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Hybrid Fitness delivering Personal Training & Fitness Classes in Northern Ireland

Hybrid Fitness is Belfast's Leading Health & Wellness facility. We are a gym that encompasses all things health from Training, Nutrition, Mindset & Sports Massage We are also famous for our 1-2-1 Transformations. Hybrid is also home to Elite Fitness & Performance Academy Belfast which delivers Personal training & Group Fitness Courses for students & coaches to become qualified in.

6am’erz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Saturday is the time the hard work begins....
Too many times we seen people maintain their nutrition and training for 5 days a week...

Then eat everything in sight come the weekend then all those hard earned calories you burnt 🥵 can dissipate.
Do that often and your weight loss goals can be non existent.
So put as much effort into your weekends as you do your week days and you will see MASSIVE Success.
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Bird dogs are an awesome exercise for establishing core stability and a staple of what we do here at Hybrid but they get real easy real quick!
If bird dogs are a regular part of your practice here’s four Alternatives to spice things up and challenge the core in different ways.
1️⃣ Band resisted Bird Dog. I’m using @functionalmvmt Cooke bands, ( Highly recommended ) however if you don’t possess a set you could try a makeshift band.
2️⃣ Bird Dog Row - Challenges Reflexive core stability with the added benefit of a horizontal row.
3️⃣ Bird dog with @stickmobility For added tension 👌🏻
4️⃣ Advanced bird dog with knees off the floor.

Am’erz 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Confused about what type of diet to follow?

Which diet strategy have you tried? Comment below 1-4

There are so many people talking about what works for them and their own bias.
That’s because they either don’t understand how other methods actually work, or they want you to conform to their way of thinking or style of coaching.

I know that after 8 years of coaching everyone is different, in regards to their goals, personal situation and lifestyle.
People are ALL the same when it comes to fat loss though, if you want to lose fat you need a calorie deficit.
The problem with not USING a diet that fits around you, is that it’s not going to be sustainable for the long term.

You will end up tired, frustrated and end up over-eating when you break or fall of the diet.

I have implemented so many different diets even with the same clients as their personal situation, goals and lifestyle change.

I believe that a good coach should be able to determine what is the best course of action and be flexible with their approach.
The irony that “IIFYM” or flexible diet coaches out there just give you macros and basically tell you to get on with it, is a bit of a joke. Doesn’t sound very flexible to me.

Over the years I have seen it all; detoxes, cleanses, I have seen the copy paste meal plans being given out as a perscription, I have seen “macro” coaches just give out macros and no personal support.

I tend to find that these 4 strategies in the image tend to work for most people at different stages in their life.
If you are just getting started, start with 1 and then move onto the next when you stop seeing progress.

If you have been dieting a while and still not happy with the results you are getting and have tried options 1-4 then get in touch.
Most likely it is something you haven’t quite got right, if you are serious about getting results, then I can coach you through the process and get you the results you are after.

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Walking straight in to the gym and loading a poor movement pattern without any prior preparation and you’re asking for trouble (especially when your training age is getting on a bit)

You’ll end up with beat up joints which will result in pain (guaranteed) which will in turn, shorten your training age!

An individual no matter how tough will move around a painful sight - Which, in itself will produce a whole other set of problems.

Stop acting like you’re indestructible!

Start playing the long game!!!

1️⃣ Landmine Cossack Squat - Opens up the hips ( Nice for sumo squatters ) and lights up the core nicely before the session.

2️⃣ Deep squat with rotation - Rotation in the upper back will also help maintain a neutral position in the bottom of the squat.

3️⃣ Squat to Stand - Opens up the hips and stretches the hamstrings.

4️⃣ Adductor stretch with Thoracic rotation ( what it says on the tin )😊

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Some serious results this Month!!!

Next wave of the program starts Monday!!!

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Bad boys Bad boys, ahh what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you .... ????

We don’t Max Out that often at Hybrid, but when we do it’s to great effect 😎

PR bells ringing All Day 🔥🔥🔥

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Losing Weight Can Be Difficult...

Going alone can be tough an exhausting especially if you are not seeing results.

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Supporting Causes & Giving Back Is The Least We Can Do In Society These Days.

We Are Down To Support A Great Cause,

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The Wonders That Fitness Can Have On Our Body & MINDS Is Unreal.

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Test Day 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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The problem with a goals First mentality is that you’re continually putting happiness off until you reach it. - “I’ll be happy when” ....

Instead, create a system of small sustainable outcomes.

Fall in love with the process instead of the final product and you can be satisfied any time your system is running.

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Get 2019 off to the best possible start!!

NewU42 6 week challenge!!

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Do You Love Protein Bars?

Do You Ever Wonder If They Help With Your Weight Loss?

#2019 is almost upon us and you have a choice to make.

1. The pain and frustration of doing the same sh*t over and over and expecting a different outcome?

2. The pain of growth and eventual Fulfilment that comes with it?

Most people choose 1 because it’s the easier route. It’s the path with least resistance and they get to tell themselves the same story in 2020!

A small minority of people will seek out the help they need and consistently make themselves accountable which will yield results in the end ....

Which group is it gonna be for you?

P.s ( If you’re serious about change here’s the Link http://bit.ly/Transformin2019 )
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If Like Me You Hate Running BUT You Want To Be In Shape.

Then We Have The Perfect Thing Just For You!!

Our Newuin42 ---> http://bit.ly/Transformin2019

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Move different. Load stuff. Hold stuff. Carry stuff. Human unleashed. Monster made.
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How To Win On Christmas Day 💪🏻
Enjoy Your Christmas Responsibly This Year 😂😂😂
Just Kidding Just Eat....
Merry Christmas Every One 🥰

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Eve Eve breakfast 😍
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You are not supposed be tired all the time. You are not supposed to be fatigued. You are not supposed to have daily aches and pains. You are not supposed to ‘feel your age’ whatever the freak that means anyway. I see kids that always feel like sh*t these days. Age got nothing to do with feeling healthy💥‼️ Nothing
Medicine says they have a drug for all this stuff. That’s because it’s common. Listen up🔹 Common IS NOT normal
The body needs energy, not drugs. Without energy it cannot heal. And just because you don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean you are healthy or healed either
How do you get more energy? It’s not easy. But, it’s doable
1. 🔥Stop stressing over stupid sh*t
2. 💥Eat smarter
3. 🔥Play more
4. 💥Watch those toxins, including people
5. 🔥Breathe
6. 💥Move more
7. 🔥Find nature
8. 💥Drink water only
9. 🔥Walk barefoot on the Earth
10. 💥Swim in the ocean
11. 🔥Move your damn lymph
12. 💥Block EMF
Ain’t a drug ever been created yet that can replace these 12
When you feel like sh*t you create a new normal. You adapt to feeling like sh*t. You forget what good feels like. Do these 12 and you are heading in the right direction to reverse the trend

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12 Days of Fit-Mas Workout!!!

2019! Your Choice ...
Do the same sh*t you do Every New Year and get the same outcome ...
Make yourself accountable and get the results you’ve always wanted???
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If it’s easy, it’s not change.
There’s going to be some resistance.
Your job is simple.
Just keep showing up.
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Do You Want To Transform Your Body In 2019?

The Best Tip That All Successful People Use In the Video Below

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Hear no evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil.
And you’ll be invited to the party.
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***Tuesdays Tip***

If You Love Christmas Dinners Then You Need To Here This....

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This Is One Of The True Gems That Will Be Massively UnderStated By People 👫
Everything You Could Possibly Need in Terms Of Training & Nutriton Is At Your Fingertips Right Now.
The Information Is Out There At The Touch Of A Button
So Why Do You Not Succeed....
We Look For External Motivators To Ensure We Comply.
We Need Monitored To Ensure We Are Making Progress.
We Also Need Pushed To Our Fullest Potential.
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@orlaborla ‘s daughter sums it up 💎
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This lot ❤️
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Happy christmas 🎄
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A community of coaches who care.
A community of people who care.
Every day is guaranteed to make you laugh, think & cry.
Perfect 👌🏻
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Boxing crew 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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One Of The Biggest Excuses I Have Ever Heard....
Stop Searching For That External Motivator.
No One Enjoyed Starting But What We Enjoyed Was The Results It Got Us.
Relying On Others To Keep You Motivated Is Like Waiting For Someone to Chew Your Food For You.
Find Your Reason Why & Stay Discipled.
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Join our community.
2019 is your year!
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@colleenmcavoy absolutely smashing her goal of losing 3 stone and getting bikini ready for Oz 💪🏻

Colleen started at Hybrid almost one year ago on our NewU42 Program which kicks off again On January 14th (Link In Bio)

Her progress has been steady and sustainable and she now walks around at a comfortable 9.5st.

Here’s what it comes down to ...
- Showing Up Daily
- Changing small habits
- Doing the simple sh*t required.
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