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There are currently no computer classes taking place pending discussions regarding various issues. H

Operating as usual

Welcome to Bilston Community Association 15/05/2019

Welcome to Bilston Community Association

Special Announcement, due to urgent maintenance work on our building we will shortly be closing the Centre for around 6 Weeks. We anticipate closing with effect from Monday May 28th. We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause, unfortunately it is beyond our control and we have no choice in the matter we have to close. Reopening date and time will be posted here and on our website (
once available.

Welcome to Bilston Community Association


Having a few issues with our Computer Network. Existing users sometimes get an error message accessing files on the network saying they don't have permission tom access them. I've tried to add a new user to our Active Directory/Domain, but when they try to log on an error saying the domain isn't available. Established users can log on though.


Pending further funding we're taking a break from the end of July but we hope to be back. Watch this space.


Our Broadband connection has been upgraded we now have a download speed of 350Mbps or better.

TalkTalk's wi-fi hack advice is 'astonishing' - BBC News 07/12/2016

TalkTalk's wi-fi hack advice is 'astonishing' - BBC News Ignore TalkTalk and change your settings anyway.

TalkTalk's wi-fi hack advice is 'astonishing' - BBC News Security experts attack TalkTalk's response to evidence that thousands of its wi-fi passwords have been stolen.


Recently stolen from Bilston Community Centre

1 x Epson EB-W03 WXGA 2700 Lumens Portable 3LCD Projector (£369)
1 x Fujifilm XF1 Refurbished Camera (£114.97)
1 x Camkitmate Ever Ready Camera Case Bag + Strap For Fujifilm Fuji
1 x 5V Tascam DR-07 MKII Recorder replacement power supply adaptor
6 x Tascam DR05 V2 (£462)
2 x Neoprene Rubber 'Black' Pouch (N2) for TASCAM DR-05 (£23.90)
1 x Hama Table-Top Tripod with Removable Telescopic Tube (£24.95)
2 x Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over Ear Pro Headphone (£35.18)
1 x Tascam Dr-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder (£147)
= £1202.58
1 x FinePix SL300 Refurbished (£99)
1 x Tascam DR-07MKII Digital Voice Recorder (£107)
1 x Tascam DR05 V1 (£77)

National Crime Agency - Two-week opportunity for UK to reduce threat from powerful computer attack 02/06/2014

National Crime Agency - Two-week opportunity for UK to reduce threat from powerful computer attack

The media is starting to publicise stories concerning a perceived threat to a lot of UK computer users with potential vulnerabilities in their online access. The threat is not scaremongering or exaggerated at all, and stems from recent discoveries of a new malware that is already infecting UK pc users with the potential to grow significantly bigger in a short period of time. After establishing the nature of this threat and how serious it should be taken from experts we are in contact with, anyone reading this warning should take heed of the advice given please!

The National Crime Agency carries the full story as far as the UK Goverment is concerned - see the link below for that...

ALL pc users should ensure they are fully protected with their security software such as anti-virus programs / malware programs etc, and if updates appear - please install them right away! Any delays in making sure your computers are fully protected could increase your risk of being infected with this malware called GOZeuS (also known as P2PZeuS) which in turn would be passed on to your own contacts without you knowing. The malware is likely to be received via an email attachment but this may come from a friend you trust, and may well look like a genuine attachment to you? The usual caveat of not opening attachments does apply, but be very aware that it may come through disguised as something else which is not so obvious!

If anyone is in any doubt - please do not hesitate in contacting us so we can offer help......

And please pass this on as much as possible as this is NOT something which can be ignored.

Read the full article here:

National Crime Agency - Two-week opportunity for UK to reduce threat from powerful computer attack The NCA is today urging members of the public to protect themselves against powerful malicious software (malware), which may be costing UK computer users millions of pounds.


Bilston Community Association are pleased to announce that our Broadband connection has been upgraded to Virgin's up to 50Mb service over twice as fast as before!


How many users out there are still using Windows XP then?
There is no need to be alarmed at the media coverage over Microsoft ending support for this system (which is still popular and in use by approx 25% of all computer users)...
There are several things to do to continue protection on an XP equipped computer, but it is not then end!

What Everybody Ought to Know About Dealing With Email Spam 03/12/2013

What Everybody Ought to Know About Dealing With Email Spam

An excellent anti scam/spam article here

What Everybody Ought to Know About Dealing With Email Spam Here's one more reason for everyone to hate Mondays. They're supposedly the busiest days for email spam, that frustrating stream of unsolicited emails about weight loss, Vi**ra, million-dollar lotteries, and what not. It might be next to impossible to stop spam completely, but it's certainly possibl...


Yet another Scam attempt
"Dear user!
This is a planned Outage for our MAIL Services on Mon, 02 Dec 2013 09:00:52 +0200
Our MailServer is currently experiencing some problems. It should be working again as usual shortly.
If you want to keep previous saved emails
please download and save your backup from the attached file."
The attached file is a zip, Don't save it don't open it, this message is not genuine.
A genuine message from your mail provider would address you by name and have technical details of the issue.


Just had a very brief Telephone conversation.
"Hello I'm calling from Windows Technical Department.." "No you're not you're Bull*******g and a con artist goodbye!"
No idea who he really was, but he picked the wrong person to try and con!


Warning! If you get an email from .com with the following message
Important System Update - requires immediate action

It's highly important to install this security update due to the new malware circulating over the net.
To complete the action please double click on the system patch KB923029 in the attachment.
The installation will run in the silent mode.
Please pay attention to this matter and inform us in case there is a problem.

Geoffrey Williamson
Director of Data Services
674 7th Avenue, 32nd Floor
New York, NY 10019

Delete it! under no circumstances should follow the instructions this is not a genuine message.


With Immediate effect there are no Computer classes on Tuesdays. From October 24th classes will take place on Thursdays from 2PM to 4PM only. 23/09/2013

Cold callers 'con' computer users

Internet Security again don't be taken in by these scammers! Inside Out investigates the cold callers who try to convince you that your computer has a problem so they can access your machine.


Had a chat this morning with Virgin Media Business, looking to upgrade Bilston Community Centre from 20Mb Broadband to 50Mb Broadband. I was informed this would involve an installation charge of £249, I was incredulous!. I was told this is because 50MB requires a Superhub and is therefore classed as a new install. I said I had a speed upgrade at home which involved installing a Superhub that was a 10 minute job.
No drilling, no digging, no rewiring just changing one small piece of hardware. 'You'll save the cost of the installation over your 2 year contract though' My answer was still no.


Sightings around Bilston have been reported of our new IT training poster - look out for it in the town centre notice boards!!!


Ever thought of writing and publishing you own book? There are various options and guides available online. Doing it yourself is all well and good if you're an I.T. whizz, what if your computer skills are a a little rusty or you don't think your skills are up to it? Help may be at hand, if sufficient interest is shown then a course may be run in Bilston Community Centre's Online Centre. If this would interest you drop us a line at [email protected].


Special Announcement Regarding Thursday Classes

The rent for the computer room is very reasonable and this has made it possible for me to hold the price down to £4 for the past 3 years. However due to Council cutbacks, the community centre needs to find quite a lot of extra money so the room rents are going up. They will still be very reasonable and if the class numbers had remained at their previous levels I had planned to absorb the cost and not put the prices up to cover the rise.

Over the last few months the class numbers have been dropping.
I realise that people are affected by sickness, holidays and other events of life, but on some Thursdays we only have 1 or 2 students out of a class of 9.
I have arrived at class today (13/6/2013) and we have a class of 0.

I have decided to suspend the class until I can see whether any of the students who were attending still want to attend. If you do, please let me know or inform Martin who will pass it on.

Karen Roach


We are experiencing some configuration issues with our network at the moment and we are looking for a kindly Networking Expert to volunteer to help us sort these issues out. We are running a Client/Server Network with our Server running Windows Server 2003. The Centre is run by volunteers and we have no funds available to pay for professional support.
You can contact us via our new email address [email protected] or drop in to one of our regular sessions. 07/05/2013

Microsoft's Windows 8 under fire

It would seem that Microsoft is still coming under fire over Windows 8, with criticism over the elusive "Start" button amongst other issues: Confirmation that an update to the Windows 8 operating system will take on board user "feedback" prompts claims that Microsoft is facing a crisis.


Up at Bilston Community Centre there are currently two classes a week where anyone can learn in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Covering a wide range from the basics to more advanced users, we are always looking for new students who wish to enhance their skills or just brush up on using computers. Tuesday mornings are a drop-in session from 10am to 12pm, or we cater for more advanced users on Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm. Please pass this on to anyone you know in our area and/or share this page :)


Inside Your Computer

Ever wondered what's inside your computer? See here

An informal guide to what's inside your computer. A fairly old machine was used for the demonstration because the large size of The PC allows things to be se...


This page now has Karen Roach and Martin Peake joining me as managers of the page :)

Pete Buckingham (Page Creator and Admin)




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