Demelza Hawes Dressage, Yoga, Psychotherapy

Demelza Hawes Dressage, Yoga, Psychotherapy



We are excited to announce our association with a totally brand new company - Cavago, check out our page if you would like to find out more information about what we can offer:

This new website works similarly to trivago and booking. com but is solely for luxury equine experiences, training, courses and holidays around the world.

This comes at the perfect time with our expansion programme and we are delighted to be able to offer fabulous weekly livery and training courses. Book in and stay in one of the fabulous apartments, bring your horse/s and focus on any number of areas to help increase peak performance or just get back to basics.

The Healthy Beast Equine Centre is the epitome of wellness for both horse and rider. Featuring a specialised programme of equestrian livery and dressage training courses with our resident International classical rider and coach, Demelza Hawes Dressage and Yoga. We combine the very best of an holistic approach towards the development and education of yourself and your horse. All teachings are true “take home” skills. Gymnastic dressage training combined with Rehabilitation and Therapy will not only prevent poor performance but will help to bring horses back into work after injury.

Your horse can benefit from a kinesiology assessment to locate the imbalances in the body with Essential Oil Therapy to help with behavioural problems, loss of concentration and many other conditions, plus veterinary physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment and a sports massage.

The Centre is not only for the horse. The owner/rider can benefit too - at the end of the day take part in a yoga session made specifically to rider needs; a nutritional consultation for healthy eating; personal training or pilates sessions along with informal talks on specific topics related to holistic care of the horse and rider.

Watch this space for some exciting one day and weekend Clinics, allowing for social distancing of course.
We are very excited to announce that Demelza Hawes-Demelza Hawes Dressage and Yoga, has joined the team as our new International Dressage rider and trainer. Demelza trained at “Le Cadre Noir de Saumur” which enhanced her sympathetic classical training methods and techniques. She gained a comprehensive understanding of equine anatomy in order to concentrate on forward straight and calm movements, with optimum mobility throughout the back of uppermost importance.

Whilst we are on lockdown, Demelza has concentrated on going back to basics with all the boys including Deseado and Resuelto, incorporating a library of gymnastic exercises to improve their performance. She has been working with their natural structure and biomechanics to produce movements used primarily in competition and which are produced freely by the horse in nature.

Post lockdown we will be offering classical Dressage training Livery and Clinics with Demelza so if you want to go back to basics with your horse or just need help in certain areas please contact us to register your interest.

We also offer Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation Livery with kinesiology assessment locating the imbalances in your horses body and using Essential Oil Therapy to help with all types of behavioural issues and lameness conditions.

Demelza is also an advanced Yoga teacher and yoga sports science coach, so we are enjoying spending time getting ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually fit!!
It's a official! I've taken a while to post this as I've wanted to be sure all paperwork was in place and I'd finished teaching my last clients.

Tomorrow I move back to the UK and will be bringing 18months worth of full, intense training knowledge with me.

It's been an incredible time, meeting the most beautiful souls, both 2 legged and 4 legged. I have gratefullness oozing out of me as I am so privaledged to have met such individuals and shared such great times.

I have learnt a HUGE amount in every aspect of my life.

So now, we move down to my beloved South West (Devon/Cornwall border). My horses will have a holiday with great friend Olivia Buck, while I teach for a week and then give myself 6 weeks break from training and learning to walk the South West coast path with my Olive dog.

There are a huge amount of thanks to be given which have been doled out at our little party on Wednesday, but I have to say again thank you HUGELY to Marina Knupffer and Alex (I dont know what I'd have done without you both) for hosting and supporting me and my training and the many conversations over wine. And of course Olivier Puls who has given so much these past 18 months and to finding Isa Danne whose aided my training further.

Thanks also to Olivier Rembert for making my horses feet AMAZING and to Karen & Martin Douglas for being you guys and showing such trust and dedication with me.

I will of course return to teach, so those that I've not mentioned....I will be back advising you soon lol.

Merci beacoup France and look out UK haha 🤣🇫🇷🐎🇬🇧🙏

Holistic, ethical training and coaching for horse and rider. My classical, academic and competition Professional Dressage rider/trainer. Capable of training from foal to Inter II, currently training my two homebreds to Grand Prix.

Competing at Inter I and soon to reach our goal! All achieved by love and attention to detail with lots of motivation and dedication!

Operating as usual

Photos from The Osteopathic Vet's post 02/10/2022

Always worth remembering the horse as a ‘whole’.


🤔Sorry I’ve not posted for a while-life has been busy and little adventures have been had amongst lots of teaching, therapy and one to one yoga.

Today felt like a blessing-some really inspiring lessons this morning (inspiring for clients and myself).

And a quick schooling session on Little G as I call her, let me realise she is improving well whilst also teaching me more in depth feels within my classical training education, especially some specifics I learnt from @isadannecerclepluvinel whilst I lived in France. 🙏🏼

I’m now ensconced in deepest Dorset with special people and horses, for an exciting weekend teaching, feeling and experiencing….aka growing!!! 💫

Photos from Demelza Hawes Dressage, Yoga, Psychotherapy's post 15/09/2022

Take time to stop and smell the roses. Today it helped me put a lot of my worries into perspective.

Diverting the brain from a “worry loop” anyway you can gives the emotional part of the brain to settle and calm. Rational thinking can then get a word in!!

Try it….


Thank you Queen Lillibet. ♥️ 🖤 🤍


Having just listened to an article on about UK hosts having difficulties with their Ukrainian guests, to the point of regarding them ungrateful, I felt compelled to look at the issue through the lens. The HG ethos being that, satisfying or meeting one’s emotional needs is what keeps us mentally and emotionally balanced.

Those emotional needs being;
• Attention-giving and receiving
• Meaning-work, family, friends, groups, spirituality
• Community-family groups, friendship groups, village and sports groups
• Privacy-time alone you process
• Intimacy-close friend, partner, pet, plant
• Security-home, financial, work, relationships
• Status-respect within societies/groups
• Control-Autonomy over life choices
• Achievement-Being stretched and challenged

Now let’s imagine these needs if we were an individual, recently displaced from their war torn home and country, possibly leaving behind loved ones including pets and places.

Attention=He/she could feel their not able to give attention due to their shock. They could feel they’re receiving too much or not enough.
Meaning=Whatever meaning they once has had likely been destroyed or left behind

Community=They’re likely to have been left behind with worrying consequences, faced now with building anew in a unfamiliar country/culture and system
Privacy=likely no chance of any since before the war began. Once some arrives, it can be conflictingly fearful as well as necessary
Intimacy=linked to trust-who can they trust now?
Security=He/she has lost their job and home and country. Possibly people too. Now reliant on a system and culture they know nothing of. This can be incredibly destabilising to all other needs
Status=no longer belonging to their country, town, career is enough to flatten anyones confidence and self belief
Control=what control/what life choices?
Achievement=some personality types will feel accomplished having survived and got to safety and no doubt learnt much along the way. Others will feel a failure, dejected and wishing they could have done more to save friends/country.
Movement/Sleep=being physical needs relating to the mind body link they will be very out of balance either way impacting all other needs.

All considered there’s also the likelihood of trauma both past and present which leaves a residue upon one’s behavioural patterns (which may or may not have been healthy before) which can lead to some -possibly perceived as odd by others- coping mechanisms.

When one considers a these areas, it’s not surprising some hosts have had difficulties with their guests’ behaviours. However, with some understanding (and the right help), what a difference those hosts reactions could be!

Wendy Suzuki: The brain-changing benefits of exercise | TED 04/09/2022

Wendy Suzuki: The brain-changing benefits of exercise | TED

Exercise for all and for many reasons….

Wendy Suzuki: The brain-changing benefits of exercise | TED What's the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain today? Exercise! says neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki. Get inspired to go to the gym as Suzuk...


🦄 No wonder they have such an impact on our mental and emotional health….equally, no wonder why they are affected by our own mental and emotional health.

Noticing this can really be a game changer. Take care of you, take care of your horse.

If you are in the equine industry and feel “something is not quite right” with how you feel or think, or your life is not quite matching the effort you’re putting in, or em perhaps you know there’s trauma/fears that need dealing with, then feel free to make contact. My understanding of the industry as well as my psychotherapeutic knowledge can assist you towards the life you hope for.


Photos from Demelza Hawes Dressage, Yoga, Psychotherapy's post 19/08/2022

For Horse and Human understanding.


This shot sums up the weekends clinic down in beautiful Somerset. 🌅

Once again some fab horse work, yoga and discussion.

I’ll be near Wells in Somerset for approx 6 days in September. I will be able to offer psychological education & therapy, yoga, and dressage education to combinations - young horse to high level, rehabilitation, groundwork & ridden, classical based, amateur, leisure and professional.

Looking forward to it already! 🧠🐴🧘‍♀️

Photos from Demelza Hawes Dressage, Yoga, Psychotherapy's post 10/08/2022

Rest. 💤

How often do you feel you need it? Do you ignore the impulse? Do you think “rest is for wimps”? Do you know how beneficial it is? As a woman who has a cycle (or no longer does), do you feel the need for rest at certain times of the month, and do you force through it or listen and adhere?

For many years I forced through and actively ignored the fact that as a woman I needed rest at certain times of the month. My body severely punished me for it both physically and mentally.

I’ve now been listening for around six years and my physical, mental and emotional health has improved ten fold. I now accept I am a woman and am different to men, however that does not lessen me. My needs ebb and flow with the month. By listening to the ebb and flow I’ve discovered too that I no longer get so bored with life or feel the need to be a high achiever to warrant others’ acceptance.

It’s worth noting here too, that feelings of hunger can give us the same symptoms as chronic anxiety….so imagine, what would the ignored signal of requiring rest month after month do to our bodies and minds??

Caring for yourself means you’re acting from a clearer headspace too.

Shared from @iamannikanicole 🙏🏼💫🙏🏼


Definitely this…..


This popped into my head yesterday!

I feel, that it could help humans to therefore accept their own nature. A vital step towards self acceptance, healing or change when and where it is needed. 💚💙💚

Photos from Demelza Hawes Dressage, Yoga, Psychotherapy's post 31/07/2022

Absolutely immense week-end in Wales at wild woman retreat.

Teaching My gift of yoga to such a beautiful and honourable bunch of women…all thoroughly wild. It was heavenly to be part of such female acceptance, acknowledgement, safety, and healing. Aho to the sisterhood 🙌

I am honoured to have been both a participant and a facilitator-at the last minute!

Profound change really can occur when we do not strive.

Very fitting that the Lionesses should bring home the UEFA cup too 🦁🏆 tonight!

Wild women can rock!


Science shows us that feeling into our heart is just as important as utilising our brains.

Let your body be sensory 💫 and allow your to emotions inform you, then let your brain 🧠 be managerial but nothing more.

Give your brain too much importance and it’ll take you down a dark and misleading road of anxiety, depression, confusion, procrastination, fear and ultimately a loss of joy for what this amazing life is and can be….



We are not just our brains! 🧠

Our heart ❤️ is big factor in how we feel within social situations.

The electromagnetic field of a human heart extends 3-4feet outside our body, thus we will feel what another person is feeling, in terms of their emotional state.

Recognising this can help us start to clarify which feelings are our own.

This knowledge can go a long way to ensuring that in decision making processes we make sure we focus on our own feelings, not those that are exuding from another.

Learning to be congruent (to ourselves and others) will make for smoother relationships. Clear communication that is based on individual needs at the time enables a safe navigation process towards resolution for all parties involved.



✨Equine Gratitude Post✨

So pleased with this girl, or should I say Lady, at 18years old!

I don’t get a huge amount of time for her while helping clients and training the little Luso I have on loan.

With no need or desire to compete, I can play with Diva and focus on maintaining her physical and mental health for as long as she will allow me.

Why am I so grateful?? Well, she just gets better and better with age! She’s like a fine Madeira wine-still with some fruitiness!!

Today she gave me fabulous pirouettes in walk and led into the best Piaffe she’s given me-without impromptu Lavade and on the aid! All given within the first 15mins of the session, so we finished there!

I’m still feeling my through -as we all are really - using the notes I made back in France 3 years ago, and the resounding voices of my trainers Isa Danne and Olivier Puls that still ring in my head!

I’m very lucky to still have this girl - a homebred - who was once nearly sold from under me, so I could just burst when she honours me with her power and grace. She’s croup high in her confirmation so for her Piaffe is especially tough but it’s keeping her strong and supple, and it goes to show with the right foundation horses can continue to enhance themselves.

Love her! 🥰♥️🦄

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Science shows us that feeling into our heart is just as important as utilising our brains. Let your body be sensory 💫 an...
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Beautiful weather todayBack in Psychotherapist mode!!! So much learning! #learning #psychotherapy #humangivens
Beautiful weather todayBack in Psychotherapist mode!!! So much learning! #learning #psychotherapy #humangivens
I love how my psychotherapy course training is helping the coaching of the clients I teach in the equestrian world. This...





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