The Paleo Society

The Paleo Society – A non-profit organisation

Our mission is to support and promote the Paleo Movement. OUR MISSION
To promote and support the Paleo movement.


• Promote science, education and understanding of Paleo practices.

• Promote and support Paleo scientists, healthcare workers and businesses.

• Improve Paleo catering and nutritionally sound food choices.

• Support individuals keen to improve their health or maintain good health using sound Paleo principles.

• Promote, protect and encourage sustainable, healthy and compassionate methods of food production.

• Positively impact healthcare institutions, public and private bodies and government policy. More and more people are starting to question our modern diet and way of living. It is dawning on people that some of the foods we’re eating and feeding our families are making us sick. Paleo style eating is a modern term
to describe eating as closely as possible to the type of foods we were designed to consume when we evolved over a period of 2.5 million years in the ‘Paleolithic’ age. Even modern hunter gatherers, do not suffer from the lifestyle diseases we have today. The Paleo Society are dedicated to all aspects of a healthy Paleo lifestyle. Apart from the eating patterns, these include such matters such as physical activity, sleep, sunshine and mental well-being. The benefits of ‘going Paleo’ are often seen very quickly. Our bodies are incredibly robust and can take a lot of abuse but when the right ‘fuel is put in the tank’ the transformation can be phenomenal. We give ourselves a much better chance of recovering from disease, sickness and poor health if we nourish our bodies correctly.

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Paleo For Beginners 010: Why Normal Diets Dont Work - 2017

Why diets don't work and why Paleo eating does!

A series of bite-size episodes introducing you to Paleo and the Paleo diet. If I can help you out, connect with me through any social media, or head to www.p...


Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt - 'A Global Food Revolution'

A really important video on the benefits of the real food revolution. A must watch particularly for those working with weight loss or diabetic clients!

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor based in Karlstad who specialises in family medicine He is primarily interested in how food and lifestyle ca...


David Ludwig, M.D., PhD

Circadian clock and metabolic health. How does this impact our health and wellness?

We intuitively know that our brain has a sort of clock that controls biological rhythms according to daylight and darkness. But did you know these circadian clocks are also present in liver, muscles, fat tissue, and the gut? For these organs, which aren’t exposed light/dark cycles, food intake controls the clock. The implications of this research is that avoiding food intake before bed and overnight can provide major metabolic benefits and help maintain a healthy weight.


Water, Cells, and Life | Dr. Gerald Pollack | TEDxNewYorkSalon

Water, cells and life.... why is water so critical for health?

What does water actually do in the formula for life? Water scientist and biomedical engineer Gerald Pollack shares new information and ideas about simple thi...


Paleo For Beginners 009: The Case Against Carbs - 2017

The case against carbs from Paleo Castle! We love this video series for Paleo beginners.

A series of bite-size episodes introducing you to Paleo and the Paleo diet. If I can help you out, connect with me through any social media, or head to www.p... 10/03/2017

6 Things to Do With Cauliflower Rice

6 things to with cauliflower! Cauliflower rice is an amazing swap for starchy carbs. Here with six clever ideas for incorporating cauliflower rice into your meals.


Izabella Natrins - Food Health Lifestyle

These sound amazing!

No words can describe how delicious these infused onions are going to be...
Thanks Donna 😋

onions 09/03/2017

Don’t Fear the Fat: 7 Ways Fat Can Help You Lose Weight

Before the turn of the century, no one was really worried about fat. Yet for decades we were taught to fear and avoid it.

Fat has so many health benefits over and above starchy carbs and sugar. Here's why from Bulletproof UK Certain fats can help you lose weight, increase cognitive function, balance hormones, and actually protect your heart, not harm it. Learn the best fats for weight loss and how fat works for you, not against you, in this post. 08/03/2017

REVIEW: Wilding's Duck Crackling | Healthy Perspective

How about these for a healthy snack. Duck crackling anyone? Yes, I said Duck Crackling. Not Pork Crackling. Duck. Duck Crackling. Two of my favourite things combined. Gimme now (this was my reaction when I stumbled across Wilding's on Twitter a few months ago!). Does it deliver though as a snack for Paleo-aficionado's and beyond? 08/03/2017

How to Build a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Think your gut microbiome isn’t important? It’s vital to supporting immunity and managing your overall health! A healthier gut means a happier thyroid.


Baltimore students get meditation, not detention

YES! How brilliant is this. Meditation instead of detention. We love this.

You might not expect to find inner peace inside a bustling elementary school, but a growing number of students in Baltimore are learning to seek just that. T... 07/03/2017

Health Icons Lecture Series: Chris Kresser (London)

WOW! Chris Kresser L.Ac is coming the UK courtesy of Re-FIND Health and the Health Icons Lecture series. Tickets for the event and dinner are now on sale. Chris Kresser is returning to London for two days; First for a discussion and Q&A session on 8 July and then a full day seminar for clinicians and healthcare practitioners on 9 July....


Paleo For Beginners 008: Why Fat Is Essential - 2017

Paleo Castle have put together a series of education videos. We love this one of why fat is essential!

A series of bite-size episodes introducing you to Paleo and the Paleo diet. If I can help you out, connect with me through any social media, or head to www.p...


The 12 Days of Evolution - Complete Series!

The 12 days of one video!

All 12 days… in ONE video! Prefer the individual videos? Go here: ↓ More info and sources below ↓ I *highly* recommend these book... 06/03/2017

Stop Glyphosate

This must stop! Please sign. Together we can ! This one small act could spell the end for the Monsanto's toxic and probably carcinogenic pesticide Glyphosate. Add your voice to the European Citizen’s Initiative. Every signature counts!


Primal Play - rediscover the joy of movement!

Darryl Edwards is one of the amazing speakers we have lined up for our second Practically Paleo event this month. If you are a student or blogger please message us for special discounts.

Darryl Edwards developed the PRIMAL PLAY methodology to inspire children and adults to make activity fun while getting healthier, fitter and stronger in the ... 05/03/2017

UK Paleo & Primal Cookery Classes

Interested in paleo, gluten, dairy & sugar-free cooking or simply cooking with real food for health?

Join The Round Table Cookery School in Sussex for a day of paleo cooking. 'We’ll teach you quick, easy & delicious paleo recipes to help you incorporate paleo eating into your lifestyle. You’ll learn how to make bone broth, paleo bread, bulletproof coffee, pate and be given a brief introduction to fermentation. You will also receive a recipe pack to take home.' Paleo Britain Cooking Classes!   Are you interested in learning how to cook paleo & primal meals? Join us in Sussex for a day of paleo cooking. We’ll teach you quick, easy & deli…


You Are Mainly Microbe… Meet Your Microbiome!

Did you know that you are only 10% human?

The other 90%


Your body is essentially a walking home for trillions of bacteria Click here to SUBSCRIBE, it's FREE! -- ↓ More below ↓ Ever not felt...


Geoff Bond - Natural Eating - How to Change Your Life - Part 1

Geoff Bond, Natural Eating to Change Your Life Part !

Part 1 -- Living in harmony with our genetics heritage and how we do it. With Geoff Bond M.Sc, M.I.C.E, M.I.L, M.I.T.I Ugg's Scientific Director, Author & Ev...


Paleo living for the 21st century - Geoff Bond interview

Paleo living for the 21st century with Geoff Bond, Nutritional Anthropologist and George Anderson. I caught up with Deadly Harvest author, nutritional anthropologist and science director Geoff Bond to ask...





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