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Fun filled baby development and toddler development classes based on a variety of great music, movem these connections form when a baby uses their senses.

Children experience very rapid and enormous developments during their first few years in life. The first few months of a baby's life is a major learning period. This is hardly suprising considering the flooding of the senses, with new learning experiences(smells, tastes, sights, sounds and touch). Within their first three years the brain grows more than at any other time. A baby's brain will doubl

Operating as usual


Business opportunities available. Contact us for more information.

It is Friday!

Today we will be dancing with the scarves, explore creepy crawlers, go to the seaside, dancing in the rain, pop tons of bubbles and much more.

Our Babies will enjoy tummy time on the beach, a gentle foot massage, make music, dance in the rain, work on our eye muscles, make music and explore colour and enjoy loads of bubbles.

Please note we are registering for spring 2 now.




A Baby and a Boot 06/03/2019

The Incredible Importance of Developing the Vestibular Sense

Brilliant article!
This is exactly why we focus on movement and activities that stimulate the vestibular nervous system. I vividly remember learning about the five senses when I was child. I remember doing worksheets that seemed extremely silly because the five senses seemed so intuitive. The worksheet might've...


Business opportunities now available. Contact us for more information.


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These sleepy twins cuddling is the most adorable thing I've ever seen 😍👶


Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds - Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

The more you hug a baby, the more their brains grow, according to a recent survey from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. ❤️


Exciting News.

We are delighted to announce that Little Me Big You will be participating in the 2018 Vancouver Baby and Family Fair. It will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

We will be sharing our unique program with parents,
run a few taster sessions
and most exciting of all we will be promoting business opportunities available with Little Me Big You.

Do pop in and enjoy a few activities with us
You will find us at BFF18


Little me big you Vancouver

Cousins enjoying a book together. What a great opportunity for social and emotional development not to mention the cognitive and language development.

They truly are never too young to share a book.


Little me big you Vancouver

Music truly is brain food, especially when we are making it ourselves!

It gets our bodies swaying, feet tapping and hands clapping. You just have to respond to it!
Watch these little ones exploring and learning.


Fun for the holidays!

Easy to make and easy to clean up


Growing Book by Book

Let's all read!


For information on the Vancouver classes please go to
Little Me Big You Vancouver page. Thank you


The Waiting Room, Mother & Midwife

'They need hours of play outdoors in order to establish a healthy sensory system'


Helen Armstrong - Early Childhood Consultant

* Unfolding Movement Series - Part Eight *

"If we give children enough space and possibilities for free movement, they will move as beautifully and gracefully as animals: nimbly, simply, confidently and naturally" - Dr Emmi Pikler

The images of this little guy really speak for themselves on this one...From laying on the back, to sitting with ease, grace and fluidity.

Hands and knees posture must come before a natural, independently achieved sitting position.

I just adore this guys posture as he sits perfectly balanced, with his wee foot tucked against his inner thigh for an extra stable, secure base. How does he know to do this? Because he has achieved it all on his own.

His intelligent body knows exactly what next step to take. He is not at risk of losing his balance and hitting his head, because he is READY to be here. He chose to be here.

Imagine you have been propped up in a sitting position. You do not yet know how to use your arms to help your upper body, stuck...rigid... Can you reach the things that interest you? Do you feel content and relaxed? What if you were to begin to grow tired? To wobble a little...nothing you can do to prevent your fall. In fact, your only way to get down from here, is to fall. Unless someone rescues you first.

Infants do not need to be propped up to sit! They will achieve this position in their own time, in their own way. When they do, their spine, neck and core will be ready. You will notice that infants who achieve sitting naturally, sit like little Yoga teachers with beautiful straight backs.

Babies truly are incredible!


Sprouts Child Development

Have you ever seen a little one look from between their legs as they take in the world from an upside down point of view? Funny and cute, right? Well, it turns out that experimenting with being upside down is more than just cute!
As they grow, kids have the ability to contort their bodies into all kinds of crazy positions to get the sensory input they need to regulate their bodies and behavior, and to lay the foundation for the development of important motor skills.
Also the benefits of this gravity-defying feat include better posture, improved circulation, improved mood, better flexibility, better balance, improved upper body and core strength and more, AND it's even good for adults..why do you think so many of us like yoga 😊


Sprouts Child Development

"Something as simple as poor posture, a weak back and stomach, fragile arms, and frail hands and fingers can all relate back to how your child memorizes facts and retains information, speaks and expresses themselves."



This baby seeing her mother's face for the first time is too cute!


Raising Dragons - Activities For Kids


Here's a great activity for little ones under 3. Simply tape craft sticks to a tray and let them get to work! Great for fine motor skills and lots of fun for them too! 👍🏻 Adult supervision is suggested and activity is best for little ones who are past the mouthing stage.

Get craft sticks here >> (affiliate)

Full instructions and additional ideas here >>


Business opportunity!
Little Me Big You baby and toddler development classes are based on fun music, movement and sensory activities.

We now have business opportunity available. If you love working with children, are hardworking and want to be your own boss inbox me or visit our website and respond from there.


Great news! We are excited to announce that Little Me Big You will be launching Free Taster Sessions in North Vancouver in Canada in June!
Classes will be held on a Tuesday at the Lyn Valley Full Gospel Church. For more information on the program visit our website.


Congratulations 'Little Me Big you Rockingham' in Pert Australia on your one year anniversary! We celebrate with you Leonie and all you mums and babies! Well done!


There are no more classes running in Bromley or Lewisham at the moment. If anyone is interested in business opportunities please contact Gerrie +1 7789842771


Sprouts Child Development

Valuable information about the importance of movement AND interaction in early infancy/childhood!! The movement babies experience by lying on the floor, waving their arms and legs in the air, is ESSENTIAL to their development.
" 'Grey-area’ children, who are not physically developed, may underperform in the classroom."

How creeping and crawling influence children’s first step in education


I love this!!! What fun!!


World Economic Forum

Interesting article.

The power of knowing two languages. Read more:


Little Polka Dot Bookshop

Hello Everyone!
So I am starting my new venture as a Children's Book Champion for Scholastic.

My main reasons for becoming a book champion is to get children excited and engaged with reading again, to step away from all the technology and explore some amazing stories, use their brilliant imagination that we know children all have!

We all know the world is slowly becoming all about technology. Let's step away from those tablets and smartphones and enjoy some brilliant books by amazing authors.

I personally, remember all of the classic children's books i read and enjoyed growing up and most are still available today for example, The lightkeepers Lunch, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Elmer and of course The Very Hungry Caterpillar 😋 , plus many many more!

I do not have my own children yet but I worked with children for over 4 years and have an NVQ 3 in childcare, during my time working with children I loved to encourage reading and books.
Children are so imaginative and see the world in such a positive and beautiful way, books and great stories enhance this and can lead to using other elements of play such as role play, dance and music and arts and crafts.
I believe in introducing books from the very early years with children, it is a great bonding and communication tool for parents/carers, grandparents, siblings and all family and friends to be involved with.

I have lots of wonderful books to choose from at some absolutely amazing prices! With wide age ranges from 0-11years! We have activity packs, poetry, classic stories and stories that are made popular through film and TV.

Let's put the fun back in to reading with our youngsters! 📚📚📚🙌🏻☺


Lesson 11 - Baptism with the Holy Spirit - The promise in the New Covenant

Brilliant teaching

It is not enough that we "only" have been baptized in water. We also need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, which is the promise of the new covenant. Acco...


What fun we had.....such special memories!


ღღI bambini non si toccanoღღ

Here you go! Get out those wellies and coats...

Dovrebbero fare questo i bimbi invece di stare incollati sui cellulari o TV.


Hi mums and dads,
Something great for you to try out. I highly recommend it. Great for babies and especially for toddlers.
Cornerstone Church is below Mission Cafe in the Mall. Best to park in the Glades if you come by car.


Little Me Big You baby and toddler development classes based on fun music and sensory activities.
A great place to bond with your little one and to build precious memories.

We now have business opportunity available. If you love working with children, are hardworking and want to be your own boss inbox me.

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Business opportunity!Little Me Big You baby and toddler development classes are based on fun music, movement and sensory...
What fun and concentration! The puppet show remains their favourite.
It is Saturday again!!Join us for a morning of fun and music making upstairs in Little Legs Cafe. You can pop in for dro...
Dancing is great for bonding.
Making music...
Songs and rhymes are great for language development and memory building.
Listening, responding, and moving our bodies to the beat!!




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