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oh boy my short term memory loss has kicked in, how do i get to the page with the tutorials in the group i paid to join, not 365 the other one
Absolutely in love with this thank you so much the kids are so amazed and shocked thank you ###
Used quite a few of the painterly actions from the Black Friday sale!!
I would love some cc on this please, I have worked so hard on trying to achieve an image that has been in my head and love to hear were I can improve it please.
Just want to give a huge shout out to Kirsty Louise for the generous gift she’s given in support of the NHS at this very stressful time, it really does mean a lot and is very much appreciated especially when businesses like herself are struggling in these unprecedented times. Thank you so so much Kirsty ❤️
Just a few of my faves... Thank you for capturing these sweet little souls ❤️
So as some of you know this year is the year I’ll turn 50! Some time ago I decided to change my life and become the best version of me so I could really enjoy my 50th year and be in the best place possible for that to happen! Ive worked so hard on myself ...not only my health, fitness, lifestyle and body but also my mental health, emotions, spirituality, and passions. I’m actually really excited about turning 50 and intend to fully embrace every minute of this year! I want to push my boundaries a little more as well as do something off my extremely long ‘bucket list’ every single month of 2020.

January has been awesome, a great start to the fantastic year ahead. I’ve not only spent more and more time with the man I have fallen in love with but we’ve actually found our first home together!! We’ve started to make more and more plans for the future ... I really cannot put into words how grateful and happy I am to of met the love of my life. Thank you Paul for making me feel like a million dollars all of the time and giving me the confidence to do things I would never of previously thought possible.
So the ‘bucket list’ ... well anyone who knows me, knows it’s pretty long! My January ✅ off the list was a sexy photo shoot! Yes that’s right .. it’s been on the list a very long time but I’ve never actually had the confidence to do it! 12 months ago I was so unhappy with my body but thanks to the help Danny my PT I am now so comfortable and pleased with how I look. If I’m honest though doing the shoot pushed me way out of my comfort zone but I truly shocked myself and actually had so much fun ... the best time! By the end of it I honestly felt amazing and as a woman in her 50th year extremely empowered. If I can do it anyone can! Thank you Kirsty for making me feel so comfortable, confident and sexy. And thank you for the insane photos you have produced! I
So all in all January has been a very positive, exciting month .... let’s see what February brings ❤️

Fine Art Photographer and Mentor

Edit tutorials, Workshops, Digital textures, Photoshop Actions&more

Operating as usual



Set the Mood

Set the mood with this moody colour enhancing matte photoshop action.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/set-the-mood/ to grab yours!



Separate the Background

Separate your subject from the background with this one click action
2 actions for the price of 1

To use this action you MUST have Photoshop 2018 or above. You need access to the select subject tool for the action to work so please check your photoshop before purchasing.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/separate-the-background/ to grab yours!



Rich Cool Greens

Create cool greens with this very easy to use action

Use the opacity slider to adjust the strength if required

Use a large soft black brush around 30% opacity and mask off subject. Then make your brush smaller and continue to mask off your subject til you get the desired colour.
You can mask some of the colour back around the subject with a soft white low opacity brush (around 30%)

NO refunds for any reason due to the downloadable nature of the product

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/rich-cool-greens/ to grab yours!



Darker Airy Instagram feels

Get that darker airy instagram feel with this one click photoshop action

This action requires Camera raw filter to work so please check your version of photoshop before purchasing. There are no refunds due to the downloadable nature of the product.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/darker-airy-instagram-feels/ to grab yours!



Clarity Pop

Easy to use photoshop action to add extra clarity to your image without having to flatten all of your layers!! Compatible with photoshop cc only as uses camera raw filter.

I have created these stunning Photoshop actions to help speed up your editing process and some transform images within one click.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/clarity-pop/ to grab yours!



Portrait Blur

Add a beautiful blur to your portrait

Personal use ONLY.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/portrait-blur/ to grab yours!

Photos from Eve Juliett's post 07/06/2022

Photos from Eve Juliett's post



Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

One of my favourite tutorials and images. Enjoy



Mask on Glowy Dodge and Burn

Simply mask on the skin and let the action create dodge and burn for you. Perfect for batch edits to save you time.

NO refunds for any reason due to the downloadable nature of the product.

Personal use ONLY

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/mask-on-glowy-dodge-and-burn/ to grab yours!

Photos from Eve Juliett's post 06/06/2022

How beautiful 😍



How I apply Textures

Watch how I apply my digital textures to my images. It is probably easier than you think!

If you have the Magic of Photoshop workshop then you do not need to purchase this tutorial. Just go to your workshop and watch it there.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/how-i-apply-textures/ to grab yours!


When there is a world full of talented photographers and someone chooses me it NEVER feels anything less than AMAZING!



Sunset Clouds

A stunning fine art texture

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/sunset-clouds/ to grab yours!



Rainbow Clouds single texture

Add beautiful fine art texture to your images. Simply change the blend mode, add a layer mask and mask off the subject

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/rainbow-clouds-single-textures/ to grab yours!



2 Painterly Texture

2 beautiful painterly style textures

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/2-painterly-texture/ to grab yours!


Last year was SO magical

I just cannot WAIT for this year

Less than half the spaces left!!




Fine Art Warmth

Add a beautiful fine art warmth finish to your image. This is my go to action at the end of most edits.

I have created these stunning Photoshop actions to help speed up your editing process and some transform images within one click.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/fine-art-warmth/ to grab yours!



The Background Colour Changing Palette

Take the hard work out of changing the background colour with these easy to use actions!
Only available for Photoshop CC. The action requires select subject tool to work so please check your version of photoshop before purchasing
One click-No masking! MAGIC!!
Please note that like all photoshop actions, this palette will NOT work for every single image and is not in replacement of tutorials

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/the-background-colour-changing-palette/ to grab yours!


Please don’t sit and think I’ll book later! We have had one day sold out already!

Once they are gone there won’t be any other dates available.

Santa will be busy in his workshop so can only come to the studio for 4 days!!

You can book your ‘Night Before Christmas’ experience for just £16 for your whole household…




Speedy & Creamy Photoshop CC Action

This action requires Photoshop CC (Camera Raw Filter and select subject to work)
Made for speed editing on cream/beige – light backdrops
There are 2 actions included in this set. The second one is a bonus action.
The first action will adjust the colour and tones of the image and the second is designed to help clear up a plain backdrop. The second action may not work on every image but more than likely will for both.

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/speedy-creamy-photoshop-cc-action/ to grab yours!



Soft Blur for Patterned Backdrop

A beautiful soft blur to use on a patterned backdrop. Little to no masking required.
The action works its magic and works behind your subject.

It isn’t guaranteed to work on every single image but it will work most of the time and when it does it is magic!!

Photoshop 2018 + required. Please check your version of photoshop before purchasing, the tools you need are select subject, content aware fill and lens blur! If you have these 3 then you are good to go!
The action is part of an amazing trio that everyone LOVES!!!

The other 2 are Background Studio Magic and Magical Blur Outdoor

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/soft-blur-for-patterned-backdrop/ to grab yours!



Blue Forest & FREE bonus action

One of my new favourites! This action transforms your image! See the before and after.

Included in your download is the bonus action to reduce the red glow!

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/blue-forest/ to grab yours!



Blissful Forest

Beautiful blissful forest action. Must have camera raw filter to be able to use this action.

I have created these stunning Photoshop actions to help speed up your editing process and some transform images within one click.

Please note actions are not to replace education, I always recommend edit tutorials before actions so that the actions will work best for you

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/blissful-forest/ to grab yours!


Sunday 6th is almost sold out already!!!

I am pulling out ALL the stops this year!!

I am so excited-can you tell Christmas is my favourite time of year? hehe

You can book here for £16 for your whole household https://www.sweetsoulstudio.com/santavisit



Last Christmas was a SELL OUT!! I had constant messages asking to book when I had no slots left.

So this year I have opened up TWO weekends - 4 days!!

These will be the ONLY dates that Santa is in the studio.

Book now for just £16 per family. Up to 2 gifts are included.

to see more details and to book click here https://www.sweetsoulstudio.com/santavisit

The dates available are the best dates to ensure you get your images in time to order prints/gifts and cards.

Please note images are from last year, this year we have an AMAZINGLY MAGICAL bedroom theme, so bring those Christmas pjs for story time with Santa





Infinity of the Sea Digital Textures

16 beautiful stunning teal coloured textures plus a bonus texture!

Play with the blending modes for best results

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/infinity-of-the-sea-digital-textures/ to grab yours!



Sarah Emma Single Texture

A beautiful Fine Art Texture digitally hand painted texture
All products are for personal use only

Head over to: https://sweetsoulstudios.com/product/sarah-emma-single-texture/ to grab yours!

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Happy 1st Birthday Mollie
Edit tutorial https://www.sweetsoulstudio.com/blake-edit-tutorial




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