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My name is Ed Sirmbardis and I’m a Mobile Personal Trainer based in Birmingham. Don’t want to Currently there is a 30% sale on my 6 week package

Operating as usual

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Took a picture with Women on the Move in my new Women on the Move merch💪🏻🔥

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2022, what a year,

- 1 Year anniversary at Fit Brummie Bootcamp (20 months now)
- Went to my first wedding and watched one of my best mates get married
- Got my first gym job at David Lloyd
- Had my first crash and wrote my car off

Honourable mention: hit a 230 deadlift before covid ruined the chance of getting 240🙃

Nevertheless, bit of a rollercoaster of a year if you ask me with a lot of first time experiences but I wouldn’t have it any other way

Got a good feeling about 2023 so let’s see what it brings

See you lot in the new year!🫡


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Something different🤝


Why I do what I do - part 21

Here’s another lovely review from my current client Grace.

Not to go into too much detail, seeing Grace’s commitment whilst having other commitments has been nothing but inspirational and empowering!👏🏻


Wow, today marks 1 year since John Hill - Weight Loss Coach] gave me the opportunity to come and help out at his bootcamp.

These last 12 months, training women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s whilst most of them being married, with children and work commitments, has definitely been a fun but at the same time an interesting experience😅 (some of them keep telling how they have children older than me😂).

But in all seriousness, no matter the weather, whether it’s sunny, rainy, windy, warm or cold, their commitment is inspirational and amazing to watch.

Here’s a picture with me and and the man himself John Hill - Weight Loss Coach] 10 minutes before we got soaked👍🏻🤣



So here’s another 5 star review from my one of my current clients Kuldip.

When we got on the phone 7 weeks ago, she was clear on what she wanted to improve her overall strength and fitness.

It’s fair to say that she’s made amazing improvements in both areas and an everyday thing such as struggling to walk up the stairs is a thing of the past!💪🏻

Well done Kuldip!👏🏻

If you have any questions or have any fitness goals in mind but need a bit of guidance to achieve them, be sure to DM me!



So FINALLY, after not doing it last year, I’ve got my pr on bench press (130kg).

After failing to do it last year, I was pi**ed for weeks because I worked extra hard for weeks prior to doing it.

All of the work just to come up short so this has made me SUPER happy.

I feel like there’s an underlying message in all that🤔.

FYI, I might not sound too happy but trust me, I’m buzzing inside😂.

All there is left for me to say is,

3 plates, I’ll be seeing you at the end of next year😊


Well well well,

So I’ve finally achieved one of my little goals that I’ve had on my mind for a while (more for my ego to be honest😂)

Probably the biggest ego lift in a gym that you can do, clearing the heaviest set of dumbbells in the gym

50kg x 5 on incline chest press (without AirPods)

You lot know the music does wonders so that probably cost me extra 2 reps🙄

By the way, that last rep, thought I was going to pass out. Thought I was seeing stars😂

On to the next goal though💪🏻



Here’s a fantastic review from one of my clients Tirion. We started in lockdown and when she contacted me, she said how she was looking to lose some weight and be active again after she struggled during lockdown.

Overall, she now feels better mentally and physically. Let’s go💪🏻


We are helping 20 ladies drop 10-20lbs BEFORE New Year starting in November. We have a very special offer for anyone that joins our program on 1st November as well. You pay for six weeks but get until the end of 2021!




5 cones, a medicine ball, a battle rope, a ground sheet and 15 reviews later, I’ve made it a year as a self-employed mobile PT.

I bet you was expecting a long motivational/inspirational message right?

Haha, that’s funny

‘Work Harder, Nobody Cares’

There’s my message

Thank you for your time




Here’s another fantastic review from one of my current clients, Karma. When he contacted me, he was very clear with what he wanted and what he was looking for.

He was very honest about his personal struggles and the way he is but didn’t let those get in the way and stop him from working towards his goal💪🏻👏🏻.

After the first initial 6 weeks, we’ve made considerable improvements in his overall fitness as well as losing around 4kg.

Still a lot more work to do until Christmas!💪🏻


Today was a momentous day.

surprised me with my own ‘thing’ for the Bootcamp. I weirdly feel like a proud father

It does have a name as decided by some of the ladies. However, only the members are allowed to know what it is, it’s better that way😅

Does this ‘thing’ make me a full outdoor pt wa**er now?




What better way to start a new week than with some positivity in the form of a positive review from one of your clients!💪🏻

When Charley first started, her initial goal was to prepare for her fitness testing day for her new job. All of a sudden, her date for the testing got moved forward by 4 weeks so we only had 2 weeks to do the best we can to prepare for it.

When it came to it she was able to pass which was amazing! However, she didn’t want to stop there as she had more goals that she wanted to achieve.

We’re 7 weeks in now and she’s made noticeable progress with her overall fitness by being able get through the sessions much more easily as well in her physical appearance by losing weight.

More to come!



So here it is, finally, 5 plates (220kg) have been lifted. Been a long time coming💪🏻🔥.
FYI I did nearly pass out, hence the stumble but that’s besides the point😂

Aiming for 250kg by the end of the year so let’s see what happens🤷🏻‍♂️


Happy Friday everyone! Here is another reason why I love doing what I do and why it brings me such joy💪🏻.

Here’s a lovely review from my current client Adela. When she first started, she wasn’t familiar with too many body weight exercises and had taken time away from exercising in general so the beginning was really tough.

She’s not only made improvements since that day, but she’s stayed consistent and determined to keep going even though the work out might be too tough for her sometimes.

2 months in and she’s down in weight due to limiting bad habits and up in energy and fitness levels due to consistency and accountability!💪🏻

Photos from Ed Sirmbardis Personal Trainer's post 24/06/2021

Living the outdoor fitness life💪🏻💯

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