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Hey Everyone, my name is Ryan and I am a Personal Trainer and Online Coach, for enquires please contact 07584195790 or email [email protected]

Whether you want to loose weight, gain muscle or just improve your overall fitness, i can help you achieve your goals. I do 1-1 or group personal training sessions, i can also write training programmes and nutritional guides specified to your goals. I am also qualified in sports massage and run this from a treatment room at Birchwood Golf club.

Operating as usual


This mornings workout gave me a nice little chest pump
Taken from @carrichey and scaled down a little
• 25 Cal Bike
• 10 Bench Press (60kg)
Rest 3 Min

• 20 Cal Bike
• 10 Bench Press (50kg)
Rest 3 Min

• 15 Cal Bike
• 10 Bench Press (40kg)


Ryan Taylor Personal Training


2019 is about to come to an end and we are heading into a whole new Decade

I hope this decade has treated you all well 🙏🏼

For the new year I’m going to be launching something a little different. A 6 week training plan with the aim of getting your 2020 off to the best possible start

This plan is NOT a 6 week ‘detox’ or a quick fix. It is deigned to set you up strong for the rest of the year. Wether you choose to carry on training with me after the plan is finished or just complete the 6 weeks, the goal here is to teach you something, new habits, new routines, a new look on diet, nutrition & training

If you would like anymore details the send me a message

Please like, share and tag anyone you think may be interested. Happy new year 🥳


Hey Everyone

I’m really excited to announce that next year @rachael_annx has invited me to help her run an amazing activity and bootcamp retreat in Spain

If you are interested in booking a place then get in touch. Spaces are limited and going fast


💬 I’ll just pretend to warm up and act calm

20.1 was rough, excited to see what 20.2 brings this week

@nwkcrossfit2.0 @hstlmade


That was a lot of fun 🏃🏻‍♂️
I don’t run often, I don’t want to run often, however I do enjoy trying different types of training
Being in the woods changes the feel of a run and makes the time fly by, this is definitely something I will be putting into my routine from time to time
Try something that is out of your comfort zone and you may just surprise yourself


Family ❤️


Birthday 5k with these 2 today @_abhealthandfitness_ @dtinsle
Happy with the time in this weather 😰
Followed it up with a trip to Five guys for a double bacon cheeseburger 🍔
#running #5k #personaltrainer #fitness #fiveguys


If there is something in your life you are struggling with, It may take a couple days, weeks or months for you to get through it, but just remember no matter what happens, you will be ok.


1 or twice a week I like to have a bacon roll and a coffee from the cafe at work, and on the short walk from the cafe back upstairs to sit down and eat it I usually get at least 1 person say ‘You work in a gym, you shouldn’t be eating something like that’ or ‘A bacon roll, that’s not very healthy is it’
Now I’m fully aware these people are just having a laugh, and most of them I know fairly well, and it isn’t the fact they say it that frustrates me, I take it as a joke, but it’s that most of them clearly don’t understand the basics of calories in vs out
This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to people understanding what they eat, we shouldn’t be demonising certain foods, but instead understanding the calories in certain foods. Is a bacon roll at 10 in the morning the most nutritional meal I could have? No. Is a bacon roll going to make me or anyone else put on weight instantly? Hell no
Be sensible, a bacon roll is not bad for you, a burger is not bad for you, ice cream is not bad for you. Over consumption of calories IS bad for you
#nutrition #personaltrainer #diet #caloriedeficit #calories


Ok let’s talk calories deficits.
I am going to get slightly more specific with this.
If you are someone who wants to loose fat, but has been staying at the same weight for ages, then this is aimed at you.
A lot of people will make a drastic change to their diet and all of sudden be living off 1,000 calories a day. Ok you would loose fat, but you then have to question the sustainability of a diet like that and the fact you will hate it and be hungry all the time.
So here’s my advice, take your current diet, and take 200 calories out of it, that’s all. You will be surprised how little 200 calories is, and it creates a much healthier more sustainable calorie deficit.
If you have any questions on this topic then please don’t hesitate to send me a message.
#nutrition #diet #caloriedeficit #personaltrainer


Great day @bodypowerexpo today

Was awesome to meet @carrichey & @wanderlust_pocahontas and pick up a couple of @hstlmade bits

There was loads of athletes throwing down and lifting some heavy weight 🏋🏻‍♂️definitely came away feeling fired up and ready to work 💪🏼

#teamhstlmade #bodypowerexpo #crossfit #fitness


Since the start of April we have been taking in Easter eggs down @fairfieldleisure in exchange for 30 minute Personal Training sessions
Today we took them down to Willow Ward at Darenth Valley Hospital for the kids to enjoy, was awesome to see their faces light up and put smiles on their faces also
Thank you so much to everyone who brought in an Easter egg, we have already started plans for our next event 💪🏼👊🏻


This week I just to let you all know that it’s ok to have a s**t day
We cannot be at our best 100% of the time in whatever capacity that may be
Next time your are feeling crap, don’t kick yourself, just remember everyone feels that way sometimes, take the day to reflect and go again the next morning 👊🏻



If you were on a diet and looking to lose weight, more than likely you would substitute out the left picture for the right picture for a breakfast option, Right?
Now I don’t know the calories and macros for these 2 meals, they are just stock photos. However my point is that we see a lot of fancy meal prep ideas on Instagram and Facebook and immediately assume these are a great swap
What we need to remember is that just because it has lots of fancy ingredients and looks good on camera doesn’t mean it has less calories. The word healthier does not always mean less calories
What you should takeaway from this post is that I would always recommend the right picture over the left to clients as a breakfast option, due to the extra nutrient benefit it has, but just be aware these meals may contain more calories, which as we know would be detrimental to weight loss
If you are planning to change up a meal, think about the ingredients going in and think about portion sizes. Swapping your daily slice of toast for a 2 egg omelette with milk, butter and spinach may have more nutritional benefit, but certainly not less calories.


It’s easy to look at other peoples lives and be envious, wether that be a family member, friend, or someone on social media
But for today’s Mindset Monday I want you to take a little step back and look at the things in your life, whatever they may be, and be thankful for what you have
Appreciate the s**t out of even the smallest things!


This is something I was thinking about while contemplating life and trying not too throw up after my workout today 🤮
I really enjoyed the workout however I knew that if I did it again I could improve on a few things
So I’m not saying my workout was a failure, but my overall message here is that you don’t always have to get it right first time, fail, learn, improve & repeat.


Exactly what it says on the tin guys.
Be patient, be in it for the long run.
Results don’t come over night with most things in life, if you are putting in the work day after day you can sleep easy knowing the results will come.


With social media now being a huge influence on our lives it’s very easy to constantly compare yourself to others and forget about what’s best for you.
You want to get stronger? Great, it doesn’t matter how much the person next to you is lifting. You want to loose fat? Amazing, it doesn’t matter if the person next to you is half your Body Fat.
There is nothing wrong with aspiration, however you need to remember everyone’s journey is different, be the best version of yourself you can be, not a lesser version of someone else.


Seriously guys, don’t worry!
When has worrying ever helped a situation?
If you find yourself facing an issue, take a step back, do you really need to worry about it as much as you are? Probably not.


Mindset Monday
Getting a good workout in, looking forward to a meal you have cooked, sitting down at the end of the day to watch your favourite show etc
Whatever it may be, find something good in your day that makes you happy


Using the Pizza Hut from last night as fuel for this one
Pizza Hut is better than Dominoes, don’t try to change my mind ✋🏼 @ Everlast Fitness Clubs


My top tip for everyone going after those new year goals is to try and enjoy the process as much as you can

With goals such as fat loss or muscle gain there is a number of paths you can take, yes you need the basic principles for each but after that it’s down to you

For example, if you want to loose fat, but don’t want to be on a treadmill for an hour every day, then don’t get on the treadmill

Try new things & different methods of training, enjoying the process will make it far easier to stick to


Happy New Year everyone

2018 was an incredible year for me, I got engaged to my gorgeous lady @aprilmgxox , I have continued to build my business and also bought a house, I’m a proper adult now

However the last couple of months my socials have been very quiet, this was due to a combination of a few things, nothing really major I just didn’t really know what to post and I didn’t want to post something just for the sake of it as then I feel like the content would of been s**t

So a new year goal for me is to start posting more regularly again and to also bring content to you guys that you can really use, I want to educate

The plan is to take a much less serious route with my content, of course still focusing the majority on fitness, but also delving a little bit into general health and day to day topics too

I want to be myself, and make content that I enjoy

Now I’m going to eat all those festive leftovers that are still in the fridge 🤤


A more strength based workout this week guys
Remember if you have any suggestions for certain type of workouts you want to see the let me know 👊🏻
Go and put that work in


Workout of the week #7
A themed core workout for you this week, make sure to watch to the end 💪🏼
Happy Halloween 🎃


Workout of the week #6
A more strength based Kettlebell workout for you guys to try
Next week Iv got a Halloween themed workout which I think you will enjoy 🎃
Get after it 💪🏼


Workout of the week #5
This week will test your core and your desire not to do too many box jumps.
Get after it and most of all enjoy it 💪🏼


Workout of the week 💪🏼
2 Simple exercises this week guys but your lungs will be tested
Get after and post your scores in the comments 👊🏻


For any goal you may it is always really important to make a game plan
When it comes to the gym it’s easy to say ‘oh I’m going to loose weight’ or ‘I’m going to grow big arms’ but do you actually know how you are going to achieve that
Breaking it down into smaller more manageable goals is a great way to help you get to that end one 💪🏼


Workout of the week #3
Have fun with this one guys, there are some more technical movements this week
Make sure to like & share and comment with your time, go get after it 💪🏼



Guys & Girls today is the last day to get my offer on Personal Training
If you haven’t already give this post a share and tag anyone you think may be interested


What is intermittent fasting (IF)?
IF is a restriction of your food intake. There is a few different ways of doing this. You could eat normally 5 days a week and the drop your calories to 500 a day for 2 days a week (5:2 diet). You can fast through certain times of the day, for example fast from when you wake up to mid afternoon, and then eat from then until evening. It is essentially a period of time where your usual eating habits and calorie consumption are changed or restricted.
Should you consider IF?
IF is certainly not a bad thing to do, however there are a lot of factors to think about. Let’s use the 5:2 diet as an example, let’s say you eat 2,000 calories 5 days a week, then drop to 500 for the final 2. You need to think about wether this would work for you, 500 calories is not a lot at all, so chances are you will feel hungry, fatigued, faint and maybe get headaches.
IF can definitely work for people who have a fat loss goal, but you need to consider wether you want to restrict yourself to an extreme, or if you would rather just drop your daily calories by 200, which is far more manageable.
If you have anymore questions regarding IF then send me a message
#personaltrainer #onlinecoaching #fatloss #diet #nutrition #intermittentfasting


Workout of the week #2
Enjoy everyone, let me know how you get on 👍🏻


How to create a calorie deficit
I made a IGTV video 2 days ago explaining how binging on the weekends can affect fat loss (if you haven’t watched it yet go and check it out)
In that video I spoke about being in a calorie deficit every day to loose fat, here are some ways to do that:
1: Move more- This can be anything from spending more time in the gym to just walking your dog an extra mile a day, it all counts towards energy out
2: Smaller food portions- This is pretty self explanatory, put a little bit less food on your plate
3: No snacking- Do you really need those 5 chocolate digestives with your tea?
4: Drink lots of water: Keeping yourself hydrated will help to stop you feeling as hungry through the day
5: Skip a meal- This is not something I would always recommend, however if you are overweight then skipping a meal may not be the worst idea, you are eating too many calories, so skipping a 500kcal breakfast will put you straight into a deficit (this is basically what intermittent fasting is)
Being in a calorie deficit isn’t difficult, everyone just makes it sound harder than it needs to be
#personaltrainer #onlinecoaching #fatloss #caloriedeficit

My Goal

My aim is to help people to see that being fit and in shape is not as hard as many make it out to be. Does it require patience? Yes. Does it require consistency? Yes. I want to show you how you can get results and at the same time still enjoy your life and not eat from Tupperware 24/7. Whatever your goal, get in touch to get the most not just out of your training, but out of your life as well.

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This mornings workout gave me a nice little chest pump -Taken from @carrichey and scaled down a little -3RFT• 25 Cal Bik...
A more strength based workout this week guys.Remember if you have any suggestions for certain type of workouts you want ...
Workout of the week #6-A more strength based Kettlebell workout for you guys to try-Next week Iv got a Halloween themed ...
Workout of the week #5-This week will test your core and your desire not to do too many box jumps.-Get after it and most...
Workout of the week 💪🏼-2 Simple exercises this week guys but your lungs will be tested-Get after and post your scores in...
For any goal you may it is always really important to make a game plan-When it comes to the gym it’s easy to say ‘oh I’m...
Workout of the week #3-Have fun with this one guys, there are some more technical movements this week-Make sure to like ...
Workout of the week #2-Enjoy everyone, let me know how you get on 👍🏻
This is week 1 of what is going to be a weekly series giving you guys a short and effective workout for you to try durin...
Current 1 Rep Max Deadlift- 180kg 🏋🏻‍♂️—————————————A few years ago I managed to pull 210kg off the floor. So surely if ...
Unfortunately last night wasn’t to be ⚽️ —————————————And as a result some of you may be feeling a little bit ‘meh’ toda...
Yesterday’s conditioning class was 🔥———————Wall balls, kb swings, burpees, assault bike, kb c&j, ski, jumping lunges, bo...






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