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Two of our Counselling Team have put together a free 60-page resource pack to help us manage some of the difficulties we face surrounding COVID-19, focusing on mind, body and soul. A huge thank you to Amanda Amanda Hudson Therapy and Becky Rebecca Johns Therapy for this all-important information.

To download your free copy follow the link:

Below are some tips and techniques, taken from the pack, to help manage anxiety.

Please feel free to share or tag anyone that you think would benefit from this invalueable information.

Remember we are still here to support you during these unprecedented times, just pick up the phone, send an email, contact us via social media or write and someone will be there for you.

Take care and stay safe everyone.
Today I braved a NEW dentist - TOTALLY anxiety free and I feel VERY accomplished 😊👍
Cannot tell you how awesome your work is ❤️❤️

I offer short and long-term therapy, using Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. I specialise in Trauma, PTSD and anxiety and am based in Swanbourne.

I specialise in Trauma, PTSD and anxiety.

Operating as usual


This is incredibly harmful and leaves two significant groups at high risk of this disgraceful practice – Asexuals (the current largest group targeted for ‘conversion’) and Trans/gender diverse individuals. These groups already have an outstandingly high rate of suicidal ideation and self-harm.
What this is also doing though, is giving the UK a massive loop hole to cause further harm to the entire LGBTQ+ community. All you need is a few harmful stereotypes and BAM – your gay child has gender issues and therefore can LEGALLY be put forward for conversion therapy.
Up until now, conversion therapy has flown under the radar, and so in some ways was a little less harmful, but now, with all this attention and press, it speaks to reason that there will only be a rise in the harm done to these vulnerable individuals – and it will now be proudly legal too.

#banconversiontherapy #lgbtq🌈 #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #protectthevulnerable #transrightsarehumanrights


The biggest question brought into my therapy room is always “What’s wrong with me?”
And my answer is always the same; nothing. There is nothing wrong with you, you’re not broken and certainly don’t need fixing.
Most of my Ace clients are walking through life feeling different because they’re “missing out on what is supposed to happen with humans”. But as much as all feelings are valid, this simply isn’t true.
We as a society are still fighting the harmful stereotypes that all men want nothing but sex, that all women simultaneously only want children but hate sex, that no other gender exists, and neither does something called being ‘sex positive’.
But when we put all that to one side, simply put, there is no defined amount of sexual attraction that humans are supposed to experience. And so, the real issue here is lack of awareness. Sex and sexual attraction isn’t spoken about anywhere as much as it should be, leading to masses of people experiencing sexual attraction in an array of ways, that never fit the few boxes we’ve been allowed by society. And it’s bullsh*t.
You are perfect, and exactly as you were meant to be. And you can live a life just as full of happiness and love as anyone else. 🏳️‍🌈
#aceproject #internationalaceday #ace #asexual #lgbtq🌈 #community #acceptance #awareness

Photos from Have A Gay Day's post 05/04/2022

Photos from Have A Gay Day's post


An exciting new chapter of Amanda Hudson Therapy begins!

As of Monday I’ll be practicing from @placeeightwellness and be back to full-time face to face work.

Can’t wait to see you all! 🤩🌈

#newadventurestocome #tranquilsetting #amandahudsontherapy #placeeightwellness

Amanda Hudson Therapy updated their info in the about section. 03/04/2022

Amanda Hudson Therapy updated their info in the about section.

Amanda Hudson Therapy updated their info in the about section.


Ramadan Kareem, to all those who are observing the Holy month of Ramadan. 🌙🥰

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So lovely to see my Thursday girls last night too! As usual, much silliness followed this photo 😉💖

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Great to see some of the counselling team last night, for the first time since pre-covid! A team of beautiful souls! 💜

The Hummingbird Centre


I love my autistic clients! 🥰
When working with anyone who is neurodiverse I believe it’s my job to meet them where they are comfortable. It’s my job to find the right techniques, environment and communication style - not theirs. It’s my job to keep learning, to ask them for guidance if needed.
And as for the therapy? It is not to bring them in line with being neurotypical, but making sure they get what they need, and understand how they feel, which is always valid.
#autismawareness #autism #neurodiversity #beautifulbrains #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters


💙💛 There are some amazing people working on the frontline and behind the scenes. If you are feeling as heartbroken as I am, here are some ways that you can help those affected by the war.


Face to face is back for Amanda Hudson Therapy. Of course online will also still be an option. Face to face is Aylesbury is also coming soon! 🌻



Absolutely love this.

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

Timeline photos

We have survived the unimaginable, and have done so silently, invisibly, and often without support. If that's not courageous, I don't know what is. And yet we are often so hard on ourselves and feel not good enough.

Read more:

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With a red weather warning issued this morning, make sure you all stay safe and cosy today. ✨


I love this quote. @nbcthegoodplace is one of those programmes I come back to time and time again when I’m in a slump or need a good laugh. Have a good Monday, everyone! ✨

Goldie Hawn: COVID trauma is hurting a generation of kids. We've failed them as a nation. 26/01/2022

Goldie Hawn: COVID trauma is hurting a generation of kids. We've failed them as a nation.

Goldie Hawn: COVID trauma is hurting a generation of kids. We've failed them as a nation. We will survive the COVID pandemic, but I’m not sure we can survive an entire generation whose collective trauma sends them hobbling into adulthood.


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🖤 RIP Aaron T. Beck 🖤
Father of Cognitive Therapy, his contribution to the world of mental health, and in particular the treatment of depression, was immense. ✨




🥳🥳🥳 This is a massive step forward in protecting anyone who is Autistic. Now all we need is specialised training for officers too - oh and the card to maybe read 'I AM Autistic' - just a friendly reminder that Autism is not something to fix or that they've 'got', it's just them. 💛


Well, if this bit of Jason Mendoza isn’t motivational, I don’t know what is. Get out there and be the best pre-successful you can be!!! 😆


💙 Websites 💙
Help is there if you need it.


💜 Helplines 💜
Remember you are not alone.


Until Monday 6th Sep.

It’s time for me to switch off and have my first proper time away since this whole pandemic began. That means no emails or messages will be responded to, and no emergency appointments available.

I hope you all have a beautiful two weeks and I’ll be posting helplines for those that might need them 🌻

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• Just Breathe •

Posted @withregram • @morganharpernichols I don’t talk about “breathing” so much because it’s a simple feel-good, neutral phrase. I HAVE to talk to myself this way all day every day. Being autistic, it takes a lot for me to make it through the day.

For me, something as ordinary as hopping on social media feels as busy and chaotic as navigating through a busy airport. As a result, I move slowly here, only able to be here for moments at a time before having to take a break. I am often left feeling that I can’t keep up and I’m not able to travel as fast as everyone else, and the only way I am able to work through it is by reminding myself it’s okay to back away and take a moment to breathe.

For me, taking a shower is just as intense as walking through a monsoon. As a result, when the shower is over, I have to repeat to myself over and over I’m exhausted, and I have to tell myself “it’s okay to take this time to breathe.”

For me, setting up a doctor’s appointment over the phone feels about the same as trying to have a conversation in another language that I’m unfamiliar with. As a result, I am left wondering if they understood my requests and if I understood the details correctly.

So whenever I start to feel the weight of just how overwhelming life truly is, no matter what it is, I have to take plenty of time to breathe. There are many times where I feel that “just breathing through it” is not enough but I am proud of myself for learning that it’s a pretty good place to start.

The tension in these shoulders builds up faster than we realize.
Sleepless nights sneak up on us at the most inconvenient times.
Too many of us end up carrying loads we should not be carrying alone.
We are human beings with bodies designed for breathing and it matters when we take the time do do nothing else but inhale and exhale.



Some people think The Handmaids Tale is just some TV program on a Sunday night. But when it was written in the 80’s, Margaret Atwood said that she was sure to only include things that actually happened to women around the world.
And they still are.
This is real, this is happening - women are be forced out of work, into marriages, out of schools and into the home. And it will only get worse.
Feminism means nothing if we only help people with the same problems as our own. So if you want to help, there are links in the original post below.

Original post from A Might Girl -
Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan's first female graffiti artist. @shamsiahassani

For those heartsick and angered by the devastating news out of Afghanistan, here are two ways you can help girls and women during these dire times:

Women for Afghan Women: This non-profit organization has been fighting for the rights of Afghan women for 20 years. Today, they are trying to help the women's rights activists they work with throughout the country who are in extreme danger from the Taliban. To support their critical work, you can make a donation at

CARE: One of the world's largest humanitarian aid organizations, CARE has a long history of helping people in Afghanistan. In recent weeks, there has been a huge increase in the demand for emergency aid as many families have fled the Taliban. You can support their work in Afghanistan with a donation at

To see more of Shamsia Hassani's powerful work, visit her website at

For two children's books about the lives of girls under Taliban rule, we recommend the picture book "Nasreen's Secret School" for ages 7 to 9 ( and award-winning novel "The Breadwinner" for ages 10 and up (

Photos from Parenting Decolonized's post 11/08/2021

Be trauma-informed in your work 🌈

Timeline photos 10/08/2021

Timeline photos



My name is Ella and even though I only have 8% in my left eye and I have non at all in my right. I do not let this stop me from doing the things that I love & that I take pride in the crafts that I make & I love to see the joy that my crafts bring to the people who buy them. It was thanks to the Hummingbird Centre, for giving me the encouragement that I started crafting again and hadn’t done so since I was 16; I’m so glad you did as I so do enjoy what I’m doing & the things I’ve been able to achieve and I’m so grateful for that.

Please come and visit me at the community stall at Bicester market on Friday 13th & Launton Grange Care Home, Skimmendish Lane from 11-3 on Saturday 14th August.

All monies raised will be shared between The Hummingbird Centre and Oxforshire Mind

#shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalcharities

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💙 Rest in peace my beautiful boy 💙My therapy room won’t be the same without Arno’s sassy fabulousness 😢
Super hard day at the office today! 😉 Hope you guys are having a good week!
How can you push outside of your comfort zone?
Forced time off from an amazing manager! 💕
Morning! Little tip on how to NOT be passive aggressive 😆
*** Running update ***I’m officially back to running 5k without a break so going to kick this 10k’s ass! For any of you ...
Ok, so I’m being brave and posting part of my video diary, even though I’m crying! I’m now absolutely fine and at home i...
😩😩😩Super frustrated with myself this past week with being ill. Feeling quite demotivated, as I didn’t even break a sweat...





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