Nipperbout is an event childcare company. We provide OFSTED 'Outstanding' childcare and children's Caring for between 1 and 300+ children at any one time!

Nipperbout has been providing outstanding care & 'edutainment' for children for 30 years! We cater for children aged 0 - 17 years operating at events nationwide. Our staff, known as the 'Purple People' are trained to care for children with a variety of needs and abilities. From school teachers to circus performers our Purple People have a range of skills and talents to support and entertain childr

Operating as usual


How accessible are your events really?

How about for mothers and fathers with young children who need to be nursed or changed?

It really doesn't take much to add the facility if you are using Nipperbout for your childcare - simply give us the space and we will do the rest!

Nipperbout - you take care of the big event, we'll take care of the little ones!


Where can your child learn a little self-defence while being cared for in a childcare setting?

With Nipperbout!

One of our brilliant , Jacqui is a Karate Sensei and self-defence teacher - and she is always keen to incorporate self-defence into our physical activity sessions!

All part of the event and congress creche service!


Do we have a culture of criticising children? • Nipperbout • 29/09/2022

Do we have a culture of criticising children? • Nipperbout •

We have a rather astounding stat for you - on an average day, children will receive 432 negative comments or words and only around 32 positive ones!

Let's just read that again!

Floored us too - we always talk about how important language and phrasing is and we always make sure our are fully trained in the Nipperbout ethos.

But, 432 negatives is a huge amount and it got us thinking - has it become our culture?!

Take a look at Janthea's recent thoughts on the subject, where she outlines 5 ways we can all practice a little mindfulness in the language and phrasing we use.

Do we have a culture of criticising children? • Nipperbout • Often the language we use can unintentionally demoralise and put children down. So why do we do it, and how can we avoid using unnecessarily negative language with our children?


We feel so strongly about how children are looked after, especially in fraught situations such as becoming separated from their parent or carer while outside the home, that we have poured all the knowledge and experience of our 30 years, into a robust "Lost Child Procedures' training course, for events and security teams.

A few years back we were travelling the world doing so - for example, the Dubai World Trade Centre Security Team pictured here.

Now that travel is back to being the norm, we'll be doing it all again and we cannot wait!


We literally cannot believe the summer is really coming to an end, and with it, festival season!

We have had a brilliant few months attending the likes of The Big Feastival and The Cambridge Folk Festival and we cannot wait to start planning for next year.

Interestingly, we still find ourselves continuing to work for festivals over the winter months as we conduct training for security and on-site teams in how to work with children - all in readiness for 2023!

If you are planning an outdoor event next year, or you offer security services, and you want your teams to be fully versed in how to work with 'found' children, how to manage situations, what you should and shouldn't do and all the legislation that goes with it now is the time to get involved!

Photos from Nipperbout's post 26/09/2022

Fabulous couple of days looking after the children at The Labour Party Conference 2022 so far.

The children have been out to the Museum of Liverpool to find out more about the City of Liverpool and the Tate Liverpool for some discovery and brilliant green screen action, then back to the conference creche for games, crafts, building and lots of fun!

Looks like our fabulous are having just as much fun as the children!


It really is a skill knowing how to interact with a child when they have lost their parent, or a parent who has lost their child.

But it's a skill anyone running events can gain with our CPD-accredited Lost Child training course.

Take a look at the website for more info and get in touch to chat about your needs.


Sometimes it's best to simply hand it over to 'the professionals'!

This is just a little snapshot of what the people who hire, attend or work with Nipperbout have to say about us...

If you have an event childcare need, get in touch to find out how we could help you!


Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Queen.

Forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace Your Majesty.

Photos from Nipperbout's post 08/09/2022

It really is something when you look back across old brochures and realise that, while technology, design and marketing have massively changed since we were conceived, some things still stand!

The Nipperbout ethos is just one of those 'unchangeables'... the other obvious one is our logo and we are incredibly proud to say it still depicts what we wanted it to when it was first designed - representation of every child, regardless of background, upbringing, orientation, religion or race.

These really are worth a little zoom in!

Nipperbout - you take care of the big event, we'll take care of the little ones.



No one wants to think that a child could get into any trouble at their event or exhibition. But the truth is, often they do, and it's the duty of care of the organiser to ensure they have covered every base.

We've been working across the event world for 30 years and we have poured all of our knowledge and experience into three training courses, specifically for the event industry.

They are CPD Accredited and available face to face or online.

Take a look



We have loved seeing all the back-to-school pics in our feed over the last few days and today.

While it's a really special time, it can also be a somewhat anxious one for some children. It's one of the many reasons we developed our Nipper Cards, affirmation cards to help children and their parents talk about the feelings that milestone changes can sometimes raise.

One of our Nipper Cards is a butterfly who loves adventure and using her wings to discover new places and experiences but can sometimes feel anxious. She channels her eagerness to learn to overcome the fear! She reminds us that change is OK!

However your child is reacting to returning to school, there are some tips that Janthea shared this time last year that might help with the transition.


A new month begins! This one is a busy one for Nipperbout as the Autumn exhibition season begins!

We thought it might be a good time to give a little insight into the world of Nipperbout and what we get up to in our exhibition short-stay settings.

Fun-packed areas allow your visitors to take a child free break and wander around your show, knowing their children are safe and having an absolute blast!

Exhibition short-stay care is just one of our Event Childcare offerings.

If you have an Event Childcare need, get in touch to find out how we could help you!

Photos from Nipperbout's post 30/08/2022

We just love it when our children become .

Sometimes it's the career choice for them, sometimes it's to help fund studies, and sometimes it's a secondary role while they pursue their dreams.

Whichever way, we love the fact that we have midwives, teachers, actors, dancers, puppeteers, entertainers, yoga teachers, magicians, chemists, sports trainers, circus pros, doctors, film makers... the list goes on! Everyone adds a little extra magic to all we do.

This is Freya, one of our - pictured in the Little Miss t-shirt in the first pic and as a purple person in the second!

Freya first joined Nipperbout as a youngster and we are proud to say, returned to us to work with the team during her studies to become a doctor.


Our tent at The Big Feastival - so much to do!

Come down and see our Purple People in action this weekend.

For those of you with really little ones, we also have a nappy change station and nursing facility so you can feed comfortably!

Photos from Nipperbout's post 25/08/2022

All set up and ready to welcome children to our creche at European Society of Cardiology when the doors open tomorrow… we even managed to squeeze in a little Barcelona sightseeing!

Photos from Nipperbout's post 25/08/2022

It's simple - adventurous outdoor play = less anxiety, better mental health and a more positive outlook

But, it's all too easy as adults to totally over-estimate risk and completely remove all opportunities for a little adventure. While it makes life easier for adults, it makes it less of a learning opportunity for children.

That's why we make sure that, whenever safe to do so, we include a little safe risky play in our childcare settings.

Why? See just 5 of the benefits below! Or catch up on our full musings at


We are all for imparting knowledge at Nipperbout and, now that we have reached a rather long 30 years of experience in event childcare provision, we thought it about time we did so in a structured way!

We are incredibly proud to have turned our experience into 3 individual event-focussed training courses. All designed to ensure you and your event teams know the legalities around children at events, have the skills and knowledge to confidently handle any situation involving children and follow your duty of care as an organiser.

That's tailored advice, training and knowledge specifically for the events world.

If you run an event, we highly recommend you take a look!



When you are looking through your memories and uncover your work at the Queens Diamond Jubilee from 10 years ago!

Seems like too good an opportunity not to share again seeing as we did it all again this year too!


A very special memory to ask our about!

In the 30 years since Nipperbout was founded we have worked across a lot of high-profile festivals.

One of our earliest mud-drenched, 4-day events was the Phoenix Festival which, as you can see, was long before the days of Health and Safety!

We would build a phoenix from mesh wire. The children would collect litter, and stuff it full throughout the festival.

On the last day, fire eaters would give the children a fire juggling display and then set fire to the phoenix while we all sang and danced around the flames!

And, if you look closely, you'll see a young Andy Parsons who was one of Nipperbout's entertainers back in the 90s!



We love this quote.

It sums up much of what we stand for and exactly what we work towards at Nipperbout events.

As we always say - You take care of the big event, we'll take care of the little ones.


400 children under the age of 5 - seriously!

Though, the biggest number of children that the Nipperbout team have looked after in one day is 500, with 92 of them under the age of 5!

So, how do we do it?

Simple - 2 arms = 2 babies.

It's all about staffing, robust registration, colour coding, symbols, images and, quite simply, the best staff in the business... that's what 30 years has given us!

how many children have you cared for over the years? What was your biggest event with us?

You take care of the big event, we'll take care of the little ones.


It's awards week!

On Thursday we'll find out if we have won Supplier of the Year - staffing' at the Exhibition News Supplier Awards and we cannot wait!

Good luck to everyone shortlisted.


You know that moment where your child is doing something that makes your heart jump into your mouth... but actually, when you think about it, it's nothing you didn't do yourself as a child?!

'Risky' play is something we have all taken part in, in some form or another. Whether climbing trees, jumping from height, or getting muddy and filthy... but letting our child do the same can sometimes be a little daunting.

Janthea's latest blog talks about all the reasons a little risky play is good for children, from teaching them to assess risk to strategising together to learning from mistakes. All the reasons that properly assessed 'risky' play can be hugely beneficial.

Have a little read and, if you still find it difficult to enable your child to experience a little (managed) risk, come join us at one of our settings and we'll do the hard work for you!


Language can have a direct impact on behaviour.

That's why our team of are all trained in positive language skills and the importance of thinking about the words they choose to use.

Alongside our ethos of replacing criticism with clear description, avoiding labelling in any form, and using appreciation of action or skill, rather than coercive praise, this makes Nipperbout childcare situations a positive and rewarding place for children to spend their time.

Nipperbout - You look after the big event, we'll look after the little ones.

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Sometimes it's best to simply hand it over to 'the professionals'!This is just a little snapshot of what the people who ...
A new month begins! This one is a busy one for Nipperbout as the Autumn exhibition season begins!We thought it might be ...
Our tent at The Big Feastival - so much to do!Come down and see our Purple People in action this weekend.For those of yo...
Do you ever find yourself simply barking orders because it's the quickest way to get a response?'Don't touch, stop shout...
We’ve been having a fabulous time at @5onthefarmfest this weekend! It’s been so much fun to be back on the festival fiel...
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