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Website: qa.ulster.ac.uk At our London and Birmingham branch campuses, your education and future is in the hands of professionals.

Ulster University is a modern, forward-looking, progressive and entrepreneurial university with a national and international reputation for excellence and innovation. Having spread beyond our Northern Ireland roots to include partnerships with other education providers, we now have branch campuses in London and Birmingham offering globally recognised, fully accredited British degrees at Bachelors

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πŸš€ Ready to launch your career onto the global stage?

Our MSc in International Business with Advance Practice equips you with the skills to thrive in the dynamic world of global commerce. From strategic management to cross-cultural negotiations, we've got you covered!

Choose Ulster University and join our campus in London or Birmingham. Apply now to kickstart your journey to success.



Happy Father's Day!

This is a day which can represent many people; grandparents, uncles, fathers-in-law, carers, guardians and those who are no longer with us. Whoever you're thinking of this Father's Day, it's a time to reflect on positive role models ⭐️

So, let's take time to consider many of those parents who are either starting their first journey into education, or returning to brush up their skills, with us! We value our mature students greatly and we're so proud to see anyone, of any age, grow and develop πŸ“ˆ


Finding the right accommodation can seem like a bit of a headache. So, what essentials to look for?

βœ… Cost: Check the costs of each accommodation and consider your budget. There will usually be a range of options available for your needs.

βœ… Location: Whether you're on campus or renting privately, consider the distance from the university campus and main town services.

βœ… How does it feel?: Make sure to look at photos and see if the room and any shared spaces are appropriate and feel right. Is there enough storage space, a desk, good cooking and cleaning areas?

βœ… Details: If you do decide to rent in a private location, make sure to read any agreements and small print to know exactly what you’re agreeing to!

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help with your accommodation and where you can live and study, visit our website here: https://ow.ly/4IYj50SbHeK


Explore your future at Ulster University London & Birmingham! 🌟

Discover the exciting opportunities waiting for you in the 2024/25 digital prospectus.

βœ… Learn about a diverse range of courses
βœ… See what financial support is available for UK and International students
βœ… Read about the application process

Whether you're just starting your higher education journey or looking to advance your career, we’re here to help you succeed. See the digital prospectus here: https://ow.ly/aS7T50SbFyW


There’s still time to have your voice heard πŸ“’

Tell us about your course experience and help us to enhance our Postgraduate programmes by completing the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey.

All eligible students will have already been emailed with a link to the survey, so please check your emails and make sure to leave your feedback before the 13th June deadline!


An important part of preparing for university is opening a bank account 🏦

Here are our top tips for getting started:

1️⃣ Research and compare your options. Look for student perks, such as a free railcard.

2️⃣ Read the small print and understand the fees associated with opening an account. Some student bank accounts will offer 0% overdraft fees, while some may not.

3️⃣ Have the necessary ID documents to hand. You’ll likely need to provide a copy of your passport or driving licence, proof of address, and student ID.

4️⃣ Make sure the bank you choose has a mobile app and an option for online banking.

Taking control of your finances early sets you up for success at university. What other tips would you add to the list?


Your university adventure is an exciting time with lots to look forward to. At Ulster University London & Birmingham, you can meet people from over 100 countries and form lifelong friendships.

Here are some top tips to get you started:

- Connect with your peers in your course by attending study groups and participating in class discussions.

- Join conversations and step out of your comfort zone; small talk can lead to meaningful connections.

- Get to know your flatmates by keeping your door open and sharing meals together.

Join societies and attend events to meet like-minded individuals and explore new interests.

- Hang out in communal spaces around the campus relax and chat.

Embrace the experience and make the most of your new home! Read more of our tips on Ulster University London & Birmingham blog!πŸŒπŸŽ“



It's time to have your say ✨

Postgraduate students have been sent a link to the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey.

Your opinion is incredibly important to us. We’d love for you to share your thoughts and let us know what you enjoyed about your time studying and what could have made it better.

All eligible students will have already been emailed with a link to the survey, so please check your emails and make sure to leave your feedback before the 13th June deadline!


We want to wish all our students a restful and happy spring bank holiday! 🌼🌷

Whether you're catching up on some well-deserved rest, exploring the beauty of spring, or diving into your hobbies, we hope you enjoy this pause in the academic year.

Share your bank holiday plans with us in the comments below πŸ‘‡


Are you in or going to the Ulster University Birmingham campus?

Then this is your mini guide! 🧭

Birmingham campus has state-of-the-art classrooms, a library, private study areas and hot drink making facilities, but outside of campus, there's a whole city to explore.

Why not discover the many canals of Birmingham, home to the National Sealife Centre and the Ikon Gallery. Or, perhaps take a leisurely stroll through the Botanical Gardens or a walking tour around Birmingham.

We have to mention the ultimate shopping experience in Birmingham's Bullring and Grand Central, but just a short walk away is The Custard Factory, a restored Victorian factory hosting some of Birmingham's greatest creatives, independent cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.

Whatever you feel like doing, whether it's mingling with the hustle and bustle or strolling along with the artists and dreamers, Birmingham has got it.


Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week πŸ’™

Attending university and potentially living alone for the first time can be a hurdle for your mental health. From getting used to a different type of study to calling a completely different location 'home', the transition to university can be a difficult one.

If you're experiencing difficulties with your mental health while studying at university, reach out through the avenues of support available to you β€” be it your friends, your tutors, or the Student Welfare team.

Find out more here: https://ow.ly/JsyC50RzeA7


Managing your money as a student - perhaps for the first time since leaving home - can be a difficult undertaking to say the least πŸ€”

That's why we’ve developed the Student Budget Calculator. This tool is designed to help students navigate through their expenses efficiently, ensuring they can make the most of their finances without compromising on their needs or educational resources. Use this free tool to understand where your money goes and make better decisions about how you manage it πŸ’Έ

Simply enter your incomes and expenses and let the tool do the talking! https://ow.ly/70SI50Rze6h


Calling all students! Write a Review Day is your chance to celebrate your voices and experiences - whether it's a project that changed your perspective, a course that challenged you, or simply life on campusβ€” we want to hear what makes your journey unique πŸ“šπŸ’‘

Share your stories on what makes your university experience special. Your story could inspire and guide future students!πŸ“

Let's fill our community with your inspiring voices! Tell us about your journey in the comments below or tag us in a post πŸ”—


Students at our new Birmingham campus are hard at work in their state-of-the-art lecture rooms ✍️

With first-class teaching and learning facilities, we are proud to deliver a dynamic, enriching, and vibrant educational environment for its students to thrive in. From classrooms to social spaces for students to let off steam, we know that high-quality spaces equate to high-quality education πŸ›οΈ

Well-connected and bustling, but designed with productivity and focus in mind, the new Birmingham campus is perfectly positioned to allow students to get the best from their university experience on an educational and social level πŸ‘

Find out more about the Birmingham campus here: https://ow.ly/BVMI50RjOAy


Are you looking for a hands-on postgraduate degree in the business and finance sector? Look no further than our MBA with Advanced Practice Course πŸ‘

Available in both our London and Birmingham locations, this course aims to provide a practical, in-depth overview of various business disciplines to prepare successful graduates for a flourishing career.

The corporate leadership training market is expected to reach $26.7 billion by 2024, a figure that shows how beneficial it is for students to develop organisational managerial skills in this area now πŸ†

Learn how to lead with confidence, improve your group-working skills, and become a pro at problem-solving in business with our coveted MBA course. Once finished, roll your sleeves up for a 15-week-long internship or applied consulting project to apply what you’ve learned, and gain invaluable first-hand experience. πŸ’ͺ

Find out more about this modern applied course here: https://ow.ly/8vtm50Rc7XT


Ulster University is a top 50 UK university (Complete University Guide 2023) πŸŽ“

With a well-connected community of over 225,00 alumni worldwide, recruiting international students from over 70 different countries! 🌟

Renowned for the quality of our teaching, being in the UK top 25 universities for teaching quality and student experience. (Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023)

Did you know you can study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from this university in two of the UK's top cities, London and Birmingham? Join our incredible community at Ulster University London & Birmingham a place where education thrives. 🌱

Learn more about our courses and what we offer here: https://ow.ly/M98i50RhiAN


Wishing a joyous and happy Eid-al-Fitr to all students and staff celebrating! πŸŒ™

May this special day bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. We’re so proud of the diverse community we have across our partner universities and cherish each moment of celebration with you all.

Let’s continue to build bridges towards greater understanding and respect, and let’s all make this day special for those of you celebrating today. Eid Mubarak! πŸŽ‰


It's not too late, you still have the chance to cast your vote for the Spring Student Inspiration Awards 🌟

Let's celebrate the achievements and hard work of our peersπŸŒŸπŸ† Voting closes on April 12th, so don't miss out on making your voice heard.

Make sure to find the posters on campus that will tell you how you can nominate your classmate for one of these amazing awards!


As application season approaches, remember that deadlines are not just dates, but doorways to your future! πŸŽ“ Preparing your university application is a journey. and here’s how to embrace it:

πŸ“… Mark your calendars with all crucial deadlines - early planning avoids last-minute stress.

πŸ“š Gather all necessary documents ahead of time - transcripts, recommendation letters, and personal statements as these need care and attention.

✍️ Dedicate time to put together a compelling personal statement that reflects your unique story and aspirations.

🀝 Seek advice from mentors and teachers for extra guidance.

Let’s turn aspirations into achievements! Share your preparation tips below.

Photos from Ulster University, London and Birmingham Branch Campuses's post 02/04/2024

We're thrilled to share the incredible moments from our recent graduation ceremonies. Each ceremony was a testament to hard work, dedication, and the bright future that awaits our graduates. 🌟

Why wait? Begin your journey with us and discover where your passion can take you. Check out our upcoming courses and start your path to success.βœ¨πŸŽ“ https://ow.ly/NPTw50R1Y1M


April marks Stress Awareness Month 🌼, and we're here to share a gentle reminder: Taking care of yourself is just as crucial as taking care of your academic goals.

Here are four tips to help maintain a better balance between your studies and your mental health!

πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Try out mindfulness exercises or guided meditations
πŸ“– Explore journaling or creative writing to express and understand your feelings better
πŸ’¬ Utilise our counselling services for a supportive space to talk through any stressors.
πŸƒ Spend time in nature or your campus' green spaces for a refreshing break.

Let's make this month a starting point for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. - don't forget to sign up to our student study support here. https://ow.ly/CJik50R1XxO

Share your favourite stress management practices in the comments below!


Easter Sunday celebrates the triumph of life over death as well as new life 🐣🌱

We wish everyone observing this day a very Happy Easter.

There are many ways to celebrate Easter Sunday in the UK, from attending a Sunday service to baking hot cross buns and decorating Easter eggs. Many people in the UK even celebrate by gifting each other chocolate Easter eggs and even host fun Easter egg hunts!

Let us know in the comments how you'll be celebrating Easter Sunday this year.


For many around the world, Good Friday offers a moment for reflection and an opportunity to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Whilst this holy day is normally observed by those that follow Christianity, we welcome and encourage everyone to take the opportunity to reflect on what Good Friday stands for - sacrifice, compassion and forgiveness.

And to all, regardless of belief or background, let's continue to support and learn from each other, embrace our differences and lead with empathy and kindness 🀝

Let us know how you plan to make the most of the upcoming Easter holidays!


We can't stress how important it is to keep to your academic and assignment deadlines. Deadlines are given to students to help them meet short-term and long-term objectives as well as to help balance workload.

You can prepare for deadlines by allocating time to complete assignments, getting started early, prioritising your tasks and creating a good study environment πŸ’ͺ

We also know how stressful writer's block can be, so it's important to read your assignment brief and to make a rough outline and structure of your assignment as this will make it easier to write.

We understand that, sometimes, life gets in the way and students are not able to complete their assignments on time. If you think you're going to miss a deadline, we advise that you contact Student Services as soon as possible to seek guidance and support https://ow.ly/So8w50QMAiJ


Having a good work/life balance is key when studying πŸ“š

It's important to take time away from the books to do something that you enjoy. Finding things to do on a student budget can be challenging, but we've come up with a list of free things to do that promise fun without breaking the bank:

πŸŽ₯ Movie or game nights with your friends
πŸ–ΌοΈ Explore a local museum or art gallery
⚽ Join a free fitness class or sports club
🚲 Take a bike ride (or walk) in your nearest park or scenic route

Whatever your interests are, make sure your journey is not just about studying but about experiences, learning and having fun. Let us know in the comments what your favourite, free activities to do are.

And, remember, your adventure is just beginning! πŸš€


Studying at University can be challenging, but it’s worth it when you join a community that empowers and motivates you.

If you’re studying at the moment, here are some ways you can stay motivated:

🀝 Start a study group with your course friends

πŸ—“οΈ Create a schedule for the week

βœ… Set SMART goals for yourself

β˜• Take regular breaks

If you’re thinking about studying, head to our courses page on our website now to find your perfect course https://ow.ly/kRZt50QOwiH


This St. Patrick's Day, let's embrace the spirit of Ireland! March 17th is a day to celebrate the rich culture, history, and contributions of the Emerald Isle.πŸ€

Did you know St. Patrick's Day originally marked the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who is credited with bringing Christianity to the country? He used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, making the shamrock an enduring symbol of the day. What an innovative visual learning technique!

This is a day to honour a rich heritage, foster inclusivity, and, of course, have a bit of fun, on the shared joy of St. Patrick's Day.

Let us know how you are celebrating and share your traditions down below!πŸ‘‡


Today is University Mental Health day ❀

The aim of today is to get universities in the UK working together to highlight the mental health of students across the country and make supporting students a priority πŸ‘

No student should ever be left to feel alone with their metal health struggles and we’d like to encourage our students to reach out to our student support teams if they need help.

We are promoting our mental health services all this week on campus with support sessions and chats with a mental health practitioner available. Be sure to look out for posters across our London and Birmingham campuses this week for details!


The Sew Social is soon underway!

While the weather outside might be dreary, we’re cosying up indoors with gentle music, soft lighting and sewing materials to spark your creativity.

We would like to invite you to a day of relaxation, decompression and crafts. Make sure to email the Welfare Team to find out about the next event and whether it is available at your campus. πŸ“…

One Birmingham attendee said:
"Walking into a room filled with restful music and quiet voices was immediately calming... I can't wait for the next one!"

So come and unwind with us! πŸ§΅βœ‚οΈ


Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms out there πŸ’–

Today is a day to celebrate all forms of motherhood and the hard work, strength and resilience shown all year round. We’d like to give a special shout out to the mothers across our campuses putting in lots of hours balancing their studies and their family time!

To those who find this day a bit challenging, you're not alone. We know days like this can be bittersweet for many reasons and if you need support we encourage our students to reach out to our welfare team, who are on hand to offer help in hard times πŸ’•

How are you celebrating today? Let us know in the comments.

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