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Welcome to Shooting Stars! We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of childcare in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.

Our highly trained staff are dedicated to supporting each and every child to reach their full potential.

Operating as usual

Photos from Department of Health and Social Care - DHSC's post 21/03/2024

🌟 Attention all Shooting Stars parents & carers 🌟
The 2024 Awards are just around the corner. Submit your review before midnight on Thursday 28th March for it to be included in our 2024 review score. 🏆✨
Review Details:
• 2024 Review Deadline: Thursday 28th March at midnight.
• Review method: Via online link or via postal card (available at nursery reception)
🎉 What are the Awards? The prestigious Awards celebrate excellence in the field of early childhood education and care. These awards celebrate educator dedication and the positive impact that nursery practitioners have on the lives of young children and their families. They provide well-deserved recognition to those educators committed to providing high-quality care and education.
Click today for your review to be included in the 2024 awards ✨


In his work, James L. Hymes Jr. advocated for a holistic approach to early childhood education, recognising that nurturing a child’s overall well-being contributes significantly to their learning and development. By prioritising emotional connections, caregivers and educators can create an optimal environment for young children to thrive.🌱🧡
Well-being forms a fundamental part of the Shooting Stars Pedagogy. We too believe that a happy, involved child is one who can experience the world at its fullest, as they are receptive and engaged to fully benefit from learning opportunities and interactions. Well-being is fundamental to the overall health of children and high levels of both well-being and engagement allow children to experience deep learning. Our Key Person approach supports this philosophy, ensuring each child has a nominated staff member dedicated to protecting and prioritising their well-being.✨


🔴 Wearing red for Comic Relief! 🔴 Our team are in high spirits as ever 😁 and we've raised £40 so far! If you've got any 'car park change' leftover from the pre-parking-app-days, we'd be grateful to add it to our charity fundraiser pot 💰 ✨


🌸 Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸 to all the incredible mums, grandmas, stepmums, foster mums, and mum figures out there 💕 Whether you’re celebrating with joy or remembering cherished memories, this day is for you.


📣❗️OPEN EVENT POSTPONED ❗️📣 Unfortunately, we have made the decision to postpone the scheduled “Meet the team” Open Event tomorrow (Sat 9th March).
We apologise for the late notice, and for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. We'll share the rescheduled date with you once confirmed (April/May).
🌷 To everyone that has been able to attend the Mother’s Day tea party today, we hope you have thoroughly enjoyed it! 🌷Thank you for your understanding and have a lovely weekend. Many thanks, Stephanie and team Kings Norton ✨


📚🌟 Today, our budding bookworms at Shooting Stars Kings Norton embarked on an enchanting literary adventure to celebrate World Book Day! 🌟📚
🦸‍♂️🧙‍♀️ Dress-Up Extravaganza: The children transformed into beloved characters and heroes from their favourite stories.
📚 Exploring New Worlds: Each room buzzed with excitement as the children delved into captivating tales and engaging activities. As their imaginations soared, they wove play themes around their cherished characters, sharing joy and excitement with their friends.
🎭 Storytelling with Props: Our creative preschoolers used props to bring stories to life.
😴 Curling up with a book: There were moments of calm too in cosy corners, as comforting classic books were shared and explored.
🌟 Seeds of Literacy: World Book Day isn’t just about costumes; it’s about planting seeds of literacy. By celebrating stories, we nurture a love for reading that will blossom throughout their lives. 🌱📚
🙌🌈 A huge shout-out to our dedicated nursery staff who made this day magical! Thank you for nurturing a lifelong passion for books in our little ones, each and every day, for going all out with planning themes and activities for the children to explore, and for getting fully involved with dressing up! 📖❤️


🌟 Why Some Children Don’t Like Messy Play 🌟
As parents and educators, we’ve all encountered children who seem attracted to messy play whilst others may shy away. But why might this be?
1. Tactile Sensitivity: Some children have heightened sensitivity to touch. They may find certain textures overwhelming or uncomfortable. For example, they might avoid slimy substances like mud or paint.
2. Fear of the Unknown: Messy play introduces uncertainty. Children who thrive on routine and predictability may feel anxious when faced with new textures or experiences.
3. Previous Negative Associations: A bad experience with messy play (e.g. getting dirty or feeling sticky) can create lasting aversions. It’s essential to approach messy activities with patience and positivity.
4. Sensory Processing Challenges: Messy play engages multiple senses simultaneously. Children with sensory processing difficulties may struggle to process these sensations harmoniously.
5. Individual Differences: Each child’s tolerance for messiness varies. What seems fun to one child might be distressing to another.
🌈 How Can We Help? 🌈
📈 Gradual Exposure: Introduce messy play in small steps. Start with less intimidating textures and gradually build up.
👏 Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate small victories! Praise their efforts and acknowledge their bravery.
🙋‍♀️ Choice and Control: Let children decide when and how to engage. Empower them to explore at their own pace.


One week to go!


🌏🌌Cosmic playtime 🚀🌠 Inspired by Baby Bear in the story “Whatever Next”, our little explorers embarked on an intergalactic adventure right here in the Toddler room. Much like Baby Bear, a cardboard box, a colander, 'moon boots' and tin foil added a touch of futuristic flair to the children’s play, as they created constellations by torchlight in the sensory den. “Whatever Next!” celebrates imagination, resourcefulness, and the magic of childhood dreams. It’s a heartwarming tale that encourages little ones to reach for the stars, even if it’s just in their imagination. 📚 So, next time you see a cardboard box, remember: It might just be your ticket to the moon! 🌟🚀


1,825 books...Maybe not 1,825 DIFFERENT books! But rather consistency and commitment to reading a variety of books regularly with children to build a strong foundation for their learning and development.
♻️ It's the Shooting Stars Nurseries Book Swap Week coming up w/c 4th March - the perfect opportunity to trade in a book for a different one of your child's choice.
🎟 You'll shortly receive a World Book Day token with which you can select a book for £1 from participating retailers.
📚 And don't forget to visit your local library if you need an injection of new books on rotation! 📖


Meet Lauren ✨ "I started my early years studies as a collage student when I was 16. I then went on to complete my Level 3. I joined Shooting Stars through an agency in October 2022 and accepted the offer of a permanent role here in February 2023.
Throughout my experience at Shooting Stars, I've been lucky enough to work with all age ranges which has enhanced my knowledge of child development further. However the main proportion of my time has been with Toddlers and Preschool. I love my job and I’m very passionate about supporting the children to reach their developmental potential. I love how engaging and interesting preschool children find activities and how inquisitive they are to see what is happening. My favourite activities are science experiments and anything that creates lots of mess! In my personal time I enjoy socialising, cleaning and eating lots and lots of cakes and chocolate!"

Photos from Shooting Stars Nursery Kings Norton's post 20/02/2024

📖 We're running a book swap event at nursery from Monday 4th - Friday 8th March, in addition to celebrating World Book Day on Thurs 7th March. 📖 We are asking all children to bring a book to nursery from home where they can trade it in for another child’s book of their choice. We hope the book swap will be a welcome opportunity to introduce a new book for free at home, will promote sharing and also supports sustainability. (If you have additional children’s books at home that your child has outgrown or no longer enjoys, we would gladly receive any additional donations.) Any leftover books will be put out for families to take home, utilised at nursery to enhance the existing nursery collection or donated to a local charity (or a combination of these.)
The children (and staff!) are welcome to dress up as their favourite character and share a love of books through World Book Day themes on Thursday 7th March. We'll send £1 book tokens home with the children this week too ✨


Preschool have been working incredibly hard as a team to enhance their enabling environment, with an emphasis on building ambitious literacy skills. The learning intentions focus on the children's interests in the present moment. We have developed inspiring play spaces to spark the children's investigation and imagination. 📖 This has had an extremely positive impact on the children's enduring interest in storytelling, reciting their own experiences, and encouraging questioning to deepen their understanding.
💡 All areas have been brought to life by introducing props, prompts and written literacy to strengthen the children's language and overall to stimulate children's own thoughts and ideas.
🧘 The Pre-school team have introduced soft lighting across the room and a dedicated cosy area to promote calm, contentment, familiarity and comfort. The soft lighting encourages a calming atmosphere and naturally supports deep concentration. ✨


✨ Spaces now available for Under 2s ✨ (subject to availability at time of booking). Availability changes throughout the year as children progress through the nursery, so please enquire if you're interested in booking a tour for a future start date (even if the sessions you require are not currently available for your child’s age group), or if you're an existing Shooting Stars family looking for extra sessions 📧[email protected] 📞 0121 4598259


A day that starts with sweet treats is always sure to be a good day ❤ We set up some Valentine's themed treats this morning in the staff room to spread some love ❤ Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Photos from Shooting Stars Nursery Kings Norton's post 12/02/2024

It's Valentine's week and we're feeling the ❤ from our staff team at Kings Norton with these lovely reviews on Indeed! A career in childcare is highly rewarding but can also be challenging at times. That's why it is so important to feel that team spirit and support at work to help you feel fulfilled and motivated to be the best practitioner you can be for the children. ✨


🧠 Children are naturally curious with beautiful enquiring minds! ❤️By creating child-centred ‘enabling’ environments, inspired by the children’s developing interests, we nurture a love for learning that will help the children to lay firm foundations for their own future development. When a child experiences high levels of both well-being and engagement (or in other words, when they're happy and interested), they are at their most receptive to learning. We provide daily opportunities for children to become more confident and autonomous problem-solvers and thinkers, full of courage and self-belief as they discover and ‘learn by doing’. It is our role to support children to develop skills in ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think. ✨


"Children’s personal, social and emotional development (PSED) is crucial for children to lead healthy and happy lives, and is fundamental to their cognitive development. Underpinning their personal development are the important attachments that shape their social world. Strong, warm and supportive relationships with adults enable children to learn how to understand their own feelings and those of others. Children should be supported to manage emotions, develop a positive sense of self, set themselves simple goals, have confidence in their own abilities, to persist and wait for what they want and direct attention as necessary. Through adult modelling and guidance, they will learn how to look after their bodies, including healthy eating, and manage personal needs independently. Through supported interaction with other children, they learn how to make good friendships, co-operate and resolve conflicts peaceably. These attributes will provide a secure platform from which children can achieve at school and in later life." (Development Matters Guidance)
Our Key Person approach means that each child has a nominated staff member dedicated to protecting and prioritising their individual well-being and development. ✨



👉FREE guide: funded childcare for parents (already registered for Tax-Free Childcare)👈

❓Are you a working parent of a two-year-old who is already registered for Tax-Free Childcare but needs to obtain a temporary code for 15 hours funded childcare? Or a nursery who wants to help inform your parents? ❓

Look no further! Our quick step guide will take you through the process ➡️

Access our parents page for a range of early years resources ➡️


Introducing WORLD BOOK DAY 2024's brilliant line-up of BRAND NEW £1/€1.50 books. Use your World Book Day £1/€1.50 book token (available from nursery soon) to get one of these brilliant reads for free between 15 February and 31 March 2024 at participating retailers. There's no pressure to buy or make a costume especially, or for your child to dress up if they don't want to. World Book Day is all about promoting our love of reading, storytelling and having lots of fun!


Meeting room makeover ✨ After a good declutter, it's now the perfect multi-use quiet space for staff or parent meetings, training sessions and planning time, plus it now features some organised resource storage for everyone to access ✨


One for all the parents who've had their hands (and hearts) feeling especially full over the last few weeks 💖✨

Hands and heart full (in all the beautiful chaos 🤪)


It’s wonderful to be welcoming the children back to nursery, brimming with the enthusiasm to share their tales of the festive period and excited to see their friends. We’re excited too – magic and sparkle isn’t just for Christmas after all! At nursery, the role we play as adults is very special. Offering and supporting activities that are ultimately led by the children to enable and empower them to explore their unique fascinations, interests and the world around them. Happy New Year everyone! We can't wait to see where the children's learning journey leads us✨


Wishing all of our families and team members a magical Christmas! Best wishes from all at Shooting Stars Nurseries ✨


What’s cooking in Toddler room? Samosas and Vegetable soup! Following a robust risk assessment, we shared a hot plate cooking experience in Toddler room. The children were able to identify the safety aspects of cooking, such as understanding that only grown-ups were allowed near the hot plate and how to cut vegetables up safely. The children listened for signs that the water was boiling, heard the samosas sizzling and talked about the different ingredients and steps we take when cooking. The children really enjoyed getting involved by chopping the vegetables and using their fine motor skills to roll the samosas into shape. They learned so many new skills and are excited to cook together again soon!


To spread a little bit of festive cheer, our management team have 'Elfed Themselves'. Featuring Area Managers and Director (Tracy, Kully, Steph & Jon) and our 6 Nursery Managers: Tasha (ST) | Michelle (HK) | Charmaine (WV) | Helen (BR) | Emma (WR) | Lynne (KN) 🧝✨


We have now officially entered the festive season! If you have any annual leave left to use and would like some time to yourself to do your Christmas shopping, why not book your child in for an extra session or 2 in December? Contact reception to enquire about any ad-hoc or short notice sessions that are available! 🎅🎄✨🎁

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🔴 Wearing red for Comic Relief! 🔴 Our team are in high spirits as ever 😁 and we've raised £40 so far! If you've got any ...
📚🌟 Today, our budding bookworms at Shooting Stars Kings Norton embarked on an enchanting literary adventure to celebrate...
1,825 books...Maybe not 1,825 DIFFERENT books!  But rather consistency and commitment to reading a variety of books regu...
Preschool have been working incredibly hard as a team to enhance their enabling environment, with an emphasis on buildin...
We hope you enjoyed our family workshop, created with care and love ready for the children to explore with you ❤ ✨ #king...
Wishing all of our families and team members a magical Christmas! Best wishes from all at Shooting Stars Nurseries ✨
To spread a little bit of festive cheer, our management team have 'Elfed Themselves'. Featuring Area Managers and Direct...
It’s SSN awards time! 🥂🎉🏆🎁🍾 The winners are to be celebrated at our upcoming December staff meetings, so watch this spac...
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Try this at home: Autumnal Sensory Jelly! 🍂🪶🌾🍁 Such a lovely, simple weekend activity, involving your child in the proce...
A warm welcome awaits your family at Shooting Stars Nursery Kings Norton, B30 3QJ📆 Book your appointment for a nursery t...





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