Armoy primary school parents.

This is an information page for parents and families of children who attend Armoy Primary School.

[12/13/16]   Just reminder in case anyone didn't see the notes in bags today( I miss these sometimes too)
Can everyone donate a small item for prize hamper for the fireside quiz 1st prize, approx £1 items...
also can all monies and unsold quiz sheets please be returned ASAP so we can calculate how much the fireside quiz raised.
The child/children who sold the winning fireside sheet will also receive a prize.,,, each family received 10 sheets and all were numbered so we can easily find the the seller of the winning sheet...
well done in advance....

Sorry folks but due to earlier power cut it was leaving the evening very rushed. Can you please pass word on!!! Thank you..

[11/15/16]   PTA meeting tonight @7pm. ALL PARENTS WELCOME. Exciting plans. Discussion will involve upcoming Pudding Party and also the promotional school tea towel.

[07/24/16]   Hi everyone so far the response for help at Armoy has been pretty poor. We only have 3 volunteers so far and it's less than a week away. This is an opportunity to bring funds into the school but we desperately need help. I appreciate most people are busy but 1 hour of time is really all we ask. The busiest times are before racing and at the end of day. We can cope with less people throughout the day. Please please get in touch if u can help at all.

[07/17/16]   Hi folks. We're hoping to do car parking at armoy road races. If we could get enough folk to do 1 or 2 hour slots just to ease the day a bit. Any help will be much appreciated.. Let me know ASAP .

[05/03/16]   6 helpers only...... Needed for supervising at beach party tomorrow eve..Wednesday.

[04/11/16]   Remember PTA tonight at 7pm...

[04/04/16]   Hi folks no one really available in Wednesday do no PTA This week. Can we do Monday or Wednesday next week. If you could send me a night that suits best and we'll go for 7 pm and then I'll just go with the majority. So [email protected] 7pm or Wednesday @7pm . Thanks.

[04/04/16]   PTA meeting on Wednesday 6th April at 6.30pm. All PTA members encouraged to attend and all other parents welcome. Items to be discussed are Prom night, summer fair and school recipe book....

[03/17/16]   Hi folks. Can you add on any other parents of school children only.. I don't be friends with all of them in Facebook so can't add. I will add Parents of children who are starting in September once they are confirmed and this way they can keep up to speed with Uniforms and stuff. This is a closed group and purely for information purposes only.



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