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Videos by Kip McGrath Aylesbury in Aylesbury. Professional, qualified teachers using a personal tailored tutoring programme to suit each child.


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At Kip McGrath, we've been building futures since 1976 and have helped thousands of children worldwide reach their full ...

Would you like to improve your child’s experience of education? 🎓At Kip McGrath, we provide a safe and fun learning envi...

At Kip McGrath, we believe that all children can succeed if given the appropriate support 😊 Our QUALIFIED teachers and p...

For a young child, minus numbers can be very difficult. By using a number line we can help them visualise and process th...

Long multiplication!

How to find the square root of a number!

What is three quarters of 1000?

How to subtract large amounts of money!

Working out which is the smallest or biggest fraction!

I know that children's mental health week was at the start of the month, however, I believe we should always talk about ...

Division using the bus stop method!

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On screen tutoring is the perfect way for busy families to support their child's learning. Live and in real time tutorin...