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The Mindless Chef LTD


Good Morning Aberdare YOU Beautiful People.
I trust YOU are Safe and Well.

For those of YOU who don't know already. I am working on building a bigger and better Mental Health Support Network (not just for our community but beyond) the purpose being, to be Bigger than Mental Health Itself and with YOUR support by Word of Mouth and Through Social Content Sharing across YOUR Platforms of use such as Twitter, Instagram and more, We can grow in power and bring true Meaningful Mental Health Support.

WE Cannot Do This Alone! So WE have a Crowdfunder Campaign up and Running and Would Love For YOU to get Involved by possibly Donating But By Definitely Sharing The LINK Below.

I will be going Live here on Thursday 1st April at 8pm to Outline and Discuss my entire plan for our community here in RCT and Beyond and where/How and Why WE intend on taking ourselves away from Direct Social Media Support and Releasing something Unique and not yet seen in Mental Health Support.

This entire venture is a big and bold journey and I know how difficult it will continue to be going forward but this does not in any way mean that I nor my Team will give up hope. I have now dedicated my entire life to making this happen and I will not be stopping until it has been achieved.

Mental Health is So Important and So Are YOU!

Love and Light To YOU All and if YOU or someone YOU know could use some Support or One to One chats then please Tag them or share this post with them or even just message them and point them our way.


The Mindless Chef LTD
[email protected]
Time for a change !!!!

I woke up earlier than my alarm this morning!! Did my 20min workout (it’s not a lot but it is more than I have done for a long time!! And it’s a start ) I made a healthy breakfast fruit smoothie. Feeling pretty proud of myself!!!!

Have a lovely Saturday!! Everyone love and light ##
Hope ok to post, If not allowed plz delete xx
Hope everyone's having a rested day.
If anyone is in need of an ear, my DMs are open.
Anyone in RCT that needs any home basics or personal items, please don't struggle.
DM me or Cynon Care & Share...The Giving Group - Aberdare and Mountain Ash and we will make sure you are set up with everything you need.
You can message us directly if you don't want to disclose your identity on the group and we will do our best to help.
Everyone deserves to have help ❤️
Reach out x
Happy international mens day 💙
*Trigger warning*
Good afternoon you lovely people of Glasgow.

Originally I am from Glasgow I now live in Wales.

My name is Neil Donovan I am the Founder and Creator of The Mindless Chef


Our aim is to bring Food and Mental Health to loggerheads.

Treating Mental Health One Meal At A Time is our motto.

But right now I am bringing a community together who are suffering from Mental Health and or Love food and creating in the kitchen.

If you are or someone you know is suffering from a Mental Health Condition or even if you just love all things food. I would like to invite you along and to share the word of The MIndless Chef.

We have been live for just over a week now and we are excited with our growing community to bring you new things in the weeks/months to come.

Stay Safe Scotland


The Mindless Chef

Treating Mental Health One Meal At A Time. We Are Here For YOU, Because YOU Are Important. Mental

Operating as usual

The Mindless Chef LTD updated their website address. 23/09/2022

The Mindless Chef LTD updated their website address.

The Mindless Chef LTD updated their website address.

The Mindless Chef LTD updated their address. 23/09/2022

The Mindless Chef LTD updated their address.

The Mindless Chef LTD updated their address.


Day 5 no codeine.

Withdrawals are just absolutely horrendous. I won't get into that in-depth right now though as my mind is in a haze of misery and emotional uncertainty.

One day these painkillers will no longer be needed to bring this forward rather than continuing down the path of self-implosion and destruction.
6 am I wrote the top part of this post and around 2:40 pm I collected and took my painkillers and had a bit of a wobble trying to take them but it proved the right thing to do considering the back and shoulder pain along with the withdrawals and talks with my therapist regarding the correct but difficult choice to proceed with them.

I'm currently working on a couple of posts but I won't stick myself with times or dates of these to hit the page they include reviews of a couple of articles from the October issue of The Psychologist by The British Psychological Society.

So I'll leave this post without any true direction and catch YOU next time.

I hope YOU are Safe and Well.

Love and Light



Couple of interesting articles in The Psychologist October issue.

I'll be sharing them this week if YOU are interested.

Definitely pondering on a few things right now.

Love and Light to YOU.

The Open University

Photos from The Mindless Chef LTD's post 16/09/2022

It started with sewing the sofa and now I've made a heavy sand bag for the boxing bag 😂😂 pretty sure I didn't accept the invitation to do this but it seems to have happened


I have been absolutely loving the creating side of DIY and unexpectedly slipping into Hyperfocus without pre-warning during the time I was "meant" to be starting and completing other things that would have taken much less time to do.

I spent 16 hours in total on this Heat Press table over 3 days and another day of buffing and finishing 😂

I could have completed 8 other things that were meant to be done in the time this took but Hyperfocus if YOU know about it, can completely consume hours like tic tacs 🤣

Anyway, this is my latest creation ☺️ it is as sturdy as an elephant and absolutely beautiful too.

Pallet fixer-upper right here.



I officially finished this sturdy boy a couple of days ago.

The Mindless Chef LTD and possible Menta fit training apparel coming to our brand new site at some point in the near and distant future ☺️ thanks to this beautiful heat press.

I'm looking forward to the Cut The Sh*t-PODCAST hitting the ears of listeners soon too now the office has been moved from a room (to accommodate our not-so-little humans' growth) into a smaller space in our second living room ready for my studies and other business doings.

I hope YOU are Safe and Well. If YOU aren't then remember to reach out even if YOU think it isn't worth it. YOU are always going to be worth looking after.

Love and Light



Not the final finish but here's that 16-hour table 😂

It's going to hold the heat press for making clothing and other miscellaneous items for The Mindless Chef website shop and Men's Mental Health Boxes which is a very exciting part of the future.

Yeah, there are plenty of other things that need starting/completing but these little projects keep my mind actively thinking and engaged with the creative side that I'm missing much of.

I'll have an update on the finished product likely tomorrow ☺️ so if YOU want to see that then stay tuned.

In the meantime have a lively evening.

Love and Light

Neil 💙

*tpodcast **kthestigma


I am going to begin a series of sharing.

I hope YOU are well, first of all, let us know how YOU feeling in the comments.

Hopefully, I'll be a little more perceptive of my behaviors and schedule now I'm starting university. Being able to structure my days has worked a little but further work is needed as I go forward and this is my first post to share with YOU what I was meant to be doing vs what went down and what caught my attention and hyper-focus took over ☺️

So here we are.

I built a table for my heat press in 16 hours throughout 2 whole days instead of doing 4 hours worth of actual organized and scheduled tasks 😂

Pretty sure I can recall more than a handful of these moments and I'm going to be sharing a lot of them with YOU as things unfold.

Here's to the unexpected.

Sending YOU oodles of Love and Light.



I hung a boxing bag in our living room 🖐🏻🖐🏻

Genuinely can't wait to start beating the sh*t out of it.

Beauty for the Mind Beth told me she would start boxing with me so here we are getting it all ready. Pads, Gloves, Mits, and Wraps are here too so it's time to start.

Been meaning to hang it outside for some time now but the ground is incredibly uneven and I wanna kick up a storm 🔥

Very excited about this and yeah it might be a small thing but to me it means something and that is so important only because I have been doubting my entire existence I also have a reason to look forward and that's a small win.

Looking forward to exercising the way I think will be beneficial to my mind and my physical health. Alongside University and reading, I believe this is the way forward for me and I'm okay with that for now.

Have a pleasant evening.

Love and Light

Neil x


Yesterday's small haul was delicious and I'm looking forward to more ☺️

Attending Therapy With Better Help 11/08/2022

Attending Therapy With Better Help

My next video's will not be 30 minutes long 😊 likely I'll have more to say on each subject including my own Struggles which have evolved and begun to dominate parts of my life.

For now here's a link to my most recent video which has gone on a little longer than I expected but its here incase YOU would like to watch it 💙

Take it easy on YOURSELF.

Neil x


Attending Therapy With Better Help It's been a good long time since I uploaded or even felt like making something to upload but today I'm sharing a little opening of where I've been and where ...

Photos from The Mindless Chef LTD's post 07/08/2022

Mental Growth is a beautiful thing but when YOU get to see this kind of thing grow, it puts into perspective the idea of "slow and steady" 😊

I'm so glad I started growing 💙

I hope YOU are well.

Sending YOU Lots of Love and Light.



For the first time in my life I'm in therapy. It's genuinely been such a long time coming and although early, I can see that I made the right decision.

Watch my new video (yeah it's 30 minutes long but I don't blame YOU for skipping through a little if YOU do) where I'm diving a little into where I've been, where I am and where I want to be during my journey into self discovery 😊

Sending Love and Light to YOU and YOUR Loved Ones 💙

The Mindless Chef


Attending Therapy With Better Help 04/08/2022

Attending Therapy With Better Help

Please do watch this for me and leave a comment if YOU'D be so kind 💙 it took a lot out of me shooting it.

Okay I've been putting it off because every time I end up doing a video, I just can't stop crying and breaking down.

Three days ago I shot this and it took everything I had in me to edit it and share it with YOU.

I shot a video 6 or 8 weeks ago, one about 3 weeks ago and then this one on Monday this week which is the only one I genuinely felt okay with pushing out.

I'm going to be shooting one video a week sharing more on my therapy experience and journey as a Psychology Student with The Open University 😊

Anyway stay tuned for further videos as I open up a little more.

Love and Light to YOU all.

Neil x

**kTheSigma *tPodcast

Attending Therapy With Better Help It's been a good long time since I uploaded or even felt like making something to upload but today I'm sharing a little opening of where I've been and where ...


Okay so I've been holding off until things solidified and this morning I got the news I've been waiting on for the past 4 months.

And I'll be sharing the news with YOU on Monday 1st August 😊

Honestly haven't been this Overwhelmingly excited about something in a while.

Ever thought I'd get to this point in life and I have a lot to be thankful for.

So I'll see YOU Monday afternoon probably before 4pm with a video and I'll stick around in the Comments if anyone would like to share some comments 😊

Sending YOU lots of Love and Light.

Rest easy and have A lovely rest of the weekend.

Neil x


Photos from The Mindless Chef LTD's post 21/07/2022

So this past week or so has been very eventful for these two tiny humans. We've had two teeth fall out of one mouth in one 24 hour period and we've started a Poop Chart with Aulden because he has a strange but also not so strange fear of going number two's and since we started the chart he's gone 3 times in the space of 5 days and that is a brilliant result.

For those parents like us who have struggled with this challenge then might I suggest something like this, it's made all the difference for us. It has given him the confidence in knowing that he is doing something "normal" and not as he saw it previously as "scary and uncomfortable" he really does love the chart and he has chosen how many smilies his poop deserves 😊 so far were in 150 for the most recent one 😂 and yes that's a Poop Ice-cream Emoji.

Dexter has earned £10 in total for his teeth and he was absolutely bowled over by the Tooth Fairy and her gift giving.

Anyway I hope YOU are well.

Love and Light

Neil x


Photos from The Mindless Chef LTD's post 18/07/2022

Seeing some progress in the garden that I've been excited for 😊

Mental Health update tomorrow. I think it's overdue if I'm honest.

I've been falling behind on my Wellbeing. I shot a video last week but I've been petrified to share it with YOU all but tomorrow I'll edit it and get it out, because growth isn't going to happen if I ponder and procrastinate continually.

Have a good evening. I'm headed for an early night because I think I have a spot of heat stroke (my own fault really) 7:30pm bed time hasn't happened in a while that's for sure.

Love and Light

**kTheSigma *tPodcast


Today's tasks include:

Tackle and Support this monster Tomato Bush.

Clear the garden for the kids to play and sand all the wood down to make a bench.

The last thing to do is to move the unit from the top of the stairs that has been hanging around since I finished Dexter's room.


I've decided that I'm doing a video tomorrow.

Please bear with me.


I may or may not have just messaged someone and regret it.

But hey, YOU just never know.


Got a child down with bad gums and a wobbly tooth 😔

Little dude doesn't know what to do with himself.

Photos from The Mindless Chef LTD's post 22/06/2022

Which one is not an ornament?

I hope YOU are well today.

I forgot my Brain Dump, Sunday just passed and I've only just realised. But I'll have another one this coming Sunday.

I've accomplished a couple of things that I haven't yet completed but they are progressing very well.

Stay Safe

Peace, Love and Light

The Mindless Chef



Every week (Sundays) I'm going to brain dump with the things that I've picked up that need doing, things that I've started or completed which will help (hopefully) motivate me and keep me ever so slightly sane.

With the help of removing my personal social media (which I'll be addressing soon) it's small steps into helping my depression and complex moods to develop and recover in a positive and productive way.

I hope YOU are all well today. And if YOUR not doing so well, know that I'm thinking of YOU.

These lists are not Mindless Chef related and again I'll explain a little more about things that end a little later on.

Garden List:

Garden chilli bed
Rear garden path
Front garden rotovate
Rear garden rotovate
Rear garden central path dig
Install rear garden wall timber
Weed removal from greenhouse
Wood insinerating
Order soil (2 tonne)
Plant wall shelving
Build bench and canope
Move around garden beds
Sort boulders
Sort shed
Cover front step
Build stone oven
Book gutter and window cleaning
Book outdoor tap installation
Book outdoor lighting and installation
Order new front gate timber

In house:
Finish Dexter's bedroom
Finish stairs (rail and stairs)
Finish landing and hall decoration
Start our bedroom
Start downstairs toilet and outhouse area
Build plant and Herb shelving and racks (in house garden)
Start livingroom and second livingroom decoration.

In no way are these in any particular order but actually pretty erratic, which is why I'm trying to take steps to help myself deal with "me" at a pace which I've yet to find.

Have a wonderful rest of YOUR day.

Stay Safe and Reach Out to someone today if YOUR not doing so well.

Peace, Love and Light

The Mindless Chef

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I hung a boxing bag in our living room 🖐🏻🖐🏻Genuinely can't wait to start beating the shit out of it.Beauty for the Mind ...
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