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Thank you Alex for the amazing feedback 🙂


Last week I took one of my students for test. What usually happens if the student doesn’t want me to sit in on their test, is I wait in the waiting room, along with any other driving instructors or supervising drivers.

I got talking to someone who proceeded to tell me he was here with his girlfriend for her test. They couldn’t afford driving lessons and found it was cheaper to just get her insured. He had been taking her out driving and taught her the best he could. On this particular day she failed her test.

🤔 This got me thinking, I wonder if he had some support in teaching her, would the result have been different?

🤔 Many students are taken out driving with parents etc for practice. Could they benefit they from support from an instructor?

Whether your loved one is one of my students or not, please message me if you need any (free) advice!


Congratulations to Alex who passed his driving test this morning!

It’s been a long road, but his hard work and determination got him through 💪

I’m extremely proud, well done Alex, you deserve it!


Last week we looked at the things you shouldn’t do, this week let’s focus on the things you should do when an emergency vehicle is approaching 🚨🚨⬇️

✅ Keep Calm
✅ Look 👀 and listen 👂- keep music at a sensible level and make effective use of mirrors
✅ Give the road users around you as much notice as possible when pulling up by indicating
✅ Pull over safely and be aware of pedestrians and other road users
✅ Try and leave a large enough gap for emergency vehicles to pass
✅ Stay alert, more emergency vehicles could be coming

I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments or bring them to our next lesson 🙂


Here are my top 5 test day tips ⬇️

💤 Get plenty of sleep the night before
🥣 Make sure you eat well
📑 Bring the correct documentation, here’s what you need
🔤 ABC that chimp
🚘 Drive safely

Do you have any tips for test day? Share your top tips in the comments!


💦 F A C T F R I D A Y 💦

Under section three of the Road Traffic Act 1988, it's illegal to splash pedestrians, as it amounts to driving without reasonable consideration for others.

Did you know this already, or have you learned something new?


Here are some things you SHOULD NOT do when blue lights are approaching ⬇️

❌ Don’t panic
❌ Don’t break rapidly
❌ Don’t go through a red light to move out of the way
❌ Don’t stop on a road that has double white lines in the centre, and the line nearest to you is solid- the ambulance can’t overtake you on this type of road and will turn its siren off until you’re clear of solid white lines
❌ Don’t pull over on a corner or brow of a hill- pull over when there’s a better view ahead
❌ Don’t pull in to bus lanes or cycle lanes

Give me a 👍 if you found this helpful!


Who can relate? 😂


Thank you for a great review 🤩


Congratulations to Ellie who passed her driving test first time this morning, with just a couple of driving errors.

Ellie had a fair few attempts at mock tests, but never gave up! Her great attitude and perseverance got her through today! As well as being a considerate driver 🙂

Well done, it’s well deserved!


🚨 A T T E N T I O N 🚨

Driving examiners in England, Scotland and Wales have announced a four day strike 8th-11th of February. Read more here 🔗

Do you have a test booked during this time? Follow the link below to a helpful article from the DVSA on what will happen to affected tests ⬇️


If you need any help or advice on this feel free to get in touch 🙂


💭 Mindfulness Mondays 💭

It’s the last Monday in January, which means the last of my Mindfulness Mondays series, focusing on ways in which mindfulness can help with learning to drive and beyond. This week I want to give you some practical tips to help you develop your mindfulness practice.

1️⃣ Set aside regular time to practice. Regular, short periods of mindfulness can work better than occasional long ones. If you struggle to find the time, try choosing one or two things you already do daily, and do them mindfully. For example, you could practise mindfulness while doing the washing up or taking a shower.

2️⃣ Make yourself comfortable. It can help to do mindfulness in a space where you feel safe, comfortable and won't be easily distracted. Some people also find that it helps to be outdoors or surrounded by nature.

3️⃣ Take it slowly. Try to build up your practice bit by bit. You don't need to set ambitious goals or put pressure on yourself. Remember, you’re learning a new skill that will take time to develop.

4️⃣ Don't worry about whether you're doing it right. Try not to worry about doing the exercises correctly. Focus on using them in the ways that are most helpful for you. Many people find it takes a while to feel comfortable doing mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness is just one example of something you can do away from your in car sessions to aid your learning, and hopefully bring to the in car sessions when you are ready. I hope these tips inspire a few of you to try it out!

Photos from Pete Morley Approved Driving Instructor's post 26/01/2024

I ask all my students to download Total Drive. I use this app as my diary, but it’s also very useful for my students. Here’s why ⬇️

✉️ Get notified when new lessons are booked in
🗓️ Check when your next lesson is
💰 Get payment reminders
📱View your progress
🤔 Reflect on lessons using the reflective log.
📢 If I get a cancellation or a free space becomes available I can send a broadcast to all my students and offer out the extra lesson.

Total drive also gives easy access to book your theory test and driving test. If students wish to take on extra learning away from our in car sessions, Total Drive has many resources available such as training videos, learning aids and theory test practice.


H E A D L I G H T S 🚘

A study by the RAC found that nine-in-ten drivers (89%) think some or most car headlights on the UK’s roads are too bright, with an overwhelming majority of these (88%) saying they get dazzled by them while driving.

Is this something you have noticed when driving in the dark❓❓❓

Read the full article here for some useful advice on things you can do to help with being dazzled and to help prevent you from dazzling other drivers 🔗


A huge congratulations to Beth on passing her driving test today with ZERO faults! 👏👏

Really well deserved Beth, I’m one proud instructor today 😊




With reports of snow and ice affecting parts of the UK this week I wanted to pass on some advice on how to drive safely in these conditions ⬇️

❄️ My first advice is to try and avoid driving in extreme conditions. No journey is worth risking lives.

❄️ Clear all windows, lights and number plates, so you can see and be seen. Clear snow off the roof and bonnet too before you drive away.

❄️ In icy conditions accelerate and brake gently to avoid skidding.

❄️ If you use a higher gear than normal it helps when driving on a slippery surface. Move off gently and avoid spinning the wheels.

❄️ Leave extra space between you and other vehicles. Take even more care looking out for others that may find it difficult to stop (for example Lorrie’s and buses) and be extra cautious at road junctions where road markings may not be visible.

Like this post if you found it helpful 🙂


💭 Mindfulness Mondays 💭

Below are a series of questions I sometimes use on lessons. Keep reading to find out why these questions are helpful ⬇️

👂 What can you hear?
👀 What you you see?
👅 What can you taste?
👃 What can you smell?
✋ What can you feel?

These questions allow my learner driver to focus directly on their current surroundings and situation. This is really helpful if they are distracted or finding it hard to concentrate. This can also be used in daily life, so next time you are feeling distracted try it 🙂


Well done to Lewis for passing his driving test this morning! Absolutely smashed it with just 1 driving fault 👏👏👏


💡 F A C T F R I D A Y 💡

Did you know, that in most modern cars the petrol symbol tells you which side your petrol cap is on. For example, in this image the petrol cap is on the left, as the arrow next to the petrol pump sign points left.

Did you know this already? Or have you learnt something new?


🕳️ Pot Holes 🕳️

Something that is currently affecting most UK drivers and is definitely a big problem in my local area (Chesterfield), is POT HOLES!

They're EVERYWERE! So lets talk about how to deal with them safely! If you see a pot hole, the safest thing to do to protect you and your car is to drive around it. As always when chaging speed or direction, make sure you check your mirrors first.

However it's not always possible to go around it, so what do you do then? The simple answer is SLOW DOWN. The lower the impact the lower the chance of causing damage to your car.

There are times, especially when its dark that you may not see a pot hole. Here are my tips on staying as safe as possible ⬇️

🛞 Make sure your tyres are in good condition
🚗 Drive safely- drive at a sensible speed, leave plenty of space between other vehicles to allow you to see plenty of the road in front.
🕳️If you are driving over a pot hole keep a firm hold of the steering wheel, ideally with two hands.
🛣️ Where possible, try and avoid roads known for getting pot holes.

You can report pot holes to your local authority by following the link below ⬇️


📸 This particular pot hole was pictured at Loundsley Green, Chesterfield.


Congratulations to Jo Calvert who is the winner of 6 hours free lesson time! 👏👏

Thank you to everyone who entered! Stick around for useful driving content and possibly more competitions in the future 🙂

If you or someone you know is hoping to start driving lessons this year (or next year) get in touch 📞✉️👍


Are you looking to start driving lessons this year? Or are you a passed driver that would like some extra training on motorways, parking or more? I am giving away 6 hours for FREE worth £240! Follow the steps below to enter ⬇️

⭐️ LIKE this post
⭐️ SHARE this post
⭐️ make sure you FOLLOW
⭐️ TAG a friend

All entrants must have a UK provisional license or full license. The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 7th January and the winner will be announced on Monday 8th.

Good luck 😊


💭 Mindfulness Mondays 💭

The word mindfulness often makes us think of things like meditation or yoga, however it’s useful to think of it as an acknowledgement of your current reality. We can all be guilty of not attending to what is happening right now in our lives, instead worrying about something that has just happened or might happen.

This is often true on driving lessons. An inexperienced driver may worry about the roundabout we will soon be approaching rather than focusing on the pedestrian crossing right in front of us (as an example).

If you would like to learn more about mindfulness and how it can help with learning to drive, here are some useful links to get you started ⬇️

Great blog for learner drivers or fellow instructors ➡️

Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers are worth a follow and this page is a useful starting point ➡️

Give me a 👍 if you found this useful. Feel free to leave any thoughts or questions in the comments 🙂



Are you looking to start driving lessons this year? Or are you a passed driver that would like some extra training on motorways, parking or more? I am giving away 6 hours for FREE worth £240! Follow the steps below to enter ⬇️

⭐️ LIKE this post
⭐️ SHARE this post
⭐️ make sure you FOLLOW
⭐️ TAG a friend

All entrants must have a UK provisional license or full license. The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 7th January and the winner will be announced on Monday 8th.

Good luck 😊


One goal i’m setting for myself this year is to be more active on social media. So I thought I’d start off 2024 by introducing myself. Hi, I’m Pete, I live in Chesterfield, I have 2 children and a partner, Charlotte.

I love being a driving instructor, and helping my students to become safe drivers for life.

Before I became a driving instructor I ran a pub and in my spare time I’m not ashamed to admit I like to play Xbox.

I know it can be daunting finding a driving instructor and getting in the car with a stranger for the first time so I hope this gives you a little glimpse in to who I am and wether I’m the right instructor for you! 😊

Feel free to put any questions in the comments!


What a great way to end to 2023 …….Absolutely over the moon to say congratulations to Kenzie on passing her driving test today at a very windy Chesterfield first time with only 2 Driver faults well done going to miss our chats and your giggles 🤭 well done 🚗


Huge congratulations to Toby for passing his driving test 1st time this morning with just the 1 error sorry I couldn’t have been there happy motoring 😃😃


‘Tis the season’
To leave the car at home 🎄

Day 355/365

Just don't. It's that simple.



Day 352/365

Never EVER travel with children not wearing seatbelts or appropriate restraints. No excuses.

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Who can relate? 😂
#whatif Knowledge and understanding of the situation you are driving in has huge benefits when we are out on the road 🙂
Useful video for learner, and experienced drivers 🙂
Did you know 💡You can fail your driving test for going too slow as well as too fast!
Me and Ivy getting the office ready for the week ahead 🫧🧽🚙





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