. As well as teaching 1:1s and classes at the Body Control Pilates Centre, Charlie also teaches near his home in Chichester...and is the super talented photographer behind all our ‘official’ photos! How lucky we are to have such talented teachers on our team! 🙏🏻💪🏻💕

The New Science of Exercise 22/05/2017

The New Science of Exercise

Always good to read you're on the right track!

The New Science of Exercise Doctors, researchers, scientists--even ancient philosophers--have long claimed exercise works like a miracle drug. Now they have proof

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease — MyScienceAcademy 02/05/2017

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease — MyScienceAcademy

Absolutely worth reading.

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease — MyScienceAcademy We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong.. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries,today is…

Photos from PilatesMan's post 24/04/2017

How well do you move- walk, run, throw, reach, lift and bend?

How easy do you find everyday physical tasks like putting socks on, getting up from a chair, walking up a flight of stairs or digging in the garden?

Do these movements cause you pain?

How well do you think you will do these movements in 10, 20 or 30 years, better or worse?

What's stopping you from taking control of your body, your movement and you future wellbeing?

Pilates classes starting this week for all levels- for men and women.

Should the humble potato really be feared? 06/03/2017

Should the humble potato really be feared?

Very interesting whether or not you are banting/ watching your diet!

Should the humble potato really be feared? Why, if sweet potatoes are sweet, are they classified as healthier for us than normal white potatoes? We do a bit of investigating to find out if this is really the case.

Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates 01/03/2017

Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates

If you've done Pilates, you'll know this only too well so share with someone who hasn't.!

Here Are the Health Benefits of Pilates More than just core strength

No Drugs for Back Pain, New Guidelines Say 21/02/2017

No Drugs for Back Pain, New Guidelines Say

For those who have been practicing movement, i.e. dedicating work through movement to your body for any length of time, this is just common sense. For those of you who haven't, you just need to start- Pilates is a safe place to start.

No Drugs for Back Pain, New Guidelines Say The American College of Physicians says back pain of all kinds should be treated with natural and alternative therapies, such as exercise, acupuncture and mindfulness.

Photos from PilatesMan's post 16/02/2017

New Introduction to Pilates class starting next Thursday evening in Chichester. 6-7pm at St. Georges Centenary Centre on Cleveland Road (with parking) for anyone wanting to try Pilates or get back into it. Fantastic and easy way to pain free movement with a choice of morning and several evening classes for a more flexible schedule or to attend twice a week!


The Real Meal Revolution

For anyone who is struggling to lose weight, has low energy levels and feels they'd like to change how they eat, this book has changed my life in a way that I didn't know needed changing. Love it.

The Real Meal Revolution Our low carb, gluten free, sugar free health eating and support programs are designed to enable you to take back your power by restoring your health and your weight.

Beemat Exercise Mat 18/01/2017

Beemat Exercise Mat

A great deal on the really thick mats 15mm from the same company that do the incredible deal on the large Pilates ball but this is Free delivery!!!

Beemat Exercise Mat The Beemat Core Exercise Mat is great for floor exercises such as pilates, yoga, fitness classes and physiotherapy work. Thickness of 1.5cm (0.6"...

Pezzi Gymnastic Ball 08/01/2017

Pezzi Gymnastic Ball

Found these on offer £13.50ish incl delivery- great quality and have had mine 10 yrs plus. Anyone wanting a workout when sitting at their desk should take a look at these, 53cm is probably best for anyone about 5ft4in to 5ft10in and the 65cm 5ft 10 in and above (check with Pezzi before bying). Try sitting on it with a tennis ball under either foot for better sitting posture-

Pezzi Gymnastic Ball The Pezzi Gymnastik Ball is an inflatable vinyl ball for gymnastic exercise.FeaturesComplete with exercise booklet.These balls have burst resista...

Ran 6.04 mi on 03/01/2017 03/01/2017

Ran 6.04 mi on 03/01/2017

Having been ill over Christmas, I was delighted to finally get out for a run and managed a few photos. Get out and get going!

Ran 6.04 mi on 03/01/2017 Distance: 6.04 mi, Duration: 50:46, Pace: 0:08:24 min/mi, Energy Burned: 965 kCal

Timeline photos 28/12/2016

Timeline photos

The best-kept secret of medicine!

Photos from PilatesMan's post 18/12/2016

What's your New Year's resolution? Get fit, lose weight, tone, strengthen or just pain free movement! CLASSES START TUESDAY 10th JAN
Introduction to Pilates classes starting in January for men and women of all ages and abilities at Chichester's Regnum District Guide Hall. Pilates is not only for athletes injured or looking to increase performance, but anyone who can't move well, feels tight stiff muscles hinder their movement daily, to people with an excessive range in their joints that need strengthening. Of course, Pilates is fantastic for back pain which is why I started practising 19 years ago. Efficient, rewarding, pain free movement is an achieveable New Year's resolution and getting in shape is a lot easier when you're not in pain.

Please visit for more information and to book your place.



WE TALK PILATES WITH ONE OF LONDON'S TOP TEACHERS New to pilates? Not sure what the benefits are? We chat with Dawn Wilson from Body Control Pilates, London. What’s your background / how long have you been teaching at Body Control? Prior to becoming a Pilates teacher I was a Pre-Press Shift Manager within the Prin...

PilatesMan | Ealing | Northfields | Hanwell | London 19/03/2016

PilatesMan | Ealing | Northfields | Hanwell | London

Try Pilates totally free on Monday in Ealing YMCA with Zoe. Promo code Taster 2 when booking

PilatesMan | Ealing | Northfields | Hanwell | London PilatesMan offers a variety of classes across West London. Classes from Intro level to Advanced, as well as ante-postnatal sessions, to support you further.


Free Pilates class tonight with Zoe in Ealing to try Pilates for the first time or get back into it after a break- Promo Code "Taster"

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