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Books to heal, unite and liberate all who have been harmed by domestic, sexual or systemic abuse

HowlTruth is a space for us to heal, unite and liberate ourselves and each other from the harms of abuse, inequalities and oppression. HowlTruth invites you to share resources, books, testimonies and stories of how we have survived and thrived, along with other accessible reading material and links. HowlTruth believes in a world where someone hurt by an abuser, instantly howls, loudly. They know h

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For books about abuse and how to heal visit

‘An invaluable resource for both men and women who suffer from emotional abuse, as well as therapists and advocates, Escaping Emotional Abuse is a supportive, nurturing guide for anyone seeking to break the chains of shame, and gain the emotional freedom to create healthier, lasting relationships’


For books on growth and peace visit

Healing is tough and it is messy. But, you choose who you become.

Mantras remind me of my blessings, of who I [email protected] where I’m going!


For book about systemic structures of power, oppression and rebellion visit

‘The end of policing explains that "unfortunately, no increased diversity on police forces, nor body cameras, nor better training, has made any seeming difference" in reducing police killings and abuse. "We need to restructure our society and put resources into communities themselves, an argument Alex Vitale makes very persuasively."The problem, Vitale demonstrates, is policing itself-the dramatic expansion of the police role over the last forty years. Drawing on first-hand research from across the globe, The End of Policing describes how the implementation of alternatives to policing, like drug legalization, regulation, and harm reduction instead of the policing of drugs, has led to reductions in crime, spending, and injustice’


Until we are all free 🖤


For books to help you recognise red flags in abusive people visit


For book about the impacts on children when one parent abuses the other, visit


For books about narcissistic abuse and how to heal visit


If you need someone to talk to about your relationship, but are afraid of judgement or repercussions please visit our support page at

The first time I told someone, a stranger over the phone, was my first step to getting help.

Please, if you can’t tell people close to you, call one of the numbers and them someone!

You don’t have to do this alone.


For books about abuse visit

How many of us have written a note like this?

Book description: Amy wrote a note and taped it to the inside of her desk drawer. 'If I am gone or dead', it read, 'question Ron'. By the time the letter was found, Amy was already missing.


For books about finding yourself after abuse visit

Over explaining is a common symptom we can experience after abuse. Learn to trust yourself and find joy in what truly makes you vibe . No explanation needed 💪🏾💚❤️‍🩹


For books that help you learn how to put boundaries down and have healthy relationships after abuse visit

The things we know abusers do to gain control of their victim isn’t normally done all at once. So, controlling what you wear is unlikely to sound like ‘you’re not allowed to wear that’, and much more likely to sound like ‘why do you wear clothes that look so cheap, you’re so much classier than that?’. They plant seeds, little, tiny seeds, so please, at the beginning of any relationship make sure you stay true to yourself. Stay true to yourself with the small stuff, because at the end, that’s all there is.



For books about rising up after abuse visit

Here’s to everyone who has turned their pain into purpose. Those who have gathered the ashes and built something beautiful.


For books about child abuse, and how to help them heal visit


For books on personal growth and healing visit

It takes time to find ourselves after abuse. Rediscovering, or maybe discovering for the first time, what makes us tick is vital for our healing journey.


To educate yourself about systems of power & how that filters down into the home visit

Set yourself free!


Before my relationship with an abuser I traveled the world, built a successful business and had paid off my mortgage.

I left with bad debt, unable to rebuild my business due to being a lone parent to a traumatised child and a backpack of belongings.

I lost my identity, both internally (through years of gaslighting and abuse) and externally (changing my name, city, going into hiding).

Learning about personality disorders, abuse and how to heal has been key to my recovery.

I’m about to start my masters as education can never be lost, can never be taken away, and has the power to transform!

Women's Aid end of year statement - Women’s Aid 01/01/2023

Women's Aid end of year statement - Women’s Aid

Women's Aid end of year statement - Women’s Aid 21st December 202222nd December 2022 As we near the end of 2022, Women’s Aid Federation of England stands with all women against racism and misogyny, recognising those women who are the most marginalised. We stand against those who think they can attack women with impunity. Racism and misogyny wit...


New Year new books 🎉

Check out our new titles to learn how to heal after abuse at



For books about r**e visit

Wishing you all a happy, safe New Years Eve. Please look out for each other if our on the town and have a safety plan if you’re with an abuser.

Send you healing, peace and freedom for 2023 💚

**e **eculture **e #2023 #2022


For books about misogyny, systems of power, oppression and rebellion visit

Go Greta 💚


For books about healing after abuse visit

I’ve not liked myself over the last couple of days. I’ve been beating myself up over being imperfect, not meeting my own high expectations and feeling like a failure.

All of these feelings are common for those of us who have been hurt by an abuser. So, do I wallow in self pity, self hate and continue to be cranky, or do I make an extra special effort to look after myself?

Being compassionate, writing, meditating and unpicking what makes us feel so bad, gives us the option to face our negative self talk and use it as a step to further healing. We can stay in victim mode and become no better than our abusers, or we can face ourselves and work to heal.


For books about healing after abuse visit

A common trait of adult survivors of child abuse is perfectionism. We set the bar so high for ourselves, then make ourselves sick trying to reach it, and torture ourselves when we fall short.

Type 😵‍💫 if your resonate!


Sending love to all of you. Wishing you all safety, peace and healing.


Sending love and strength to all who are still trapped with their abusers or living in fear after leaving. Please reach out to your local DV centre or call 999 if you’re in immediate danger.


To read about others who have broke free from abuse and gone on to live their best lived visit



Parenting a child who spent formative years in an abusive household means sleepless nights! Years after abuse children may have frequent nightmares, feel unsafe at bedtimes or [email protected] need to stay awake and in control of their surroundings.

However, for us it can feel like torture, them them it’s ten fold. The gulf and shame they feel when they are unable to behave as ‘expected’, the fear and confusion they feel as they have physical flashbacks, and sometimes the frustration they feel from the parent who just needs sleep is another level of torture for them.

For books that help you understand your child’s behaviours after living through abuse, visit




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