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Children and Young People's Speech and Language Therapist (ages 2-22)
Sharing all things communication :) Hello! I am a Children's Speech and Language Therapist based in Norfolk.

I have set up this page to share ideas and information about supporting communication development. I work full time but if you would like any specific information or advice about your child's communication development I have availability for this during evenings, weekends and school holidays. Please contact me though this page, phone or email :)

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Music Bugs Norwich

Singing to your baby has lots of benefits to their development, including developing a babies sound awareness which is a really important skill in speech development 🎶 👶🏻

A brilliant explanation on why we should sing nursery rhymes to our babies, toddlers and preschoolers! 😍 05/07/2019

Children should learn mainly through play until age of eight, says Lego

Learning through play is the best type of learning 🧸 Toy company funds research suggesting educational development can be hindered by early formal schooling. So are UK schools getting it wrong?


Southpaw UK



❤️❤️🐔Ashley 01/07/2019

What do you do with your old pens, felt tips and highlighters?

Had no idea old felt tips could be recycled locally- so good to know! 🖊 🌈 ♻️
Ryman’s in Norwich do this! Did you know you can send pens to BIC to recycle? They can be any brand and your local school could benefit!


Love this!

I saw this sign on the London Underground today. It's positive to see awareness of hidden disabilities being increased on public transport.


this is parenthood | a film from WaterWipes, the world’s purest baby wipes


With more than half of parents feeling like failures in the first year, it’s time to get honest about parenthood. Follow families from across the world durin... 22/06/2019

Ditch the grammar and teach children storytelling instead

Both skills are important to some degree but between the 2 I think storytelling definitely wins. Telling someone about your day involves storytelling, such an important social skill that needs practice👫 Writing stories is a craft that is crucial for life. And if the government insists, you can test it, measure it and use it in commerce, too


Milton Keynes Speech and Language Therapy Service

Autism Awareness Week- this video gives an insight into what the world may be like for a person with autism

🌎 Autism Awareness Week ❤️


Raising Dragons - Activities For Kids

Love this idea! 💭

Spin & Spell Easter Egg 🐣 ages 4-6 🐣 Here’s a fun way to use plastic Easter eggs to practice spelling, rhyming & reading sight words.

Get eggs here (aff) >>


BBC News

Definitely 🐶

Top barks for teachers' pets. 🐶



Great video!

This is worth a watch to find out more about what SaLTs do!


NAS Norwich Group

🌈SEN Coffee Morning!🌈 🍰☕️

Are you a parent/carer/relative of a child/young person with SEN?
Well, come along and join us!
A coffee morning for Parents/Carers/Relatives of children who have Special Educational Needs. This is a chance to meet with other people in similar situations and share your knowledge/experiences/problems in a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment.
Everyone is welcome!
Where:​Garrick Green Infant School, Garrick Green, Old Catton, NR6 7AL
When:​Monday 25th March 9.45am – 11.00am
There is no charge.
Refreshments provided and children welcome!



Can you spot the warning sign of language delay in your toddler?

Here’s what to look out for if you think that your toddler isn’t hitting their milestones when it comes to speech and language development:

#parents #childdevelopment #speechdelay 13/01/2019

Reading with pre-school children boosts language by eight months

📖👨‍👧👩‍👦 Parents and carers who regularly read with small children are giving them a language advantage of eight months, a study shows.


Operation Diversity

Amazing! 💫

Go go Gatwick Airport! 😍


Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy

Our top advice from the Dummy Elves for turning giving up into growing up 😊



“Be quiet!” or “Can you use a softer voice?”

The words you use in your #classroom can make a huge difference in how your students respond.

When we talk about speech and language support, we mean so much more than just making sure the children in your class understand you.

By adopting positive language in your lessons, #teachers can engage and encourage their students to listen, learn, and behave better!

See this handy infographic from We Are Teachers here:

What positive language changes do you make in your classroom? Let us know in the comments!

#SLCN #school #edchat


Grantham Autistic Information Network (GAIN)

There will be a Loose Women Autism Special on October 10th from 1230hrs on ITV1.

Feel free to pass on!


Stirred Up


What these children with learning disabilities have to say is really important and something all adults need to hear. I had no idea!

See more heartwarming videos like this:
Credit: 28/09/2018

The Struggles of having a child with speech delay Having a child with speech delay comes with many challenges.


Great to see Parkrun thinking about accessibility of information 😊

We've put together these Easy Read guides to assist parkrunners with learning difficulties. Everyone is welcome at parkrun.

Find out more about how we've been reaching out to people with disabilities and long-term health conditions...


🌳 #loveparkrun


April Cottage Therapies

This is great news and backs up what Speech and Language Therapists have been saying for years. This study is based on mainstream children without additional needs so just imagine how our SEN pupils cope in these environments!

When doing a display, think- what is it’s purpose? What does it add? Is it necessary?



It's that time of year! A Guide to Expected Speech and Language Skills in Reception - by our fabulous therapist Jess


The Language Nerds

Talking is a complicated business!

An MRI of what happens inside our mouths when we speak.



Children who have behavioural, emotional & social difficulties may have #SLCN that nobody has identified. This is a great campaign from some students trying to change the conversation #EducationNotExclusion


Let's Expand Communication - Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy NI

This visual has a lovely way of explaining the difference in speech and language skills.

As therapists we are focused on both as we get to know your child. We are listening to their speech - their pronunciation of words, the quality of their voice and how fluently they get their message across.

But we are also able to determine what their understanding of language is like, can they follow instructions given and understand the rules of a conversation. As well as listen to how they express themselves using vocabulary and grammar.

So as a profession we are not just about ‘lisps’ and ‘helping people talk proper’ we holistically target all Communication to ensure your child has the best means to communicate with others.

#speechtherapy #communicationforall #slps #speechandlanguage


The Guardian

The first year of life- amazing ❤️

Virtual reality film First Impressions allows you to experience and interact with the world from the point of view of a baby. It's a period that none of us remember, but is the most crucial stage of our development.


ASD Helping Hands


Why children with autism love trains (and the 10 best UK rail adventures for families)


British Stammering Association

Some great information about supporting young people who stammer

The pupil who stammers - information for teachers 📖


Emma's Diary

Just remember, children develop at their own unique pace, determined by the interaction of genes and environment 👶👣 x


A short film about a deaf girl has a prime time slot tonight 19:40 on BBC1 💕

Today's the day:

It's quite rare a short film gets the chance to be on TV. It's even more rare for it to be shown on prime time around Easter.

We hope you'll join us and watch The Silent Child's TV World Premiere on BBC One at 7:40pm tonight ❤️🎬❤️ #TheSilentChild
#AmirKonjani #MaisieSly #BBC


Help for Psychology

This has been the most read article on our blog. If you missed it the first time, here is the link -


The Inspired Treehouse

A great infographic with methods to increase your toddler's speech.