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Learn. Grow. Achieve. We are a specialist tutor group for subjects in GCSE and the 11 Plus.

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What does Go Genius provide for students and parents?

Often parents are busy with their day to day lives and have responsibilities such as work. This may limit the amount of time needed to further educate your child. Alike, many parents require that extra push to help their child to academically exceed.

At Go Genius we prioritise your child, our teaching methods hone on understanding the core basis of each subject. This means we break down topics and methodically teach chronologically in endeavour to open your child’s mind on how to learn with us and independently.

Our tutors are specialists and aim to cover as much information they can to your child. Our goal is to grow confidence in our students and ultimately give them that upper hand to unleash their academic potential.


What makes a good student?

Why are some students more successful than others? Believe it or not, teachers are looking for more than just perfect attendance and a spotless homework record. Teachers recognise that good students often share common attributes that are factors in their academic success.

Here are seven traits that our contributing teacher identified as essential for student success:

1. Grit

Grit—the ability to persevere in the face of a challenge—has been at the forefront of many teachers’ minds lately. It turns out that it’s not the child with the highest IQ who does the best in school, but rather the student who keeps trying and does the hard work of tackling a difficult problem or complex skill. It’s part of having a growth mindset. You can encourage grit by praising your child for taking risks and for working hard rather than praising innate talents like intelligence or perfect pitch.

2. Organisation

Organised students are ahead of the game when it comes to completing assignments, studying their notes, and turning in projects. They spend less time on gathering materials and getting their ideas together and more time on learning. Many teachers have a system for taking notes and keeping work organised; if yours doesn’t, make a point to help your child or teen develop stronger study skills and work habits—it’s the gift that keeps on giving in every area of life.

3. Passion

It doesn’t necessarily matter what your child is passionate about—just that they are strongly engaged in something. Kids who are excited about a topic or skill know what it’s like to pursue something with their full attention, and that’s a skill that’s important for learning. Talk to your child about what they love, and encourage their pursuit of a hobby even if it’s video games or a TV show. Letting them be the expert on a subject at the dinner table helps build confidence for future endeavours.

4. Originality

Thinking outside the box is prized by CEOs, but originality can be easily stifled in today’s culture of high-stakes testing and standardised curricula. Kids who are encouraged to be imaginative are often excellent problem-solvers, and they bring a new way of thinking to everyday lessons. Encourage original thinking by modelling brainstorming and providing unstructured downtime that your children can fill with their own ideas and activities.

5. Focus

It’s hard to learn when you’re distracted, so it’s no wonder that kids who can focus are poised to succeed in just about anything their teachers ask of them. Modern life makes maintaining focus harder than ever, and those dinging, pinging screens are a huge problem. Help your child build a bigger attention span by limiting screen time and encouraging them to practice mindfulness via meditation or other quiet activities. (This is also great advice for over-connected adults!)

6. Independence

The goal of both parents and teachers should be to foster independence so that kids grow up to be self-sufficient adults. Students who are comfortable working and studying on their own are on their way to this goal. Give your children age-appropriate responsibilities and encourage them to figure things out on their own before swooping in to help, and you’ll give them the practice they need to become more independent learners.

7. Kindness

Some children are innately kind and caring, and this attitude helps them easily make friends in the classroom. It also goes a long way toward creating a positive learning environment for everyone. As they get older, teens who are kind to others are often quiet leaders who earn the respect of their peers—and their teachers. Fortunately, kindness and empathy can be taught, so be sure to model this behaviour at home early and often.

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