Cherish, Transform and Upgrade - Jane Scanlan

Cherish, Transform and Upgrade - Jane Scanlan


A little bit excited to share this Busy Mama Sanctuary Week (join through the event page here) starting tomorrow (1-5 March) - helping busy parents to find calm amongst the clutter and chaos of life with the Busy Mama Sanctuary Week. Suggested donation is £19 for 5 days of phenomenal female experts.
A donation will go towards foodbank charity, The Need Project. Can't join live or every day? The group will be open for 2 weeks to watch On Demand.

Streamlining Lifestyle & Strengthen the Body - Dancing Mama Fitness
EFT, Meditation, Massage & Mantra - Cherish, Transform and Upgrade - Jane Scanlan
Mood & Immune Boost Nutrition Gems - Sandi Ratz - Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Coach
Routine for Healthy & Happy Kids' - Diane Williams, childcare expert
Fabulous in 5 Minutes - Your Style, with Laura, Image Consultant.
Hello! I'm Alison of Dancing Mama Fitness. So grateful to be part of Jane's Harmony Business Academy, and thanks Jane for allowing me to share my Mama Strength Pilates options with you.

If you're feeling burn out, stressed and lacking in energy & lust for life, some weekly TLC in the form of Pilates could be the tonic you need!


I love giving busy mums (well anyone really!) the Me Time they deserve:
🧘🏻‍♀️time to breathe deep (so much power in the breath),
💪🏼strengthen, and
🔋power up,

with weekly group / 121 online Pilates sessions - and I've got a free trial for YOU!

Whether you're a new mum, pregnant, or the kids have grown up and flown the nest, many of my clients are really benefitting from my sessions now, more than ever.

Take a look at my page, click on the menu to select Free Trial for the options. Hope to serve you soon:

I'm live today on Brooklands Radio 2-4pm. We're talking fitness Apps that might help you kickstart your health in 2021 and my guest at 3.30 is Cherish, Transform and Upgrade - Jane Scanlan talking about a programme she has for therapists and an online event.
I had the opportunity to listen on replay to a group EFT live that Jane did within an industry group we are both in. Thankyou Jane, it was very helpful, beautifully presented and easy to follow 🙏
For some reason my video didn't upload at 6pm or 8pm when I tried for a second time 😭
So here goes again third time lucky ...
I'm Jane Scanlan - Cherish, Transform and Upgrade I'm here to teach you a wonderful self care routine

I've been working as a massage therapist for the last 15+ years, and I noticed that the benefits of massage were greatly improved when I linked them with meditation and mantras.

I started to work like with with my face to face clients, myself and through lockdown my online clients... And guess what they all LOVE it

So please join me tonight in my Massage, Meditation and Mantra Series Video
I had the most amazing massage for tight neck and lots of headaches, was amazing. Had limited movement before and loads better after, I am going to go regularly now as it was great.

Jane is a lovely person, felt relaxed and she explained everything, really knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Thanks Jane, see you soon.

So, as part of last Tuesday's group call, we created a timetable to help fit in things we put off...I've been watching this lady post her excercise group in a parent's network for a few weeks, and last night, I committed to myself and went along....a bit of jogging and some circuit training on the common....some muscles have been reawakened!! & I feel great
Happy Friday
Does anyone have any contacts or advice for an 18 year old who is training to become a personal trainer!?
Looking forward to #WisdomWednesday #coffeewithJane

I help stressed & in pain clients from Southbourne, Croydon and globally via online platforms, to Get Out of Pain and De-Stress, through Massage, Healing and Holistic Therapies

Want to know more about Jane’s life...
With a daring Irish father who came to London to seek his fortune armed with a suitcase and a dream, along with an academic mother who loved to read and learn, Jane was always destined to be curious, adventurous and carve her own career path. After a decade in a corporate IT role, Jane knew there was more to life and started to retrain as a holistic therapist

Operating as usual


Jane uses her massage, healing, coaching and holistic therapy skills with all her clients, she has created a supportive and safe environment allowing the right questions to flow in order for you to find the answers within, and expand your healing.

Often we are unable to see why we are stressed and in pain, we can end up holding ourselves back and getting in our own way. This can lead to us living in pain, our stress levels increasing, procrastinating, being self-critical, feeling overwhelmed, and lacking self worth. These feelings can permeate all areas of our lives, from relationships, health, business and social.

But a Total Transformation doesn't have to be hard!

By using my simple, effective holistic therapies, healing, massage, and coaching, with the support and accountability in my FB groups, workshops, and group circles, I am able to help my clients move forward with ease, consistency and grace.

Check Out Our Services...


Massage is used to relive pain, rehabilitate from injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and is a general aide to wellness.

Here are 10 REASON to have a massage

1. Reduce aches and pains
a. This is the main reason my clients come for massages, those niggly pains can turn into a serious problem if you do not address them
2. Ease lower back tension
a. Lower back pain can be caused by so many things, but with the majority of office workers now working from home this pain area has increase from bad posture!
3. Release upper back tension
a. We often hold much of our tension in our shoulders, laptop work and mobile phones have added to this tension area
4. Smooth out muscles
a. Massage an often have an ironing out feeling of the muscles, ever felt like you have grown after a massage? I have literally had clients grow 2” because they are finally standing straight after my treatment
5. Improve flexibility
a. I always do a body analysis at the start of a physical treatment, every single time there is improvement by the end of the session.
6. Reduce stress and anxiety
a. Massage helps your heart rate to slow down, it helps your mind to slow down too and allows you to get into your body
7. Calm the mind, body and soul
a. Massage gives you that time to consciously relax, and receive
8. Improve your overall health
a. Massage has so many benefits that it has a positive effect on the whole of you
9. Receive nonsexual touch
a. Back in tribal times community kept you alive, community touched and loved one another, modern living has removed a lot of this platonic touch, by receiving a massage you are adding this back into your life
10. Relive tension headaches
a. Many of my clients suffer from headaches and eye strain from screen time and bad posture, massage helps relive this naturally

What are your reasons for having massages?


Remembering a winter Mindful Meanders

Wow some of those mornings were so cold, but if the sun is shining and your surrounded by lovely people, then it is so much easier to get out the house, go for a walk, meditate, dip and enjoy a well earned coffee!

Come join us at Fisherman's Walk Bandstand on a Monday & a Wednesday 9am...This is a FREE CommUnity Event xx


Urgent Reminder - Terms & Conditions

I've had a few sticky situations with clients or free sessions over the last few months in business, so I need to send out a quick reminder about Cherish Transform Upgrade's Terms & Conditions

As I'm sure you can understand my time is very precious to me, as is the time of my clients. I happily give at up to 20hrs of my time a month for Free to the local community in the form of the weekly Free Mindful Meanders (Walk and Talks), and my free sessions to first time clients, unfortunately I will be forced to change my business structure if I am unable to recreate/enforce/hold these Terms & Condition boundaries.

Please see below...thank you in advance for reading them and complying.

Best Wishes
Jane xx

Terms & Conditions
👉Every client can claim their FIRST session free, every session there after is paid for in full whether Ad-Hoc or Membership
👉There is never more than 1 free session per person
👉I have the right to refuse free sessions, if I feel the prospect is not a right fit for my business or has no intention of join the membership or booking Ad-Hoc sessions
👉All Memberships are DD, either monthly, bi-weekly or weekly
👉All Ad Hoc Sessions are paid in full before the session
👉Clients commit to sessions each month to fully benefit and improve their overall wellness
👉Clients will give at least 24hrs notice if they can not attend a session and reschedule that month
👉If a client can't give 24hrs notice, they will forfeit that session
👉Clients are made aware that the first three months of their membership are fixed (you agree not to cancel within this period)
👉Clients are made aware that they will go onto a monthly rolling contract after the fixed 3 months
👉After the fixed 3 months either party can give one months notice to cancel this agreement
👉If notice given in Jan, last payment is Feb
Clients are made aware that they can change their tier level within the membership any time, this needs to be emailed or text to me, Jane.
👉I have the right to refuse & cancel with immediate effect any sessions or memberships, if I feel the client is not a right fit for my business
👉If I am ill, I will call you to reschedule
👉If you are ill, please call me to reschedule


Jane helps stressed and in pain clients in Southbourne, Thornton Heath and Online (via Zoom), to Get Out of Pain and De-Stress, through Massage, Healing, Coaching and Holistic Therapies. If you are in emotional, physical or mental pain and/or are stressed please book a free consultation to see how Jane can help you...

April - 90-day Goal Setting
May - Self Love
June - The Confident You Programme
Check out my online courses 👇

Where Online, Thornton Heath or Southbourne
starting from £25 a month
121 Sessions
Creative Coaching Workshops
Meditation Circles

Want to learn more?
Please book a free membership chat or your first session with Jane

Mon and Wed 9am
Term time, Southbourne
Walk, Talk, Mediate, Dip and Coffee
Free, but donations welcome

1st Tue of the month
8 till 9.30pm
Theme changes each month
recording included
8 Video with PDFs course included
£20 donation

3rdTue of the month
8 till 9.30pm
Theme changes each month
Recording included
£10 donation

With over 40 5-star Reviews on Facebook it was hard to choose....

I had the pleasure of a free one 2 one with Jane and was blown away at how professional and lovely Jane as a person is ! Not only did I feel totally at ease with a whole new experience I came away feeling I could tackle my problems head on
🥰 Thank you Jane x x
Tracey Wright

Our Story

Jane Scanlan the Queen of making it simple is here to help you to cherish, transform, and upgrade your life. My life coaching and self-improvement advice is some of the best in the local area, and I serve globally via online platforms as well as my bases in Dorset and London.

Using simple, effective Coaching Programmes and step-by-step Online Courses, I help you to move forward easily and effortlessly.

I boast more than 15 years of experience within the health and wellness industry, I have truly led life to the fullest and I’ve been at the helm of Cherish, Transform, and Upgrade Your Life Coaching since 2014.

For a simple and fun approach to life coaching, get in touch today and claim your FREE session with me.

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Massage, Meditation and Mantra Series Episode7
LIFT Book 1% Jane Scanlan and Janet Groom
The Massage, Meditation & Mantra Series With Jane
Massage, Meditation and Mantra Series Episode 6




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