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Is the meeting still going ahead tomorrow, and do you know roughly how long it is planned to last - trying to figure out if I can make it. Thanks
Good morning, I am offering a temporarily relief for 6 - 8 kids max during the period you are looking for new staff. Please message me if you will be interested. Pavla. Play Art Create Anstruther.
A Wizard of Oz-themed garden will be unveiled Wednesday, July 5, at 2pm. All are invited, and refreshments will be served. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT THIS YOUTH GROUP AND ENJOY THE GARDEN SPACE!!
Over the last few months, a group of young people have used imagination, hard work and creativity to transform this space into a flower-filled, colourful, and enjoyable space for the community. A rainbow-painted bench, Tin Man (yes, with a heart!), wee-kids’ sized chairs, yellow-paved road, and more create a safe, serene and enjoyable garden space.
The Garden is at East Neuk Centre building (around the corner from Ladywalk Nursing Home, and right down from Bankie Park), at the corner of Ladywalk & Union Place.
This has been made possible with a lot of work from the young people, support from Anstruther and Celladyke in Bloom, East Neuk Centre Trust and the Community Council.
Is after school club on today?

East Neuk Kids After School and Holiday Club. "Embracing a child's right to play"

We provide childcare for children aged 4 - 14 years in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

We are open after school during term time from 2:30 - 6pm and in the holidays from 8:30 - 5:30pm. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

07581 090 910 or 01333 312735

Operating as usual

[02/26/20]   Hi, just a wee reminder, that there is a meeting at the bowling tonight-6pm.
Hope to see you all there

[02/23/20]   Please see attached


Pavla from play.art.create. is offering some childcare spaces after school, while we try to resolve the staffing situation.
If you think this would be of use to, please contact Pavla directly.


[02/03/20]   As some of you may not know Kirsty finished with After School Club on Friday.
We wish Kirsty all the best. x


The Curiosity Approach

Adventurous play v Risky play

When we constantly refer to some types of play as ‘ Risky play’ we are using a word that has negative connotation.

When we talk about ‘Risky play’ it instantaneously makes us think of all the dangers, hazards & fills us with nervous anxiety or worry.

HOWEVER when we say ‘Adventurous play’ - we instantaneously think of the wondrous benefits, fun & adventures these children will be having!
We view the BENEFITS opposed to just focusing on the risk ! 🙌🏼

In this 21st century, we are becoming risk adverse & as adults we can sadly underestimate children’s capabilities & abilities to have a go, test their own skills and to learn from mistakes.

When children hear “ Don’t do that you might fall.” The brain instantaneously deletes the negative word
& ALL they hear is “ you might fall !”
“You’ll hurt yourself”

Our words become a self fulfilling prophecy & children take on OUR worries, our concerns & our apprehensions.

The constant negativity drip feeds into their subconscious & gradually depletes their confidence to have a go. Those characteristics of Effective learning.

Our once confident, adventurous children become self doubting & uncertain, timid & reluctant to seek adventures, climb, clamber & balance.

As mindful adults we must look to the positive & see benefits when children are engaged in ‘ Adventurous play.’

Change what we say
Change what we think
Change what we do

Together we can do more 🙌🏼

[06/27/19]   All bills for June have now being handed out we would ask that these bills are paid by no later than the 1st of July.
From today Any days booked for the summer holidays & cancelled will still be charged as a charity we rely on fees to keep the doors open & only open in the holidays if we have enough children to do so.
REMINDER to all parents of the children who are attending the holiday club can all children be provided with a spare pair of clothes,sun cream & a rain jacket(just incase). As we go out & explore in all weathers conditions!!🌞💦
We hope the children all have a fantastic summer holiday & we would like to thank everyone that uses the club for the continued support to keep our service running for the community.

theguardian.com 04/06/2019

You can’t teach schoolkids ‘resilience’ when they’re micromanaged every day | Richard Godwin

theguardian.com The education secretary wants to ‘toughen up’ pupils, but that means less structure, not more, says the freelance journalist Richard Godwin

[05/31/19]   Just a wee reminder, picks up on Wednesday the 5th of June will be from the fisheries museum due to the bowling club having competition on! If it is nice weather we will spend the afternoon at the lifeboat beach. We will be connectable at all times Club number:07581090910

communityplaythings.com 30/05/2019

communityplaythings.com - The Benefits of Mud Play

communityplaythings.com The Benefits of Mud Play


[05/28/19]   Child/baby first aid being delivered 8th June if anyone interested it will be in anstruther bowling club. £60 per head approx 5 hours. There is still spaces left on course if anyone would be interested :)


Dance with me in the Heart

Let's Talk About Play
Play is "the flavour of the month", the "new fad" in education. If you have been in education as long as I have (52 years teaching) you will have seen old ideas, dressed up in new jargon, and recycled back into teachers' professional development as if it had just been invented.

There isn't a learning mechanism that older than play. Our ancient mammalian ancestors played, and if they hadn't, we wouldn't be here as a species. Play built the human brain to the brain structure we have now - which is the reason each child must play if s/he is to 'build-connect' her/his brain structure POTENTIAL into reality. Play is a co-creative process.

theconversation.com 26/05/2019

Let them play! Kids need freedom from play restrictions to develop

theconversation.com Children need to play and discover the world for themselves without too much restriction. Here are some ways we can enhance children's opportunities to do this.

[05/21/19]   We will be closed on the 3rd & 4th of June due to lack of bookings.
REMINDER Wednesday the 5th of June we will be running from the fisheries museum due to the bowling club having a competition on! If it is a nice day we will have an afternoon at the lifeboat beach! Pick ups on this day will be from the museum. There will be NO taxi from st.monans primary this day.
SUMMER HOLIDAYS! there is still time to take advantage of the early bird offer of £20per day instead of £26 if booked before the 31st of May! We are open for the first 5weeks closing on August the 2nd at 5.30pm until the schools go back.


Play Scotland

We are delighted to announce the theme for Playday 2019 on Wednesday 7 August is:

Play Builds Children

The Playday 2019 theme aims to highlight the many ways in which play is beneficial to children and young people.

* Play Builds Friendships – playing allows children to interact with others, develop relationships, deal with conflict, and learn respect and tolerance.

* Play Builds Resilience – playing boosts children’s confidence, creativity, problem-solving skills and perseverance, enabling them to cope with stress and challenges throughout life.

* Play Builds Health and Well-being – being active through play helps children physically and emotionally, contributing to their health and happiness.

* Play Builds Communities – playing allows children to learn about the world around them, make connections, and develop a sense of identity and belonging.

Get involved and find out more at www.playday.org.uk



Make Time To Play

Physical play is important for not only your child’s physical health but their emotional health too. It also doesn’t have to be warm to go to the park and let them run around. Going out when it’s cold helps to teach your little ones how to keep themselves warm and to not be put off by changing weather. Let’s face it we can’t guarantee a summer full of sun!!

[04/10/19]   We have our new parents page up and running. Please could all current parents add our new page east neuk kids - parent page.


Learning and Exploring Through Play

[03/27/19]   The schools break up for the Easter holidays on Thursday the 4th of April, if you require fullday childcare for Friday the 5th of april please book in with a member of staff (we will only open on this day if we have enough bookings)


The Curiosity Approach


Calming Me, Calming You - The Owl's Nest

Genius of Play

vincegowmon.com 12/03/2019

Remembering the Soulfulness of Play ~ Trusting the Intelligence of Play to Raise a Child - Vince Gowmon

vincegowmon.com I wonder… “Wisdom begins in wonder.” ~ Socrates “I wonder”—two of my favorite words. Despite loving the luscious openness of the inquiry, I’m not always good at wondering. Sometimes I get stuck gazing through a fixed lens, trapped in myopia, thinking I know what’s right when really I...

[02/25/19]   This is the last week to take advantage of the early bird offer of £20.00 for a full day in the easter holidays. Bookings made after Friday will be charged at the normal rate of £26.00 for a full day.
SUMMER HOLIDAYS🌞! We will be open for the first 5weeks of the summer holidays (subject to demand) we will be closed from Monday the 5th of August to Wednesday the 21st due to staff holidays.
If your child will be starting school after the summer holidays & you require childcare during the summer or after please feel free to pop into the bowling club between 3.30-6pm to enquire/register your child.
We have limited spaces for after school club sessions from Anstruther primary school available.
Unfortunately we are unable to offer any spaces from St.monans/pittenweem term time as the taxi is full & there is a waiting list for this service. :)


The children enjoyed a walk down the street this afternoon, helping post some letters & doing the banking followed by a trip to the beach. Stopping off at Lisa's for an ice cream on the way back :)

[01/25/19]   We will be taking bookings for the Easter holidays as of next week. We have an early bird offer of £20.00 for a full day session until the 1st of March. Bookings made after this date will be charged at £26.00 for a full day.
Sessions times are: full day 8.30am-5.30pm
Half day 8.30am-12.30pm/12.30pm-5.30pm
Half day sessions are charged at £14.50
Breakfast & afternoon snack are provided in the price but your child will be required to bring their own packed lunch.


Some of the children enjoying a dance with our new discoball lightbulb! 'The children have named it the disco room' 🤩😁

[01/09/19]   School holiday Febuary the 13th,14th & 15th if you require childcare for those days could you please let a member of staff know asap.
Thank you :)

[12/20/18]   East neuk kids is now closed until the 7th of January 2019. We would like to thank the parents & children for the wonderful gifts we received & for your continued support. We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas & A happy New year🎉🎅
From all the staff at East neuk kids


Hi All. My latest Movember photo. Please do support the East Neuk Kids - helping Kids AfterSchool and during Holidays. Cllr Bill Porteous

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Anstruther Bowling Club, Crail Road, Anstruther
KY10 3BQ

Opening Hours

Monday 2:30pm - 6pm
Tuesday 2:30pm - 6pm
Wednesday 2:30pm - 6pm
Thursday 2:30pm - 6pm
Friday 2:30pm - 6pm
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Euan L Patrick - Driving Instructor. Euan L Patrick - Driving Instructor.
Anstruther, KY10 3AT

Hours of work Mondays 09:00-21:00, Tuesday 09:00-16:00, Wednesday & Thursday 09:00-21:00, Friday 0900:17:00 and Saturday 09:00-14:00.