Pieces Dance Company, Aylesbury Videos

Videos by Pieces Dance Company in Aylesbury. A street dance class aiming to build confidence, build friendships & provide a safe space to learn ✨

Last nights class was a sweaty one!
Lots of new faces in our Friday night class too 💃🏻
Can’t wait for our next class!

23rd Feb!

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LETS GO GIRLS 🔥Last nights class was a sweaty one! Lots of new faces in our Friday night class too 💃🏻 Can’t wait for our...

✨Girlies take the stage ✨reminder no class today! We are back…9th February 💃🏻

✨Group 1 ✨ Fridays class was feel good vibes!

Such a fun class tonight with Rhian! ✨

One from the archives ✨ back to dance next Friday! 12.01 💃🏻 with a special class to get started!

Who’s had a good Christmas? Who’s excited to get back 👋🏼 we are back 12th January 2024 with an amazing workshop to kick ...

✨2023✨Thank you to everyone who has supported Pieces this year 🤍 It means so much seeing you guys come to class, share y...

MASSIVE thank you to Luke ✨This class and routine was everything - it felt so good to dance! It’s always amazing to have...

Throwback to The Pieces Intensive 🥹@lukerobs_ choreo 🧠 always such a vibe! We have another INCREDIBLE choreographer comi...

@lukerobs_ FIRE choreo from The Intensive 🔥😮‍💨 been watching these videos on repeat!

MONDAY we dance 😍✨Half term fun here we comeeeeLink in the comments

Let’s go girlies 🔥✨

Last Fridays class 🔥🔥

This is going to be such a fun day!! 🥳🥳

Bring on Friday! 6/10 - we dancing! Also, keep your eyes peeled for information on the Pieces Intensive this October hal...

I ruin the videos every time 🫠 let’s go girlies! Next Friday is dance day! 🔥

Back to class tomorrow with a new routine 🔥👏🏼

@jasminehunt.1 is 🔥🔥 going to miss dancing with you! Come back soon ✨🥹

Fridays Track 🎵 excited for this!https://buytickets.at/piecesbyjenny/998184

We pushed to dance this 1 more time 😂 it was hot! Back to dance Friday 22nd September, you can book through the link in ...