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Raising Mama


We had such a lovely time with Raising Mama at her Raising Little Minds course for preschoolers!
We left with so many wonderful techniques for helping my son manage big emotions, practice mindfulness and develop his emotional intelligence.
With stories, crafts, mindfulness and meditation each week, it was relaxing, informative and fun!
We use all the techniques we learned at home, and my son loves his calm box!

The next Raising Little Minds course begins on Friday at my studio in Ford.
Please get in touch with her Amy from Raising Mama for more info and to register!

Our next parnt & child group is on the 25th of October. This FREE group is relaxed and informal. Drop-in and enjoy a cuppa, meet other parents and let your little one play and explore.
I will be on hand to provide tummy time support and support for digestion/colic.

On the 8th of November, Amy from Raising Mama, will be attending and available for anyone who would like to speak with her about maternal mental/emotional wellbeing, mindfulness and relaxation.

Helping Parents to:
- Reconnect with themselves after children
- Address unhelpful patterns
- Lear

Operating as usual


I can’t wait to be back!

Get in touch if you would like to join an intimate group designed to support and nurture you in the early days of parenting.

Raising Mama is back in the studio tomorrow! Raising Mama
There are a couple of spaces available, so please get in touch with Amy ASAP to register!

This is a beautiful course focused around you! Meet other mums and focus on your wellbeing, all while baby has a play and you enjoy a cuppa.

Get in touch with Raising Mama
now and join in tomorrow!❤️


There are many different reasons your bodies stress responses can be triggered in parenting.

~ Your babies cry
~ Your toddler hitting you
~ Noise
~ Your child’s behaviour
~ Conflicting views
~ Child having an accident

Whilst these stress responses are designed to help us perceive and respond to danger. It isn’t always helpful in parenting as most of the time your not facing a real threat to yours or your child’s safety.

The activation of your stress response is involuntary, but when you are able to notice what triggers you and what your response was. You can begin to develop tools that can help you to cope and recover. Returning your body to a calm state where you are able to think more clearly.

Breathing exercises, Mindfulness
Movement, Talking/ Feeling connected and getting outside in nature, can all help to calm your nervous system.

There’s still a couple of last minute spaces on my Raising Mama course starting tomorrow 11-12pm in Ford.

Over the 6 weeks we will be looking at what triggers your stress responses as you develop a toolkit of preventative strategies to help you on your parenting journey.

DM to book your space!



Practical ~ Things that set you up for success and reduce stress. For me this is food prep, planning my week and even having a good sort out of old clothes/toys etc.

Emotional ~ These can be activities that help you reflect on your emotions. Such as journaling or talking to a therapist.

Spiritual ~ Things that nurture your spirit such as music, art, nature.

Mental ~ Activities that focus your mind e.g. mindfulness, reading a book, listening to a podcast.

Physical ~ Things that promote your physical health e.g. sleep, nourishing food and moving your body. I’m always dancing around the house, great way to alleviate any pre dinner time meltdowns in my house.

Social ~ Activities that help you feel truly connected to others. This could be a chat with a friend or joining a group that your interested in.

I know this list sounds like a lot but making some tiny changes each day can help to protect your mental health, reduce stress and anxiety as well as increasing your energy and overall wellbeing.

It’s so important to make time to care for yourself as a new parent as I’m sure any parent will agree, having a new baby is exhausting.

Come and join a supportive and nurturing group where you will meet like minded mamas at a similar stage to you.

6 weeks starting Friday 4th November 11-12 pm at the magic little moments studio in Ford.

This group is all about the mamas with relaxing meditations, journaling and discussion, as well as a selection of refreshments. Of course the babies are not forgotten as they are very much part of every session!

There are a few spaces available, Send me a message to book on.


As mothers we always want to do our best for our children. But this can lead to us holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations and internally criticising ourselves, draining our already limited resources. We find it easy to offer compassion to friends or family when they are struggling but far less likely to offer ourselves the same sentiment. There are many reasons we can develop a strong inner critic throughout our lives. But becoming aware of this as mothers can not only improve your mental well-being, but also help you to support your child in developing a more compassionate view of themselves!

However this is far easier said than done, as the demands of modern motherhood often leave us exhausted and comparing ourselves to others.

Helping others to cultivate a fierce attitude of self compassion is at the heart of raising mama and is especially important in those early days!

If you have a baby under a year old and would like to join my next 6 week group at the beautiful Magic Little Moments studio in Ford from 4th November 11-12pm please get in touch.


So excited to be back for a new term at the beautiful @magiclittlemoments_babyclass studio in Ford from 4th November for 6 weeks!

This course is for new mamas with babies under a year old. It is designed to help you relax and de-stress from the week and leave you feeling empowered as a Mother!

Each week you will be guided through a calming meditation before we focus on that weeks theme. We’ll discuss and reflect on expectations as mothers, matresecence, emotions, instrusive thoughts and boundaries. As well as learning different mindfulness and wellbeing practices that you can try out and see what works best for you.

As part of the course you will also receive journaling prompts, access to a friendly and nurturing group WhatsApp chat and a ‘lush’ goody bag!

To book please send me a message. Payment plans are available.

Photos from Raising Mama's post 10/10/2022

Today is

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of posts today discussing how important it is that we make mental health and well-being a priority. It’s a day to raise awareness and discuss mental health as well as ways we can protect our mental health.

I’ve not spoken much on here about my own mental health but it is something I could do if it would be useful for anyone? For now I’ve just shared some of the things I do to prioritise my mental health from @mentalhealthfoundation They have so many more tips on their website if you would like to have a look.

I am so passionate about helping families develop preventative tool kits to help support their mental health and well-being. Life can be really difficult, but prioritising your mental well-being everyday can really help you to cope throughout these challenges.

If you would like to talk to someone I have shared contact numbers for @pandas_uk @samaritanscharity Sussex mental health line and CALM. If you are struggling please reach out to someone, you really matter!


A few people have told me they are worried that their children won’t sit still during my classes….

All Raising Little Minds sessions are fun and interactive, creating an environment in which children can develop mindfulness skills through play!

There is no expectation for children to sit still throughout sessions.
These sessions are designed with pre school aged children in mind so there is plenty of time for moving around, choice in activities and lots of fun!

Limited Spaces available at @little_piggiescafe on 27th October 11-11:45.

To book please send me a message!


Monday mornings are pretty great with this lovely lot!

This morning I spoke to the children about how practicing mindfulness can help with problem solving, concentration and regulating their emotions. The children all enjoyed squeezing the squishy brain!

I was blown away by how focussed all of the children were throughout the whole of todays session! It really goes to show it’s never too early to introduce children to mindfulness. They particularly enjoyed noticing how their bodies felt when doing different stretches and after some mindful games. All of the children took their time to explore the texture, smells and taste of some orange before joining in with a guided meditation.

At the end I asked the children how they felt after practicing mindfulness the response “happy and calm”!

⭐️ If you are a setting and would be interested in Raising Little Minds sessions, please do get in touch to discuss availability for after half term. ⭐️

Another fantastic morning visit from Raising Mama 🙂

Today the children learnt more about their senses and were able to smell and touch some oranges. They tasted them and spoke about what they tasted like.

All the children sat and concentrated well during the activity and listened well to the story that was read. 📖

They also got to have a squeeze of a squishy brain and spoke about what it felt like to hold. The children got to speak about how their bodies were feeling today and exploring different movements with their bodies such as stretching. 🧠 ⭐️


🧠 As parents and caregivers you will learn the science behind the benefits of mindfulness and how you can develop these skills at home with your families.

✨ Children will enjoy mindful play activities and creating their own props to take home to help practice the amazing skills they’ve learned. There will also be the opportunity for everyone to relax with a guided meditation.

⭐️ Introduction to children’s mindfulness at @little_piggiescafe on Thursday 27th October 11-11:45 for children aged 2-4 years old.

👶🏻 Siblings welcome.

💕 To book please send me a message.

Photos from The Wittering’s Village Pre-School's post 26/09/2022

What a way for these amazing children to start the week!

Today the children explored the colours, sounds and textures of the leaves. They practiced some leaf breathing and focussed on their leaves by tracing the lines and patterns on them with coloured pens. We finished the session with a short meditation reminding the children that they are as strong as the trees.

Helping increase attention, focus, self awareness and overall well-being!


When I was planning this course I knew there was only one place to start it. That’s by putting your NEEDS front and centre. In week 1 we will be taking a deep dive into how you value and take care of your own needs.

As caregivers it can be so easy to overlook the importance of prioritising your own basic needs whilst your busy taking care of others. A skipped breakfast, a missed shower or delay in making your own medical appointments. It all adds up and can have a serious impact on not only your self worth but also how we function on a daily basis.

Firstly we will discuss the many different reasons why this is so hard to do as busy mothers, before considering how we can prioritise those needs.

Not only will we see and feel the benefits of caring for ourselves, but that loving care will ripple out throughout our families!

At the end of the 6 weeks you will have an understanding of the challenges we face as mothers and the ability to treat yourself with compassion when you get it wrong. You will also have a huge toolbox of skills that you can practice to find the things that work best for you that will serve you throughout life.

Each sessions consists of: A guided meditation, discussion and personal reflection. You will also have access to a group WhatsApp chat.

If you would like to book onto this course or have any questions please send me a message.

Starting this Thursday at 19:45-20:45.


🏠 Starting Thursday 29th September from 19:45-20:45 in the comfort of your own homes!

As a busy mama myself I know how hard it can be to find time for yourself. Often busy making sure everyone else is ok and forgetting to show yourself the same care and compassion.

This course is designed with you in mind! Helping you to carve out an hour a week devoted entirely to yourself.

💗 Teaching you to slow down and feel less stressed

💗 Be kinder and more compassionate to yourself

💗Create new healthy wellbeing practices that will support you throughout life

💗 Increase your resilience and the ability to cope with challenges.

As well as 6 live weekly sessions you will also receive a weekly reflection and access to a WhatsApp group with others from the course.

To book please send me a message.


There is so much going on in the world right now and it can be really hard to mentally switch off from things. Chuck in the end of the summer holidays which as wonderful as they can be, can also be an extended period of stress. The additional costs and unsustainable juggle of work and childcare draining our resources. As the seasons are changing and we transition back into school, nursery and work. We consider the impact it all has on our children as we support them to adjust to new routines and how we manage their emotions. But do you consider how these changes are effecting you?

One thing we can always be certain of in life is that like the seasons, things are always changing. But changes in life can be stressful. Causing us to resist them or experience feelings of anxiety around them.

⭐️ My 6 week online Raising Mama course will help you to carve out 1 hour a week to yourself to:

💫 Slow down and feel less stressed

💫 Be kinder and more compassionate to yourself

💫 Create new healthy wellbeing practices that will support you during the many changes you will experience throughout life

💫 Increase your resilience and the ability to cope with challenges.

This course is online only and starts on 29th September 19:45-20:45 for 6 weeks. For more information or to book your place please get in touch.


Booking is open!

The transition into life as a new mum can be challenging for so many reasons, whether it’s your first or fifth baby. Raising Mama is here to help guide you on that journey. Helping you to reconnect with yourself, trust your intuition and feel confident and empowered as a parent!

This course is not about being a perfect parent (they don’t exist) but you will learn a variety of simple mindfulness techniques. Which can help you to manage stress and anxiety even when life is challenging.

If you have any questions or would like to book on please send me a message.


I have been terrified of vomit for as long as I can remember and as silly as it sounds this phobia has controlled many different aspects of my life. As soon as I believe (usually falsely) that someone may be sick I feel myself become light headed, start sweating and feel as though I could pass out. My instinct then is to leave the situation as quickly as possible!

I always knew this would be an issue as a parent but just hoped for the best and did nothing about it. This ended up in me taking Nell to A&E the first time she caught a bug (although there were other concerns as well). But I knew I needed to put my toolbox to the test to help me get through these situations. We’ve now had a total of 4 bugs and with each one I’ve learned a little bit more about how I can cope without passing out or running away.

First the practical stuff.
I have a bowl under my bed that has antibacterial spray, hand gel, and a mask in it so i don’t need to panic looking for cleaning stuff. I also have some floor cleaner stuff that really helps.

I repeat mantras to myself like “children get sick, this will pass” A LOT! With repetition I find this really helpful!

Whenever I could I used my phone to message friends and family so that I felt supported even though I was alone.

I was also really grateful that Nells Dad was able to stop in so I could take a short break outside of the house. I spent several minutes in the car focussing on my breathing and acknowledging how well I had coped.

For me I have found the most helpful thing has been accepting that in this situation my only goal is survival. To get through this time in a way that allows me to manage my own fear in the moment so I can care for my daughter when she needs me. Everything else goes completely out of the window! The next day I did as little as possible as I felt exhausted not just from the lost sleep but also from how hard I had worked at trying to soothe my nervous system.

I was also strangely comforted by how many people messaged me to say that they suffer with emetophobia too so we are most definitely not alone!

Photos from Raising Mama's post 12/08/2022

We had a lovely time yesterday at @little_piggiescafe for the raising little minds worry workshop!

The aim of this session was to normalise worry as a feeling that we all experience and how using mindfulness can help us to take a more objective view of our thoughts and feelings. As well as empowering parents and carers on how mindfulness can be used at home with the whole family.

We imagined our minds as though they were worry trains, full of different worried thoughts and feelings. But by noticing these thoughts, we can use mindfulness to bring the train back to the here and now station. Without analysing or getting caught up in where the thought train is going, or what is happening on the train.

We practiced mindfulness through games and the children made breathing buddies to support them in noticing their breath at home. They also made worry monsters to encourage them to talk about their worries and how their caregivers can support them through listening, validating and helping them to label their emotions and experiences.

Keep your eyes peeled for future workshops 👀

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As mothers we always want to do our best for our children. But this can lead to us holding ourselves to unrealistic expe...
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