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Operating as usual


Been taught some really harsh lessons recently on how to run my business better & who I trust as friends within the industry, yes it hurts but these lessons I forever grateful for because it didn't break me it's making me! I'm learning making changes needed on a daily basis and its not as overwhelming as I would of found it a few months ago! Thank you for grow and change! It's not easy at all but jeez it's worth it and so are you!


Life is 10% of what happens to us & 90% how we respond!
We have more power than we realise.
Master your mind for your responses you will be winning on a daily basis


We all have to live in the knowledge that if we breath deep and tell ourselves we got this, our feelings and body will follow, and know we really do have this. No matter how bad it seems in the moment we will get through it!


Wow what a s**t night sleep!

Just because someone looks ok acts ok doesn’t mean there ok! And thinking that because you can’t see it don’t mean they ain’t suffering!
They have been to hell and back fight on a daily basis in silence not be burden others!
The biggest war we face it’s the battles in our own minds! Nothing anyone else can say or do that we haven’t done to ourselves million times over I. Our own mind!
everyone has there own battles & battles life struggles in there own way!
So if u have to do anything this week think before u speaking, listen twice as hard to understand then
Amd just be kind!


Make traditions that make u smile and glow up inside and out


On the left I'm full blown addiction drink drugs, hating myself, broken, mentally physically worn out from working in the industry, self loathing, negative attitude, angry at the world, victim mentality, just all round vile grumpy bitch.

On the right this in me in sobriety!
Gained weight, Happy to the point I love the person I see in the mirror, have inner calm & peace! Positive in my approach to life! Learning new things about myself day as its a daily progress.

Did this happen over night hell no!
There 8years apart and it's taken 8years of what I used to call failures I now call learning experiences!
I had to change my thoughts before I could change my feelings and actions!
&you can change to with time & hard daily work!
I can't show you how to do this as well!
This isn't 1 size fits all because I'm a realist, it's let's try and see what works best for you kinda thing!
I've done/doing what works for you, so let me help you find what works for you!!!!


I'm fooked! Sleep is sooo important for maintaining good mental health! In this industry we work crazy hours, crazy lengths of time in a day, so make sure you have a good nighttime routine to promote good sleep

What's your routine???


Pmsl yep lol I’m that dick lol


Welcome to Femme Fatales. This is where woman find themselves, discover what it’s like to live on your own terms, become dangerously confident, & have the best love affair with yourself


Good morning my beautiful ladies!
Crazy how life throws curve balls! But If we learn to manage these highs and especially the lows, just think how powerful we can be! I too am learning but I can't wait to share what works for me with you and vice versa! Together we can grow and build a brighter future for ourselves!


Whoop whoop my first sober Saturday in a couple weeks & it feels good to be back on track! Wasn't easy as last night I was in a impulsive mood but I did it! The 1st couple weekend are the hardest for me but once I'm back on a roll i get better at making better choices! After all everything is all about the choices we make on a daily basis!
And I'm loving my new nails so how are u treating yourself this weekend for staying sober! As celebrate your wins you deserve it!


Good Thursday morning sorry for being so awol won't lie my college course is mentally taxing the f**k out of me, also tried escorting again amd mentally doing these things alone isn't healthy for me! So been focusing on my counselling coursework, researching loads for my short content for my femmefatale website its all slowly coming along I'm not rushing anything as I want to make sure I delivering the best quality self help content for everyone! Which meant I've slacked on other things that matter very much to me but now I'm mentally in a head space I step up & do more engaging stuff online which I love doing


Sobriety is brutal!
The conditioning that we’ve had our whole life that alcohol ain’t that bad is so so hard to unlearn but this is the key to being and staying sober!
Knowledge is key!
Knowing that this will take time& if u relapse the key is to get back on the mission again & with each relapse is a new lesson! This will build foundation for your own personal journey!


When u realise your not the woman u used to be!
Grieving the lost of her while in the land of the unknown for the woman I’m becoming


Back to day 1 was massively triggered and thought stupidly I could control it but once again I couldn’t! Feel physically awful and poorly stomach mentally I just want to cry 😭!
I’m so disappointed in myself!
But I’ve spent last 24hrs beating myself up!
So overwhelmed!
But I’ve learned a lot I can’t just have 1 drink I can’t work my old job as it’s a massive trigger so walked away yesterday from it now have to build from the bottom up but I’m still in a massive funk so I need to work through this!


Hey I've been very quiet haven't I I'm sorry I've been working behind the scenes dealing with my own issues and lots of changes that are accurring in my life I don't deal with changes well they mentally amd physically exhaust me! I've been trying something new trying to listen closer to what my body is ask of me! I'm trying to create a string connection with my inner voice, gut instinct what ever you want to call it!


Woke up this morning super happy to be sober! Happy it's Thursday I so want to drink and use but I made the choice I won't self sabatage what I have achieved the last 3.5months!
So I spoken to my son, read in bed I listen to saxophone music every night while reading in bed to relax and went to sleep early.
Tomorrow is the beginning of something special for me.
So what are your go to things when your triggered and want to throw sobriety away?


Morning sunshines
Wow isn't it beautiful to wake up to sunny weather!
Doesn't it really boost your mood & feel grateful!
What do u do daily that your future self will be grateful for?


Today I'm setting myself and you a challenge.... U up for it?
Let write our personal manifesto for this year!
What is a personal manifesto, its about who we are what we stand for and how we plan on showing up in life!
Let's use this to get very clear on who we are what we stand for. What we offer the world to people who we choose to allow into it! Let do this! Get it out of our head and on paper to free up more mental space


Happy Monday
I've been quiet because I've been poorly & also doing inner work on myself which has been so intense!
Building on my self mastery is key to create a whole self that can deal with daily life and its ups& downs in a positive manner.
I won't ever be a person who preaches but doesn't to the work myself!
I will talk the talk & walk the walk!
Lead by example!
I hold myself accountable.
How else are we to make strong lasting change for the better!

Photos from Femme Fatale Life Coaching's post 04/03/2022

Slowly growing back since my little breakdown and I cut my hair off! Self harm doesn’t come just as cutting one’s self cutting your hair off pulling hair out also can be self harm! It all gives the sense of relief from what’s going on in the mind! The biggest battle we all face is the one that goes on in your mind on a daily basis as this is one place we can’t run from! Seek help, support from non judgmental people who allow you the safe space to be able to offload and work s**t out for yourself!


I could sit here preach to u but in reality we are all equal and I only wish to pass on my wisdom & knowledge I'm learning along this sobriety journey! So my words today are sobriety isn't linear it's a mad crazy rollacoaster of life amd emotions, what counts is taking day by day & deal with things good £bad as and when they come up! Everyday will be different to the next but know that you will be OK & healing is happening wither we see the big changes or notice the little daily things that come up! We got this & together we change support each other so please drop in the comments a big hello to each other!


If you ever wondered why u picked femmefatale for my life coaching business, here the article that sealed the deal for!
Everything I'm about & working for daily for myself and other women on a daily basis!
This article spoke so loud amd clear to my soul that my nerves came alive through my whole body!


Omg what a stressful few days! Being sober means I have to deal with life issues and emotions with new coping mechanism. To say this is easy is a out amd out lie. It's soo bloody hard as its so easy to slip back to old negative ways so easily as it feels like comfort zone we know so well just it doesn't work in a positive way for us long term!
It's alot in the beginning to deal with which is why I started sirens of sobriety, a safe place where we can support each other share our own wisdom and stories to help others!
True self mastery is not found alone we all need help support amd wisdom to level up!


There is now a telegram group amd a Facebook group! This is a safe space for female SWers who want support in the adult industry while getting/staying sober.


Wow 7years of working hard to get back on track after a long hard Breakdown!
S**t is been hard and definitely a massive roll a coaster of emotions!
I love how much I’ve changed, grown as a woman.
I’m thankful for all my hard times that taught me the most important lessons in life!
And I’m still growing and learning
But healing is the best gift I’ve given myself!
Life lessons:
1. Conjecture, opinions is not facts. Nor do they pay bills
2. People need to rant don’t actually mean what they say when they are in the heat of emotions & they don’t always want things be fixed so listen twice as hard that’s, why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth
3. Focus on your own actions, learn to mind your business.
4. Action speak louder than words that’s why we have 2eyes
5. Becareful who u turn to as not everyone has your best interest at heart!
6.support & let people make their own mind up without you being in there ear, it’s better than breaking someone down and being judgmental and negative


Oh my days
How it feels so good to be back to normality.
My family duties have finished for another half term.
What is the one thing we need to do the most faith...
Faith in yourself....
Faith in your actions...
Faith in your goals....
Faith in life that the universe, higher power what ever your faith looks too has your back life aint easy but nothing worth having comes easy!!
We learn from our hardest moments, these lessons show us what we need to work on then we grow bigger and better!!!


I've taken this week to get myself realigned and spent time with my family! We all need down time to decompress, relax and just be present with the people we love! As a introvert it can be hard for me afterwards as peopling is draining for me, so I always allow myself space to recover!


Good morning Happy Monday!
Don't you just love the days when you wake up and feel everything is possible!
If we work daily hourly on what we say to ourselves, we can change our own narrative! For example I used to wake up and constantly say I'm tired, I'm exhausted, I'm worn out and I had only just got out of bed 2mins ago.
Now I say I need to hydrated and wow the difference in my mornings is amazing! Keeping a check on how we speak to ourselves it's the hardest job ever why because we are our own worst critics we are so harsh on ourselves, but would we speak to someone we love care for in the same tone amd manner reality is no so why do we think it's OK to be so mean and vile to ourselves.
Mastery of our mind is so important we hold the key to make our life better than we ever imagined all we need to do it accept ourselves fully, hold ourselves accountable in every we do amd say, and love ourselves show ourselves kindness like we do others!
Well we get it right straight away hell no but trying every day means we are moving forward and making progress!


Hey been awol I do apologise I have no good excuses. Just needed me time! And that is OK!
When doing shadow work, it can take it out of you amd you need to rest to recover! Today I'm in tears from the epiphanies I'm having about my past traumas and my addictions. It feels healing & feels good to acknowledge acceptance and release myself from these chains


Happy friday
So the weekend is here and we are wondering what it will bring?
Time to take control decide what you want & go do it!
Sod waiting around for other people this is your life make it count.
Shine a light on yourself and shine it f**king bright!
Be the writer of your life story stop waiting to react start being the driving force of your stardom in your life!
Only permission you need is from yourself!
Go have a fantastic weekend!


Happy tuesday,
How are you really like how are you?

Do you ever just sit and ask yourself the same questions you would ask your stressed out, upset friend in your situation?

Why is it important to show yourself the same kindness &, care?
Let me tell you why.....
its because how can your be the best version of yourself if your not running at 100%. You need to be 100% cup full & allow the over flow to the world.
It's the overflow that feeds & grows your relationships with your family, Friends, business, life as a whole!
This is how your grow your best relationships & be the best version of yourself!


Happy tuesday,
How are you really like how are you?

Do you ever just sit and ask yourself the same questions you would ask your stressed out, upset friend in your situation?

Why is it important to show yourself the same kindness &, care?
Let me tell you why.....
its because how can your be the best version of yourself if your not running at 100%. You need to be 100% cup full & allow the over flow to the world.
It's the overflow that feeds & grows your relationships with your family, Friends, business, life as a whole!
This is how your grow your best relationships & be the best version of yourself!


Brand new telegram group for female SWers, who are looking for support in sobriety!
It's a private group, non judgemental environment. As a swer of year of experience, I understand the highs & lows of this world so I'm here to offer daily dose of positivity and support!
Let be our own cheerleaders and thrive in the adult industry!
Please ask for the link, as I will double check each and every member is a female swer as I want to keep this a very confidential safe space!


Sobriety group for female swers!
Get your daily dose of positivity and support from like minded women

Timeline photos 13/02/2022

Happy Sunday.
A whole weekend AF.
Doesn't it feel good?
Wake up and count your blessings. Not only have got another day sober, look back over your week & see what you have achieved!
Even if you struggled, think about what you took from that struggle, how you got through it. Life isn't always sunshine and roses, we learn more through pain & darkness than we do being comfortable!
We grow & leant the hard lessons in the worst of times. So take today to reflect, review & just sit for 5mins and mediate on the fact your here today & thank the universe, your version of God or higher power for the lessons you have learnt!

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Good morning my beautiful ladies! Crazy how life throws curve balls! But If we learn to manage these highs and especiall...
Happy magic Monday.I skipped yesterday & felt so guilty when I realise!Daily life can just take over & run away from us ...






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