Bill Trafford - Personal Trainer & Coach

Bill Trafford - Personal Trainer & Coach

Personal Trainer in Aylesbury, not only focusing on your Physical Well-Being but your Mental Well-Be

Operating as usual


Not the best announcement I’ve ever made but here we go.

It comes with a heavy heart that I am letting everyone know that I will not be competing this year as I had planned.

I have decided that it is best that I do not step on stage this year. I have decided this because I know I will not bring my best with everything that is going on in my life and the world at the moment.

I’m hurt inside because this is exactly what I wanted this year and what I had been sacrificing so much for but it is what it is. Life throws a lot of unexpected situations at you and you’ve got to make the most of it.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me, from my friends & close family to my Coach.

I guarantee you will be seeing me stepping on a stage and bringing back a trophy in the next two years. We will get there but it’s just this year isn’t the one.


Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful Clients & Friends. Thank you so much for supporting me through this year.

Hopefully 2021 will bring slightly more joy, but then again if 2020 is anything to go by then we will have to wait and see.

Hope you all have a great day whatever your doing and hope you all stay safe and well.

See you next year.



Got the Power Belly out 🤣

Smashed out 130kg for 5 with my @mbslingshot . I love this piece of equipment, it makes you feel so much more confident with the weight.
It’s a complete game changer for anyone who wants their bench strength to go up!

I wish this was a sponsored advertisement, but it’s not. More than welcome to make it one though @mbslingshot 🤣🤣

I asked him to hold the bar because I was sh****ng myself I was gonna top myself btw!

Keep going, keep pushing, be strong inside.


Considering I could only press the 35s for 8 at a push 5 weeks ago - I’ll take 47s for 4 shaky af Reps.

Just trying to find limits, there isn’t an ounce of bu****it that’s going to stop me this time.

Camera angles don’t do form ranges any justice, and keyboard warriors who want to exclaim their knowledge can stay away.

Bill Trafford - Personal Trainer & Coach updated their website address. 03/09/2020

Bill Trafford - Personal Trainer & Coach updated their website address.

Bill Trafford - Personal Trainer & Coach updated their website address.


I’ve got back to enjoying Squats for the last couple months. It’s my second leg day this week so I thought I’d change it up.

Weight was a priority today, if I hit 8 reps I put more weight on. I just wanted to see how far I could get.

370kg / 815lbs for 6 Reps.

Timeline photos 19/08/2020

Let’s talk...

I have one person, he’s not a family member. He is literally a person who trains at the gym that I do.
Every single time I see him he is training with someone. No matter what day it is, wether I look full or flat he tells them:

“Look at this guy. He is only 20. He has so much potential, don’t you think?”

As a bit of a back drop. This guy is in his late 40’s with a lot of history within the bodybuilding world, through himself and his friends some of which are his training partners.

This sentence may not mean a lot to many people, some may think I’m boasting; if that’s you, please read to the end.
This sentence makes my heart skip a beat. It makes me full of confidence that I’m doing the right thing.

Those that know me know how my head works, I’m a very up and down person. Some days great, some days not. I’ve had a couple weeks of not. But an hour ago I saw this man and just by what he has said he has put me back on my feet; singlehanded.

The moral of this is we need to start appreciating what we have and who we have around us. Tell someone they are doing well and that you love them. Let’s stop this from being such a s**t, negative place and spread some love!

Whatever your goal in life; your fu***ng smashing it and don’t let anyone stop you. Your going to have setbacks but they only make you stronger. I love you all.



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This is following on from my last message with a few more details!

All the sessions will be held at aqua vale, either out on the field or in the car park. I have a full squat rack that I'll have with me so I'd ideally like to have that on flat ground so the car park is my preference.

As the sessions are outside without full equipment they will be £15 per hour. This will rise up to normal price again when back in the gym and full use of equipment is available.

I'm going to run Bootcamps over the three day period each week. There are a maximum of 5 spaces in each Bootcamp so please book with me quickly and it's will be £4 per person. The bootcamps will be 30-45 Minutes. The bootcamps will be:

Monday - 8am
Tuesday - 6pm
Wednesday - 6pm

These sessions will need at least 2 people to be booked into them for them to go ahead so please get booked in and tell your friends and family.
I would also like to ask that you bring your own mat to these sessions.

I would like to reiterate that all equipment will be cleaned after each use, and the two meter rule will be adhered to at all times. You are more than welcome to wear gloves and a mask if desired also.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Kind Regards,


Good Morning All,

Following the government guidelines it’s looking like 1-1 Personal Training and Bootcamps of up to 6 are going to be allowed!
These sessions will all have to be outdoors and will have to adhere to social distancing rules (Obviously weather conditions are a big factor as well).

I have lots of equipment ready to be used, all of this will be disinfected after every use. I would ask if everyone can bring their own towels and matts if you have them!

At the minute I am monitoring the ‘R’ level everyday as I do live with a vulnerable person so I cannot open straight away as many other people have. The date I am looking to open is Monday 15th June.

I am looking to only open a few days a week at the beginning whilst I drum interest up again, these days are going to be Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Over time when interest picks back up I will open more days until we are fully rolling again.

The location for this I haven’t decided yet, It will either be at the Aqua Vale Park or the Fairford Leys Football Pitches.

I hope you are all doing okay in this strange time. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Please let me know if your interested and book your slots in ASAP!

Kind Regards,

Timeline photos 27/03/2020

With all of what is going on with the world this is what gets me up in the morning.
Having to change from in person personal training to online has been a massive challenge... but has certainly paid off!
Here’s me and two of my clients on a call this morning, they’ve been smashing it and are dedicated enough to carry on wanting to exercise during this time!
This is a new era and it’s what we make of it, if you want online training, wether you are a current client or not let me know. I am doing personalised videos also if video calls aren’t your thing!
Drop me a DM or a message on 07526 338616 !


Good Morning All,

Hope everyone is well and keeping safe amid the coronavirus/COVID-19 virus.

This message is to tell everyone what is happening with my business and how I will be combating this issue.

First of all, if you are showing and symptoms or have a feeling you could have been in contact with anyone who has been abroad please do not come into the gym for your sessions.
If anyone does turn up to their session showing any symptoms to myself you will be asked to leave the session. At this point no sessions will be rescheduled for the following week.

Secondly, I know that all of my clients are clean however we can not be too safe. Whenever you cross the desk in the gym please apply anti-bacterial gel to your hands, I will be doing this too.

In light of the actual function of the gym we may get to a point where the gym shuts. If this does occur I will let all of you know ASAP, but please be mindful that this could be at any point and any time over the coming weeks!

Now in the circumstance that I my self start showing symptoms or get ill, I will be shutting the business down for 2 weeks. This allowing me to get rid of whatever I have got and not spread anything on to you and your loved ones!

Once again I know that all of you are great but please be courteous in the gym. We are doing are absolute upmost to ensure that everything is spotless and disinfected to stop anything infecting the people of the gym.

Thank you all for your support throughout this difficult time, if anyone had any questions please let me know!

Kind Regards,
Billy Trafford



I hit 155kg for the first time on my squat today, considering I only managed to hit a 135kg 2 weeks ago... this is a huge achievement for me!

I’m so happy, my legs are just wanting to grow and I can’t wait to smash some more legs come next week!

Btw, pancakes do not actually cause any good gains or strength increases... or is it just an inside secret 😉




What are your goals for 2020? Do you want to lose weight for your holidays? Do you want to build lean & toned muscle? Do you want to feel healthier and have better physical and mental well-being?

For ALL NEW Clients in January, get your first month (4x1 Hour Sessions) for £100. Working out at £25 Per Session!!

I work as a Private Personal Trainer out of Aqua Vale Leisure Centre in Aylesbury! The best bit about this is that you don't need a membership to the gym you have free entry for any of my sessions!

We have a huge range of equipment:
- Free Weights Area (Dumbbells to 50kg)
- 15+ Resistance Machines
- Functional Fitness Area
- Stretching Area
- 50+ Cardio Machines

If I still haven't managed to sell it to you yet, all clients get:
- 1 Free 30 Minute 1-1 Consultation.
- A Nutrition Advice Email.

If you want to make a serious difference in your life in 2020, join my group of successful clientele and improve your health and fitness!

Contact me via Email: [email protected]
Contact me Via my Website:
Contact me via WhatsApp: 07526 338616


A Royal Team Talk

I think this speaks volumes. Please give this a watch, there is always time to talk.

BTraffordTraining 26/08/2019


BTraffordTraining Personal Training in Buckinghamshire! BTraffordTraining is Making a Better You.


Always a pleasure Paul Cole, have a good evening getting some well deserved R&R 😉.


Missing this already.
Glad to be back though, had the best Chest day I’ve had in ages.


Little Bicep Session from the over day.
This was on the back of the Back Day I put up the other day.

One more day until I’ve finished this part of my cut, then a whole lot of muscle to be put on.


Trying to hit PB’s in this cut is ridiculous, smashed a 300kg Leg Press for 2 Reps.
Not too bad for 1800 Calories per day.


•In my element•

Find what you love and thrive at it. Passion is the #1 component in staying motivated in what your doing. You’ve got to keep at it no matter how hard it gets and no matter how much you struggle.

Loving my cut too, eating the right foods, everyday all day and seeing vast improvements. Have a good evening all.


Little HIIT Session this morning, just to get some extra sun ☀️ me and @epicillofitness thought we’d film everything we done so that you can have a go at home.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this weather on a great Easter weekend. Stay rested all!


Here’s a sneak peak at part of a video that is coming soon on @nuffieldhealthaylesbury &

Me and @trainingwithky are going to be doing challenges for all of you to follow within Nuffield Health.

Hope you all enjoy!


It’s 10 o’clock at night and I’m hitting PR like it’s nothing. This is why I love this game, beating the person you were last week. Last week: 40s... This week: 42s! My role model is me in 10 years, I can see this finish line, but it’s a lifetime away. A lot of work to go, but I’m not stopping for anyone.

Remember... getting bulked means sweat patches when your standing still let alone when lifting...


Evening all,
I’ve had a lot of questions about nutrition and your diet recently and I just wanted to address it.

You can sit in the gym and work your ass off as long as you like, however if you don’t get your nutrition perfect, it won’t work.

The misconception that ‘our lifestyle is easy’ & ‘we just sit in the gym’ is too common within the people surrounding us. This is hard work. We are always working, even when the lights are off, even when no one is watching; we are working.

Nutrition is 70% of your battle, the easy work is that 30% you spend in the gym. You must WORK, you must STRIVE, you must STOP thinking it’s EASY.

If you need advice and assistance, don’t hesitate to email and get a 1-1 free Consultation booked. Slots are going quickly, only a few remain and it is a first come first serve basis. Just drop me an email at [email protected] to enquire.
The new you is just around the corner!


Thank you to everyone who has already liked and followed my page. From the 23/11/18 I will be taking clients again, please contact me to set up your free 1-1 Consultation.
BTraffordTraining is a different style of Personal Training, I take interest in my clients and build meaningful relationships with them.
Whether you want to Lose Weight, Build & Tone Muscle or you are a Professional Athlete; looking to break your Plateau... I am the PT for you.
Thank you once again everyone so far and for those of you who are new to this page, please like, follow and most importantly get in contact. The new you is just round the corner.

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