Vic Webber Training

Vic Webber Training


Just back from my First Aid course with Vic. As always it was great. Thanks Vic for another successful course :)
Vic Webber training our family on paediatric and adult first aid ready for action if needed! He made a serious subject good fun and memorable. Thanks Vic! We all highly recommend you!
whens my course,maybe we could dosome training together,got ideas ?

Fast, fun, accredited 1st Aid Training. Learn life saving skills from 999 pros while having fun!

#999 #family #laughs Learn 2 save ur mate’s life in under 3 mins

Fun, fast accredited 1st Aid Training

Train with 999 response professionals

Laughter & fun guaranteed or your course is on us!

The END of boring training courses!

Operating as usual


How to beat Heat Stroke!

Did you stay cool(ish) yesterday? How did you cope? Please save this vid for future reference 🥵

💧 ☀️ 😎 #999


#1stAid #HeatExhaustion #StayingSafe 🌞

This next few days, don’t just ”just drink more water 💦 “ - follow this tip to avoid really feeling 🤒 🤢


Stop doing this immediatly! 🥵 👶🏾 #HeatWave

Hey folks. More hot weather coming up! This is really important and could avoid lots of un necessary Emergencies! 🚨 🚑 🌞


So you walk the walk - but do you talk the talk?

Are you aware of your work place / legal requirements for the reporting of incidents, illness or injury?

Not the most exciting read granted 😂 still, make sure you know your local procedures!

🩹🤕 🚨 🚑


Preparing the week’s supplies.

Probably shouldn’t be exciting as it is 😂
Making sure our courses remain Covid safe as well as interactive.

Dressings for each learner. Let the fun begin 🤕 🩹


Has anyone tried this yet?

Bravo @britishheartfoundationuk

You never know when that day may come 😢 - best prepare. I have to say, this was easy and fun! Check it out!

❤️⛑🚑🚨 #999


It was assessment day yesterday at Webber Training HQ. 🖊 ✏️

Ah, did someone leave all these hints and tips out to help learners along? How clumsy 😀

🚨🩹 ⛑ 🚑


That feeling when the venue’s decor matches your brand. Something really satisfying about it 😂🩹⛑🚑🚨



A great time delivering a Basic Life Support course last night for Bishop’s Stortford judo club.

A lovely group, great lifesavers and a rare chance to get back on the mat 😂🥋

#999 🚨🚑⛑


Heat Exhaustion Vs. Heat Stroke!

Responsible ways to enjoy the sun! 🌞 🥵 💧


As the majority of us embark upon a lovely 4 day weekend with friends and family - do you know where your nearest defibrillator is? Lots of celebrations coming up, lots of people. What if the worst should happen?

The odds of a patient making a significant sign of recovery at the scene following a cardiac arrest raise from 6% to 76% with a defib!

Download the “Good Sam” app & find out where your nearest one is!

More on Defibs (AEDs) soon.

Have a great Jubilee folks! 🚑⛑🚨 👸 👑


10 Newly qualified / re-qualified 1st Aiders!

Thank you Ickenham Cricket Club for a great Basic Life Support course. Great team, coaches & 1st Aiders 🏏⛑🚨🚑



“Howzat?” A lovely evening for it!

About to start a Basic Life Support course this Evening at Ickenham Cricket club! Exciting! 🚨🚑 🏏


Proud to have partnered with British Judo London last week to deliver a Basic Life Support course.

15 re qualified (& newly qualified) First Aiders. The age range was 14 - 86! Outstanding! 👏

Our thanks to Nick Shepherd for organising ⛑🩹🚨🚑🥋

Year seven boy dies after suffering ‘medical emergency’ at school 31/03/2022

Year seven boy dies after suffering ‘medical emergency’ at school

How genuinely heart breaking! A cardiac episode can happen to anyone of any age 😞

Year seven boy dies after suffering ‘medical emergency’ at school Concerns were raised for the child during his lunch break.


VWT Directors Vic & Ash had a ball (pardon the pun,) treading the boards in Panto in memory of a dear friend 💓

“Oh yes we did.” The only 1st Aid required was for the audience …. Who were in stitches 🤣

🎭 #2022


Last minute rehearsals for a Panto that Vic and myself are in …… “oh yes it is 🤣”

Nice to see a copy of our “emergency action” poster on display! 🎭 🚑 🚨🎼🎼


On #2022 - who are you thankful for?

I’d like to pay tribute to our very own “Resusci Anne” aka “the most kissed face in the world. 💋

Read about the history of the very recognisable CPR practice aid here


For 60 years, medical students have practiced CPR on a dummy doll — dubbed Resusci Annie — compressing her chest and breathing air into her plastic mouth. The face of that dummy, it turns out, isn't made up. It's based on the face of a teenage girl found dead in the Seine river in Paris in the late 19th century whose body was never identified but whose visage was captured in a mold, or "death mask."

😮🚨🚑 #999


Something for Sunday …

With the release of @thebatman - we thought we’d re-post our own comic strip:


“3 minutes to save a life”

Do you think this is a good guide?

The bottom line is …




How was your half term?
Did you manage to get the kids off their devices for a few moments?
(We did but only just 🤣)

Half hour spent here and there going over bandaging / wound basics is time well spent!

We’ll take half hour out of endless maths, English & science homework to cover some “home emergency skills” any day!

We have plenty of free suggestions & resources. If you need any “1st Aid” activity suggestions, please reach out & let us know! 🚨 🚑 ⛑ 🩹



Our “trainers” lined up ready to run an amazing Emergency 1st Aid at work course on Sunday.

Yep, we’ll come to you on a Sunday! 🚨 ⛑ 🩹

Photos from Vic Webber Training's post 19/02/2022

Worried (or been told) that CPR is hard / complicated?

Only 3 things to do if someone is NOT responsive and NOT breathing properly ...

1/ Call 999 📞 🚑 🚨 ✅

2/ Interlock fingers & place both hands in the centre of casualty’s chest. ✅

3/ keeping a straight back - push down hard 30 times (not too fast.) Optional 2 rescue breaths, repeat. ✅

Stay tuned for a CPR training video


When we get feedback like this on a 60 second insta vid, It makes me think 🤔

🟢 Are VWT getting it right? ✅
🟢 Are other providers getting it wrong? ❌
🟢 A little of both? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

Many thanks for your feedback 🙏

(give tash.and.teddys.adventures a follow. Great content!) 🚨 🚑⛑


#SaveALife #CPR #Defib #DrsABC #1stAid

We all consume plenty of rubbish over lunch on our phones ....

How about a minute and a half to learn how to save a life? 💓 🚨 🚑

Photos from Vic Webber Training's post 07/02/2022

On the busses! 🤣 🚌 🚎

It was a pleasure delivering the first of three Emergency First Aid at Work courses yesterday for TWK Ltd.

The awesome drivers of some of Buck’s / Herts Bus routes are just as good a First Aiders. Great job guys!

Lunch was also provided (and promptly demolished 🍕 😂)

Photos from Vic Webber Training's post 05/02/2022

What a fantastic group today!

Thanks HomeStead Nursery

8 newly refreshed 1st Aiders. Your kids are certainly in safe hands here! 🚨 🚑 ⛑


Morning folks!

Thought I’d share one from the archives.

Watch Vic (dramatically 🤣) explain some classic & potentially life threatening head injuries. 🤕 #999

Signs, symptoms & what to do ... 👀 🚨 🚑


When you are delivering a 1st Aid session and a former colleague drops in to say hello!

Good to see you again!

👮‍♀️ 🚨 🚑 🩹 ⛑

@metpolice_uk @west_drayton_and_yiewsley

Photos from Vic Webber Training's post 19/01/2022

A fantastic start to the New Year delivering an awesome Emergency 1st Aid at work course for the wonderful Bell Farm Christian / Community Centre!

⛪️ 🚨 🚑 ⛑


Vic Webber Training updated their address. 04/01/2022

Vic Webber Training updated their address.

Vic Webber Training updated their address.


Another clip from last year’s

“Festive 1st Aid” trilogy. Helping with ⬇️⬇️

“Chest pain” (or something more serious 😮)



How to help someone who’s choking!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas folks!

As we prepare for day 3’s Turkey & sprout fest 🤣 - take a moment to watch our “how to help a choking casualty” video filmed last year.

Heaven forbid you’ll need it - but here’s a bit of “Festive 1st Aid” none the less 🎄🎅🏼🚨


These stats speak for themselves.
Enough said 😔 👨

CALM - 0800 58 58 58 (5PM - Midnight)


Samaritans (24/7) 116 123 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️



On the big screen 🤣

We also deliver Taylor made “junior 1st Aid” courses!

Great for Cubs, Scouts, School / Church / Community groups etc ...

This can be done face to face of by zoom ✅ never too young to learn the basics & how to save a life!


The no BS appoach to CPR! #3things ⬇️⬇️

The absolutely no bull sh*t approach to performing CPR & saving a life!

Seriously about 3 hrs worth of content packed into 60 seconds.

My name’ll soon be mud in the training world 😉 🚨🚑🚨🚑🚨🚑


Grandad Vic inspects the local defib!

Everywhere we go now - Young Freddie (our youngest 1st Aider) will always play “spot the defib 🤣” 🚨 🚑

Do you know where your nearest one is? ⬇️


To all our followers, customers, subscribers, friends & all ...

Wishing you a safe & blessed Diwali 🪔 🎉🎆🎇🌠

Photos from Vic Webber Training's post 01/11/2021

Obligatory Halloween post 🎃🤣🩸

Hope you had a good one folks. Seriously considered arriving at this week’s course still in make up 🤣 #2021


Top tips for staying safe while pumpkin carving! 🎃🩸🎃🩸🎃🩸🎃🩸🎃🩸🎃🩸🎃

Happy folks.

Be careful carving those pumpkins 🎃 Here are our top tips:

🩸Make sure kids are supervised at ALL times.

🩸Keep a supply of clean dressings nearby (bandages, plasters.)

🩸Don’t panic at the site of blood - it’ll only panic the casualty. Remain calm and take action. If you genuinely are unable to help, get assistance as soon as possible.

🩸For minor bleeds, ask the casualty to put pressure on the cut (you may need to do this yourself.) keep the injured part elevated to slow down blood flow to the injured area.

🩸Gently wash the wound with slow running, room temperature water.

🩸Apply a clean dressing & offer lots of reassurance! (I find a treat often helps 😝)

🩸For a major bleed (the casualty starts to look a little faint / panicky and / or there seems to be a lot of blood,) take no chances. Put pressure on the wound.

🩸Improvise with a dressing. This could be a bandage, equally it could be an item of clothing 👍

🩸Keep the injury elevated above the level of their heart.

🩸Help the casualty to the floor.

🩸Ring 999. 🚑 🚨 🚑

ALWAYS take a bleed seriously. It’s all about reassurance but NEVER be put off calling an ambulance. It’s your call, your risk assessment. Bleeding is serious folks. 🩹

Hope the above points are useful. Have a great time prepping for the big day! I’ll check in with you again tomorrow 🩸🎃👻🔪👍 🚑 🚨


Videos (show all)

How to beat Heat Stroke!
#1stAid #HeatExhaustion #StayingSafe 🌞
Stop doing this immediatly! 🥵 👶🏾 #HeatWave
#SaveALife #CPR #Defib #DrsABC #1stAid
The no BS appoach to CPR! #3things ⬇️⬇️
Cardiac arrest / CPR fully explained!
VWT now on Youtube!
How to help someone having a seizure! ⬇️⬇️
Advice from #TommyCooper 👌👌👌👌👌



3 day 1st Aid at Work (FAW) course - 18hr (accredited)

2 day re-qualification - 12hr (accredited)

1 day Emergency 1st Aid at Work (EFAW) course - 6hr (accredited)

1/2 day Basic Life Support (BLS) course - 3hr (un accredited)

Ofsted approved Paediatric 1st Aid course - 12hr (accredited)

*** Blended learning (part online / part face to face) offered with all course options ***

*** Training via zoom offered for non accredited training. A great team activity ***




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