Bokkie have got their Bokkie Bowls back by popular demand along with peppermint crisp tarts!

Not only that they've got their famous Mac'N'Cheese and Bunnychow!

We hope you can join us tonight Village Hall, we're starting at 5pm and finishing up at 9pm!

We've got inside seating and
Doing the bar!

See you tonight!

It is streetfood night in Haddenham today!!! All the best foodie trucks (and horseboxes) in attendance. Weather is looking fab if a bit chilly , so wrap up warm and we will be bringing along some extra logs for the fire 🔥 See you later 😊 Bokkie Sizzlers Street Burgers Fold Me Close Pizza Baja Cantina Chandos Arms Papas Goodies
Our full line up for our event in has been confirmed and what a variety we have for you on Saturday 2nd April from 5pm - 9pm.

We welcome some new faces and welcome back some old faces! We've got the following:

Baja Cantina
Fold Me Close Pizza
Papas Goodies
Sizzlers Street Burgers

We've also got Chandos Arms providing the alcohol beverages along with live music and plenty of seating inside!

Don't forget we're at Haddenham Village Hall on the first Saturday of the month so come on down!


Ay StrEat Meet team 😊
It's menu time ready for our event on Friday night (18th March) from 6pm until 9pm at Weston Turville village hall.

We've got a stellar line up for you again which includes Bokkie The Souvlaki House The Rub - Wood Smoked BBQ The Jerk Box Golden Bites - Street Food The Little Oven Of Joy with Chandos Arms and Copperpenny Box supplying the drinks.

We hope you can join us for this family friendly event, we've a couple of menus missing so you'll need to check these out on the night.

Parking is very, very limited so please bare that in mind when planning how you intend to get to the event.

See you Friday

Arla ALDI Dayla Drinks Morrisons Aylesbury Community Champion Rumsey's Chocolaterie Wendover Patch solutions Waitrose & Partners Marks and Spencer Yummy Chumz Bokkie Two Spoons Tea Ltd Version 2 Dobbies Tesco Superstore
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We are very excited that Two Spoons Tea Ltd Yummy Chumz Bokkie
& Smiths Coffee will be providing sweet & savoury treats at Lindengate in Lights this weekend, , with Version2 (Strictly & I'm a Celebrity fame) supplying the lighting.
Book your tickets: 👉
Morning everyone,
We're in Aylesbury town centre today with Bokkie The Little Oven Of Joy Taco Shack and Waffles on Wheels . We're here until 3pm.
Hope to see you soon
It's Small Business Saturday tomorrow. It's a great chance to visit us at Duck Farm Court and explore the other indie shops in the courtyard. Eco Bonobo Shirley’s Book Corner Amelie’s Attic Craft Centre & Gift Shop Jakeman Sports Shopofmagicalrequirements Aylesbury Skateboards for gifts for everyone on your list and then Bokkie for tea and cake afterwards!Duck Farm Court, Aylesbury # shoplocal
The Santa Parade is tomorrow and heralds the official start of Christmas in Aylesbury. We will be open if you want to pop in to see us and head up to town where there is a market and lots of street food ( including Bokkie ) but please remember to park in the Friars Croft Spaces if you are leaving Duck Farm Court.
>> Save the Date
Free cake with Bokkie and now book bargains with Shirley’s Book Corner. Get a head start on your human Christmas shopping then reward yourself with coffee and cake.

Award winning Caterer Specialising in South African Street Food... Bringing a taste of Street Food into your home. Using the freshest local produce, authentic family recipes, blended spices and no hidden nasties.

Services offered: catering for Weddings/Parties and Private events. Grazing boxes. Ready meals and bbq packs. Street food at events and markets.

Operating as usual

Photos from Bokkie's post 02/04/2022

The deli at Duck Farm Court is open today until 3pm.

Pop in and support a small independent business, whether you are popping in for Coffee and Cake or a bite for lunch we have a range of delicious dishes.

✨Mac n Cheese - made with real butter, whole milk and a blend of cheeses.
✨An artisan melt slices of bread fresh from our baker with your filling of choice and blend of cheeses.
✨Boerewors baguette a 97% meaty sausage with a sauce of your choice.

Eat in - take away - Uber eats


Ready meals are available from the deli tomorrow, open 10-3pm.

✨Durban Chicken Curry
✨Lamb and Potato
✨Mince beef and Mrs Balls
✨Chickpea, Potato & Spinach (V)

All GF and DF.

Limited availability get it while stock lasts.

Can be frozen for a later date.


Tried out beef melt?

Delicious tender cured beef brisket - aka South African Corned Beef - no it’s not out of the tin!!

It’s tender, succulent and melt in the mouth.

Put between 2 slices of artisan bread, emmental cheese, pickles and yellow mustard. Toasted till the cheese is all melted and oozy to perfection.

Absolutely delicious 🤤

Eat in - take out - Uber eats

Photos from Bokkie's post 31/03/2022

It’s snowing ❄️❄️❄️❄️

Today warm comforting food is a must.

🥪Slow roasted Shisanyama pork artisan melt
✨ Mac n Cheese - creamy and comforting
✨ Boerewors baguette 97% meat sausage served with sauces of your choice.

Eat in - Take away - Uber eats

Photos from Bokkie's post 29/03/2022

When the weather is like this - only one thing for it!!

Comfort food ❤️

Open until 2pm today.

⭐️Mac n cheese or try topped with Shisanyama Pork
⭐️Artisan Melt
⭐️Oreo Cookie Cake

Eat in - Take away- Uber Eats


Thank you it was amazing!!

See you all in a couple of weeks.


Artisan meal deal now comes with an iced latte option - just what you need in this heat!!

Our favourite artisan melts are:-

🥪Bokkie Classic - Cheese, Mrs Balls Chutney, Onion and Tomato (V)
🥪Slow roasted Shisanyama Pork - melt in the mouth and so tasty
🥪Bacon, Brie and Cranberry - not just for Christmas- delicious with the spicy cranberry

✨Add a side of our creamy Mac n cheese

✨Slice of todays cake - Biscoff cake

✨Choose your drink hot or iced.

Open until 2pm today.

Eat in - Take Away - Uber Eats


Back in the office? Sick of the usual lunches?

Todays recommendation:

Artisan brioche filled with your choice of:-

✨Slow Roasted Shisanyama Pork
✨Chilli Halloumi, Mushroom & Red Pepper

All served with little gem lettuce, garlic Mayo and cheese.

Eat in - take away - Uber eats



Looking for something for lunch or just a catch up with a friend over a coffee and a cake? Visit us at our deli in Duck Farm Court Aylesbury.

⭐️Open 9-2pm Tues - Fri and 10-3pm - Sat closed Sun & Mon

⭐️ You will get homemade food made with quality local ingredients, all from small batch, independent producers.

⭐️ We have a range of artisan melts, specialty coffees, cakes from local bakers in Aylesbury, Mac n Cheese with toppings, Rice bowls and specialty dishes.

Eat in - Take out - Uber Eats

Photos from Bokkie's post 19/03/2022

Open until 3pm today….

Sorry is shining why not pop in for an iced Biscoff or Ferrero Rocher Latte.

Feeling hungry??

✨ Boerewors baguette 97% meat sausage in a baguette served with a sauce of your choice. Ketchup, Mustard or Mrs Balls Chutney.

✨artisan melt - artisan bread, filling of your choice and blend of cheeses.
Tasty and filling our favourite has to be the pork!!

Eat in - take away - Uber eats


Looking forward to seeing you all tonight Weston Turville Village hall 6-9pm.

We have Bunnychow an artisan bread hollowed out and filled with your choice of curry:-

🥘 Durban Chicken Curry with Potato & Red Pepper (GF with Rice)
🥘Chickpea, Potato & Spinach (Ve) (GF with rice)
🥘Mutton & Sugar Bean (GF with Rice)
🥘Mince Beef & Mrs Balls (GF with Rice)

All served with Great Taste award winning Chilli Carrot Sambal, Chilli Beet Slaw and a yoghurt and coriander sauce.

Rice is also available.

Mac n cheese made with whole milk, real butter and our blend of cheeses. Under 5’s portions also available.

Photos from Bokkie's post 18/03/2022

It’s Friday!!!!

Treat yourself to a delicious lunch.

✨Mac n cheese - [email protected] with our delicious slow roasted Shisanyama Pork
✨ Artisan melt - cured beef brisket, bokkie classic or Brie cranberry and bacon

✨Sun is out try our iced Biscoff or Ferraro Rocher latte

Eat in - take out - Uber eats

Photos from Bokkie's post 17/03/2022

Morning the deli is open until 2pm today.

You can eat in - take away - Uber eats.

Can’t decide what to have?

What about one of our brioches:-

An artisan brioche lightly toasted and filled with your choice of:-

✨Slow Roasted Shisanyama Pork, little gem lettuce, garlic Mayo and cheese.

✨Halloumi, Mushroom & Red Pepper, with little gem lettuce, garlic Mayo, cheese and candied jalapeños from

Or why not try our signature curry Durban Chicken Curry Rice bowl served with our Great Taste award Winning sambals.

Photos from Bokkie's post 16/03/2022

Tried our artisan meal deal?

✨one of our artisan melts:-

🥪Just Cheese
🥪Bokkie Classic (v)
🥪Slow Roasted Shisanyama Pork
🥪Beef melt - cured beef brisket
🥪Bacon, Cranberry & Brie

✨ Any hot drink
✨Slice of todays cake - Brown Sugar and Caramel.

Eat in - take away - Uber eats

Photos from AY StrEat Meet's post 15/03/2022

Don’t feel like cooking on Friday night?

Friday night 18th March 6-9pm join us AY StrEat Meet at the Weston Turville Village Hall.

✨Street Food
✨Live Music

See you there


Morning!! It’s a beautiful day out there today ☀️ we are back open as usual this week.

Open today 9-2pm - available to eat in - take away or Uber eats.

✨Artisan melts - try our meal deal this delicious Brown Sugar and Caramel cake is included.
✨Mac n Cheese
✨a tasty baguette or salad

Photos from Bokkie's post 12/03/2022

We are back open today 10-3pm.

Try some of our delicious dishes.

✨ Our creamy Mac n cheese topped with our slow roasted Shisanyama Pork - so tasty and flavoursome.

✨one of our artisan melts. Your choice of filling toasted between 2 slices of artisan bread with our cheese blend.

✨ Try one of our specialty coffees Ferrero Rocher Latte, Biscoff Latte or maybe just a Cappuccino or flat white.

✨Or one of our tasty cakes from one of our local producers or

Eat in - Take away - Uber eats


****Reminder we are closed until 9am Friday****

Sorry for any inconvenience caused we are currently off site catering for the Bucks Skills Show, the deli reopens on Friday see you then.


Due to an event we will be closed until Friday sorry for any inconvenience caused.

See you Friday

Photos from Bokkie's post 05/03/2022

Looking for something different to eat today?

We are open until 3pm today.

✨Have a look at our artisan meal deal choose any artisan melt, a hot drink and cake.

✨Try our Porky - delicious Mac n cheese topped with our slow roasted Shisanyama pork.

✨Ready meals are fully stocked up, get them before they all go. Dinner tonight or can be frozen for a later date.

Eat in - take away - Uber eats


You asked - we provide!!

Ready meals are back in stock tomorrow from 10-3pm.

⭐️⭐️⭐️Limited availability⭐️⭐️⭐️

Get them whilst stock lasts

✨Durban Chicken Curry
✨Chickpea, Sweet Potato & Cauliflower
✨Butter Chicken
✨Chickpea, Potato & Spinach


Photos from Bokkie's post 03/03/2022

Try some of our dishes off our NEW menu.

✨Durban Chicken Curry or Chickpea, Potato and Spinach rice bowls. (Ve GF)

✨Trufflesome - our Mac n cheese topped with Porcini Mushrooms and minced black truffle.

✨Porky - Mac n cheese topped with our slow roasted Shisanyama pork.

Eat in - take away - Uber eats


Looking for something healthy and different for lunch? Full of flavour and home cooked.

Durban Chicken Curry & Chickpea, Spinach & Potato (Ve)(GF) rice bowls.

Traditional rice topped with your choice of curry served with award winning chilli carrot Sambal, chilli beet slaw and a yoghurt and coriander sauce.

Eat in - take away - Uber eats


Need something delicious for lunch!!

New Menu has gone live here are a couple of dishes that you can enjoy!!

✨Our creamy Mac n Cheese topped with our slow roasted Shisanyama pork - simply delicious!!

✨ Try one of our rice bowls with Durban Chicken Curry a fiery curry with potato and red pepper or Chickpea, Potato and spinach (Ve) both served on traditional yellow rice with our Great taste award winning Chilli Carrot Sambal and Chilli Beet Slaw and a yoghurt & Coriander sauce (vegans ask for no yoghurt) (GF).

Available now. Eat in, take away Uber eats.

Photos from Bokkie's post 27/02/2022

New menu coming!!!

Tuesday 1st March ready for spring.

Some new dishes have been added, the favourites are there and a couple of things have been removed.

Check out the grid



Iced Biscoff Latte and deep filled cookie cups - S’mores and Caramel!!

Yes - please - what a treat ❤️

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Festive Grazing Table - Christmas Party



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