SACRE, Bromley

Bromley's Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (a statutory committee of the local council).

SACRE is charged with the responsibility, on behalf of the council, to ensure compliance with the legislation regarding Religious Education and Collective Worship in all the Borough's schools. The Committee comprises a membership drawn from the Council itself, Teachers, the Church of England and other faith groups.

Operating as usual


Easter – Reflect on the events of the third day of Easter when Jesus’ friends’ sadness was turned to joy. What happened to change their feelings? What does that mean for us?

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Neighbours – Who is your neighbour? It’s not just the people we live near to. How can you show love and care to others?

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Cheeky Pandas - God Suit On (Action Video) 13/01/2022

Cheeky Pandas - God Suit On (Action Video)

This could go down well in Collective Worship … 🎵🎶

Cheeky Pandas - God Suit On (Action Video) to to see the devotional for God Suit On, as well as more from the Cheeky Pandas!Cheeky Pandas is a Christian ministry...


Inside Out: Our thoughts and feelings are inside us. How do you show them on your outside? Who knows you ‘inside out’?

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AMAZING COLOURS EPISODE 6: EASTER/NEW LIFE/GREEN As each child hears the amazing story of Easter and of God’s love, we hope that this worship will fill them with hope for their future, and as they grow, the...

Timeline Photos 17/03/2021

For Secondary schools ...

Registration is open for tonight's community screening until 5pm today...Out of the Darkness "was so professional, so informative, so interesting", said of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. You can only see it by registering here -

Timeline Photos 08/03/2021

Timeline Photos

What is Sam doing? Of course, it's the latest video assembly going out to schools this week! You may like to take look for yourselves and find out:

While you are there PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE to our You Tube Channel. It will mean you can have regular updates and will also help support us in improving the service we offer schools and families. ( Thankyou!


To keep you up to date on our work with schools, here is Spring 2021 Review. We hope you find the contents as encouraging as we do!

Timeline Photos 03/03/2021

Timeline Photos

Dear God,

We pray for schools, and for all those involved in the return to school next week. Be with them as they sort out bubbles and outside classrooms and testing and sanitising. Give them wisdom to support the children in their care, particularly those whose mental health has suffered, and strength to deal with their own challenges. We pray for parents, those who can’t wait to get the children back to school and those who are fearful. Most of all we pray for the children, that they will feel secure and confident


Faith in Us: Educating Young People about Islamophobia - EqualiTeach 03/03/2021

Faith in Us: Educating Young People about Islamophobia - EqualiTeach

Some useful resources for teaching young people about Islamophobia:

Faith in Us: Educating Young People about Islamophobia - EqualiTeach Faith in Us is a resource for both primary and secondary teachers for use in the classroom to work with young people and educate about Islamophobia.

Timeline Photos 11/01/2021

Timeline Photos

Our first video assembly of the term. The theme this term is Amazing Colours Bringing Hope and this first episode is all about Rainbows and Hope, what a great way to start this term! See the Multimedia pack here: or for the video click here:


Spinnaker Trust Ltd

Loving Father, thank you for sending Your only son, Jesus, as the rescue plan for all humanity. As schools come to the end of a busy term, may pupils and teachers alike find rest and rejuvenation over the Christmas holidays and rejoice in getting to know you better and having fun with friends and family. We pray for protection from the virus and good common sense as we may be mixing more over Christmas. Thank you Saviour. Amen


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Our CHRISTMAS is out! Children are encouraged to EXPERIENCE the Christmas Story through their senses. As each child hears the story and explores the sights, smells and touch of this wonderful Christian celebration, we pray that everyone will experience a ‘SENSATIONAL CHRISTMAS!’ Bible reference: : Matthew 1 & Luke 2
Follow the link for the MultiMedia Pack:
Or click here for the You Tube Playlist:


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Take a look at our website for a range of Christmas Resources for packs and an RE workshop: Christmas Journeys. This year's Christmas assembly will be available on video soon, the PDF is free to download, along with all other resources. Please follow this link for details:


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Latest : AMAZING MUSCLES help us stand, move and relax! The story of the Two Sisters (Mary & Martha) helps us consider work and rest and what is most important. Key themes include: and !

See the pack here:

Or subscribe to our You Tube channel to see all


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Our Review this term has been inspired by HOPE. It includes a video message from Mike, updates about what we are doing and where we are going, some great quotes & stats and, finally, a finance report. We hope it fills you with hope!


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Dear Father, we pray for the children who, for various reasons, have been unable to return to school and have therefore been at home since last March. We ask for your blessing over their relationships in the home. Thank you that you are the God who "restores the years that the locusts have eaten", please cause them to flourish academically, mentally and socially in the weeks and months ahead. In Jesus' name, Amen


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Hands Up! Our went out without the picture last week so, for those who may have missed the link - here it is again. It is all about Hands: We can talk with our hands, show kindness and much, much more. We can be thankful 'our names are written on the palms of God's hands'.

Follow the link for PDF version:


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Lord, we thank you that we can bring our requests to you, both large and small.
We pray, Lord, for our schools, that they might be places where Your love and protection are known and felt. We pray that children and staff will take care of each other. We pray that they will be able to enjoy as normal a school life as possible. Amen. 10/11/2020

Kamala Harris talks about her own faith and how it might influence a Biden-Harris White House

This could be an interesting topic to discuss in secondary RE ... (RNS) — In an email Q&A, the vice presidential nominee shows how she thinks about the government’s role in protecting people of faith and ensuring religious freedom.


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Loving Father, who cares for all that you have made. Thank you that you know every hair on the head of each child and staff member in schools this term. We commit them to you during this lockdown period. Please protect all those who are particularly physically or emotionally vulnerable. Please give peace to the fearful. We ask that school time this week would be filled with learning and joy, even as everyone on school sites grapple with extra rules, restrictions and distancing. We lift up those making decisions nationally about attendance and exams this year that you might give them wisdom and a desire for good. Above all, we pray that many may have a chance this week to hear about you in some way and turn their faces towards your welcoming light. In Jesus’ Name, Amen


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Dear Lord
You are our steadfast rock; in times of uncertainty we can always rely on you. We give thanks for our schools, for the children, for the teachers, for all that work tirelessly to help children to learn and grow. We pray they receive rest during this half term and can return refreshed. We pray that hearts and minds are open to learn about You. We also pray for protection from this virus and that schools are able to remain open during these difficult times. Please keep all the adults and children safe and well. In Jesus' name Amen 16/10/2020


This YouTube channel looks useful ... An educational channel dedicated to the academic, nonsectarian study of religion. We promote improving the public's religious literacy by exploring humanity'...


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Dear Father in heaven, we pray help all of us in education to stand as a light, leading the way for our children to know You love us all the same regardless of race or colour and that we are all equal in Christ. Help us to stand for truth, equality and justice and to see your kingdom come and your will be done, in Jesus name, Amen.


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Our today continues the celebration of as we consider our Amazing Hair and learn about Madam C J Walker who was the first black female millionaire and also a hairdresser. With prayer, bible verse and more (follow the link for PDF)


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Dear God, we pray for our schools. We pray that the children and adults have settled into their new ways of working, moving around and being with each other in school. We pray that the children are enjoying learning and playing together with their bubble-mates and that they have been able to adjust to working in class again. We pray for those who are troubled or anxious, who are finding this new life difficult to be in. We pray for those children who have been bereaved and those who feel loss from all the changes that have happened. We pray that they will receive the support they need and that you will give them peace, comfort and acceptance. Surround them with your love, Father God. Amen


Royal British Legion

This may prove useful ...

Created in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, download our free-to-use teaching resources and assembly plans. Suitable for 7 to 14 year olds. 15/09/2020

Join the FREE Prayer Challenge >> The challenge is simple: pray for your students & school, and see what God will do!


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Father God, all good things come from you and are for us to discover, learn about and enjoy. We don’t always remember to thank you and we often get distracted from your gifts by the things that weight down, worry and challenge us. You are a God who cares and meets us where we are. Moving into a new term we thank you for all that we have enjoyed over the summer and for all that is to come as we reconnect with colleagues and friends. Thank you for the successes in learning last year and for the determination in teachers and children to press forward this year. Thank you for the childlike hope and good humour that can often be found in our classrooms and for the fact that it is though these simple things that we can face anguish, despair, stress, conflict and any number of seemingly unassailable obstacles.
We pray for this term, this week, this day, that in every moment your Spirit would help us to seek out and find the good, the pure and the lovely so that we can enjoy the present and look to the future with hope.
By Jesus’ example, Amen


Kids UK

This may be useful for those looking for Collective Worship ideas for Primary Schools

We are very excited to be sharing this with you toady. Our New Look Primary School Assemblies (Collective Worship) from September 2020





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