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Usually lessons will take place at the student's home but lessons here in Atherton can be arranged for certain times.

Operating as usual 11/09/2014

Primal Scream - Movin' on Up - Screamadelica Movin' on Up Track #1 Screamadelica Primal Scream 23 September 1991 Written by Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes, and Robert Young. I do not own the music or Pri...


placebo - bigmouth strikes again

Better than the original, because it is louder. There I said it. Put Moz back on vocals and it would be even better. That would be playing god though.

placebo - bigmouth strikes again (the smiths)


Fender Blacktop Jazzmaster demo - Damon Chivers @ Nevada Music UK

I've got a lesson in town today, then I'm going guitar shopping. At the moment I'm quite fond of Blacktop Jazzmasters. Whaddaya reckon, internet?

Get this Blacktop here... Fender's innovative Blacktop guitar...


bebop deluxe. no trains to heaven

I've been way too busy recently! If you can remember who I am and what I do, here's a treat for you. The most underrated guitarist ever is not Rory Gallagher, it's some bloke called Bill.

from 1974s Axe Victim album. Once voted into the top hundred guitar solos of all time. It's a guitar duet actually but sh*t....who's arguing ! And they said ...

[07/30/14]   Nuff shameless plugs. I'm going to write a blog about the perfect "first guitar" for less than £100. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the meantime, you can get a second hand Mexican Strat for about 200 quid, so do that. 29/07/2014

The Parish Church Fire at The Castle Hotel, Manchester

My band, The Parish Church Fire have a gig at the Castle, Manchester on November 1st which is already close to selling out! If you fancy coming along, head over to seetickets! Buy tickets for The Parish Church Fire at The Castle Hotel from the official retailer, See Tickets. Prices from £5.50 26/07/2014

Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

OK that's enough sun, we'd like a bit of rain please. Just a day, even a couple of hours... just to freshen the atmosphere a bit. MY MUSIC BLOG It is the springtime of my loving - the second season I am to know You are the sunlight in my growing - ...


Joy Division - Transmission


I teach bass, but I don't dance.

Substance 08/07/2014


I tracked some guitar for Martin on what sounded like it was going to be a brilliant EP, soon to be released! Welcome to the brand new home of Martin Minshall! The website has been launched ahead of Martin's debut EP, which is due to be released later this Summer, and is where you can find all of the latest news, upcoming live dates, release information and much more. Recorded at Blueprint Studios (home of…


Half Man Half Biscuit - The Referee's Alphabet

Since I was added to the HMHB appreciation group, and there's some... football... stuff... happening... have a good midnight.

Cobbled together video for another HMHB classic.


The Parish Church Fire - Kickstarter Campaign pitch for The Escapist

Me and my newly renamed band, The Parish Church Fire have launched a crowd funding project to record and release an old favourite 'The Escapist'. One of the many stuffs on offer is guitar lessons with yours truly! So now, you're not just learning how to play guitar, you're doing it to save the fate of western music from other artists that go by the name "Sam Smith". After losing SSAC, we want to relaunch ourselves by recording everybody's new favourite song 'The Escapist' 23/06/2014

The Offspring - Smash It Up

The Offspring, covering The Damned. "ooooh" Smash It Up by The Offspring from the Batman Forever soundtrack.

[06/19/14]   Awwww, I'll be doing discount lessons on the blues until the next season starts though.



Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Live In Roseland Ballroom, New York [Full TV show]

If like me you want to avoid the football on the telly tonight, watch this on your pooter.


Pixies - Isla De Encanta

Today, lots of Pixies.

Pixies - Isla De Encanta. Track 3. from Come On Pilgrim. I do NOT claim to own ANY rights to this music or the image used for the video. If the copyright own... 13/06/2014

Copycats: Most Ripped Off Riff in Metal | Guitar Columns @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Did Rory Gallagher invent this tired metal riff? If you haven't used this one in you music, you're not a metalhead apparently. / Guitar and bass articles at Ultimate-Guitar.Com


THE ROLLING STONES /// 9. Loving Cup - (Exile On Main Street) - (1972)

This summer I will mostly be listening to Exile on Main St.

Artist: The Rolling Stones Album: Exile On Main Street (1972) Track: 9 I'm the man on the mountain, come on up. I'm the plowman in the valley with a face ful... 03/06/2014

Now the 4 of Sam Smith & Company are back together again (hadn't you heard?), we need help...

Picking a band name is harder than naming a guitar, or child, so help us out and vote for your favourite! Vote on this poll.

[06/02/14]   I've got a sulky dog. I know for a fact that he'd be playing a steel body guitar and singing about the horrible things that happened since he woke up this morning, had he been born with thumbs and human vocal chords. 01/06/2014

Concert pitch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Did you know that on February 16th 1859, the French government passed a law that set A above middle C at 435 Hz?

No, neither did I. But if you're wondering, today, A above middle C is widely accepted to be tuned to 440Hz Concert pitch refers to the pitch reference to which a group of musical instruments are tuned for a performance. Concert pitch may vary from ensemble to ensemble, and has varied widely over musical history. In the literature this is also called international standard pitch. The most common modern tu…


MC5- Kick Out The Jams (Extended)

At the third stroke the time will be... 28/05/2014

Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals (full Album) Ocean Colour Scene CD - 8 de Abril de 1996 "The Riverboat Song" "The Day We Caught the Train" "The Circle" "Lining Your Pockets" "Fleeting Mind" "40 Past Mid... 28/05/2014

Quiz: How many of these metal album covers do you recognise? We've brought you album quizzes on different musical decades, now we move on to genres – can you name these metal classics?

[05/21/14]   The melodic minor scale is special because the ascending scale differs from the descending scale. On the way down you play an ordinary natural minor but on the way up you raise the 6th and 7th degrees by one semitone.

The reason for this is completely unknown, by anybody, anywhere.

Lots of free time at the weekend if you'd like to book a lesson! 02/05/2014

Modern punk/rock and roll band seek Drummer | Didsbury | Gumtree

My band, Southpaw Grammar is looking for a new drummer, if you are one, or know of one, come try out for us! Modern punk/rock and roll band seek Drummer on Gumtree. Manchester based Southpaw Grammar seek a new drummer to complete the line up. We are a 4 piece rock


The Cure - Inbetween days with lyrics

A sort of apt midnight appreciation of the Cure.

I couldn't find a video on here with this song and it's lyrics So here we are! Lame edit i know, but it's about the music i feel!

[04/14/14]   First order of business this week is finding a pre-amp tone on my rig that doesn't make me want to throw up.

Lots of free time to book towards the end of the week. I'm sure I'll have found something nice by then :) 12/04/2014

The Doors - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, England (August 30, 1970)

With the Hendrix experience being omnipresent in my top five 60s bands... twice.

What about you, internet? Full concert. Sourced from FLAC but converted to WAV to publish in this video. Isle of Wight Festival - East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight, England (August 30, 1... 11/04/2014

Patti Smith - Soul Kitchen (The Doors) - Live HD

Love this Doors cover. I've never listened to much Patti Smith, which is a crime I know! "Soul Kitchen" is a song by The Doors from their self-titled debut album The Doors. It is the tribute to the soul food restaurant Olivia's in Venice Beach, L...


In Dreams

Horizontal pseudo-blues! When my friend, the artist formally known as Sam Smith asked me to work with him again, while he shaped his new sound I had to say yes!

Listen to Franky Jameson / In Dreams | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio. 07/04/2014

Incubus - Make Yourself ~ full album

This was my favourite album when I was a kid. I didn't go off it, it just met tough competition and sort of got forgotten. Not long after, Make Yourself saw me walking down the street with L.A. Woman. It was a bit awkward, but we keep in touch.

What was your first (musical) love? Make Yourself ~ Privilege 0:00 ,Nowhere Fast 3:52, Consequence 8:25 The Warmth 11:45 ,When It Comes 16:11 ,Stellar 20:12 Make Yourself 23:32, Drive 26:36 ,Cl...

[04/05/14]   Happy Nirvana back catalogue day.





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