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Your play piece for today is…

It isn’t play!

I follow many advocates of play and have done for years. However, increasingly I’m seeing more and more practitioners sharing their play journey to support others but what they are sharing and think is play, isn’t and it’s beginning to frustrate me 🥺

If the play has an end goal it’s not play!

If the children have been told how to use the resources then it’s not play!

If you have a specific learning intention and measuring success against specific criteria then it’s not play!

If you are calling it playful learning, purposeful play, play based learning or anything other than play then it’s not play!

If children are restricted on how many people can use the space or resources then it’s not play!

If there are instructions to read and follow then it’s not play!

If the children are ‘playing’ with that resource because they are moving round stations then it’s not play?

How do we change the narrative and the misconceptions?

PS these kebabs yesterday smelt delicious 😋


Join us for the AVA'Bury Festival THIS COMING SATURDAY - June 15th from 12:30 PM to 5 PM!



🎙️ Special guest appearance by local BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT semi-finalist, Immi Davis! Don't miss her amazing performance! More on Immi Davis here 👉https://ow.ly/Wqbh50RTRu4
🎸 The Eclectix
🎹 Aylesbury Rock Choir • Choirs led by Liga Milune
🎤 AVA Superstars
🎧 Meg and Chris Acoustic Duo

🎭 KaSo Studios Performing Arts Group
👯 Adele Peters Performing Arts School - Dance troupe and singers

🎪 Stalls hosting local business gifts and produce, plus our own AVA World Challenge students who are hosting a stall to supporting their trip to Malaysia.
🥙Delicious street food!


TICKETS £4 AVAILABLE HERE👉 https://ow.ly/mf7p50RTRu3

Come and enjoy a day filled with fun, food, and fantastic entertainment! 🎶🎉


Try to think of anger as a bodyguard and a child who is showing big feelings of anger as a hurting, or struggling child. Look through the behaviour and see the smallness of the child, trying to communicate their feelings and unmet needs, the only way that they know how.

Behind the feelings of anger and tears could be a number of different feelings, built up and hidden deep inside. Although it may seem like children go from 0-10 in an instant, their feelings will be bubbling up over time.

We help children learn that we all have a beautiful rainbow of feelings inside, and every feeling is ok. Supporting them to become a Feelings Detective® and learn how to N.A.M.E. their feelings in healthy ways, which stands for Notice, Accept, Mange and Express! 💛

For further information, or to book a FREE initial consultation, please visit www.sunnykidsshine.com or email Jodie at [email protected]


Seen on: Clever Classroom ❤

Mobile uploads 13/06/2024

Breakthecycle_coaching 💔


Credit: The Therapist Parent 💛


Art of Parenteen ❤️


Via Family days. Tried & tested.


PLAY means…💫

So many amazing benefits of learning through play. This list could go on and on. It’s an important reminder and response prompt when people ask “Did they play all day?” 💖


Honestly 🤦🏻‍♀️💛

Photos from Early Years- Where The Magic Begins's post 11/06/2024

What did you do today on the International Day of PLAY?


Child Safety Week

Safety. Sorted!

Families should feel confident that, with one small change, they can stop a serious accident. And be clear what they need to do to keep their children safe.

That’s why, for Child Safety Week 2024 theme is Safety. Sorted!


So true! 🙌


How do children develop conflict resolution skills? Through play!


The need to reframe our perspective on "brain breaks" stems from the profound likelihood that they yield greater productivity than the lessons and activities that precede them.

Children possess an inherent predisposition for movement and tactile engagement, an integral aspect of their learning and developmental blueprint. Rather than disrupting the learning process, these "breaks" provide a constructive outlet for channeling their natural energy, often leading to heightened cognitive engagement.

Through whole body movement, these "breaks" engage all the senses, encompassing not only the five traditional senses but also the proprioceptive and vestibular senses, which govern body awareness and balance. These senses play a pivotal role in enhancing spatial awareness, coordination, and attention regulation.

By integrating more opportunities for children to move and stimulate these senses, the greater we foster a comprehensive learning experience that enriches cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and even language domains, concurrently!

Reframing our thinking is crucial to challenge the conventional notion of the "best" or "real" learning, as it opens avenues for embracing diverse approaches that cater to children's inherent need for movement and multi-sensory engagement. This shift empowers us to recognize that "brain breaks" aren't interruptions, but essential components of holistic learning that cater to the complete development of a child.

In a nutshell: More moving. Less sitting... Always!


For everyone


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