Team Green Childminders

We are enthusiastic childminding team covering Bedgrove Infant & Junior Schools. We love working with children & have various qualifications & experience.


I am Chrissie, mum of 3 lovely children. I am a fun loving Ofsted Registered Childminder based in Aylesbury, covering Bedgrove Infant and Junior schools where my children go. We offer a family run home from home learning environment providing care for your child or children. I love working with children and have wanted to for as long as I can remember. My career path of teaching has been postp

Operating as usual


If you are looking for someone for your pooches 100% Jordan is lovely and patient with horses can only imagine how great he is with dogs. We love to support our fellow local businesses and right on our doorstep xx

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Photos from The Chilterns Weather Alerts's post 16/02/2022

We literally only just said we havent had to send our bad weather policy out; we were fooled by fools spring; please stay safe through these storms everyone. xx

We follow this page with the children keeping an eye on what weather we might see and comparing predictions to what is happening outside. The world around us is a wondrous place xx


To all the mummies (and daddies) out there, you are doing great. x

Photos from Team Green Childminders's post 10/02/2022

We don’t usually post pictures with the children however with mummies permission we wanted to share Eliza who is a very big part of our Team with chrissie and one of our little ones.

These pictures speak 1000 words of her kind heart and gentle manner. We are very lucky that she is so good with all the children as well as being Chrissie’s best friend. She has been with us nearly a year after dream passed away and we are so very happy she joined our team.

We also have munchkin (pony) max,penny,bailey(dogs) Rosie,jake and Mia (cats) and pascal the purple tailed leopard gecko. The ducks we hatched also live at the yard where the horses are and it is a lovely place with great people for them to live.

There are so many things the children learn from being around animals, are there any furry friends who are important in your little ones life?

Photos from Team Green Childminders's post 23/12/2021

We have had a lovely few weeks doing all things Christmassy. From sensory exploring to Christmas crafts to gingerbread making to brilliant invitation to play including our ice scene.

The big man himself even came to pass across our gifts to the children which was a special surprise.

We would like to wish all our families, past present and future a wonderful christmas and a happy new year. May you all be blessed with health and happiness. ###


Den building, child led, while it was pouring with rain last week we made dens, and when they fell down we problem solved to build it even better. We sang songs and had a party in it. At one point the children took their mark making in there to colour. We love resources we love all the early years options on the market, but sometimes simple ideas give the best play.

Why don’t you see if you can make a den at home? We would love to see your creations.

Photos from Team Green Childminders's post 11/10/2021

We play, we play everyday. But whilst we play we learn. Conker loose parts exploration :-) getting conkers to fly down tubes, counting, sizing, it is a Fab activity. These conkers then will be used to explore mark making in paint, food for the animals that live in the arc, and finally threading caterpillars. A natural and wonderful resource with never ending possibilities. What else could you make with them?


That’s the garden all packed away ready for the incoming thunderstorms after a lovely week playing and enjoying the fresh air, with 5 umbrellas up for shade ⛱ ride ons away, high chairs and toys back in their places in the playroom and living room.
It’s amazing what a week off over half term let us do for the garden - we laid a patio - changed the rear area from bark to play bark - made a large sandpit behind the table - and then are able to have different activity areas on the grass. Still finishing touches to do such as new displays after fence is painted

Child viral infections on the increase in Aylesbury warn Buckinghamshire NHS 04/06/2021

Child viral infections on the increase in Aylesbury warn Buckinghamshire NHS

This is what we have had over the last couple of months. Please get tests then get treatment as needed. We have seen some very poorly children xx

Child viral infections on the increase in Aylesbury warn Buckinghamshire NHS Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group have sent a warning to Aylesbury's parents that viral infections are on the rise in our area.

Paeds A&E New Build Feedback - 0 to 8 years 03/06/2021

Paeds A&E New Build Feedback - 0 to 8 years

Hey we know this page has been quite quiet recently that is because we have been super busy having fun with the little ones; no time for social media 🙈🤣 but please could those with youngsters fill this in to help our local hospital and in particular the nurses of whom we have some good friends. Thank you kindly ###

Paeds A&E New Build Feedback - 0 to 8 years Online survey BOS


Very thought provoking into the thoughts of some children at school.

Meet Max. He's a y5 pupil in primary school.

This morning, Max had to come a different way to school because they were digging up the road.
Because the road was closed, by the time they'd gone round the diversion, Max was late for school.

Max hates being late. He hates to walk into class when all the other children are milling about. So he waits in the cloakroom until they've all gone in. Mrs White said it's ok for him to do that.

When Max steps into class, Mrs White isn't there.
There's a stranger standing at the front with the Head teacher. Mrs White has gone on a course today and they have a substitute teacher Mrs Grey. But Max doesn't know this because he came in late. He sits down when the Head teacher tells him to, and wonders when Mrs White will be in.

Mrs Grey announces that the class spelling test will be first. Max has been trying really hard with his spellings. He has practised them at home. Mrs Grey starts to read them out, but they're not in the right order. Max can feel a knot in his stomach and writes out the spelling test he has learnt in the right order. Two out of ten and told he will have to try harder. He didn't even get a smiley face and Max likes stickers.

At break time, Max goes out into the playground. He's got an apple for snack, but as he is eating it, a girl playing chase bumps into him and it drops on the floor. One of the boys shouts "football" and kicks it across the playground... It ends up in a puddle and Max goes to get it and gets his feet wet. He hates being wet, so he goes back into class and takes his shoes and socks off.

Mrs Grey almost trips over Max, who is sitting right in the doorway of the classroom. She tells Max to either put his wet things back on or to put his pumps on. He tells Mrs Grey that it is not P.E yet it's literacy next.

Mrs Grey glares at Max and suggests that perhaps Max would prefer to sit outside the Head's office. Max is quite relieved about this; it's nice and quiet in the corridor. He puts his pumps on but they don't feel right without socks, and all he can think about is how scratchy they are on his feet.

On the way out of the classroom, he sees the girl that bumped into him in the playground. He pushes her back and she tells the teacher that he pushed her for no reason. Mrs Grey walks over to Max. She's wearing really strong perfume and he wants to wretch. When she asks him why he is pulling faces, he says it's because she smells.

Mrs Grey marches Max down the corridor and tells the Head that Max is being naughty and very rude. Max tells her she is lying. The Head tells Max to sit there until he feels he can behave.

After half an hour outside the Head's office, Max is feeling much calmer so he decides to go back to his classroom. Still no Mrs White. He looks round to see what he is supposed to do and sees some boys spinning their pens so he goes and watches them cause it looks interesting.

When the bell goes for lunch, Max puts his hands over his ears and runs to the classroom door to be first. Mrs Grey tells him off for pushing and makes him wait at the end of the queue. When he goes to get his lunchbox he can't find it, it's not with his coat where he left it.

When the Mid-day Assistant manages to calm him down, she arranges for him to have a school dinner instead. He has to sit on a different table in the hall and the smell of other peoples dinners makes him feel ill. He looks down and notices that the beans are touching the potatoes so he can't eat that now. Dry food shouldn't touch wet foods. Everyone is talking and the noise of cutlery and scraping of chairs is overwhelming even the playground is better than this.

Max goes back to the cloak room and lies on the floor with his coat over his head. The floor is nice and cool and he starts to feel calmer. He makes the Mid-day Assistant jump when she walks past him, and she chastises him saying " you scared me to death Max!"

Max is really worried about this because he really likes her and doesn't want her to die, but she carries on walking as though she was ok. He follows her round the playground just to make sure.

After lunch Mrs Grey tells the class to get into pairs. Max sits on a table with two other children, and they've already paired up. He doesn't know what to do... Mrs Grey asks for anyone who's not sitting with someone to put up their hand. Max doesn't realise she's talking to him - he's sitting with two people, so he doesn't put his hand up... When Mrs Grey raises her voice and asks why he wasn't paying attention, it all becomes a bit of a blur...and Max has no idea why he is being told off again. He wonders if it is because he made the Mid-day Assistant die. He really can't remember what happens after that.....

The bell goes at the end of the day, and Max goes out to find his Mum.

" Did you have a good day at school Max?" asks his Mum.

Max has spent all day masking and 'holding it all in'. Think of Max child as a bottle of pop. As he goes through the day the bottle gets shaken each time there is a trigger, with the pressure building up as their stress and anxiety increase.

Max managed to hold it all together whilst at school but when Mum picked him up, he had a meltdown - the pop was released from the bottle in one go.

Many parents will be familiar with the Pop Bottle effect - the delayed meltdown which follows a day of triggers and masking.


Great pre writing shapes to practice :-)

This is my most widely shared post. And rightly so, it’s an important one. These are “prewriting patterns”, with the average (not prescribed) age at which children are developmentally ready to achieve these patterns listed below them in years and months. Being able to process visual information and produce a movement in response (e.g. copying these prewriting patterns or letter formations), is known as “visual motor integration”. ⠀

Note that an X is not typically achieved until 4 years 11 months, and a triangle at 5 years 3 months. If a child can’t form these basic shapes...then they probably won’t be able to form letters. ⠀

It is quite concerning then that there are 3 year 7 month olds starting formal schooling, where they’re expected to write. Not only are their visual motor integration skills not developed enough, their hands are also physically under-developed. In addition, recognising letters, understanding phonics and beginning to read are all needed in order for a child to write meaningfully, skills which children starting kindy typically don’t have. We also know that when a child learns something that doesn’t hold meaning, it‘s unlikely to stick. ⠀

So if you have a 3-4 year old who spontaneously asks or attempts to write letters, that’s great; otherwise, there is no need to initiate or worry about this. Unfortunately there is a misconception, particularly with the way that the current curriculum stands, that earlier is better. Earlier is not always better.⠀

Source: Beery Buktenica Test of Visual Motor Integration, 6th Edition


A little update to our little lockdown crew. They have grown a lot and we ended up with 12 little chicks. Moved to outside now 🙂 enjoying their new enclosure. Animals have so many benefits to children. Their learning opportunities are vast. So great to be close with nature. Here’s to some fresh eggs for our baking :-)


Our ethos here is learning through play; we as parents are having the daily battle of trying to get our 5 year old to do her school work. Yes she is doing some; but she is loving being able to play; to do the things that she would normally miss out on by being at school. This week we have released butterflies after watching 38 erupt from their chrysalides. Learning all about this and their process; tally charts; sizes; science and food processes; pollenation; diagram writing and sentences. It is of course encouraging to let children draw and write if they want to; but we won’t force them to. We aim to provide exciting opportunities to add the learning in with the play. Let’s all join in for funky fingers 🙂 and this week get things ready for our new chick hatchlings next week all being well. What will you find in the egg???


Covid won’t stop us learning 🙂 fresh eggs ready to hatch... 21 days until we find out if it will work this year


Our mud kitchen all set up for pouring and capacity play today, the children learn without even knowing they are 🙂 love this weather to be outside and very lucky that we have our garden with lots of exciting things to explore... what is your favourite thing to explore??


Team Green Childminders are open to care for key workers children during the current crisis following the current guidelines - we are fully flexible and used to providing both day and night care within our home from home childminding setting.

We are also part of Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network and have experience with children of all ages and abilities as well as some very vulnerable families; this includes settling children with little notice to the setting.

We have spaces coming up for non Key worker or vulnerable children from 1st June providing the timeline stays the same.

If you would like any more information please feel free to contact us.


Never underestimate the effect of play :-)


Some fab ideas x

To keep your kids busy with toilet paper rolls 😍😍😍!


Team Green Childminders are open to care for key workers children during the current crisis following the current guidelines - we are fully flexible and used to providing both day and night care within our home from home childminding setting.
We are also part of Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network and have experience with children of all ages and abilities as well as some very vulnerable families; this includes settling children with little notice to the setting.
If you would like any more information please feel free to contact us.

Our Story

We are Adam and Chrissie a fun loving duo comprising of a Good rated Ofsted Registered Childminder and assistant based in Aylesbury, covering Bedgrove Infant and Junior schools where our 3 of our 4 children go to.

We offer a family run home from home learning environment providing care for your child or children.

We love working with children and Chrissie has wanted to for as long as she can remember. Her career path of teaching has been postponed due to our babies needing her but she has a degree in Education studies and Human Geography. She is also chair of a local infant school, so able to keep up to date with educational changes.

We are part of Buckinghamshire Community Childminding Network (BCCN) and we work hard for the privilege to help vulnerable and children and families who need it.

We also have all the relevant childminder qualifications such as award in home based childcare as well as my Level 3 NVQ in Childcare Learning and Development. Chrissie has worked in various Early Years settings including other childminders and at Bedgrove Infant School and gained experience and knowledge that is input into the setting.

We have both cats and dogs which will get children used to animals and how to care for other members of the environment.

Please feel free if we can help you with your childcare needs to drop us a message.




Eaton Road,
HP21 8

General information

Unique points:
-Term time and holiday childcare available
-Flexible and unsociable hours catered for
-Large Garden for outdoor play with range of equipment
-Driveway = safe space for bikes on concrete
- Wide range of toys and equipment
- Safe space for children to sleep
- Walking distance to train and bus station
- Offer Saturday care
- Seven seater carrier

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